Story Update: 2/4/18

Hello everyone

Sorry it has been so long since the last post.  I started editing the second half of chapter 8 and realized I screwed up big time.  So I started editing and somehow I messed it up even worse and saved the wrong copy… so it ended up being a total rework.

Then I realized I needed to stop it again because the chapter was getting huge all over again, right now part 2 is 17k words.  Yeah you can say I am long winded but I think you will like what I gave you; well at least I hope you do. And I am sure if I left the last note out there would be a noose and pitchforks waiting for me. But I am sure with cliffie that will still happen, I am sure you all will still tell me.

Okay so here is the deal.   Real life has been busy.  I made my 2 million dollar goal last year at work but a lot of time spent working to achieve that. Now I have a 2.2 million goal for 2018.

My youngest son finally got a job after searching for over a year and oldest son lost his job the week before Christmas, it has not been a good two months for him and I have been involved in the drama.  Long weeks for sure.

Anyway about work, until they bring in a person to help me, – who I have been promised-, writing will be a slow progress.  I will try to get the next chapter up as soon as I can, but no promises when that will happen.   There are 2 more chapters left in this story and because I screwed the pooch on chapter 8.2 I have to rework a lot of 9, like rewrite the whole damn thing.

As for my left knee, it is on the mend. I can bend the right one now with little effort and the left one I can get a quarter ways up. I work out at the gym at least 3x a week to help strengthen it and if I could lose some of my weight that would help it out too.  It still swells, still hurts but I am dealing with it better than I was.  So here is to a productive 2018 for my knees and health.

So without further ado.



Click Eric to access Part 2 of Chapter 8.




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