Summary: Crashed- a verb to make a loud noise, to break or fall to pieces, to collide especially violently and noisily, to move or crash with. Can two people lives crash into one another and they come out whole and as one? God willing.

All Human: Drama and Angst, Eric/Sookie with a few of their friends

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters; I have used the characters personas originated by Charlaine Harris in the SVM books and a few from Alan Ball in True Blood. I am just playing with them for a bit and bringing in a few new friends, giving it a twist in an all human world.

I came up with the idea for Crashed from the below banner, it was a writing challenge hosted by Sephrenia: Seph’s Writing Challenge, Fall 2014. I hope you like it.

Banner 2

I have been awarded the following award for my participation in the challenge. I was given the honor to be in the top grouping of writer’s to be asked to continue on with my story.




3 thoughts on “Crashed

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  2. Yeah so glad this story will be continued! Really loved it during the sephwrtingchallenge contest can’t wait for more…Wow all these other stories of yours I guess I got some catching up to do in the near future…Take care. P.S. “Angel in blue jeans” was in another contest right!? If I remember well it was Gyllene’s HEA contest! Is it gonna remain one shot or are you going to continue it?

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