NEW Story

Hello everyone

Sorry it’s not Bump in the Night…. Not yet… Still tweaking it… I have had a very busy past two weeks, I was able to write some while I was at training but I have to fine tune those two chapters.

That being said this is My Exchange Fic that I wrote for Kelpie in the Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood Fic Exchange being provided by the gracious host the Queen of Area 5.


We submitted the following:

For the Gift I Want to Receive:
Preferred rating:(Smut is not required, but it is appreciated.)
Prompts:(A minimum of three. They can be as detailed or as vague as you like.)
Deal breakers:(Things you do not want.)
For the Gift I Am Going to Write:
Pairings you will write:
Pairings you won’t write:
Ratings you are comfortable with:
Situations, Kinks, Themes you are uncomfortable writing:

Then an anonymous writer was picked by the Queen from the participants and a story then emerged for your viewing pleasure from those participating.

I hope you support the other writers as well. Follow the following link.



And check out the story I wrote, “Destined,” HERE!

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