Chapter 1 of Meant to Be is Ready!!!

Hello everyone

I hope everyone is well and to my friends in Baltimore stay safe please.

Well here is the beginning of my new story. It is 5 chapters long and I will post 1 chapter a week on Monday’s so we will make it through to the end of May. I am finalizing the last two chapters now so there will be no interruptions on this story or the other one that is fighting for my Muse. When they allow it I am writing ‘Night Lite’ but only when they allow it. The Eric’s in these stories can be very demanding.

Anyhow, the new stories name is ‘Bump in the Night’, it is a pre-revelations story so anything goes and I will start posting that one in about two to three weeks, I want to have the story almost complete by the time I post the first chapter, that way there are no interruptions of the flow of the story. I will have the banner and summary posted so you can see what is in the works.

I have to apologize to you, I am sorry I got bad with my other stories and only started posting when the chapters would come out but I think I have learned the hard way, that doesn’t work. So I have decided to works on two stories at the same time to help my muse out, so when I am stuck on one I can move over to the other. I now understand how EIM had so many word documents open at the same time; she followed her muse.

Sound advice I think.

Without further ado, ‘Meant to Be’, Chapter 1- Take me To Church

Hugs and Be Safe



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