Chapter 06: The Reveal

Chapter 6 BITN


(Keep in mind the reveal gave the vampires in charge more work to handle on a nightly basis then they had before and this little fact keeps him away from Sookie more than he wants to be)

My little one makes me smile but this damn reveal has been a nightmare. The vampires are more childish than ever. The slightest little things will get them in an uproar and over nothing. It was bad enough before the reveal but now they are more useless than ever.

I only have a short time to see my love tonight; I have so much work to do now it is unbelievable, by revealing ourselves we have to constantly make nice with the police and state governments. Some of the agencies in the government -that are higher up- knew of our existence way before the reveal, like years before. They stated as long as we behaved they would allow us to coexist. And for the most part we did. But now they are just a pain in the ass.

Plus I have my childish queen to contend with also, I am always at her beck and call lately.

This leads me to having to leave my Sookie sooner than I wanted to. The child queen wants me in court in two hours so I will have to fly my quickest to arrive on time. But I have to make a stop at my home first; I do not want her smelling my Sookie on me. The bitch would want her for herself and that will happen over my twice dead body.

After I quickly shower and take flight, I muse to myself about my love.

My little one is a funny one. If she would just open her eyes, this relationship we have developed over three years would finally be real for both of us. For me she is everything I ever wanted in a woman. If she had opened her eyes three years ago I would have asked her to marry me in the human custom and then we would be legal for her and her family. The marriage may have been annulled in today’s courts system but I would have done it for/with her families’ approval, for Adele. Sookie’s family means the world to her as Godric and Pam mean the world to me. Now we would have to wait and see if the marriages would be allowed in the future between humans and vampires. I knew if I approached the elder Herveaux he would have helped me along with Adele but I wanted Sookie to be the one who was to introduce us and convince her grandmother that we were right together and I would take care of my love always. Even though Adele already knew my intentions I did not want to spook Sookie with that fact that she was the only one left in the dark between the three of us, well four of us if you included Jackson.

But I am getting ahead of myself; it may never happened, just wishful dreaming on my part.

The past three years have been a slippery slope for Sookie and me. I wanted to reveal myself to her numerous times but every time I asked her to open her eyes she would not, always stating the same thing, she would lose me in her dreams.

Nonetheless, if she would just open up her eyes she would gain so much more.

So I have been thinking about a plan for meeting up with her on the street somehow.

I think, I know of way to do it.

The St Patrick’s party she is attending.

I needed to speak to the Were owner Amanda anyway and this might be a good time to do it. Plus I scented her clothing of me before I left her room tonight so the Were’s will already know she smells of vampire and some will know the smell is MINE. I just have to plan on the right time to enter the bar and not cause a riot from the Were’s in attendance. I will inform Amanda and Colonel Flood,-the Shreveport Packmaster-, that I will be there some time after 10pm to speak to them both.

Now just to take care of the bitch queen’s request, hopefully it is a short meeting so that I can get back tonight and not stay over in the palace. The décor is gaudy and makes me want to vomit. There are better things to do than spend money on frivolous, shoddy and gaudy artwork and fixtures.

Grow the fuck up; you are one thousand plus years old, prove it.

As I land in the court yard I am met by one of her security team members, Rasul, he is a friend of sorts and he greets me with respect of being his elder.

He tells me the queen is running behind and I may have to spend the night behind the palace walls. .FUCKITYFUCK

I tell him if we can get this over with I would appreciate it. I have things to do other than listen to her whine about the state government.

He asks me if I am hungry and I tell him no. I ate earlier. He then escorts me to wait and I ponder on why I ate earlier.

I had to before I went to visit Sookie’s, if I did not I would end up attacking her. By the time I leave her some nights I feel starved and I am in much need of relief from my sexual frustrations. I have tried to be celibate but it has not been easy, there are some nights it is just not possible after I leave her and my hand does not do as good enough job as a clenching pussy. My love gets me so riled up that I feel like I am getting close to bloodlust but until she opens her eyes I will try to stave off my sexual needs. The blood however, since the first night in her bed, I had decided to only drink donor blood attained by the Red Cross and/or the blood banks I have Weres stationed in. I know Pam thinks I am nuts but if she only knew of the ambrosia at the end of the tunnel for me she would not roll her eyes and tell me I am an idiot.

I think of Sookie as I wait in the red room. Such a cliché since the room is blue.

It seems that the queen has gotten a bit quicker as we are only a half hour behind my appointment time. As I walk into her court I see a new pet at her feet, the girl looks like Sookie’s missing cousin. I hope the fuck it’s not because I would hate to tell them -the Stackhouses – that their kin is a blood slave to a childish bitch queen.

“Sherriff, approach please. Meet my pet Hadley, she is quite the delicacy. Sheriff, I need to know what you have planned for the upcoming holidays. I will be visiting each Area and I want a party thrown in my honor. There are several human holidays coming up and I want to give you first crack at which one you want for my visit. The party must be GRAND as I am deserving of.”

“My queen, St Patrick’s Day is next up and a day is not enough time to prepare for such a grand event, so I would say Easter Sunday is what would follow. It is the day that the humans celebrate the resurrection of their God so I think it would be a good night to celebrate your coming to my Area. If not we could choose Earth day which follows behind it by a week. The next up would be Memorial Day. Never the less, I would be honored to host your party on Easter.” Just to fucking get it over with, selfish twat. “Just let me know if that is appropriate for your schedule. I know that you are a busy queen.”

“Excellent, I want all the Easter colors and the pageantry that goes along with it. Hadley tells me that “- fuck, it is Sookie’s cousin-“Easter is a day to dress up in your Sunday finest and big hats, so that is what it will be. Make it so Northman and do not disappoint me. You are dismissed.”

“Good night my queen and I will see you Easter Sunday.”

With that I walked out as quickly as I could to get the hell out of the palace. Rasul caught up to me and asked what she has me doing now. I explained to him her request and he just shook his head. He told me to leave quickly before she came up with something else just as ludicrous. With that statement I told Rasul I would see him in a month at Fangtasia and shot into the night air and headed for Shreveport.

I had more important matters to work on, first having Sookie know I am of flesh and blood and telling the Stackhouse clan about Hadley. That is a chore I was not looking forward to. God forbid the dumbass blood slave bitch has the queen invite her long lost kin to the party. If she did that the queen would know about Sookie and I could not have her unprotected and taken from me. No I needed to get Sookie under my wing in real life as I have had her in her dreams. I will have to ask for Godric to pay me a visit so that he can help me plan this out better.


I always feel so much better when he is around. I know if he was to attend the party the queen would be leery and think she was going to be killed and overthrown. Maybe if things progressed with Sookie, Godric could attend as her escort if she was called upon to attend. The Stackhouses would be protected while I had to grovel and make nice to the queen all night.

I will contact Godric tomorrow and see if he can come by to pay me a visit on Sunday or if he needs me to go to him?

What a mess.


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Colonel Flood

Amanda BITN

Hadley ITN


Sophie Anne BITN



45 thoughts on “Chapter 06: The Reveal

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  2. Glad you enjoyed your vacation – bet it was hard to come back to reality. Thanks for updating – I’m looking forward to Godric entering the picture.

    • thanks on the artwork, i love the Phoenix it is a limited edition and signed so i am very happy with it, the White Dragon was signed by the artist too and he wrote a special message to my son on the bottom of it. Yes things are starting to get hectic for them but Godric is gonna be a big help with that and as for Bill he isn’t invited to this story as a big player. thanks for reading KY

  3. It is time for the two of them stop playing cucu-tas and start thinking as a unit. There is little time for her to learn about vampire politics. Maybe Godric can help with that. As Sophie-Ann is an idiot if she does not feel intimidated by Eric (being older than she) is not going to be intimidated by Godric.

    • nicely said. yes the playing is over and them getting together is close at hand and she will have a quick learning experience in the world of vampire politics. as for Godric the answer is yes SA will be intimidated and not happy he is around. KY.

  4. Lovely art work. So glad your trip was fun. We were driving around Atlanta trying to get North the Thursday before Dragoncon. It was not fun at all. Anyway, the chapter is great. It’s hard to believe Sookie didn’t open her eyes in three years of his visits. It’s cool that he is working with the Were’s instead of despising them. I look forward to Godric’s visit. I hope he is a happier person in this story.

    • thanks on the artwork. and it was an awesome trip and the traffic was a drag for sure, that is why we stayed in a hotel downtown and took Marta. As for her being a dumbass she was young and a romantic and naive but she has only now reached 20 years old now, and if we can remember back to our early 20’s some of us were the same way. but she has figured things out and she will be going in with a level head and understanding that she could have known him for 3 years now if she wasn’t so stubborn and a plus i am not killing off Gran so she will have her too, as for Godric , no brooding allowed, he is ‘Death’ after all. KY

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  6. Really hope Eric can meet Sookie on St Patrick’s as he plans. Looking forward to her reaction to finding he is real. Can’t wait for Godric to appear and lend Eric a hand with QSA. Such a selfish child she is.
    Glad vacation was fun but sucks to get back to the real world.

    • yeah real life sucks sometimes, playing catch up with chores takes away the time to write and i have a training session this week for work so we will see what i can slide in for writing. as for the meet on St Patrick’s day , i think it is in the cards, but how she reacts we will have to wait and see. as for Godric, he will be a great help for all of them. KY

  7. Loving it so far…now im caught up. Sorry about your friend, in my prayers. Can’t wait for your next chapter 🙂

  8. TB Sophie Anne was a spoiled brat wasn’t she? Not much there to like. Now that I’m current on this story, I’m really looking forward to the next chapter and hopefully the long awaited meeting between Eric and Sookie.

    • thanks for reading and happy you are enjoying it, and yes SA is a spoiled brat for sure, i will update once i get it typed in, it is all written in longhand and i haven’t had the chance to write in word doc. sorry KY

    • LOL, yes SA was not a favorite in either the books or TB. and things will even out once everyone is aware of her ass. Godric will going in the fun soon. can you see SA’s face when that happens. KY

  9. I have no idea how I missed this😟 Well, Hadley said something to that dumb ass Sophie Ann, but maybe not enough to have her interested in Sookie yet. Or Sophie Ann wants Eric to believe it’s some grand find when she just so happens to ‘find’ Sookie on Easter.

    • Happy you are enjoying it and maybe some of my other stories too. MY muse is being a PITA and is on vacation but with my own vacation coming up soon i hope to return to a few of the stories and get them caught up and move on to the next ones. Again, i am happy you are enjoying them KY

  10. i just found this story love it would love to see it updated hope eric get sookie before old beeeelllll does. and with gran alive hope she beats the crap out of hadley and godric pickes sopthie up by her throat and squeezes lol but all this after easter please

      • Just re-read this story and loved it just as much as the first time. I hope your life slows down so you can get back to working on this story. I want to see Godric be introduced into the story.

  11. I love, love,love this story. I can’t believe that I missed it before. Hopefully things in your life are improving just know that kindest wishes are being sent to your way. When you are able I sincerely hope that you will grace us with the rest of the story. Blessings!

    • thank you and i am working on it. real life and writers block don’t help much but i am writing a little bit at a time for all my stories, hopefully i will be able to start posting again. thanks for reading and enjoying KY

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