All of Me

Summary: If only things were different and ended like they should have, damn Coda, it doesn’t exist in my world. This is my attempt at making things right.

The characters personas are set in the world of SVM, with a twist on what I think should have happened in the last book.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, Charlaine Harris does and I am just playing with them for a bit and changing around the ending of the story that she started and deviated far to the right of what should have happened. I owe my thanks for the characters that we fell in love with but not for the last three books and the Coda.

Banner Inspiration: Banner by Sephrenia for her Writing Challenge.  

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All of me title

As I sit here on my throne and look out upon the vermin, I think back to what I had nearly lost because of my maker. Even in his death he haunted me and treated me like a piece of meat. The abuse I endured and got away from when he released me was a godsend to my psyche. I knew if I could get away from him I would be better off and I was for many many years. But of course Appius had other ideas and I nearly lost everything because of him.


Our Viking on his throne

Our Viking on his throne

The little fairy that had walked into my life a few years back was my greatest joy and a great addition to my life. I never understood my feelings for her until I thought I had lost her for good. Yes I knew I loved her but because of my vampire teachings I never understood those feelings properly and since I was not human I didn’t think I needed to show or display them to her as such, however once she broke our bond I knew without a doubt I had messed up more than Odin himself could even fix.

We had been through so much in the past few years and it was a wonder she survived it at all. Why not US but only her, I knew I would make it but her being a fae-human hybrid I knew she was mortal and could die of many things that I could not. I knew she didn’t want to be turned even in dire circumstances but I was still trying to convince her to let me in case of an emergency. I had told her many times I would meet the sun if I lost her because she was the only thing keeping me grounded to this earth. It didn’t matter to me that my children would miss me; I knew they would survive without me and I had made sure that they would be taken care of even upon my death. Both Karin and Pam would be very wealthy woman for the rest of their lives if I was to be ended, whether by my own hand or my enemy.

No matter what I was glad I was still able to live in my little bubble I created in northern Louisiana. Most of the times it was quiet but like I said before when she walked into my life that all changed but for the better because she was now in it… She was my everything… She was ‘All of Me’ … and so much more.

Let me tell you how I almost lost her, she broke our bond without telling me first and when she did I could not feel her anymore. I never realized how devastated I was because of it and it threw me off my game. I think it was how I was almost given to Queen Freyda on a silver fucking platter. I couldn’t find my way out of the contract and believe me I looked, so I was forced to divorce my mate and move to Oklahoma. I made sure my family, and that included her, was taken care of but it did not mean I would stop trying to get out of the farce of a contract my maker had put together before his death.

It was during a talk with an old friend, an enforcer like I had been in the old country, where he reminded me about an old debt that I had with him. Many had believed him to be dead so many years ago but I knew he went in seclusion to get away from all the politics of the new vampire world. Duncan was instrumental in the death of Freyda before the fiasco of our marriage could be carried out. I did not want the state if she was killed, but being her consort might have put me in line for the position. With his ability to slip into the state unnoticed and having acquired fairy blood years ago (he kept it frozen for such a purpose) he was able to feed it to a newborn and get him to go berserker and kill the queen in front of her court.

Duncan played by Brett Tucker

Duncan played by Brett Tucker

How he was able to get the youngster to be able to overpower an older vampire I did not know. The less I knew the better, however, I watched in awe as this youngster bowed before his queen and swore his fealty and then jammed a silver tipped wooden dagger through her undead heart as he rose from his bow.

You see Freyda enjoyed her populous of vampires to be close to her when swearing fealty or bestowing her with a gift and that would be her down fall. The pretentious bitch she was enjoyed the contact from them, very bad move on her part… To be honest I do not know how Duncan knew of this or how he was able to use it against her. You see my old friend had a few vampire gifts, not just one like most vampires had. I had two of course my keen sense of smell and flying but that was uncommon too.

However, he got the job done I did not care how he did it. I just didn’t want to be enslaved to her for 200 years and away from my true mate.

Now I wait to see if she will take me back.

If I can only talk some sense into her about why I broke our pledge, why I told her to not date the shifter; which I am happy to say she did not. I knew she loved him like she loved the wolf and maybe even the tiger but they never had her whole heart like I did. I won’t even mention what she might have felt about Bill as far as I am concerned that vampire is finally DEAD, dead as a doornail.

I know after I left she wouldn’t talk to anyone but Karin her new protector and my child; Karin had talked to her through her door every night until she broke her down and she allowed her access into the house.

Karin played by Stana Katic

Karin played by Stana Katic

They have since become friends and I know that my little one had confided in Karin about how she felt on my betrayal of her and her hurt over the whole divorce. Karin tried to explain to her that I did it to protect her from Felipe and from Freyda herself but she didn’t want to listen to her or Pam. Freyda being killed the way she did, allowed me to renegotiate with Felipe on my role in his kingdom. I did not want the sheriff ship back. I wanted to have my mate back and try to be a family with her and my children, but I knew that would only happen in time and through her healing and awareness of what I was really trying to do.

So here I sit waiting for her to realize that I love her with all my heart and I did what I did to protect her. I know through Karin that Bill is still trying to backstab me through his lies. I have not touched another woman since the last time I made love to her, nor have I drank from a human; I survive only on bagged blood and Royalty blend, I owe her that much. Yes she taught me many things over the years that we were together and one of those things was how to make love to the person that you love and a fangbanger or donor would never due, not ever again. We may have fucked a few times but our making love was one of the most powerful and beautiful things between us.

So here I wait because this tiny human has ‘ALL of ME’.

It reminds me of a song I heard the other day that captures my thoughts on my little one, lover, mate, wife and once bonded. I think it was written for her exclusively because it is exactly how I feel about her. I know this is usually not my kind of music to listen to but a few words caught my attention so I tracked it down on ‘you tube’ and ‘metro lyrics’ to make sure I heard them properly and I did. The song ‘All of Me” by John Legend:

What would I do without your smart mouth
Drawing me in, you kicking me out
Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down
What’s going on in that beautiful mind
I’m on your magical mystery ride
And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright

My head’s underwater
But I’m breathing fine
You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind

‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning
Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, oh

How many times do I have to tell you
Even when you’re crying you’re beautiful too
The world is beating you down, I’m around through every mood
You’re my downfall, you’re my muse
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues
I can’t stop singing, it’s ringing in my head for you

Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts
Risking it all though it’s hard

I have been trying to get her to listen to the song through Karin, but she told her that she wants nothing from me not even a message. But I do believe she has heard the song since Karin has heard her listening to it at night and crying. So maybe, just maybe, she feels the same way about it as I do.

I know I sound like I am letting her run my life and maybe I am. I now know to win her back I have to step out of my comfort zone and not be the badass vampire she knows and sometimes despises. I know that I have to continue to show her through my actions that I am true to her and only her. If she was to come to me tomorrow and say she wanted to re-bond with me I would not hesitate to say yes. I would follow her to her home and live in that damn hidey hole if it would make a difference to her. But I now know through Karin that she had Herveaux build a bigger light tight space for her since she has Karin’s company and Bubba has dropped by a time or two to watch over her and to visit. So I know the only thing I would have to ask of her is to put a security system in so that her house remains untouched by anyone trying to cause her or me ill will.

Karin had suggested to her to get Octavia to put a spell around the house for that purpose but I do not know if she has gone through with it or not.

I try not to interfere in case she wants to start fresh with our relationship and I want as clean a slate as possible, I don’t want her throwing my high-handedness in my face when we do start new.

It is difficult for me but I am working through it, I know if I was to run to her and beg, which I never do, that she would think badly of me.

I have flown close by her home only to hear her heartbeat but I do not get too close so that Billy Boy doesn’t tell her I came by. I do not want him telling her he smelt me by her house or in her woods so I stay high in the sky to be undetected. But tonight it is raining so I can get closer because the smell of the rain will mask my smell and the shifter or wolf wouldn’t even be able to tell I was there.

So I make a plan that after the bar closes to take a trip out to Bon Temps.

But before I can move from my god awful throne, King de Castro walks in unannounced. I do not know why he is there but I am sure he will want me in the meeting with Pam since I am back in his territory and he is still leery of me.

I have sworn my fealty to him again but he still does not trust me, as I do not trust him.

I however would be more leery of the vampiress he just walked by as you can see the disgust in her eyes for him. I knew I had high esteem for Thalia for a reason and that face right there is why she stayed loyal to ME even after I left for Oklahoma.

Thalia played by Ashley Scott

Thalia played by Ashley Scott

I texted Karin rather quickly to let her know the king has arrived and to let Sookie know just in case he had intentions of going out to the farmhouse.

I will protect her with my life if he goes after her, as I know Karin will as well.

I stay seated as I wait to be summoned, so I find my song again that I saved on my  IPhone and listen to the lyrics once again.

What would I do without your smart mouth
Drawing me in, you kicking me out
Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down
What’s going on in that beautiful mind
I’m on your magical mystery ride
And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright

These words right here make me wonder why I fell for my little one so hard. Her words/mouth tends to get her in trouble with others but with me I’ve always found it so refreshing, she was a breath of fresh air and I miss it. While doing our playful banter, she always retorted back at me and I would volley right back to her. It was like a game and I miss it. She was the only one I ever let talk to me that way, not even my children would try it.

How I would love to march right over there to be with her and tell her; I love her now more than I loved her then. Would she be mine?

But I am sure she would slam the door in my face. I no longer had an invitation to her house so I couldn’t do a sneak attack and watch her sleep like I had done when the witch would let me in. I miss that too you know. Everything about her I miss, she had ‘All of Me’ and she doesn’t even know it.

I am being summoned. This can’t be good.

As I walk through the vermin they part like the Red Sea did for Moses as I vamp to my old office. It is an odd feeling seeing my child behind my desk but I would rather it be her than me. I bow to my king and ask what is needed of me.

I definitely don’t like what I am hearing. He wants Sookie in Vegas next week and he wants me to broach the subject with her. That will go over like a lead balloon; I had told her once that she was now safe from Felipe and working for him and she would NEVER be summoned to Vegas. It only shows my lack of trust in my king because Felipe is going against the negotiated terms that were set up in both of my contracts.

Felipe played by Wilmer Valderrama

Felipe played by Wilmer Valderrama

I don’t like this at all.

I tried to explain to him that it was a bad idea and all he would say was make it happen.

Pam even looked at him like he had lost his ever loving mind. I told him that I did not think it would work as Ms. Stackhouse knew the terms of my contract and he is breaching them… He dared me by saying that I lost my edge and he was second guessing my residency in his kingdom. I knew I could go to Mississippi or Texas so that I would be close to my children and Sookie but I really didn’t want to leave AGAIN.

I tried my best to talk him out of it but no such luck. I told him that I must leave the office before I said something I would regret. Pam was called out of the office as well by Thalia; there was a problem at the door she needed to take care of.

I told Felipe I would get back to him and walked out the office door. It was as I was leaving that I noticed the shimmer at the back of the far wall. I could see Duncan’s smile through the shimmer and he had a sword in his hand. So that’s how he did it. That was his gift, cloaking, I knew the Fae and Dae were able to do that but I did not believe he was either but who knows, it has been so long since I had caught his scent, anything could be possible.

As I left I informed his guards to step in the office and guard the door as the king had not left yet. As I walked away I called Mr. Cataliades to let him know what was asked of me; plus it gave me the perfect alibi since as a dae lawyer he could not lie. Plus Felipe’s guards could hear who I was speaking to and about what was being spoken about so everything was perfect.

The timing, the alibis and the assassin.

As I was walking further into the bar, I could hear “what the fuck was that”, “oh shit, somebody just beheaded the king.”

The main guard, vamped at high speed to the front door and told Thalia to lock it down, no one was to leave. He then ran to the back door to lock that one down as well.

While all this was happening I heard Duncan acknowledge Thalia who let him out the front door without being noticed. I smiled at the thought that these two were in cahoots in this plan.

I would have to learn more about that later.

As one of the other guards was already talking to the AVL and Council, I overheard that they would have a representative here shortly.

This whole thing was going to break into my plans of a visit but since it got rid of one of mine and Sookie’s problems, I was okay with having to wait to hear her breathing and see her through the window.

But I would make damn sure I was there before sunrise so I could inform Karin and her of what was going on and what it would mean to us. I didn’t want Compton spinning the story to his benefit and him accusing me of something I did not do.

Again that leads me to why Duncan did it. It was not part of our original plan. I would have to call him tomorrow to find out; they could never trace my call to him because I had listed him in my phone as Tom Hanks. Why Tom Hanks, well he is able to stay out of the spotlight in his everyday life and that is what Duncan does, stays out of the sight of all vampires.

What a wonderful life that must be.

So I sit here on my throne waiting for the vampires in the bar to calm down and take a seat while they glamour the patrons to stay still until someone gets here from the AVL. No one enters the back of the bar because the guards are not allowing it. They want no-one near the crime scene.

What crime?

It was a blessing in disguise.

So I sit here like a good little boy, playing Tetris and Angry Birds as I wait patiently. I even texted Karin to let her know to be inside Sookie’s house just in case someone is there to attack it.

I don’t think that will happen but you never know what de Castro had as a backup plan to his final death.

Karin texts back all is well and she is watching TV.

I tell her to be on alert.

She said she will be that Sookie has fallen asleep with her head in her lap while watching a show called ‘Castle’.

I feel and hear a growl low in my chest but I shake my head at the few who notice it. She is not mine to be jealous over but none the less I am. I know Karin is just there as her protector and friend and I am proud of my child that she has become that close to my mate. But I am also jealous that it is her there and not me.

The anger swells up in me a bit and Pam gives me a look of not understanding what is up. I just shake my head to tell her no worries, all is fine. I send her a brief flash of calmness and she just smiles at me as her acknowledgement. My child has a beautiful smile but very few ever get to see it. I am one of the lucky few whom she shows it to.

The AVL arrives in all its glory and the storm troopers go into the back room to access the crime. It is then than Nan shows up to make her own assessment. Once done she tracks me down and asks for a word in the back room.

Instead of a question, she leads with a statement. You are in the company of two deceased monarchs when they met their demise. If I didn’t know any better I would think you were behind them both.

I told her I was behind neither of them. As for Freyda I was sitting behind her when it happened as she met her new vampires and as for de Castro I was walking out of the office while on my phone to my demon lawyer. She could verify this with anyone here and with Mr. Cataliades.

She stated there was no need because she had already been updated to those facts.

I asked her if she needed me here still or should I go.

She told me to make a statement and to help get the human patrons out of the bar. She wanted all Weres and Vampires to stay behind to be questioned.

I thanked her for her kindness and made my way back out to the bar.

Pam zipped over to me and I told her in Old Norse what Nan had said. That I wasn’t a suspect and to help get the patrons out of the bar and then I could leave.

Pam played by  Kristin Bauer Van Straten

Pam played by Kristin Bauer Van Straten

So I did just that and within 45 minutes I was on my way to Bon Temps via Air Eric.

The sky had cleared up since earlier and it was not raining anymore so when I arrived at the farmhouse, I was a bit hesitant to go up the steps. I knew I needed to do this but I was unsure of how she would take me being there unannounced. I knew once she knew why I was there she would be reasonable but it would be the initial response that would hurt my undead heart.

Karin knew I was there, she could feel it in our bond but she waited for me to knock on the front door so she could wake up her mistress.

I could hear her talking to Sookie, telling her that there was someone at the door and she needed to wake up.

Her response was a bit groggy but she complied. She was shocked to say the least when she opened the door and saw me standing there.

“Eric, what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here, you could get in trouble.”

Eric played by Alexander Skarsgård and Sookie played by Anna Paquin

Eric played by Alexander Skarsgård and Sookie played by Anna Paquin

I just looked at her and asked what she meant? I knew she knew I was released from my contract with Freyda because Karin had told her about her death but what was she talking about, what contract and with whom?
“Sookie, I am here to tell you about what happened tonight. Please invite me in.”

“Oh Eric, I took back my rescinding of your invitation weeks ago. You could have come in after the last night you were here which was right after our divorce. I was actually hoping you would figure it out and come see me sooner than now. I figured that your new contract didn’t allow for you to be near me so I just assumed you couldn’t visit me. Or that you found someone new and you didn’t want to.”

“Oh you silly girl what are you thinking. You are my everything and I did a foolish thing by not finding a way out of that farce of a contract. I. Love. You. Sookie Stackhouse and I have never stopped loving you.”

“Eric please come in so I can shut the door. I don’t need vampires or shifters hearing our conversation. I had Octavia put up a couple of spells around my house one weekend when I knew busy bodies were out of town.”

I looked at her with admiration, not only for her re-inviting me in but also for taking a step forward and having her place spells on the house without being asked to.

“What type of spells?”

“Ill will and privacy. The ill will is around the property’s perimeter and the privacy spells are in the kitchen and in my bedroom. But since there are three of us here, let’s go into the kitchen.”

After she said bedroom she blushed the most beautiful color that I have seen thus far, it made me smile and just shake my head. I missed that blush and I knew I was the one that could bring it on from head to toe if need be.

She then led the way and offered both of us a Royalty blended.

I asked her how she was able to afford it. She told me that Pam brings over a couple cases at a time for Karin so it is always in the house.

I wonder if Pam was preparing for me to re-enter her life as well, since she knew I would no longer drink the other sludge.

“Can I ask you a question little one?” All she did was nod yes.

“What did you mean that I wasn’t allowed near you any more? My new contract with de Castro does not have that stipulation.”

As she was biting her bottom lip, which I had to admit turned me on a little bit, she hesitated to answer me. I could only fathom what she was told and by whom.

It had to have been Compton.

She looked at me through her shining blue eyes and said, “Bill came by Merlotte’s one night while I was doing our books and he told me about Freyda’s death and what that would mean about your release from her contract and de Castro’s original contract after leaving his area, that you now had a new contract with de Castro that would last through my mortal years and that I would not be harmed by anyone but I would be summoned from time to time to Vegas to help your king out. I figured since that is what you signed it was a good deal and I would be safe. Are you telling me that is not the truth, has Bill once again lied to me for his benefit?”

As I sat there shocked, Karin just shook her head and called him a rat bastard.

“NO little one that is not the truth. My new contract does have a clause where you are to be protected but no where does it say that you are to go to Vegas or that you have to work for the now dead king. I do believe Compton is up to his old tricks and I do believe he and de Castro had a plan which they did not want me knowing about. I only wish I had come to you sooner and told you everything myself but I was giving you your space waiting for you to call for me.”

“Baby, can you please explain.”

Well let me just say her term of endearment threw me off and if I had words for my look it would be catching flies.

I think she realized what she had said and she reached for my hand to apologize with a gentle squeeze and to say she was sorry she over reached her bounds. She tried to squeeze my hand but I laced our fingers together instead. It was the first contact I had had in months with her and I felt the familiar jolt through our intertwined fingers.

It was amazing. I wanted to pull her onto my lap. I wanted to call her lover. I wanted to call her my wife but I also knew I needed to let her lead the way.

I was going to pull my hand away but I felt her squeeze it so I did not retract it, yet.

“Lover-, okay over stepping my bounds-, I have signed a new contract that would protect you from Felipe and that you need not work for him. But it never gave him the right to call you to Vegas or for that fact work for him. As a matter of fact the king came by Fangtasia tonight to get me to ask you to come to Vegas to work for him. To be honest I think it was a plot to get you there and to get Compton as your handler. I believe now as I run through everything through my head, they wanted you away from me, Karin and Pam. They knew if you were in Vegas we could not protect you but once away from us I do believe they would have trapped you with either Compton’s blood or Felipe’s. I also believe that they wanted me to convince you to go so that when whatever situation they did have planned came to fruition then you would blame me and despise me more for sending you to Vegas in the first place.”

“Oh baby, I would have asked you to come with me, I still trust you. I know that Bill has been trying to get me to date him but I have told him repeatedly NO. I may have forgiven him for what he has done to me but I certainly haven’t forgotten and I do not trust him. I told him I could not date someone when I loved another. I think he assumed it was Sam but I never said yes or no to his question on that. Sam was good about that too and would never respond to him and he could not be glamoured so it helped with the ruse. Sam still wanted me like that too, but I told him more than once, once in the friend’s zone always in the friend’s zone. He never pushed about it again. But for everything else I tried to listen to Karin but being your child I didn’t want her caught in the middle of a bad situation. That is why I did not want to hear messages from you; I thought maybe they were from her, just trying to make me feel for you and want you again. I never stopped loving you, I was still pretty mad about the whole thing but more times than I can think of I went by gran’s grave to talk to her about everything and I figured out a lot of the stuff I knew to be right and wrong. I made up my mind that your words to me the night of the divorce still held true. You loved me and what was going to happen you did not want any more than I did. I still held out hope that that was true but in the meantime Karin has become my best friend and I would miss her dearly if you called her away from me. But what I don’t get is WHY?”

As Sookie and I spoke, Karin sat there quietly, observing her master and his mate. A smile came to her face when she was being called a best friend by the little hybrid. I think she liked the idea. I know she liked Sookie a lot and was on the verge of loving her like Pam did but that would be for another conversation.

“Sookie, the king has wanted you all along and he was plotting to get you and I believe through Compton he was making that happen, but when you rebuffed Billy Boy’s advances he had to choose another tactic. Me coming to you instead and telling you, you had to go, thus entangling me in this mess further. However, since the king was beheaded tonight we do not have to worry about that in the future. It solved another of our problems. But there is still Compton we have to deal with, since he never liked us being together in the first place.”

“But Eric. Who do I have to fear now, who will take his place? Who will try to get to me now… Eric this scares me.”

“Little one, I will protect you.”

“How can you, every one believes we are no longer together and that your contract says so?”

“First my love, the contract is null and void. The king is dead. It can no longer be upheld. Second, the contract never said we had to be apart but you were protected. Third, if you would have me I would like to start fresh. Fourth, I can claim you as an asset and maybe down the line as my wife mate and bonded again. Fifth, no one will come between us again, I can promise you that.”

“Oh Eric, I love you and want to be with you but can you forgive me for being an idiot and not believing in you. I know you said some hurtful things to be but I have thought them over and realized why you said them. That you needed my reaction the way it was so I may go on living without you. But let me tell you now, I never did. You have had ‘All of Me’ since the moment we met.”

Karin just shook her head when Sookie mentioned the song. That meant that she heard the song and she too thought it was written about our relationship…

“Dear one, I never stopped loving you. I never meant to hurt you like I did. I want to make amends but we need to take this slowly.”

“Eric we were once husband and wife and I would like to pledge to you again with my eyes wide open this time knowing what I am doing with the man/vampire I love more than my own life.”

I sped over to Sookie and knelt down in front of her. I looked up into her blue eyes and could see her truth emanating through them. She loves me and she wants me that was very true but I also saw hurt and guilt but that would disappear in time.

“Are you sure lover? Please tell me you are not teasing me. Please tell me you know what this will mean and your eyes are wide open?”

“Buster would I lie about a thing like that? No I would not! I want you here with me; I want you to move in, I want to pledge to you, marry you and bond to you. I want to be your everything as you are mine. And somewhere down the line I want you to turn me so that we can continue into eternity with our love and life. Like I said, I have thought about everything a lot these past few months and I have come to many conclusions that I could not come to before.”

“Dear one, you honor me. Can I ask you a question?” she nods yes, “have you listened to the song ‘All of Me’? “, she nods yes again, “you realize he is taking about you and I?” she nods again, “these words hit home for me right here, right now. “Cause all of me, Loves all of you”. I have never stopped loving you nor will I. You have me my love and you always will.”

“Eric, I love you too, all of you. But we still have a problem and I can feel that void approaching as we speak. Will he see your car?”

“No little one, I flew. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to hold back or do you want me to solve the problem here and now? Will you hate me if I end him? That is the only reason I never did it before I could not stand the thought of you hating me for ending your first love.”

“Sweetie, I want to see what he has to say. I will rescind his invitation now so he cannot enter. But I want to see what web he wants to spin now. Is that okay with you?”

I nodded yes and told Karin to head back into the living room like I was not here. I was sure Compton would tell her he could smell me and I was a threat to her existence. While all this happened I heard Sookie whisper that she rescinded Bill Compton invitation into her home.

I stayed in the kitchen by the far wall where he could not see me nor hear me if I happened to growl.

I had an idea of what the douchebag was going to say but I wanted to hear it from his own lips and I wanted Sookie to tell me to end him so there was no misunderstanding. Compton no longer had a maker and he no longer had a king so ending him would not be hard to get away with since no one would be owed a fee for me ending him. I had heard his sister had met her true death right after she left from helping him through his silver poisoning. So I would be free and clear of all wrong doing.

There was a knock on the door and Karin got up and answered the door. I could hear her ask him what he wanted at this late hour.

“I need to speak to Sookie immediately, she is in grave danger.”

I could see Sookie make her way to the door and the smirk on her face was enough for me to kill him without waiting for more nonsense to be spilled from his lips.

“Hello Bill, what do you want at 4am in the morning?”

“Sookie, I need to talk to you in private.”

“No Bill, Karin is my protector and whatever you have to say can be said in front of her.”

I could see Sookie take Karin’s hand and squeeze it. I was not sure what they were doing but I had an idea that they used their clasped hands as signals used for her protection. I knew my child did not like contact but since Sookie had her head in her lap earlier I guess they were past that phase. I smiled a little because my child had grown so much since I seen her last and it was all due to the little fairy-hybrid that stole all of our hearts.

“Bill, I am waiting!”

“Sookie, – -he tried to push past the threshold and could not- I need in your house, why have you rescinded my invitation? It is the only way I can protect you from your enemies now that the king is dead. He was killed tonight and they think Northman did it. They are scouring Area 5 as we speak. I can even smell him out here on your porch. Let me in or he will come after you and I cannot protect you from outside. You know he does not love you like I do; he never did and he never will. He only wanted your blood, nothing more. He lied to you and manipulated you into believing you loved him and he forced the blood bond onto you … You must see that by now! I can protect you, I have resources he does not. I can hide you from him and we can finally be together like we should have been before he stole you from me. Sookie, please my darling, you have to let me in. I can hear him coming now as we stand here as you delay my entry.”

I had to chuckle at him and I couldn’t figure out how Karin was keeping a straight face but she was. But I could see that Sookie had a death grip on her hand like she wanted to stake him then and there for lying straight to her face. But that was nothing new; he was a master manipulator at its best.

“Bill, I have already been told about the beheading of Felipe. I was called by the sheriff and she told me what happened at Fangtasia. As for Eric being under suspicion you are wrong, Nan let him go after his statement tonight. He was on his phone with his lawyer so he was unable to be the one who killed off de Castro but good riddance to him anyway, now I am finally free from both him and you. I do not need your help, I have the help of my family and friends and I can say you are not one of them since you just blatantly lied to me once again. Besides I have one of the best protectors in the world and her maker is my mate, friend, lover, husband and bonded. He is who will protect me if Karin cannot, plus I have the protection of the sheriff and her second Thalia. So please tell me what you have to offer me that they cannot?”

“hmmm”…. “I thought not”….

“Sookie he has lied to you once again. Plus when did you remarry him and even have time to re-bond to him? I did not smell him on you or in you the last time I spoke with you?”

“That is none of your fucking business Bill! What the hell are you doing smelling me?”

I did not catch anything happening between Sookie and Karin, however Karin called me to them. Like I said they must have hand communication for signals. Very ingenious of the two of them.

I took my time vamping over there and when I did I think if a vampire could shit he would have.

He bared his fangs at me and I just shook my head. What honestly did he think would happen when he bared his fangs to an elder vampire?

He is the dumbest vampire I have ever met, but then again he did have Lorena as a maker.

“Hello Compton.”

“What are you doing here? I was told you were being talked to by Nan about the murder of our king.”

“But Billy Boy you just said they were scouring the area for me. So which is it, they are looking for me or they have me? If you are going to lie keep your story straight.”

“I do not have to answer to you; you are no longer my superior.”

“Oh Billy, Billy, Billy I am your superior in every way, but no you do not have to answer to me. But as your elder you need to show respect, the respect that I deserve. I could discipline you right here if I wanted to and no one would care!”

“You have no right, plus Sookie would not like it if you hurt me or ended me in any way. We are together now and she would hate you for it.”

“You are delusional.”

“The only one delusional is you! Sookie tell Eric I am your mate not him.”

Before I could argue with the imbecile any more Sookie was standing beside me with her hand in mine and a stake in the other and as quick as she could she shoved it into Compton’s dead heart.

I know it’s the wrong angle but I had to include it

I know it’s the wrong angle but I had to include it

The look on his face was amazing to see, Pam was sure to hate us that she was not here to see this for herself, nor were we video taping it for her amusement.


“Because I hate you Bill Compton and I should have let Eric do this a long time ago. I have forgiven my bonded for everything that he has supposedly done wrong to me but he has also forgiven me for my transgression.  By the way my name is Sookie Northman and I love Eric will all my heart, not you, you buffoon… and one more thing I am so looking forward to washing you off my porch and pissing on your grave.”

Karin had a wicked smile on her face as if they had planned this very thing and as Compton slowly and I mean slowly fell to ash he had the look of being constipated once again. Sookie thanked Karin for the stake and kissed my cheek and slammed the door on the decomposing to ash body of Compton.

I just looked at my girls and shook my head. I don’t think I wanted to know what just happened between them and for how long they had had this planned. But since a vampire did not kill Compton there were no worries, because Sookie could always claim self defense.

Besides Karin and I didn’t plan on telling anyone but Pam.

I turned to look at my mate. I had so many questions. I didn’t know where to begin. But I figured the girls had their secrets and I had mine and since there was no harm in keeping them about Compton, de Castro and Freyda we were good to go.

I knelt down on my right knee, took Sookie’s left hand while looking into my beloveds eyes, I stated.

“I love you, Sookie Stackhouse Northman. Will you marry me and be mine forever?

“Yes Eric Northman, you have ‘All of Me’ for the rest of our lives.”

“As you do me, my love, as you do me.”

I saw Karin shed a lone tear and I watched as Sookie took her right forefinger and wiped it away but handed her finger back to Karin so she could clean it herself. I realized then that Sookie had matured so much while I was pushing her away and after I had left.

I missed so much.

I was amazed that this tiny woman stormed into my life, reeked havoc and stole my undead heart…and she was willing to be mine forever so that I would never be without her again … I was truly pleased with the outcome of today and I would forever hold her close to my heart. She was my everything and this felt right.

In simple terms

She had ‘All of Me’

The End

Here is the song inspiration: John Legend’s “All of Me”

28 thoughts on “All of Me

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    • i wanted Sookie to have closure and as my friend(EIM) and mentor said “a good Bill is a dead Bill” and he needed to be dead as a doornail. Duncan is a sweet heart and i loved bringing him in for the kill…. KY

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  3. I found your site just during the writing challange, and I must say, I’m very glad about it. All of you is a wonderful story, maybe more than a one shot?! Now I take my time and go on, readind more of you fine stuff. Thanks for sharing your writing with us!

  4. Oh this is amazing! I remember this story in this spring’s sephwritingchallenge It was one of my favorites…A HEA for our wonderful couple!

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