Chapter 05: Life Goes On

Chapter 5 BITNSPOV

(This chapter starts right after their first dream talk in chapter 2)

For the last six months, my life has been pleasant enough.

Gran had won some money and was fixin’ up the house and she had gotten herself a part time job. I never realized how much we could use the money she earned until she started bringing in a weekly check. I never asked her how much she made but I knew she was finally comfortable and we had no worries about paying our bills. I teased her about the company car she drove and the company cell phone she now carried, somehow she worked it out for me to get a phone too.

It was nice to see that the house was coming back to its old glory. The air conditioner was heaven but I still left my window unlatched so my night time friend could come visit me. I felt if I locked it tight he would not be able to come to me.

I know it was silly of me but I was afraid to lose him.

I have made many Were friends by being friends with Alcide. He was like a big brother to me and I loved him dearly but only as that ‘a big brother’ and he felt the same way about me. He called me ‘sis’ more than he called me Sookie or Sook. We had discussed our feelings several times when it was brought up at family events by onlookers.

We were very close in every way but the intimate way.

Alcide attended Sunday supper religiously and also brought along his dad who was having a rough go of it after his wife had passed away. He would talk with Gran for hours about his life with his wife Sabrina and how much he missed her. Gran told him that the good die young and we are left here to remember them in our lives, to cherish what they taught us and to take care of the kin they left behind. She said she learned from Grandpa Mitchell that the people we love most are always the hardest to lose but we need to carry on with our lives and not dwell on their deaths because we will lose sight of who is in our lives now. And if we chose to ignore them, a dead dark cavern would erupt in our souls and we would be lost in whatever addiction we put in their place.

After their heart to heart, Jackson seemed to change from his aged appearance, his loose fittin’ clothes and his attitude towards life; they had all changed because of Gran.

He told Alcide and his sister Janice it was due to Adele’s words for his change in heart and she was a woman that was meant to be in his and their lives and he was grateful for her every minute of his days.

I don’t think they had an intimate relationship and I for one didn’t want to know but when they would walk they were holding hands or Jackson’s arm was wrapped around Gran’s shoulder. You could tell they were both smitten by the other but they had a thirty year age difference between them.

But who was I to judge, the man that held my heart was a thousand years older than me and he wasn’t even real. So I for one didn’t ask any questions.

Like I said before, after the vampire reveal I didn’t see Eric in my dreams as much. I didn’t understand why but he told me he was very busy and he oversaw an entire area of vampires and by being in charge ‘they’ got in the way of the things he loved to do. One of those things was being with me and the other was visiting his maker.

I told him I would take any time he allotted me in my dreams; I missed him and wished him real.

It was the Wednesday night before St. Patrick’s Day that Eric came to me again. He told me he wished I would open my eyes and see him. See him for who he was and love him like he loves me. He told me he would wait an eternity for that to happen. I told him as I had told him so many times before if I opened my eyes he would be gone and I never wanted him to leave my life.

We talked about my weekend ahead and how he was fearful of the male Were’s and there advances to me. He wished he knew what I was wearing, he would put his scent on the clothing and the Were’s would know I was taken. If I only opened my eyes and shared blood with him then they would not dare cause harm to me. I told him he was being over protective of me and that Alcide and Lala would be there to take care of me.

He said he would leave me in their capable hands but if anything happened to me, he would be none the happier to advise them on their lack of security for me.

I giggled at him and he told me it was not a laughing matter. He cared deeply for me and he did not want to see his little mate hurt.

I could sense that he was hurt by my giggle, so I gave in and told him what I was wearing. I got out of bed as if on autopilot and trudged over to my closet, grabbed the clothes on the door hook and laid my outfit out for him to see. I am wearing a scooped green shirt and a pair of loose jeans that fit me well.


I climbed back into bed, -never opening my eyes, – and snuggled in close to the man I was in love with and sighed.

“Thank you my love, I appreciate your kindness to my heart and my pleas. But why did you not open your eyes?”

“Because silly you would be gone from my dream and I would not see you again for another month.”

He sighed at me and said, “I was the silly one. That he would be here if I would just stop being so stubborn and open my damn eyes.”

I told him I was not being stubborn just protecting my heart from missing him for the next month OR never getting to talk to him again because I ruined things.

He kissed my forehead and then kissed my eyelids and then my cheeks, while gently caressing my shoulder and clavicle. He never went too far with me, he was always the gentlemen.

I knew when and if we had sex he would be awesome, because if he could make me feel this way with just his lips and hands, I was in trouble with his manhood.

“My love, I wish you would open your eyes. I wish to make love to you but I will not do that until you are fully aware that I am real and you are fully awake. I am a real man, a real vampire and very much in love with you. Sookie you are my life.”

“Eric I am in love with you too, but I am sooooo scared to lose you if I open my eyes. I am afraid you would never return again once I do open my eyes. I have lost people I have loved with all my heart, my grandpa, my mother and father, I am just too afraid to lose you too.”

“Okay my love I will not push again. But if we do meet on the streets please do not be afraid of me. I would never hurt you.”

“I know that Eric and I know that I would know you by the face I see when you are flying by the moon and by your beautiful voice. I would know your calloused hands by your touch and the feel of your body if I was blind and only had my touch to guide me. I would know you anywhere.”

“As I would know you, you are my heart’s desire little one and the only other person whom knows about you and me is my Maker and he stated that one day he would like to meet you.”

“Can you bring him into our dreams? I would like that.”

“I can try Sookie but wouldn’t Gran be upset to find two men in your room instead of one? As she still hasn’t met me as your suitor.”

“Oh silly man, she is fast asleep and I can hear her dreaming good dreams.”

“Sookie, my love, I need to leave you once again. I still have much work to do before I rest. Know that you are always in my heart and I love you.”

“Love you too, my Viking.”

And with that statement to my love he was gone from me again, good thing that I woke up from the breeze in my room. I had to pee.

But not before I turned to leave my room I saw a huge shadow leave my window sill and then lock the screen down.

No he couldn’t be real, could He?

NO if he was real, he would come to me while I was awake. But then again he does come to me when I am outside looking up at the stars and I see him flying.

OMG, am I fooling myself to think he is but a dream? OMG he must be real.

I have to figure out how to find him before next month. I have to tell him I am sorry. I have to ask him for his forgiveness in being so stupid.

I will figure out a way but until then, he will be in my thoughts and forever in my heart.

Author’s Note: Yes she has finally realized after these two plus years he is not a dream… That being said, don’t beat her up too much she is still young and not even 21years old yet. I think she is a tad naïve but we all were at that age.

Also about Sookie’s age, since only 3 years have passed since high school. She is legal to drink in the eyes of Louisiana; they were the last state in the USA to up their legal drinking age and that was after the SVM books were published, so I am sticking with that timeline for age requirements and working in a bar.

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35 thoughts on “Chapter 05: Life Goes On

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  2. Love who you picked to play the role of Jackson . I’m really enjoying the dynamics between Jackson and Adele and the fact Alcide and him have become an extended family . She knows he is real , looking forward to their next interaction . Rockin story .

    • yeah i always wanted him in that role, i think he would fit perfectly even is he is not a huge built guy. yes i think it will be a good friendship for the elders and a good addition fit. thanks for your kind words and enjoyment. KY

  3. She finally realizes he IS real! And now you go on vacation?!?!?! LOL
    have a great holiday! We will all be patiently waiting for the next chapter.

  4. Yeah. I’m glad Eric didn’t give up and Sookie finally realized he is real. I’m so curious if they will meet at an event or in her room. Either way I’m excited and can’t wait!!!!!

  5. Great chapter. Glad she’s realizing he is real and visiting her. I love that Alcide is a heart brother. And I love closeness between Gran and Jackson. I look forward to Eric and Sookie being together with her awake.

    • thanks you, yes Sookie always did need that big brother to keep her in check because Jason certainly doesn’t have the brain power sometimes to do it, although he means well. yes Gran and Jackson, what an alternate story that could make. soon on them being together, soon. KY

  6. Yay, Sookie finally believes! I wonder if Alcide ever wanted to ask about her scent? Wonder if Sookie ask Alcide about Eric? She’ll probably get tons of opinions if she did/does.

    • thanks for reading and yes our girl has opened her eyes to the fact that he is real, now we need to know what she will do with this information. I hope to meet with her on Sunday, we will see what happens. KY

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    • yes the age thing slipped a few minds…. it is tough thinking of her younger than she normally is and as a teenager and 20 yr old they definitely have a different mind set and are still very naive. KY

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