New Story Available!

Hello Everyone

Please bear with me REAL LIFE has been hell for me these past few months. My youngest son became ill and we took him into the doctor, diagnosis- who the fuck knows, they are not too sure what’s up with him. If he was much older, he has only just now turned 19, they would say he is an alcoholic because that is what he presents with since he has a fatty liver or on the cusp of Cirrhosis of the Liver. Yes they tested his blood for alcohol and drugs, negative, hell he hates drinking soda. So, on a monthly basis we see the doctor(s) at least 2x a week. He now has 6 specialists and his primary care to see. Next week the weekly visits start again. They have most of his aliments under control through medication but they don’t want him on any of it for too long. So like I said hectic and the last thing I want to do is write. I am tired after a long day of work and running him around.

My relief is Beta’ing, it helps me decompress. Thanks Kat, Jess, Ashmoo and LadyAna. Plus I read like a banshee too, as some of the writers out there can tell you; I am taking you all on one at a time.

But by the grace of the gods I am writing a little bit too. I am going to start re-reading my older stories and sticking with one and getting it done. I know a few of you have favorites and if you list them below I will see what I can do. But before I do that I will finish my challenge story and the new one, ‘Bump in the Night’.

Yes I started another story, sorry about you wanting my other ones. I have been fighting my muse for about 3 months now. She is a fickle bitch and as I was finishing up ‘Meant to Be’ this story was fighting in the back of my head and I blame it for all the errors I found in chapter 5 of MTB. This one kept pestering me too much. I needed light hearted from the angst of MTB, so far that is what this one is.

Anyway when MTB would fight I went to this one to relief the angst of the other, it was a good match up. I am figuring this one will be around 10 chapters, maybe 15 tops; so far 7 are writen so you will luck out in getting 1 a week until complete. My plans are to work on this one some more tomorrow along with my challenge piece so we will see what happens since I have been battling a migraine for the last week.

Thanks for reading and enjoying my stories. I appreciate your support.

Thanks to Kat for helping me with my site, thanks to Seph for my awesome banners and thanks to Jess for being my bestie.



STORY SUMMARY: What if the world of SVM/TB happened differently? What if Sookie Stackhouse found out about the Supes before the Vampires revealed themselves? What if she thought she dreamt about the only man ever to hold her and her heart but in actuality he was real? What would she do when he was revealed to her? This will be a mix of Canon and show. Never liked Appius, so I am doing away with him.


14 thoughts on “New Story Available!

  1. I hate your son is sick. I don’t know of this will help..doctors thought my friend was an alcoholic. Thing was he only occasionally drank. After seeing who knows how many doctors they diagnosed him with a rare genetic liver disease that mimics serous. By the time they diagnosed it 2 years had passed. Then his diabetes and other health ailments prevented him from having a liver transplant. His whole family was tested for the genetic trait.
    I hope someone finds out what’s wrong with him soon. Sending lots of love and healing prayers your way.

    • thanks for letting me know when i see the Liver doctor next month with him i will ask about it. everything is helpful about now. thank you for your kind words considering him in your thoughts and prayers. thanks for reading KY

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about all the medical issues with your son. It’s bad enough when the issues are known but when they’re not it makes it exponentially worse. Here’s hoping they suddenly discover the root cause and here’s double-hoping it’ll be an easy fix. Best of luck to you and your family!

    • thank you for your kind words on my son, yeah not knowing is ten times worse than knowing what you are truly dealing with. thanks for reading and encouragement. KY

  3. It saddens me to read that your son is chronically ill. My thoughts are with you and your family as you all endure another go on the Specialist merrygoround. Here’s hoping they are able to stabilise his condition and bring you all some peace.

    • thanks, yeah now it is just a watch and wait mode, which sucks but he has been through so many tests, however, i have a feeling we will be going through as the time goes on. thanks you for caring and i will let you all know what happens as we go along. KY

      • The new story is great. I wish you the best of luck with your son. Has he been tested for any of the tick borne diseases ? I am from the New England area and know quite a few people who have been hospitalized with tick borne illnesses,hopefully they will find a solution for him. Kim

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