Chapter 04: The Matriarch

Chapter 4 BITNEPOV

I flew home for the night and contemplated on how Mrs. Stackhouse would receive me when I told her of my attentions towards her granddaughter. I had never wanted a human more in my 1000 years but this little girl had me hooked. I knew she was other and I hope like hell that Mrs. Stackhouse would clue me in to what she was.

I fell into my day rest still thinking on the matter and when I rose thoughts of her were still on my mind. I am sure if I could dream I would have dreamt of her.

I stopped at my bar, ‘To the Nines’, quickly to check on things and to make sure that all was well within my area. There was nothing new to go over and no disputes which I was happy about. I worked on the liquor order for the upcoming weeks and made sure payroll was handled since I did not know how many nights I would spend with my little one. If I could visit her ever night I would but that all depended on my meeting tonight with her matriarch.

I believe I was more scared of Sookie’s grandmother than I was of my queen.

I knew why, I knew that I was afraid she would rescind my invitation and not allow me to see her granddaughter. I hoped all went well tonight and that Ms. Adele approved of me.

Instead of flying out to the farmhouse I drove my corvette. I know now I should have flown. The driveway was littered with potholes and my prized possession took a beating. But I knew I had to appear the gentleman and act like one if I wanted her approval.

I knew that I seemed like a pussy and if Pam knew what I was up to she would call me as such. But I wasn’t,-far from it-, I was being overly cautious.

I could hear Ms. Adele in the house as I walked up the old stairs of the front porch and knocked on the door. The porch was again another issue; it needed fixing as did some of the other parts of the house. It would be something I would approach lightly with Adele to see if she would let me help them out.

Ms. Adele greeted me with a warm smile and asked me to come in. She offered me something to drink but she said she knew I could not drink anything she had to offer, but she felt the need to ask anyway, southern manners and all.

I told her that was fine and we would find a happy medium.

She offered the living room or the kitchen up for us to have our discussion in. I let her know whichever was more comfortable for her.

She chose the kitchen.

She asked me if there was an issue with her having a glass of sweet tea and I told her I had no issues with human food consumption.

She asked me if some vampires have those issues and I let her know that the younger ones do.

Her next question was my age; I told her I had lost count but over 1000 years.

She asked me if I planned on telling her granddaughter that I was a vampire. I told her I had already told Sookie but she seems to think I am in her dreams and if she wakes up then I will disappear forever.

She let me know that Sookie talks in her sleep, sometimes she remembers her conversations and sometimes she does not. It was how she would learn when Sookie was afraid of something that she heard others think about. The child would keep everything close to her heart and never let anyone in. She was afraid if she let them get too close they would leave her like her parents did.

As we kept talking I got an odd sensation in my head and undead heart; I liked this woman, I felt like we had known each other for years and she was just as an important feature in my life as her granddaughter.

I let Adele know I wanted Sookie in my life if she approved. I would like to court her and be in her life and Adele’s. Vampires were coming out of the coffin soon and I would like both of them in my life before that had happened. I wanted them protected and cared for but I did not want to overstep my bounds. I let her know that I had become smitten with her granddaughter and would like to take our relationship to the next level but to do that Sookie would need to acknowledge me while awake.

She told me I have a dilemma on my hands as far as Sookie was concerned. If she felt she would lose me if she was awake she may choose to never open her eyes. She has very few friends and if she has latched onto me as a new friend in her sleep she may feel the loss if I never appeared to her while she was awake.

I let Adele know that she has seen me when she is awake, when she looks up into the sky on her walks at night she has caught sight of me a few times, one of those night is when she met the Were Herveaux. I do not think she thinks I am real but an illusion to her.

(Changing tense here a bit so the conversation flows easier instead of him remembering the night)

“Mr. Northman, she has led a very sheltered life with her gift troubling her. I have tried to get her to be more social and over the years she has learned how to protect her mind with what she calls shields, but she is still a naive and young child, it may take a while for her to come out of her shell. Are you willing to wait for her on her own terms?”

“Yes, I would wait a lifetime for her to acknowledge me. I am drawn to her, I feel a pull to her, and not a Maker’s pull but something else. I feel like she was meant for me, to be in my life. She may smell sweet like honeysuckle, honey and sunshine but that is just an added bonus. I believe she is what I have been searching for all my life.”

“Mr. Northman”…. “Please call me Eric”…. “Eric our girl is special, she is other, her grandfather….well he is Fae, and will that matter to you?”

“Mrs. Stackhouse”…. “Please call me Adele”…. “Adele, I knew she was other but being Fae will not deter me, I have not felt the need to drain her of all her blood like I would a full Fae. I have not even tasted her, I told her I would not drink of her until she opened her eyes and offered herself to me, and I will not take her without her knowledge. I do not condone rape of any kind.”

“Eric, I believe that the reason you have found us is because my Fintan is no more, he placed a spell around this farmhouse many years ago. It was to protect her and my Corbett but I believe that Corbett’s death was not an accident which I cannot prove nor will I look into it. To do that would bring notice to what is left of our little family. However, I do know that since others have found my Sookie I am sure there will be more and I need to protect her, especially from her great grandfather, he is whom Fintan feared the most. You see my Sookie has a spark, a fae spark and Fintan was trying to hide it from his kin. If you are willing to help us, then I am willing to help you win my Sookie’s affection. It will not be easy. She is a simple girl with simple tastes and she is untouched. She has strong beliefs and it helps with her independence and she is not one to be a kept woman. She will fight you ever step of the way. She is a very stubborn and pig-headed young girl.”

“Thank you Adele, I can work with what you have told me. If you would allow it I will call a witch in my service to put wards up around the house so that she cannot be detected while within the property lines. Therefore, to better protect her and you, I would ask you to please allow me to better secure your home. New windows that latch, a central air conditioner, fix the roof and porch, pave the driveway. I will come up with a plan on how you are able to afford these things. I know you do not have much but I want to help you. Will you allow me to do this?”

“Eric, that is very generous of you and duly noted but we need to come up with a plan on how I am able to pay for all of this, she will know I am lying if she hears it in my mind or she does not believe my story. Her brother will be easy to fool but not her she has a quick mind.”

“There are a few ways to work this. One you are under my employ and I will pay you handsomely, your check will come from Northman LTD so she cannot question some of the money, plus being under my employee comes with benefits. We can find odd jobs for you to do during the day that would not run you ragged. I would offer you a newer car so that you can hand deliver baked goods to my Shreveport offices, I believe if you would be willing to make pies, cakes, muffins and goodies for my offices, I would compensate you for these like a food vendor. The rest of the money we can say you won through Publisher’s Clearing House, you were an alternate winner, you did not win the big prize but a smaller secondary drawing. I can either give you the amount in one lump sum or a monthly stipend. You can then fix the appropriate items each month and contract out who you would like to work out here. The young Were Herveaux’s father has a construction company; maybe he would be able to help you out with some of the items. I would even be willing do some of the work myself if you would not mind my company at night. However, if we do the winnings then we will need to come up with a ruse to officially present you the monies. Maybe not a home visit, as we do not need this to hit the papers, but an official looking letter and cashier’s check.”

“You have a very strategic mind young man. If I am under your employ what other things would you have me do? I may be older but I am not feeble. I am willing to work the hours during the day while my Sookie is at school, but I want to be home when she is here. I also do not want to be out at night.”

“Well I can have you run paperwork around and deliver it to my lawyer, Mr. Cataliades.”… “Oh my…. Desmond?”… “Yes, do you know him?”…. “Yes he was My Fintan’s friend, he is how my Sookie has telepathy, he gave me a thimble of his blood while I was pregnant and because of his gift of blood she is now telepathic. It was his gift to us.”….. “So Sookie also has daemon blood in her?”…. “Yes very little but it is there.”…..”Adele, who is Fintan’s father?”….. “Niall Brigant”…. “Fuck”…..”Language young man, you will mind your language and tone.”….. “I am sorry but he is the Prince of the Sky Fae that means our Sookie is a princess and there may be issues down the pike.”

Damn was Sookie worth all this….. Yes she was… I am willing to do anything for her now… I need to protect her of that I am sure.

“Adele, as for the glamouring away the knowledge of me I think it would be fruitless since you know of the fae, dae, Weres, shifters and witches. However, if you come to a point where you think you need to be glamoured please let me know and I will do what I can to leave everything in tack in your mind but you will be unable to talk about it. I think as long as we precede slowly this will all work out. I do not want to gang up on Sookie but I would like your blessings for me to proceed to make her mine, my girlfriend, my mate, my wife.”

“Eric, I think you will make a fine boyfriend for her. I think she needs someone with your strengths. I think that Fintan would have approved of such a union. You have my blessings my boy. However, I have one final question, well maybe two or three. When you visit my child are you ever inappropriate with her? Do you want to fix up the attic so that you can stay the night in case you are running late while visiting and unable to get home? When do I start?”

I chuckled at her, not about the first question but the third.

“Adele, I will contact Desmond before I leave and have him draw up papers for you to sign. He will be by tomorrow and you can work out the logistics of your contract. I will have him deliver a check to you for the first stipend and you can get an air conditioner installed. If you have it delivered I can install it for you or contract someone to do it for you. As for the room in the attic yes that would be a perfect light tight room for me but I do not want to over step just yet. You can start on renovations, I will buy what is needed so that I am comfortable, that is not an expense you should incur. As for when you start, well as soon as you sign the contract.”

“Very well Eric, I accept.”

“Nonetheless Adele, I need for you to think safety. I need for the doors to be locked at night, I need for you to shut the windows and latch them once the AC is installed. After that I would like for you to upgrade the windows. I know your home is well taken care of but if needs many upgrades and the windows would be a plus especially if a storm was to hit. Once that is done, so that I can continue to visit Sookie, I would like a key so I do not have to enter through her window nor knock on the door for you to let me in, having the key will only be until she acknowledges I am real. I hope that is sooner than later. I will leave you my numbers in case you ever need me, plus I will need the home phone number here so that my witch Octavia can call upon you to set up the wards.”

“That is fine Eric, Sookie is due home in two hours and will you be staying or coming back to visit her?”

“I would love to stay but since she is under the illusion that I am a dream I will take my leave.”

“Eric, before you leave will you go upstairs and show me where you would like things placed in the attic and what you need to get so I can make a list. I promise I will not move anything up there, I will let the delivery people do that but I draw the line on keeping it dusted and changing the bed with clean linen, that I will do myself.”

“Thank you Adele.”

And so we ventured upstairs and crudely measured the room. I told her I would like to have a king size bed sent over with a dresser and night stand. I would buy a lamp and a TV just in case I was there and Sookie ventured upstairs to talk to me. Adele did not say a word about this but I am sure we will hear about it once that started to occur. I knew her to be old fashioned which I was all for but in the off chance Sookie did come up I did not want her in the dark or bored. I also needed for the room to have a lock from the inside so if I was to stay the day no one could enter without a key.

I quickly spoke to Desmond on my way out and told him what I needed and he agreed to come out for a visit since he knew where the farmhouse was. He told me he would keep my secret of why I was doing this and he was happy that his god daughter and Adele were finally being taken care of.

God daughter, so the lineage thickens so to speak. But I was not going to let that get in my way. I wanted Sookie in my life and if I had to jump through hoops to make nice to her family I would.

Now the only issue was Niall and if he would be lurking in the shadows and at every turn.

No time like the present to call Octavia and have her come up immediately to ward the property. I believe it would be best to ward it for ill will and also a ward to hide her scent from other fae.

MY life was certainly getting interesting with the Stackhouses being added into the mix.

Author’s Note: Yes Eric now has Adele in his court but that does not mean he will rush their relationship. He knows it will be tricky from this day forward but he is in it for the long haul. Be patient with these two. They are both new to everything a relationship has to offer and the slower he takes it with her the less likely she is to run.

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30 thoughts on “Chapter 04: The Matriarch

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  2. So glad that Adele accepted Eric in their lives.
    It’s going to be a very interesting journey for Eric and Sookie.
    Can’t wait to see how Eric is going court her!
    Is Naill going to be an issue ?
    Jackie 69

    • thanks for reading and enjoying, yes gran is very open minded and she thinks Eric will be good for Sookie. as for Niall, i haven’t decided yet. his roll, if any is still up in the air at the moment. KY

  3. That was seriously an amazing chapter, I loved it! I liked how easily Gran and Eric talked and how she is welling to accept help. I’m glad the farmhouse will be updated. The plan they came up with will work I think. The cooking idea is really good, I could see her cooking business taking off. Great chapter . I can’t wait for Eric to try to win Sookie.

    • happy you enjoyed and thought the flow of it went well. i changed it a couple of times. i knew i would have to come up with something plausible that Sookie would accept. and Gran would go along with. thanks for reading KY

    • i thought you all would like that little change for a job, it made sense to me. yes Sookie will open her eyes soon, but a little bit more of the back story or filler as some call it. KY

  4. Eric and Adele have come up with quite a plan to fix things up and hopefully Sookie won’t be too mad at all the measures they are going through. Perhaps it would be easier if Eric just showed up during one of her shifts at Merlotte’s? Maybe not…

  5. I like this Adele. She is open minded and accepting of the real world along with acknowledging the issues they have and accepting help. Eric has come up with a good working plan and Sookie should believe it but just in case Eric could glamour Adele about where the money came from so she doesn’t think about the real reason.
    I like that Eric is willing to go slowly with Sookie. I think him just showing up unannounced might be bad but telling her things will come, like flowers, then actually sending them could be the best way to get her to believe.
    Guess I’ll just have to wait to see what Eric’s plan is…

  6. I always love a strong accepting Adele . I love that you have Eric finding out about Sookie’s heritage from the start and working with Gran to protect her . You have all the goodies coming into play before the baddies even get the chance to come sniffing around . Great chapter .

  7. Lol, I laughed every time she called him young man. Glad they were able to get all the family quirks brought to the surface so he knows how best to protect them. I wish he’d just walk in when Sookie was awake, but you’re right. Slow and steady is best when our stubborn telepath is concerned.

    • yes slow and steady don’t want to spook her. Love this Gran she is fun to right and she doesn’t see him as an elder even if he is, i wonder what will happen when she meets Godric since he is soooo much younger when he was turned than Eric, that will be a fun chapter to right. KY

  8. Enjoying the collaboration between Eric and Adele.. a great start for what he hopes to achieve with Sookie. (and I’m not missing Bill at all.)

  9. Love that Gran is getting too meet and know Eric. Always thought that was a shame in the books. The collaboration is wonderful. I like that he is being helpful without being pushy and letting Gran have her pride intact.

    • yes, i think Gran and Eric should have been able to meet in the books. it would have led Sookie in the right way, down the right track. lets see if that will work in our favor here. KY

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