Story Update: Chapter 4 of Oval Office

Hello Everyone

HERE is the next installment of my story, I hope you enjoy it.

A short update on me if you are interested …. I am extremely busy at work, what’s new right.  I am starting to slow down which means I am no longer bringing work home with me at night or on the weekend.  That is a good thing.

However, being so busy I have not been able to buttoned-down my chapters 7-10.  So I may not post every week, which I didn’t do last week, sorry about that.  But this story is what I am working on when I have time.  My husband knows my writing means a lot to me so he knows when I sequester myself to write he leaves me alone for a few hours.   He may not like what I write about but he does let me have my ME time.

Just an FYI, got a couple chapters of Smooth written before I started Oval Office, you might want to go re-read that chapter right after I finish with this story. It may be what is posted after Oval Office is finished.

As for me myself, well peeps my knee is good.  The Sports Ortho, said both the ACL and meniscus injuries are old, not Eric old, maybe Jessica old.  That there is enough scare tissue and healing to know that I did this years ago and have been dealing with the pain, swelling and it being uncomfortable to walk sometimes for years now and since I have been doing that, no surgery for me …. Yeah Me…. the small incident with the dog irritated it enough to say here I am look at me.  But there will be 6 weeks of intense therapy; I am in my second week so far.  The day after each session my knee is in a lot of pain because they are trying to re-strengthen my knee muscles and ligaments but I feel good and I think I will be fine once everything ends.

So no mini vacation for me.   No writing for the month or more that I would have been out. So NOW writing when I can, reading when I can, beta’ing for my writers when they need me and watching Big Little Lies which ends this week (I will read the book after it is over).

So it is back to a normal scheduling of my life…..

Thanks for all the positive thoughts about my knee and the warm wishes.

Hugs and Enjoy!  Click Eric to access the chapter.


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