UPDATE: December 24, 2018

Hello Everyone   Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year December 24, 2018 Sorry not a chapter, just an update. I just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten about my stories, even though I haven’t posted since the beginning of the year I have been writing ever so slowly. It has been […]

Story Update: 2/4/18

Hello everyone Sorry it has been so long since the last post.  I started editing the second half of chapter 8 and realized I screwed up big time.  So I started editing and somehow I messed it up even worse and saved the wrong copy… so it ended up being a total rework. Then I […]

Story Update: Oval Office

Hello everyone Happy Mother’s Day to all that celebrate, whether your babies are human or fur.    I believe I fixed the problem I was having and I was told by the person who checked for me, she could not detect my issue. Enjoy the chapter. For those of you who enjoy long chapters well here […]