Chapter 05: A Blast for the Past

What the Fuck was Pamela doing standing in my office doorway.  I hadn’t seen her since the funeral

What the hell does she want?

“Hello brother, Sookie what a surprise.”

As she lifted her nose in the air and took in a big whiff.

“Hmmm smells like sex in here.”

With that she leered at me and smirked and nodded at Sookie.

Damn this was a fucking strange turn of events.

“Pamela, what the fuck do you want?  Why are you here? How long are you staying? Where are you staying?”

“Well brother nice to see you too.  I came because you only turn 50 years old once.  I came to visit my nephews as I have been informed they have moved.  I plan on staying as long as I fucking want to.  I have not made arrangements yet for where I am staying.”

Ah hell here it comes she wants to stay with me, fuck.

“Pam you can stay at Gran’s with me and the boys.  I am sure she will not mind, she hasn’t seen you in a while so I am sure she would like to visit with you.”

“I would like that, thank you Sookie. I have missed Adele too.”

When the hell did Pamela meet Gran and when did she become so friendly with Sookie’s family.  Damn I have missed out on so much but I will be rectifying that soon.

“Pamela, it’s nice that you are here, but it would have been nice of you to let me know.  The kids are home for the weekend and we have plans tonight.”

“Oh that’s okay she can hang out with me and the boys. Plus there is Sunday supper tomorrow so she can catch up with everyone too.  I am sure they would be happy to see her again, it’s been a few years for Alcide and Jason too.”

Damn I have missed out on more than I had been told about.

This was another secret they all had kept from me.  They have been seeing my estranged sister.  Hell they probably saw her more than I ever did.  After I left for college we never really kept in touch, I don’t think she has really ever met Godric, Isabel or Joseph.  Maybe at the funeral, I really can’t remember, damn I should feel bad that my sister disappeared from my life, I am not even sure what the hell she does for a living.

Is that bad of me?  Yeah I think it is.

We were never close when we were growing up and once our parents passed away there was nothing holding us together.

I guess she is throwing an olive branch my way.  Sookie and my boys are my connection to her now; maybe this will be for the better.  Felicia never liked her so I really didn’t care to see her then but now from what Sook has told me she has been a big part of their lives.

Who knew she could be so human.

I guess I will have to give her the benefit of the doubt.  Trust her again.

Hmmm, I guess I can take it slow with her and since my kids are grown they can make their own decisions about her.  Hell they may like her as much as Jake and Jackson do.

“So Aunt Pammy, what other plans do you have while you are here?”

“Sookie, why did you tell him that.  The boys are the only ones allowed to say it!”

“Oh Pam it is not that bad, besides you let me and Gran call you Pam now,  so it’s not so bad. Is It?”

“As long as he never says it again. Eric, can you please reframe from calling me, Aunt Pammy?”

“I guess, but do I have to call you Pamela? Or can I use Pam too?  I think I like it better if we are starting fresh.”

“Pam is fine.”

“Sookie, while we are here can we go look at the property we discussed so I can see if it will work for the new research lab?”

I raised my eyebrow at that one.

What property? What lab?  These two were/are partners?

“Sure we can go look at it Monday, it’s not like we have anything else to do.”

“I guess you all can explain that one to me later.  For now we need to get to the farmhouse, it’s getting late.”

“I can follow you Sookie if that is okay. I think I remember how to get there but the turn off is a bit tricky.”

“Pam you will have to follow Eric’s police cruiser, I rode here with him and he was going to take me home.”

Yeah my home but that had a damper put on it now.

 Damn, happy birthday to me.

“Rode With Him? Or Rode Him? Home like in home run or another round of running into home plate?”

I was shocked that Pam said it, but looking at Sookie and seeing her turn a nice shade of red was adorable. The blush started at the top of her head and disappeared in her shirt.  I loved that shade of red and it looked fetching on her.

“Pamela, stop that now.  You know I cannot and will not talk dirty talk with you.  Please stop.”

“Okay for now but we will be talking about this later.”

“No we won’t.  I do not kiss and tell and you know that.”

“Fine, Fine, I will not push the subject. MUCH.”


“Okay let’s git as you would say I have my nephews and my Gran to visit with.”

Her Gran when did Gran become hers?   Shit I have missed out on a lot over the past years.

I looked over at Sookie and she just smiled at me.  She knew I had questions and I would ask them on our way to Gran’s.  We had about ten minutes to talk before we met up with my boys.

I loved saying that….. MY BOYS

We left the office and got in the cruiser.  But as we went through the front door I told everyone I would see them Monday unless there was an issue they could not handle.

As Sookie folded herself into the seat and buckled she said, “I know you have a million more questions and they will all get answered but for the next ten minutes can we talk about the boys not everyone else. “

I just nodded.

Sookie started telling me about the boys and their life as they were growing up. She mentioned that she kept a scrapbook for me with pictures and special events.  I was happy she did it but I was also pissed that I missed out on so much.

 Damn, I wanted to hate her but underneath all my feelings of doubt and hate (I know too strong of word but it fits for right now) I was in love with her; I just didn’t know it. I never knew what that feeling was that egged me on every time I thought about her. From the time she left me in college, to the times I would think about her when I was down, to the times I thought about her after Felicia’s death, to the time I found her card from the funeral.  All those times I thought I just missed her, but in actuality I missed having her near me to love and express that love.

 I know I loved Felicia but I don’t think I was in love with her not like I should have been and I will never regret marrying her since I got my kids out of the union but the love I feel for this small little blond spitfire next to me was unparalleled.

I never knew of or felt this type of love before.

I was so pissed that I had missed out on it for so very long.  I wanted to rectify it but I knew that we needed to get to know each other again and see where we were headed but it didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to pursue her with everything I had.  Hell I had already asked her to marry me.

I was not going to let her run away from me AGAIN.

Never FUCKING again.

So while Sookie talked about our boys and the men in their life I became a bit jealous, these men were my best friends for god’s sake and they had more of a part in their lives than me. But I knew if I was to move forward with Jack and Jake I would have to put it aside and let Alcide and Jason explain to me why they hid everything from me.

In a way I was happy that they had GOOD men as role models.  The more I heard about this Preston jerk, the more I hated him.

Then she moved onto how and why Pam had become a permanent member of their small clan.   It took a few years but Pam became Aunty Pam and then Aunt Pammy because the boys felt by at least having one Northman in their lives then they would be that much closer to me.

They missed me in their lives but they seemed to understand why I couldn’t be there.  I guess they understood better than me then.  But I was going to have to talk to them too and soon, try to make amends for the time not with them, but first they needed to learn how to call me DAD not SIR.

 I still think Pam should have told me what was going on but like everyone else she was sworn to secrecy to protect my boys from the wrath they labeled Felicia.  I wanted to see these notes that Sookie had kept from my now dead wife and I wanted to talk to Michelle about why Felicia treated Sookie the way she did but again one person at a time.

I did not know who would be the first person I would talk to about their role in the secret but my list was getting longer Alcide, Jason, Pam, Gran, Michelle, maybe even Jackson Herveaux.

The ten minutes flew by on the drive to Gran’s and when we pulled up there was a full house.

 I noticed three cars that I knew but two that I didn’t.

I guess I was going to have to wait on my talk with my boys.

First I would have to explain to my children Godric, Isabel and Joseph who were all sitting on the porch swing that they had two brothers and they were sitting right next to them.

Damn, I felt so screwed.

Happy Birthday to me.


15 thoughts on “Chapter 05: A Blast for the Past

  1. I am working on finishing a chapter for both IDCT and Vampire and the Wolf for Cali Kat. they are her faves… then i will get back to this one and another Tiger Eye gym that is almost complete too. I was having a few issues and i have 3 chapters finished for a new story ( i feel like EIM) sometimes with the multiples stories floating around in my head…I will post as soon as I can … KY

    • LOL, love you Kat, i will try my best to get another one of these out soon, Yeah poor Eric, he made choices along the way and if he had looked into things earlier he would have know a long time ago about his boys but he chose to ignore a picture his son presented to him at Gran’s. I am sure he will kick himself in the ass when he starts seeing everything. As for Michelle, would not want to be her. KY

  2. I would love to see more of this story as well :). Somehow I think Godric, Isabel and Joseph have already figured out that Jackson and Jake are their brothers :), so Eric really is the last one to know :(.

  3. I just started reading this and couldn’t stop I’m HOOKED can’t wait to see what everyone has to say alittle more interested in what Michelle has to say I can’t believe she was so hateful to Sookie and continued to be so even after Jason confronted her.

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