Chapter 01: Reminisce

I was in a time where everything was simple; OH who am I kidding that would never be my life especially since the Vampires came out of the coffin and Eric Northman came into my life.


I don’t regret that one bit of course but that doesn’t mean I don’t dream of another life that was much simpler. Maybe if I had met Eric before the Great Reveal and he had hid me away from the supernatural world we could have lived a much calmer life and have been able to love the way we were supposed to from the beginning with no interference but that never happened.

TOO many obstacles were thrown into our paths.

It was because of the Great Reveal that I met my first vampire.  To be honest after knowing him for a few weeks, I should have realized he was bad news but that took me years to figure out. I was always willing to forgive him and I later realized his blood was a HUGE influence on me and how I reacted to him. I was too trusting of him and after I got hurt numerous times by him or because of him I finally realized what I should have a long time ago.

William Compton was nothing but a lying, cheating manipulative bastard.

However it was due to his betrayals that I was able to find the man/vampire of my dreams, I just wish more than anything else that he could have met my gran. I know she would have loved him and him her but that would never happen since Bill was the reason  my gran was killed in the first place. But let’s not go there too many bad memories.

Bill was a procurer for god’s sake and I forgave him for all the shit he did to me but I always held Eric (Sheriff of Area 5) to a higher standard even before he became mine; I was his associate, I worked for him but I always made him jump through hoops for everything that pertained to me. It wasn’t until after the fairy’s attacked me and almost killed me that I realized what I was doing.

By that time, we were bonded mates; he was mine and I was his. Through the bond I knew he loved me, but for some reason, he held back. So I really didn’t trust his love, but now that is another story; he allows me to feel all of his emotions, sometimes it is overwhelming but I have learned to shield myself from all of his emotions, compartmentalized them so to speak.  It is like a snake pit in his mind, so many things happening at once (slithering around) and if you aren’t careful one of those things will rear up and bite you in your ass.   It was during my recuperation from the fairy attack (sorry I cannot mention their names, too many bad memories come to the surface) that I finally realized that I had the man of my dreams and I should start treating him like I wanted to be treated.

It was right after the killing of Appius (Eric’s maker) by his longtime friend Duncan that Eric explained to me that he held off all of his emotions because his maker could feel him and know that he was too happy. He did not want him near me or Pam so he tried to shield his emotions the best he could. But he theorizes that Appius knew of his happiness the day I walked into his life and events started to unfold, one of those events being his unannounced visit to my home while I was healing.

Duncan played by Brett Tucker

Duncan played by Brett Tucker

Appius was why Karin, his first child, and Duncan, a longtime friend and associate, showed up at the same time.  Duncan was tracking Appius all these years after he and Eric parted their ways after working together as enforcers for the King of England. Duncan had told Eric upon his departure that he owed him a debt for saving his life numerous times and by killing his maker the debt for him would be paid in full.   Eric, however, told Duncan there was no such debt but Duncan felt otherwise.

Karin played by Stana Katic

Karin played by Stana Katic

However, Karin had felt Eric distress many times over the last few months and decided she needed to find out what was going on with her maker. She headed to Louisiana without her maker’s knowledge; she was on her way when she met up with Duncan.  He told her Appius was headed this way too with his deranged childe in tow;  they both knew it could not be good if Appius was coming to the States unannounced.

Things went by quickly when Appius had his newest child, Alexi, attack me while he held Eric in a maker’s command; that was when Duncan stepped in and staked Appius. But it wasn’t before Appius commanded Eric to kill me if Alexi did not succeed quickly.  Thankfully, that command died with Appius.

How did they get away with it you ask, well, Appius was too busy with me and Eric to realize two new vampires were there on my property and his goose was now cooked.  As Appius started to turn to ash he turned to see who staked him and leered at Duncan as he said “YOU” and he watched Alexi turn to blood goo from Karin’s stake to his heart (which was delivered through his back), Appius was not too happy but it was the best day I had ever had.

Since the two vampires killed at my farmhouse had not announced themselves to the monarch of Louisiana NOR the sheriff of the area, all was well with their deaths and it was covered up literally. No need for anyone to know about their untimely deaths and everyone would still fear that Appius lived and Eric’s maker was still the pain in the ass he always was.


Eric offered a home to both Karin and Duncan and they both decided to stay for the unforeseen future. They checked in with the sheriff but laid low so the king did not know they were there. It was better this way. Otherwise he would have used both of them as his own enforcers, you see Karin followed in her daddy’s footsteps, and Duncan was presumed dead years ago…


I sometimes wish I had a fairytale life but I don’t ever see that happening, too many things have gone wrong in my life; the list would be endless given what happened to me over the last few years.

Plus by me being part fairy it will never ever happen, since the fairy world is warring amongst themselves. So, no fairy tales for me; I am just another casualty of said war; because of which I am no longer able to see my fairy cousins, the portals have since been closed by my great-grandfather.

In some ways that is a good thing since the last fairies that paid me a visit were not too nice to me and I was hurt pretty badly; I believe that if Eric was not the one here to nurse me back to health and feed me his blood as often as possible I would have died. I absolutely think that his love for me, his strength and his 1000+ year old blood is what saved me not only physically but mentally.

I can finally give credit to who deserves it.

Bill might have been there to bring me back with Niall, however it was Eric that I need to give full credit to for me still being alive on this planet and not buried in the cemetery next door.

But let’s get away from the dreary.

My life is not entirely bad; Eric tries to make my life as carefree as possible; that is until Vampire Politics get in the way again. Because Eric is sheriff he cannot fully get away from the politics of our new monarch but he tries to keep his head low and out of trouble as much as possible.

Eric runs a tight ship and the vampires in his retinue like living here because he allows them some freedoms but he has his guidelines and they need to follow them or be expelled; it helps everything run rather smoothly. And because of this smoothness the king leaves us alone.

However, it has been a calm year, which is good for all of us.

One of my favorite holidays, Halloween, is two days away and as always it will be spent with Eric at Fangtasia; they always throw a big party, it is well attended by the Supe community, which I am now part of being part fairy and all.   And who can forget the droves of fangbangers who are always in attendance so they can be bitten by a vampire or in Pam’s case, shooed away by her stiletto.

Don’t get me started on them; Eric and Pam call them vermin, but they are Fangtasia’s meal ticket, it pays the bills.

Me, I just call them pathetic, depressed souls that broadcast way too load when they are all hyped up at the holidays…

Anyway, Eric and I will be spending Friday night as our date night since Saturday will be spent at the bar so he can enthrall the vermin in his Halloween outfit.

I wanted us to go as Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf but he said there was NO WAY he was going as a WERE let alone a Wolf.

So of course that has been nixed and he is bringing my costume tonight. It makes me a bit nervous to see what Pam has us outfitted in; Pam says we will love it; judgment is still out on that one until I see the outfit.

Well, sunset is almost here, and Eric will be arriving soon, so I guess I should be getting ready for our date.

I know you are curious as to why we don’t live together; well we do but on date nights, I always stay at the farmhouse so Eric can come fetch me for our date. Silly I know but it actually works for us; it keeps things open and honest for us, alive if you will.

It was my turn to choose this week, so I opted for us staying at home, cooking myself dinner and watching either a movie or a TV show. But before our quiet time in front of the TV I have something to show Eric on my computer, I found it the other day when I was browsing the internet. Yes, I  finally came into the 21st century and the farmhouse has internet and cable. It also has a state of the art security system; I think you can figure out why.

Go figure that I would finally get it together because of my VIKING mate…

I am busily cleaning the kitchen so I do not feel Eric’s approach by air.  I have my iPod plugged into the BOSE system Eric installed throughout the house so I do not hear the door open and shut.

I know foolish move, but I know I locked the door earlier; Eric has installed a failsafe mechanism to make the farmhouse locked down tightly if someone tries to get in uninvited. Like I said before too many unwelcomed guests have caused Eric to go security happy but I don’t blame him any more for his highhandedness.

It actually endears him to me more knowing that he cares for me so deeply.

Anyway the house is light-tight if need be with shutters and UV windows but the extra security is in the spells he had Octavia put around the house for ill-will. That spell includes,  but is not limited to, the doors in the living room and kitchen as well as the basement door.  I never use the basement; it is more of a root cellar that we used when Gran was canning. Now it is just for storage and part of it is a secure bunker in case I need to hide.

YOU can never be too safe.

As I am listening to my music and Pink is singing ‘One Last Kiss’, I feel a pair of strong arms wrap around my stomach and pull me into his chest. My warmth spreads to him like a fire and his coolness spreads to me like a cooling balm.

It makes us who we are, a matched set.

I love this man/vampire more than my own life and he knows it.  I would do anything for him and his children.

And they would do anything for me; I consider both of his children my friends, Pam is my BFF and Karin is getting there; I think she is still leery of me after all the tales Pam told her about the deaths of other vampires while they are around me. The one at my own two hands was Lorena and Pam is most proud of that kill for sure.

As my mate kisses me down my neck, I start to shiver and sway to the music while rubbing up against his gracious plenty.

I have to pull away, because like always, our dates start out the same and I want to show Eric what I found before I forget. You see he always makes me forget when he kisses me like this and then it turns into sexcapades before I know it.

Don’t get me wrong I love every minute of it, but what I found is for Eric as much as it is for me.

“Lover, please, I missed you when I woke.”

“Baby, I know but can we please talk first then we can do whatever. Besides its date night and I have plans.”

“What are your plans for us my love? TV show, movie, or both?”

“First dinner, then internet, then TV time, and then PLAY time.”

13 thoughts on “Chapter 01: Reminisce

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    • thanks, CH screwed the pooch there, she went so off base when she wrote the last few books and it should have never been, as far as I am concerned the CODA is a bit too much. So i figured if anything Sookie needed to figure things out and embrace her life because whether she liked it or not she was a SUPE and it was the life that was dealt to her. KY

  2. This is a great start and set up for your story, you’ve taken care of what has happened before this point and now we can see what happens with them going forward. And it’s lovely that you have Sookie in such a good place relative to her relationship with Eric.

    • thank you, i hated things in the books and book 10 was a hard one for me to read, it took me 6 months….I knew then that things would never be the same and Sookie needed to smarten up about her relationship with Eric and stop blaming everything on their bond. Their love was undeniable from the beginning and if you/they didn’t see it then you were blind…. Yes Sookie is a smart one at least in this SVM story. thanks for reading

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