New Chapters!

Hello everyone

First let me thank all of you for reading my stories and leaving me such wonderful comments. I am trying to post at least two chapters a week on my various stories. I also am trying to have at least two chapters in the kitty before I post them so you don’t have to wait too long. But this week has been a sad week for me and I haven’t been able to write because my thoughts are not on my stories but on my friend.

Today is a sad day for me, my friend Angela (EIM) would have been 38yrs old today as it is her birthday today and my fellow Brats are celebrating her death by braiding our hair and remembering her by talking about all of her wonderful stories. Especially the Multiverse which is multiple braids of the same couple with different results and actions.

If you haven’t read it, they are truly special stories, woven together to make sense of everything and how a tiny occurrence can change the course of how a life turns out. Although some of the verses are no complete you can still enjoy what a wonderful writer she was. With that I want to add the link to her site and what I posted on my FB page the other day.

Facebook post:

I am writing this now because I know on Wednesday it will be difficult for me to do this. My good friend, writing mentor and little sister (of sorts) Angela (EIM) would have been turning 38 years old but we lost her last November. I know that the rest of the BP (BratPack) will be thinking about her too as we always do when they realize the significance of the day. We have had numerous discussions about what we have been able to read of yours lately and what we haven’t been able to touch and what we remember most about you and I will always remember you for your first fanfic, The Infinite Series. But I will always remember you for your Multiverse and how you brought life to a series gone wrong and with the help of you character banners the stories took a life of their own and I know you would have loved to have met ASkars who was your lead in ALL of your fics, he brought the Viking to life for you and us your fans. I want to wish you a happy birthday Angela and on Wednesday when I am settling in for the night I will toast you with a drink and wish you a good day.

Thanks again for reading my stories and enjoy the two new chapters!

Chapter 3 of Turnpike

Chapter 9 of The Vampire and the Wolf

Kristie (kleannhouse)

6 thoughts on “New Chapters!

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    My lovely beta has two new chapters up for your to read. Also, please read her loving tribute to Angela (EIM); today would have been her 38th birthday.

    Thank you.

  2. I went to read chapter 9 of The Vampire and the Wolf and not sure if it is my computer or not, but there is nothing there. Was this just a wrong post or am I missing something. Not to be demanding but I am really enjoying this story and would love to know what is next.

    • hello, i am sorry you were having issues with it, i went through and i get to the link of the story, tried it a few different ways, please try again, if you are still having issues let me know and i can send you a word doc with it on… kristie

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