Chapter 01: Crash


Chapter 1- Crash

That is what she literally did to me, not once but twice; she crashed into my chest.

I know neither time was intentional; however, I cursed at her the first time which made her shrink away from me. She was so timid, but I could see a fire in her eyes when she graced me with a quick moment of her beautiful face by looking up at me.

Those eyes haunted me, even if I was only given a quick glance into them; they held so much emotion. They say the eyes are the window to your soul and in hers I could see fire but I could also see pain, regret and something else I could not name. She wore her hair like a veil to hide her face, – but why, – why did she want to hide something that was so perfect and beautiful.

Like I said this very question and her presence haunted me for days.

I did not go to the building at 7600 Broadway often, even though I did have one of my offices there; I tended to stay away since my assistant Pamela was quite capable of handling it alone. But two months ago I noticed this beautiful woman, with her head held high walking with four men from the office across the hall from mine, Talbot Designs. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Her hair was the same color as mine and her eyes sparkled with mirth and her body had curves to die for. She wore a black pencil skirt, white button down shirt, short black heels and her hair was up in a messy bun with ringlets of hair cascading around her face. She reminded me of a naughty librarian, she was absolutely stunning.

Sookie Stackhouse played by Anna Paquin

Sookie Stackhouse played by Anna Paquin

I wanted to get to know her better but at the time I did not know if she worked in the office building, so I shelved that want into the back of my mind for a later time.

Since that first sighting, I had seen her a few more times; when by herself she would have her head hung low while watching the carpet as she carefully walked in the hallways or into the elevator. She looked like she was afraid of being seen. I think she might have pulled it off to everyone around her but me. She always had her hair down loosely around her shoulders and her head hung low, she no longer carried it up in the messy bun as when I first saw her. I would like to think I would have noticed her even if it wasn’t for that first encounter or her smell; a delicious smell of honey and sunshine. I thought for sure I was caught the day I had inhaled her smell while I stood behind her in the elevator; after that I was a goner and I looked for her every time I was in the office building.

Like I said I do not go to this office building often but there had been some construction issues by a new tenant on the 5th floor so I needed to be there more often than not. The tenant was a hassle I didn’t need, but if he paid his rent on time and the re-constructing of his offices concluded on time I was not going to be a dick to him. Madden was an ass but he was a wealthy ass and if he wanted to make sure his business were conducted in a prestigious building then so be it.


You see 7600 Broadway is an all glass building from the 1st floor to the 6th floor and the suites were well sought after, most of the tenants did not leave, and once they set their shop up it was like they became a family with their surrounding tenants and did not want to leave. They all talked to one another, they even seemed to socialize with each other after hours or when the smokers would smoke outside the building. It was an odd thing to see but I never had complaints by one tenant about another so it was an easy building to run.

The issues usually came from the air conditioner or the bathrooms not working properly. There was a common bathroom on each floor, one for men and one for woman so there was no need for individual offices to have a bathroom and no need to run the extra plumbing for each suite. The tenants had keys for the restrooms and it was maintained and cleaned by the buildings janitorial staff, whom also came back later on at night to vacuum and dust all the offices, it was one of the perks of being a tenant.

This leads me to the girl once again.

One of the times I caught a glimpse of her was when I was coming out of the men’s room and she was coming out of her office, she looked either way before heading for the woman’s restroom. That day she looked a bit scared as she saw me walking towards her, I wanted to ask her name and started to but she darted into the restroom before I had a chance. I now knew she was definitely a worker in the building.

So I made a beeline to her office door and went in to see her bosses, to see if they were having any issues that needed taken care of. I thought it was a good plan of action. However, the funny thing about Talbot Designs, well not funny per say but a fascination to me was that all of the employees at Talbot Designs were males except for her. I wanted to see if I could find her office, find out what her name was or spend enough time in there to speak with her, to find out her thoughts on the building and possibly her job.

Eric Northman played by Alexander Skarsgård

Eric Northman played by Alexander Skarsgård

I tried not to intimidate the people in my building but with my height and size it was not an easy thing not to do, so I tried to be pleasant to everyone and talk to them if need be. I stayed in Talbot’s office for about 10 minutes before I asked him to walk me around to see if there were any issues that his staff may be having… I thought with this way of thinking I could meet her and find out her name by being introduced by her boss. Yes it was a good plan.

I saw her as we made the corner from his office; there she was with her hair up in that messy bun again held in place by a pencil but what caught my eye was another pencil placed between her lips which she was biting down softly on and rolling it with her fingers. Gods I wish I was that pencil. I could imagine her soft mouth everywhere on my body. Dammit, I needed to stop musing about her before my musing causes my dick to twitch even more than it already was.

It was then that I heard her name, Sookie.

She was called into Russell’s office, so I did not get a chance to speak to her but I now knew her name. I could work with that information.

The next time I saw her alone was a week later and I was close enough to be in her presence but ignored, we were in the elevator, she didn’t look up as she entered, she just moved to the back corner where I was standing and stopped. As she turned slowly around to face the door, her smell hit me like a ton of bricks. Her smell was addicting and I wondered if it was a perfume she was wearing or just her. I know I shouldn’t have but I inhaled her as I moved closer to her; almost touching her back with my front. I swear there was an electrical current running between us, but she never moved or said a word. We slowly rode the six floors down and as people got in at each floor it had filled the car up, she had no other choice but to step back a little bit which caused us to now be touching; her back to my front.

Her smell was intoxicating and I wanted so much to pull her to me, to comfort her, to make her feel safe. I did not know why I had this feeling wash over me but at that moment I became very protective over her. I know I had no right but it felt like the right reaction to me.

Yet while the elevator descended down toward the lobby she stayed still while standing in the same position with her head hung low and her hair encasing her face. She did not speak a word as people entered the elevator on various floors, they all seemed talkative today and had asked me how I was doing; my response on each occasion was I was doing well. The chit chat continued until we all started to unload. As she moved forward with the crowd she bolted to the left and almost ran for the exit, I would have followed her but she was quick and my car was located outside the opposite door.

It was a few weeks before the next sighting which was when she crashed into me for the first time; however, it was during these few weeks of non-sightings that Pam had quizzed me on why I was at 7600 Broadway so often. I told her it was none of her business; she figured it out though, just by my actions.

Pam was a pit bull and nothing ever got by her once she latched onto it. Once she figured out my new obsession, she said she was going to find out more information for me. I told her no need to; if things were meant to be then they would occur on their own. I was a firm believer in FATE.

I never thought that the first time I spoke to Sookie would be me cursing at her in my native tongue of Swedish. This was during the time of our first CRASH.

Titta på där du knullar gå. ….. (Watch where you are fucking going).

I think I was at fault as much as her because I was on my cell phone talking,- to a bitch of an ex-girlfriend whom wouldn’t leave me alone-, and not paying attention to how fast I was leaving the elevator as she was entering the elevator to go down. If I hadn’t steadied her with my hand she would have fallen on her ass. It wasn’t until I noticed who it was that I cringed and felt bad.

But when she graced me with her eyes; she looked as if she was scared and a little on the timid side but what I saw behind the timidness was fire, passion and a few other emotions I could not decipher at the time. I tried to apologize to her but she quickly stepped into the elevator and pushed the close button several times, as the doors shut she raised her head and her blonde hair fell back by her ears giving me a full view of her face. She had a huge cut down the side of her face. Her beautiful face had a healing cut; it was a nasty gash about 4 inches long, from the side of her right eye to her lower jaw covered with bruises in the nasty shades of purple, green and yellow.

I could not react fast enough, the doors had shut, but not before I saw what looked like regret marring her beautiful face.

I was so pissed and angered by what might have happened to her. When and where had it occurred? I wanted to hunt down the son of a bitch that hurt her; I needed to let her know she had an ally in me, I felt like I needed to protect her at any cost.

It was then and there that I needed to find out more about this woman whose name was Sookie. I decided I needed to enlist Pam’s help; I had to know what had happened to the happy smiling, laughing woman that I had saw only two months prior.

It was a week later that the second crash occurred, however in the interim, I had found out some interesting information from Pam about Sookie’s life and her past.

Apparently Sookie had moved to Florida at the request of her best friend and roommate Lafayette Reynolds, along with a job offer from Talbot Designs… Lafayette also worked at Talbot Designs as an Interior Designer, where Sookie worked with their Marketing department. Sookie had been previously wooed by Talbot at the same time they had spoken with Lafayette after the twosome graduated from college but she wanted to stay close to her Gran and her ancestral home.

It was a couple of years later that Sookie’s life had fallen apart, first the death of her beloved Gran and then her cheating boyfriend, so she needed a new outlet OR place to work and live. Talbot pounced at the time and invited Sookie to come work for Talbot Designs and she finally relented.

Once she arrived she settled into her new home and job, but three weeks ago the cheating boyfriend had found her leaving work and confronted her in the parking lot outside my building. She got away from him but did not go home; she went to a restaurant where she was to meet up with her fellow co-workers for dinner and drinks. He confronted her outside the restaurant and told her she was his and to stop being foolish and come home, he was not going to allow her to stay in Florida. All this happened before any of her co-workers arrived but as they pulled up they saw him smack her around a few times but not before he left the cut and bruises. Apparently Lafayette jumped him and beat the shit out of him before the police arrived.

Remind me never to mess with Lafayette when he is pissed or otherwise.

Sookie pressed charges but the trial was not going to be for at least another 6 months so she lived in fear of one William T. Compton’s rage. Luckily, he did not know where she lived only where she worked. Talbot and Russell made sure to get a restraining order against him for her but it would have to list her home address as well if she wanted protected there as well …. They feared for her life so they did not put that on the official record.

I was pissed this encounter was initiated in my buildings parking lot and I vowed this would never happen again. I decided to institute better security not only for her but all employees. I would make sure if a car was parked for too long in the lot, the security team would approach said vehicle and ask what their business was in the lot or building. I decided to use off duty cops, – not rent a security, most of these guys could not handle themselves let alone a predator-, and so I contacted my own head of security Tray Dawson to make sure this was put into effect immediately.

I was feeling a little cocky about this new security detail that I had not even thought about the building itself, I felt it was secure but after what happened next, I knew I was having another rude awakening.

This leads me to the next CRASH.

I was walking out of my office door and noticed Sookie stepping onto the open elevator. I yelled to hold the door. When I got in I noticed she had confined herself to the back of the elevator and glanced up to see who entered. I smiled at her but she just dropped her head down but that did not hold off the red head, Arlene, from The Law Offices of Scott Cuomo from trying to flirt and talk to me. I wanted her to shut up and she did when she got off at the second floor.

The ride was silent for the remainder of the ride to the lobby floor and we both exited the elevator together. She turned left and I followed, but as she went to go through the automatic doors a body fell from the sky and landed in front of her.

She shrieked and turned around to run but this time I was ready for her, I held my arms open for her to CRASH into my chest. I clasped my arms around her and spoke to her calmly, told her I had her and no one would ever hurt her again.

She was crying hysterically as my security team came running.

I barked out orders to secure the scene and cover the glass and body so no one would have to see what the two of us had witnessed; the man’s head being crushed into the pavement.

I finally got her to sit down on one of the benches in the lobby, trying to comfort her the best I could. She didn’t know me but I had hope that she felt safe with me with my arm wrapped around her. Her face was still embedded in my chest when her co-workers approached us. They had asked me to move so that they could care for her and all she did was cry harder and hold on tighter. I believe I growled at them and they backed off.

I was on autopilot when I lifted her in my arms and carried her to the elevator and asked for someone to push the up button. We all rode to the sixth floor together, they turned left I turned right. I was heading for my own office and it was Pam who opened the door for me and watched in amazement as I carried this fragile woman in my arms to my office. We were followed by her co-workers and at the time I felt okay about the matter but later I felt primal, I needed them to leave. She was mine to care for now, I did not need their help, nor did I want it.

I sat with her on the couch and calmed her down by petting her hair which was now located in my lap with her face located within inches of my crotch, however, this wasn’t about sex, this was about comfort, so I started running smooth soft circles on her back with my other hand.

Sorry it's a little dark, but the benches are on either side.

Sorry it’s a little dark, but the benches are on either side.

I started to hum a lullaby I knew, as her co-workers looked on in amazement; she seemed as if she had fallen asleep from my actions.

Lafayette was the first to ask if he was needed and I shook my head no. If I had answered, I would have been rude with my comments. Pam ushered everyone out of the office and said she would make sure everything was handled and would notify them when Sookie was up and moving around. I knew she would handle it but I also knew I would be needed sooner than later but I just couldn’t leave her, not now.

It felt like a few minutes had passed but when I checked the clock on the wall it had been an hour, I knew I needed to get going but I didn’t want to leave her. I could hear Pam talking to the police and I knew I was needed by what was being said in said conversation even though Tray was taking care of things downstairs, they wanted to speak to me personally.

I gently removed myself from underneath her and as I walked to the door, she spoke to me.

“Please don’t leave me.”

“I have to go little one but I will be back as soon as I can.”


To be continued…


Author’s Note: Thank you for reading my story and asking for it to be continued. Let me just say that most of my AH storied have a little bit of my experiences in them. That being said this building is the office building I work in, so I took pictures. As for the jumper that did happen, two weeks after I started working there and our morbid curiosity got the better of us, so we watched it unfold throughout the day. It was a long process. Let me just say we did not see him fall but the glass shook when he (thinking his foot) touched the glass as he went down. It wasn’t as gruesome as you would think but he definitely did not live to see another day.


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