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I am a 50+ year old mother of 2.  I enjoy reading and writing… A couple years back I was asked to try my hand at writing and then publishing it on FFN.  I did and I have been writing ever since.  I am my own worst critic so I won’t post something unless I think it is good enough.  I loved the SVM world until the last few books that is, my stories are based around the characters that Charlaine Harris created in her world so I own none of the main characters, I am just taking them out to play and putting them in my own world of fun. I have started tinkering with the characters of TrueBlood and those characters belong to Alan Ball.  I may mix the two genres up a time or two, so be prepared.  I don’t like Appius much and if I can work around him so be it. Loved Godric as Eric’s Maker and if I can work that in all the better.

7 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Good Afternoon, Kristi!

    I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see you as following on my blog and liking it. I don’t know if you had it’s, but I’m also extending an olive branch as well as a heart felt “Congratulations!” You’ve been named as of one of the 5 Betas for our Dream Team! The betas include magsmacdonald, mistressjessica, me, you, and MissRissa. I think we’d make one great editing team because we all bring a little something different to the table, don’t you?

    Perhaps you can do the honor of informing Kat that she had the highest number of the readers votes for their choice as one of the members of our Dream Team? The two of you seem to be quite close, and she might enjoy it more hearing it come from you.

    Thank you, and I hope we can make this all come to fruition. What it could become; the possibilities, it’s really an exciting concept! 🙂

    Peace & Laughter,


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