Update: 11/27/20

Hello everyone

Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

I wanted to update you on my stories, good news I am writing, but slowly.  Bad news I will start to post once the story is complete so that there is no wait time between chapters, so I will post one chapter a week.   Oval office is up first, yes, it is almost complete, I have 10 bullet points that I have to close up and then it is done.  So, if you want to refresh your memory re-read.

I hope everyone’s 2020 is going better than mine.  I had thought 2019 was a sucky year for me but 2020 topped it.  I lost my job due to Covid and I am making the best of it at home.  I am working around the house and writing when it strikes my fancy. However, I am binge watching shows that I would have never watched before when that strikes me too, then I go days without TV and only read.   So yes, a weird set of circumstances all around. 

The other thing I wanted to bring up and it pissed me off at the time but now I just laugh because if my story hasn’t posted in a year I wonder what she is telling her followers.

That being said, I was contacted by a berate youngster, I am figuring late teens early twenties by the use of her words, she told me I stole her friends’ story.  AS IF… What story you say, well Oval Office.   She told me to delete it from my site since it did not belong to me and she was going to report me.  I told her to go ahead, report and when WordPress or Fan Fiction contacted her friend about plagiarism then we will see who the thief is.

I let her know she could easily check the dates of my posts versus the dates of her friends posts and see who stole what.  Well funny thing is she never contacted me back nor did any site for plagiarism.  So, I do wonder if she called out her friend and demanded a removal as she did me.

As for the would-be thief if you are reading this stop.  Stop stealing, stop plagiarizing because if you are stealing other people’s work and posting as your own then you are most definitely a liar in real life and I am unsure how you live with yourself.  Stealing is not creative; it is not funny, and you are fucking disrespectful and rude.   Good things do not come to those who steal.

End of rant.  Sorry everyone.

Anyway, I hope to start posting Oval Office, (or California Kat since I suck at posting the chapters), next week when she posts her next chapter for The Engine. 

Thank you for reading and enjoying the story.

Hugs KY

13 thoughts on “Update: 11/27/20

  1. Lost my job too, I don’t write but just insert knitting or spinning wool and our time is spent pretty much the same!
    Looking forward to reading updates as you can post them. Fingers crossed 2021 is better.

  2. So sorry you lost your job. 2020 has definitely been a shitty year all around. Reading (or re-reading) all these wonderful stories has definitely helped. (And the lovely pictures above definitely help too! 😇). I’m super excited to see new chapters coming.

    Stay healthy and hopefully next year will be better for everyone.

  3. ¡Buen culo!
    Lamento tus circunstancias y sé que mal de muchos no es un consuelo. Muchos han perdido sus trabajos en mi país y se supone que cuando podamos volver a salir a la calle con total libertad, volverán a tener trabajo. Como he dicho, no es un consuelo en la actualidad.
    Con respecto al plagio, todos plagiamos sin darnos cuenta cuando escribimos (no enteramente pero cogemos ideas de otros sitios que creemos originales). Todos los escritos de fans sobre una obra pueden considerarse plagio. Eric y Sookie no son nuestros, aunque nosotros los consideremos así. Tampoco estoy segura que Eric y Sookie salieran de la cabeza de CH. Quizás tuvieran otros nombres en obras ya olvidadas y ella cogiera partes de sus personalidades, descripciones físicas, …
    Siéntete halagada que alguien piense que tuvo la idea antes que tú. El encierro obligado nos hace olvidadizos.
    ¡Ten ánimo!

    • Yes he does have a nice ass….I understand what you said and todays circumstances. We will see what happens when this all passes. As for the plagiarism, apparently I was word for word of what this other writer wrote. I know Eric and Sookie are not mine and I have given them their own voice in my stories. I also know that some stories are close in content of what another story might have been about, believe me writers are called out on stuff like that all the time. However what I was being bashed about was every word I wrote supposedly belong to this other person. When I myself read other stories I sometimes think oh what a great idea but I do not use it. If I think I am too close to another’s work I usually change mine and go a different route. I also think it odd how this reviewer tracked me down, I believe this other writer was ranting and the reviewers took it upon themselves to contact me, but i will never know since I was never contacted again. As for CH and her characters, no telling where she came up with them. KY

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