Story Update: Chapter 8, Part 1 of Oval Office

Hello everyone

Yes you are receiving a chapter finally. Sorry it took a while.  Work has been extremely busy and when I had the time to write my muse always didn’t cooperate.

This chapter was huge so I did the best thing I could think of and chopped it in half.  I started off by moving stuff to the next chapter but that just made things a little untidy and that chapter became too long.  So I stopped, consulted my English Teacher and asked for advice (thanks Kat).

Anyways, I finalized all of changes tonight so you are getting Part 1 of Chapter 8.   As for Part 2, I am still fixing and bringing back what I sent over to the next chapter.   It may take me more than a week but we will see how work goes this week.  If it has been like the past two months, let the gods help me because I have not been slow in weeks.

As for my knee, physical therapy is over.  My knee is stronger; I can bend it again, well better than before.  But I still do have pain, just not like before.  I walked a Comic Con on Saturday, wore my knee brace and of course today I have some pain in both knees but with my inflammation suave and Ibuprofen I am good to go.

On to the chapter

Hugs, KY

Click the picture to go to Chapter 8, Part 1.

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