New Story Launching! Night Lite.

Hello All

Sorry that I don’t post regularly. I have a busy job and night time is dictated by what is happening in my life. I squeeze in writing when I can, which is not very often.

I still Beta because I enjoy it and I can get it done quickly, however, when it comes to my writing I must go over it fifty times before I think it is good enough. I have had a bit of writer’s block and some of my partially done chapters are a result of that. I will not force a chapter out so you will have to be patient.

I thought when my friend Angela (EIM) had multiple chapters open she was nuts and I didn’t understand how she did it. Well now I do, you get a full head of steam going for a chapter and then a road block, so you move on.

That being said, I started another new story…. I know I know, why? Well I was musing with California Kat and Mistress Jessica and this was the results. It came to me when I saw Eric in the car with the Yakuza and his shit eating grin.

eric yakuza gif

I hope you enjoy it. BTW, I am on vacation in Vegas until next week and then off to Orlando, so I will post another chapter after I get back.

Have a great day and hope you enjoy my new story, Night Lite.  Click HERE to access chapter 1.


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