Chapter 02: Happenings in Bon Temps

Chapter 2 Grimm

I always knew I was different; I knew I was of FAE heritage and I had more quirks (that is what I called my abilities) than a halfling fae like my daddy (okay maybe he wasn’t exactly half but you get what I mean right).

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse

My paternal grandfather who was a half-ling and of Fae Royalty had explained to all of us once that the spark within me was strong and there was a possibility when I would reach my thirtieth birthday I may come into more quirks, I was hoping for nothing more coming my way, I couldn’t handle any more but I wasn’t so lucky.

Daniel Craig as Mitchell/Fintan

Daniel Craig as Mitchell/Fintan

Gran and daddy tried to help me with all of it as much as possible but things started to spiral out of control when I was around twenty five and then it got worse on All Hallows Eve of my thirtieth year.

Lois Smith as Adele Stackhouse

Lois Smith as Adele Stackhouse

Let me back track before I get ahead of myself so you understand how I came into my abilities.

I was born to Corbett and Michelle Stackhouse. I had an older brother Jason. I had loving paternal grandparents Mitchell/Fintan and Adele Stackhouse and no living family on my mother’s side. When I was born my papa told my gran that I contained the fae spark and it looked like it would just get stronger as I aged but he was not certain how strong it would become.

Sam Elliot as Corbett Stackhouse

Sam Elliot as Corbett Stackhouse

My daddy knew I had an extra something by the time I was about nine months old. He could feel it. He talked to his parents and papa confirmed I was telepathic and I would excel in learning but we needed to keep it hidden from others. He didn’t want me to be ashamed of my gift but some may be frightened of it if it were to get out into the general populations knowledge.

I learned that lesson the hard way, my mother treated me like a hell spawn. She was not made privy to the fact that we were FAE and told my daddy in a drunken stupor that she wished I was never born and she wishes I would die at the hands of the almighty. He tried to shield me from her hateful thoughts but they always came through loud and clear.

By the time I was five I had learned how much my momma hated me and my brother. It wasn’t that Jason was bad like me; it was because he would protect me from her hateful words and actions. Her favorite punishment for me was a leather belt against my backside or legs and when Jason hid the belt from her and told daddy, her fury rained down on all of us.

Momma and daddy were already having marital problems; you see daddy was an empath of sorts; he could feel other people’s moods and switch their way of thinkin’ with simple words of kindness and understanding. He could sense others gifts if they had them and if they had ill intent. He tried to make sure that he never let other’s problems or emotions affect his own. He helped everyone he could and that pissed momma off to no end. She thought he was cheating on her with every woman in BonTemps, even though daddy loved her like no other, it didn’t matter she still had these thoughts. Daddy was real good at what he could do, but what topped it off was daddy was a handsome man and had the FAE Allure like most fae and for some reason the allure was accelerated tenfold in my mother’s emotions.

She was simply a jealous bitch.

Gran had me and Jason over her house as much as possible to shield us from the hellcat,-Gran’s name for her not mine-, but that didn’t mean she didn’t seek us out to cause us a little bit of pain. Every chance she got she would call us the devil spawn. You see as Jason aged he too became an empath of sorts. He wasn’t as strong as daddy but he could help out his friends with their parent issues and he too had the Fae Allure.

The older he got the better looking he became and the stronger the allure became just like daddies. Unlike daddy, Jason had blond hair and light brown eyes with a hint of green where daddy had a lighter brown hair but it started to get darker and then turn gray within three years’ time after my twenty-fifth birthday, but daddy had the most piercing brown eyes I had ever seen.

Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse

Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse

It was when I turned seven and half that we moved in with gran and papa (when he was home) and lived in the old farmhouse that was built by the Stackhouses. You see there really was a Mitchell Stackhouse but he was killed when a water fairy came to kill papa. The water fairy did not know that papa and Mitchell were two different people, since papa would take on the looks of the real Mitchell when he was visiting Gran and his children. At first it was an arrangement that both Gran and Mitchell had made with Papa so that Gran could have children but once the true Mitchell was killed papa stayed with us as much as possible until he too disappeared when I reached the age of twenty five.

Why did I go live with my grandparents you say? Well you see my momma went nuts. She was yelling at daddy that morning about how he was cheating on her and she was tired of it. She would make him pay for his infidelity. I heard from her thoughts that the payment would be Jason and I.

I didn’t know what to do.

I went into Jason’s room and told him what I heard. He told me she couldn’t be that evil but then we started to smell gasoline coming through his bedroom window and we got scared. I wished in my mind that papa was with us and within a blink of an eye he was before us.

He already had told us he could teleport or pop but we never saw him do it.

He asked us why he could smell our fear and I told him what I had heard. However, by that time momma had come back in the house after dousing the outside of our home with gasoline. She was looking for matches to start the house on fire and was going to make sure she doused our bedroom doors with gasoline and shut them tight with rope. She figured she would douse the rope in gas too so there would be no evidence of her locking us in as it would burn too but the rope would stay long enough to lock us in so we would burn to death.

She would have daddy to herself as it should be, the devil spawn would be gone.

Papa did not like what he heard so he told us to hold on tight and he popped us back to Gran. He quickly filled her in and she told him to take care of it. I could not read her thoughts clearly since papa fixed them a long time ago so I couldn’t hear her too well, unless her thoughts spoke directly to me. I was happy for once that I could not hear either of their thoughts when they didn’t want me too. Apparently, she told him to make sure Michelle did not come out of that house alive because if she did, she would try to kill Jason and me again and keep tryin’ until she received the results she wanted.

Daddy to herself, she was a selfish bitch.

Papa came back about twenty minutes later and told us ‘all will be well shortly’. To go up to our rooms and get comfortable because he was pretty sure the sheriff would be there soon enough to tell us what happened to momma.

It was how I learned that she seemed to have locked herself inside the house as our home burned to the ground and no one could get to her in time to save her….to be honest, I was okay with that….The volunteer firemen found an empty bottle of vodka next to a gas can out by the wood pile, so Bud Dearborn assumed she was in a drunken stupor and accidently lit the house on fire with herself caught inside.

He didn’t think there would be much evidence left behind by her to let them know why she did it. Since the house was an inferno by the time they had arrived and they could not hear her calling for help. They knew there wouldn’t be much evidence left since all of it would be burned up with her.

He asked papa where Jason and I were, and papa said that we had been in our rooms since last night…But there I was sitting on the top step so I could hear everything clearly that was being said and I knew to stay put…. Papa said he wanted to call Corbett about the house and Michelle but Bud said one of the deputies was already on his way out to his motorcycle shop that he had half owned with his partner Tray Dawson.

Stuart Reardon as Tray Dawson

Stuart Reardon as Tray Dawson


Gran just smiled at Bud and asked him to come into the kitchen to sit and talk to her about everything else that needed to be taken care but she needed to get off her feet she was starting to get the vapors.

Papa took the opportunity to pop to daddy. I was told later that he quickly told daddy about the house and my momma. Papa told daddy he would fill him in later BUT to go along with the knowledge that the children spent the night at the farmhouse. Tray apparently asked papa what time the fire occurred at so that daddy could make sure he had a full proof alibi, even though he was guilty of nothing but loving the hateful woman. Papa told them not to worry and once the deputy told daddy the news to come right home and for Tray to come with him. The deputy was outside and he needed to leave now.

Papa popped home to me and was carrying me down the steps when Bud asked him where he went to. His response was I had to tell the children what was happening. Jason is lying down crying himself to sleep and the little one here wanted to be held, so that is what I am doing.

Bud told my grandparents that he was headed back over to the house but everything would probably be lost. He doubted they could save anything with how intense the fire had become.

After daddy and Tray got to the house, papa told them what had happened when I heard momma’s thoughts this morning after daddy had left for work. I then went into Jason’s room to alert him and that is when momma tied our doors shut with rope, not knowing that we were together. I had wished for papa and he popped to us and then popped us back to Gran.

We had been at the farmhouse ever since.

In the meantime papa went back to the house and scared the living daylights out of momma by popping in front of her, she in turn went running for the door but slipped and hit her head on the kitchen counter and she was knocked out cold. So papa said he finished what she had started, he doused the inside of the house more with the gasoline cans sitting at the front door and doused the roof some too so that it would cave in.

You see our home was like the farmhouse made out of wood frames and plywood, it would not last the fire.

Papa said he then set fires throughout the house so the flames would be everywhere quickly. He popped outside and did the same thing there. He used his fairy light to start the lower part of the roof on fire since Michelle would have not been able to climb to the top and get down quick enough. He made it look like one fire had started the next; everything would be incinerated when the volunteer fire department finally showed up.

A few days later after the funeral was held at Tall Pines Cemetery, daddy took us by the house to see what was left. There was nothing but charred rubble.

I was so mad at momma, I was furious as an eight year old,-I know I was still shy of being eight but I was close enough-, could get but daddy told me to calm down. I didn’t understand why until I looked up and saw the charred boards floating in the air above the rest of the charred rubble. It scared me and I blinked and everything fell back down into a pile.

Daddy looked at me and then Jason and said, “Well I guess you have another ability now sweet girl, it seems your emotions have brought this one on.”

I didn’t want another ability but I guess picking stuff up with my mind was a cool ability to have. But it also scared me because I didn’t know what the next one would be.

After that we went to the store and bought us new clothes and such since we didn’t have much at the farmhouse and daddy said he would rather not rebuild the house but stay with his parents. So that is where we have been ever since our own home burnt down all those years ago. The only thing daddy ever did at our old homestead was get the charred remains hauled away and kept the yard mowed in case him and Jason wanted to fish at the small pond in the back yard.

We enjoyed our life at the farmhouse. Daddy was happy, he loved us and he loved his parents. He was there to take care of his own momma when papa had to make an appearance back to FAERY.

Sometimes he was gone a couple of hours, sometimes weeks or months but we knew how to cover up for him. Heck Tray even got into the mix of telling a fib on where papa was off to this time.

Tray knew of us having fairy blood and he was okay with it as we were okay with the fact that he changed into a wolf at full moon. He would run our twenty acres during his shift so no one would bother him or hunt him down. Heck there were times he would lay in wolf form on the front porch with us as we sat and told ghost stories under the full moon about demons and ghouls.

The stories were even better when Uncle Des was with us and he would tell us stories about the daemon world. He was a daemon himself and he is how I came about having my telepathy as it is one of his gifts too, he gave Gran a gift of his blood as a present when she was pregnant with daddy not realizing it would skip a generation and I would be the only one whom had the gift so far. His other cool gift was producing and throwing fire balls, -that was the ability Jason wanted-, which he would use to light our fire pit with on cold nights.

Yeah I know I said children before; Gran and Papa had a girl, two years after daddy, her name was Linda. But we haven’t seen her in years and papa said she didn’t get any gifts either, at least that we know of, but you never know since she left Bon Temps as soon as she was an adult. She never kept in touch with my grandparents after that, well that is until my twenty-fifth birthday when like I said before everything went to shit.

Desmond was a great uncle to Jason and I, and a dear friend to papa. He would always bring us gifts and tell us when we got old enough he would help us out in any way possible with finding a good job. Jason told him he wanted to be a lawyer like him and Uncle Des told him that could be arranged but he needed to study hard and pass all of his classes and then they would talk about his career path. Daddy was very happy that Desmond was willing to take on Jason as one of his interns when the time came.

A few years had passed and I guess I was thirteen and hitting puberty… I was awkward and chunky and not well liked in school. I was teased all the time by the older kids/bullies in the school. Jason fought more boys than I could even remember, and their names were just a blur, as he was always sticking up for his little sister.

The thing was after momma killed herself and tried to take us with her, he and I had made a pact to always be there for each other and until this day that pact is still there.

Anyway it was that year that I learned I was an empath too. Stronger than either daddy or Jason, I could influence my fellow classmates to walk away from me and leave me alone OR incite them to fight each other, it was an awesome trick but I had to be careful with it because sometimes their bad attitudes would latch onto my soul and try to take me down with them if I didn’t expel it right away.

Papa taught me how to do many things with my abilities including the walls I constructed around my mind so that I could function at school, how to be careful with moving things with my mind by accident,-this was the hardest-, and finally expelling bad juju as my friend Lafayette had called it.

Lafayette played by Nelson Ellis

Lafayette played by Nelson Ellis

Lafayette was older than me by three years but he was held back in school two straight years in a row which wasn’t right but because he was he had become one of my best friends; he had noticed one day that I was being picked on by one of the older boys and Jason wasn’t around to protect me. Well that day Lala become part of our family and all but moved in with us a year later when his own momma threw him out for being gay. Gran and papa sat him down and told him he was welcome in their home anytime; first for protecting me and two for being my friend and if he ever needed anything to let them know and they would be there for him.

Lala earned everyone’s respect that day; Tray and daddy gave him a part time job at the shop since no one wanted to hire a gay black man; Gran and papa opened their home to him and Jason was proud to call him a friend and protector of his little sister. Daddy and Tray both knew they were hiding their own secrets and Lala’s was minor compared to theirs.

On my sixteenth birthday I had another ability sprout forward but this time I took Lala with me. He knew of my other quirks but respected them but when I dragged him down with this one too I thought for sure he would never forgive me.

Oh what do you say the new ability was?…oh yeah….. I see dead people …. Is the closest name for it that I could come up with but I now know it is called as a medium to the spirit world.

That’s right, dead people would walk by us and wave and try to talk to us but we would ignore them. It got to the point where they would follow us around and spook everyone else with their ghostly behavior. If I thought I was a crazy freak before, this just topped the cake.

It was Gran who came up with the idea for us to talk to them on our own terms. We told a few of the ghosties that we would allow conversations once a month and when WE allowed it, but not to tell all the ghosts around, just the local ones. It worked for a while until I started to see weird things when we would talk to them. Lala told me he didn’t see the shimmers behind the ghosts we talked to, but knew that the shimmers were probably there, and since I had other gifts too that was probably the reason why I was the only one to see it.

The ghost readings went well but I just couldn’t get past it when the fuzzy shimmers appeared.

The next time Uncle Des came by I asked him about it and he told me there are two supernaturals that shimmer, daemons and fairies. He told me that it was possible that it could be the reapers,-the angels of death-, watching over the ghosts or apparitions of the dead who are already walking our earth. But it could just be the reapers relieving stress and keeping an eye on what is going on around them. Uncle Des said he would ask his cousin Grimm the next time he saw him. I then asked him that if Grimm happened to say yes it was his angels, did he think it would be possible for me to speak to him about it and have them knock it off around me.

It was giving me the creeps.

Uncle Des chuckled but said he would make the arrangements happen.

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    • Thank you, yes background is needed on Sookie so that it will explain things to happen starting in chapter 4. Chapter 3 is going to be background too but i promise it will not be boring. KY

    • thanks and yes Michelle was out there for sure. They(SVM, TB) always touched on her wanting Sookie to be normal and never touched on Corbett and what his allure might have done to her so i wanted to include this. As for Grimm, well he is kin after all. KY

  2. I’m really loving your story. So glad the kids were saved and the evil mother went up in flames. Loved the background on the family..Can’t wait until the next update. Love that the family have all these powers and look out for each other.

    • thanks for reading and it has been fun writing this one, the next chapter is some more background which will lead us to the current time. Yes this family is one that won’t be messed with for sure, yes Michelle had to be taken care of, never liked her in the books, she treated her daughter like shit. KY

  3. First off the pictures and banners really bring the story to life. Sookie has some mad skills. She is a powerful creature with so many gifts, it is quite amazing . I like that Jason is supportive of Sookie. I also like that her family is there to help with her gifts. Ohhh, I hope she gets to meet Eric – Grimm soon?

    • YES Sephrenia makes awesome character banners and with the new ones that Morph i am in awe of her talent. Yes Sookie does have some mad skills and she isn’t done yet. She will be very powerful in her own right and yes they will meet in chapter 3 but more so in 4. until then , thanks again. KY

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  5. This is a very interesting story so far. I like the difference it makes that the otherness of the family is accepted and supported. Can’t wait to see what happens when she meets the reaper.

  6. Good set up. What is it about women that makes us such believably crazy-ass bitches? The bit about Michele was disturbing but read like so many stories that step out of the headlines. It makes you wonder what triggers a woman to hate her own progeny. Your explanation makes sense. There was a part of me that cheered for Corbett and cried for him all at the same time. But the children were safe and Sookie had an opportunity to grow up in a household that supported and loved her. Like her relationship with Jason too. Hansel and Gretel, these two, walking through the craziness that is living life as other/non-normal.
    So – now she gets to meet the reapers. I feel some angst heading our way!

    • thanks, yes there are some crazy ass bitches out there and then there are the others who help pick up the pieces. I never like Michelle in the books, the crap she put her daughter through made me believe that she would have killed her if she could have. I wanted Corbett to live he didn’t deserve to die for his heritage. Yes i wanted them safe and to grow up appreciated each other and their family and to be there for each other. In the books and show they had them drift apart. In the books we were told that Jason stood up for, so why the rift later in life? She will meet the reapers soon enough, trying to stay away form angst but i am sure it will creep in soon enough. KY

  7. Once again loving your story, just wish there was more to it, and finished but I realize you are a beta and your muse may be being fickle so when ever you get around to adding more chapters I will be waiting to read them on which ever story you wish to update.

    • the funny thing about this story it is one of my favorites and i have 4 chapters hand written out, just need to get the time to transcribe them in my computer. when i plan on doing it something always gets in the way. RL sucks. thanks for reading and enjoying. KY

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