Chapter 1: 5 years Prior to Bon Temps

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Chapter 1 GrimmDay of the Dead Celebration

I had been on this earth a 1000+ years and I had lived my life to the fullest.

Alexander Skarsgärd as Eric Northman/Johan North

Alexander Skarsgärd as Eric Northman/Johan House 

I had an awesome Maker, an obedient and loving child and a sheriff’s position that I didn’t half mind at times. My life had had its ups and downs, there were always lulls but then there were always the adventures to look forward to and I have had many in my life time.

It was on one of my most boring and trivial nights at Fangtasia that my lawyer had chosen to call me and stated he had something to speak to me about. He knew of a family, his extended family, which needed extra protection. He didn’t go into much over the phone but he stated that he would be bringing by his god-daughter with him so that I can meet her and possibly understand why she needed the extra protection.

I had felt a happy dance coming through the bond with my child; she was excited over something at the front door, but she immediately tapped that dance down and it was gone just as quickly.

I wondered what it was so I stood up from my throne. I was flabbergasted.

I saw a bright star in the doorway, I knew it wasn’t a star but she glowed and shined like the sun. She was beautiful and I would make her mine.

As I went to approach her I noticed that Mr. Cataliades was standing beside her holding her arm and growling at the vampires that had turned their way. They were drawn to her and approaching slowly but surely in her direction. Pam chose that time to say, “Master.” I knew they needed my help; she was already fending off a few of the regulars from advancing on the girl.

I zipped over to them and let out a feral growl to ward off the advancing vampires; ‘MINE’ was all I said. Which made them all back off but I could smell the fear permeating from her skin and I did not like that at all, however, I could also detect a light scent of fairy.

Why on this earth would Mr. Cataliades bring a fairy into a vampire bar? I knew the daemon could take care of himself but he was pushing his luck with his charge.

As I turned around to meet the one I would be protecting, I took a long inhale of her scent as she looked up into my face with her brown sad eyes and gulped. Lovely is all I could think and I could have possibly said it out loud to no one in particular.

When Mr. Cataliades went to speak, he never got a chance to start his sentence, she was gone in a blink of an eye, she had popped away.

But in midair was an arm that would have been on her shoulder, it was fucking Compton. He frightened her away, fucking asshole. I didn’t need to do anything because in an instant that arm was on fire.

I didn’t even see Cataliades react to the arm belonging to the queen’s procurer, nor would I have cared if he incinerated his ass on the spot.

I did however take notice of the idiot trying to put himself out and when he tried harder the flames around him spread and got worse. I told Pam to get the fire extinguisher but to take her time. I would have to send his crisp ass back to New Orleans on my dime but it would be well worth it.

By the time I turned around the daemon was gone.

I placed a call to him but it went straight to voice mail. I wondered why he didn’t pick up but I knew sooner or later he would return my call.

It was several nights later when he called me back, only to apologize for the misfortune of him and his god-daughter making a scene at Fangtasia and that maybe it was a bad idea to begin with. It would not be wise for a vampire to guard a fairy half-ling. He would seek other means.

Before I could speak and find out where she was located he ended the call.

I day dreamed about the girl for several weeks but I had never seen her again after that nor did I know that Mr. Cataliades had family in my area. But since he called her a fairy half-ling I wondered where he lies in her heritage. I guess in the spectrum of my life it did not matter, I would probably never see her again.

Life went on, dull and boring. Compton’s shriveled and charred ass was sent packing back to the queen. She asked what had happened to him and I told her I did not know; one moment his arm was in midair and the next he was on fire. We put him out as quickly as we could but it would be month’s maybe even a year before he would be healed completely. She said she would contact his maker to take care of him. She didn’t have the patience to listen to him bellyache about a fairy that caught him on fire, the likelihood of a fairy being in a vampire bar, AS IF.

Of course I chuckled.

I told her he was delusional and there was no fairy in my bar, I would have noticed, they are beautiful but devious creatures and not hard to spot. She agreed and the subject was dropped and never spoken about again.

It was about a month later that I got a call from Dallas and my Maker needed my help. When my Maker had called me to Dallas I did not hesitate not to go, I would do anything for Godric. He was min far bror och son, (my father, brother and son); he was by far the greatest love of my life.

Of course I was going and I put in a request to the queen for a short leave of absence. I told her I would be gone a week at the most as my Maker needed my help. I told her I would leave Thalia with the help of Pam in charge of my Sheriffs duties, no one dared messed with Thalia. She agreed and approved my vacation of sorts quickly and bid me a safe journey.

I had asked Thalia to help Pam with sheriff duties while I was gone. I knew Thalia hated being in Fangtasia so I sweetened the pot for her, I told her she would have a year off from bar duty if she handled the sheriff duties for me while I was gone. She quickly agreed, and I trusted her not to kill anyone. I said my goodbyes to my child and told her to take care of the bar and help Thalia with the sheriff duties. I knew Pam hated that aspect of my life but with someone else willing to help with the paperwork and the unruly subordinates she was happy with my choice.

Thalia laughed at my joke but agreed to my orders of no killing.

She was older than I, but she was ostracized by many because she was a scary, blunt and sarcastic vampire. She had little patience for idiocy whether coming from humans or supernaturals. Many feared her but she had asked to live in my area because I was not scared off by her presence. We had an understanding that most sheriffs would never try with her. She was my muscle when I needed her to be and she was a trusted vampire in my retinue.

My area would be safe in my absence.

My Maker, what can I say about a two thousand plus year old vampire. He was death personified but had a gentle soul when he needed it. The love I felt for him was paternal and returned tenfold.

I knew of love because of my human parents but Godric had superseded them by far. ‘Death’ had chosen me on the battlefield and I happily accepted. I loved Godric as a child would love a parent and he loved me in return. However, we never showed that emotion in front of others, and how deep that love ran between us, we did not want our enemies to use it against us. It helped us to live all the years we did. Others of our kind knew we had a strong bond, but did not know the depths of love that we had for one another. That our bond was strong and we would sacrifice ourselves for the other but it had never come down to that.

At least not yet.

Allan Hyde as Godric /Peder Gaul

Allan Hyde as Godric /Peder Gaul

It was because of that love that we died our true death together.

Godric had told me upon my arrival that many vampires had gone missing in his area as well as others. They, being the other sheriffs and the king, believed it to be the Fellowship of the Sun but were unable to prove it. Godric had investigators out there that either came up with nothing or never returned. So he felt that it was duty as sheriff to lead the search himself. He thought with my talent for strategy and my strong ability to pick up days old scents we would have this resolved quickly.

Of course he was wrong but also right.

The filthy scum of the FTOS had captured us while walking out of a night club in Dallas.

While looking for the missing vampires, we were given a lead that took us to a club called ‘Walk Over The Moon’, we didn’t suspect a thing until we were both hit with the colloidal silver spray and silver leafing shot from a canon hose, that had been attached to an old fire truck sitting across the street from the club. Later we found out they had purchased the material for this mixture over the internet and were working on the perfect blend to incapacitate any vampire, no matter the age.


The silver was too thick for us to move and inhibited us to shoot up into the sky, if we had we would have likely made it freeze to our outer extremities from the coldness in the upper atmosphere and we would have plummeted to the ground, so we were at the mercy of the religious zealots who had attacked us either way.

Our death came to us quickly; we were left to burn the following morning on a crudely made crucifixion platform with both of us tied to either side of the cross by silver chains. But we had both said that we were glad we were dying together. I would have preferred not to have died at all but to die with my Maker was a true honor.


I had told him that the Valkyrie’s would be arriving as we died and would be taking us to both to Valhalla. We may have killed many in our life time but the deaths were not always caused out of greed but out of need. I knew MY GODS would come to us and take us away before we were no more.

We were letting the fire overtake us, we were not fighting the pain caused by the flames, we were not commanding our magic to hold off our death, we were accepting of it so that we could move on to our afterlife.

But time froze.

A man in a black cloak appeared before us.


I could not see his face very well but I could see his wide grin. He told us his name was Grimm and he was there to recruit us for service into his army of reapers. He wanted both us for his army called the ‘angels of death’ and he thought we were both the perfect candidates for his army.

You see there cannot be only one grim reaper as there were millions of people on this world now and he needed help. He was allowed to recruit 20 new souls a year for his liege. He had been watching us for a very long time and thought we had the perfect mind set to do the job.

Our job was simple, we were to watch those in the area we were to be assigned to and when it was time for the beings death we were to touch them with our sickle and they would pass along to an afterlife shortly thereafter. But during our waiting time we were welcome to walk the earth as an alternate being until we were called to service. Our time would never be boring because we could watch humanity destroy each other and that would just give his angels more work to do.

He told us that only a choice few were able to see us as a reaper, they were few and far between, so we may never see anyone show us any recognition while in our reaper form. We would be an apparition to them but we could have a corporeal body if we wanted to, but we had to be careful not to fall in love for that would mean our death, he felt he did not need to explain that further to us.

Godric and I both looked at him and said a Vampire does not love.

His response was a chuckle and he told us we would no longer be vampire, we would no longer need blood to survive, we would be able to go into the sunlight and not burn and if we wanted to we could sample food and drink, but not to go overboard on those items because when your body shifted back to the apparition, it was hell to pay if you had a full belly. He told us we would still maintain our fangs and could drop them and retract them at will but they did little for our survival. We could live in a house as a normal person would or just walk the earth (or state), we did not need rest. We were for all intents and purposes dead and we would have to cut ties with any family or friends. We would have to avoid them at all costs while in corporeal form but we could check up on them as apparitions as they would not see us.

He told us we had a few minutes to discuss his request of our joining him and his reapers but he needed to unfreeze time as soon as possible.

Quickly we spoke, but in Swedish, we are not foolish enough to believe he could not understand us but he did try to give a hint of privacy.

Min son, är det en bra idé, kan vi ändå vara tillsammans, kan vi fortfarande kontrollera vår avkomma och se till att de inte är dumt. VI kan fortfarande ha en effekt på denna värld på ett bra sätt, plus mitt barn kommer vi att kunna se solen efter all denna tid och inte vara rädda för det. (My son, it is a good idea, we can still be together, we can still check on our progeny and make sure they are not being foolish. We can still have an effect on this world in a good way, plus my child we will be able to see the sun after all this time and not fear it.)

Mästare, jag håller låt oss göra detta men bara om vi kan vara nära varandra eller tillsammans. (Master, I agree let us do this but only if we can remain close to one another or together.)

Jag håller med, så det kommer att ske och sa. (I agree, so it will be done and said.)

I looked at Grimm as did Godric and we told him in unison that we agreed to his terms but with one condition. We were to be in the same state or together covering the same territory.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am giving you the northern half of Louisiana. You two will have your work cut out for you as there seems to be a battle brewing in that state and many will be lost from disease. Not from WAR.”

With that, time unfroze and I could feel the fire eating away at my body but in the next millisecond as my body started to flake away I watched it from the sidelines, standing on the grass with the zealots.

Grimm handed us our cloaks and sickles and granted us 10 deaths each, but to choose wisely. Then we were to get some of our belongings and get to Louisiana and decide where to live.

We both quickly looked over the religious gathering and we made our choices. We went after Reverend Newlin and his wife, the FOTS main enforcer Gabe, the woman Polly who stood beside the Newlins and told us to burn in hell and then any who attended our capture.

We quickly but efficiently touched their shoulders with our sickles and saw the black shadow ooze down their bodies. I would have liked to have stayed behind to see them die but I was sure in a matter of days they would all be dead. I am one hundred percent sure somehow Godric and I will be blamed for their deaths. Maybe our evil blood transferred onto them when we were burned to death in front of their eyes, you never knew how they would flip this story but I was sure all of their deaths would make national news.

Time would tell.

We entered Godric’s nest as apparitions and you could tell all was silent for the time being. We would have to get notification to his nest mates about where they could find our scents and what was left of our bodies. They would figure out the rest.

Godric quickly packed a few things, whatever was black, but he did choose a few linen outfits for when he was corporeal. He said he wanted to fit in as much as possible if he walked around in the light.

Grimm appeared in front of us one last time to let us know that we could shimmer in and out, and more or less pop to where we wanted to be as long as we thought of where we wanted to go. Then disappeared as quickly as he had arrived.

It was a cool trick and travel will be much quicker, so I told Godric to think of Fangtasia and we would go from there. Our bodies shimmered and then like an instant later we were both in front of Fangtasia.

We decided it would be best to leave Pam a voice mail so that she knew without a reason of a doubt that I was dead but that before I passed away I wanted her to know that she made me a very happy maker and I was very proud of her. That she needed to take everything I had taught her and protect herself and trust no-one except for Thalia, there was WAR of unknown origins on the horizon and she needed to prepare.

I was thinking about removing 5 million dollars out of one of my accounts and have that as a good nest egg for us to have in our third chance at death, but as Godric explained, no one but vampires would know we were dead and we had so many accounts around the world with different names that we would not need to worry about having cash on hand.

However it would be best if we wanted to be able to use any of the local bank accounts that I had, I would have to go into the banks personally during the day and do my business or change the name on the accounts and add a second name onto the signature line. We did not have glamour anymore so the second option made more sense, but then again we were day walkers. Once that was done I could change my name and Godric could be the main signer on the accounts. Pam did not know of all of my accounts so we could get away with this option as much as possible.

Grimm never told us that we could NOT talk to anyone from our pasts and we thought it best that at least one person know of our change in being. So we called our lawyer, Mr. Cataliades.

Desmond Cataliades played by John Goodman

Desmond Cataliades played by John Goodman

He arrived at Fangtasia within the hour; we showed him both our corporeal bodies as well as our reaper bodies.



His comment was Grimm couldn’t have made better choices than the two of you, ‘death’ and his childe…. Apparently Grimm was a family member to Desmond…… I guess it fit, Fire and Brimstone….He told us we were beautiful reapers; me with my white golden wings and Godric with his blackish brown wings.

Desmond told us he would take care of everything. The transfer of Godric’s property and monies over to his child Nora and to my child Pam whom would receive my share. He would make sure that it was an equal split but to leave the accounts that they did not know about intact so that we could use them for later years. He told me he would do the same for me and change all of my stocks and ownerships of companies to my newly acquired name once I told him what it was and he would get the paperwork drawn up.

Godric quickly said, “Peder Gaul”.

For me it took a few minutes. I was unsure, I had always been an Eric or a Leif but I knew I had to change it a little bit for no one to suspect and I couldn’t keep anything close to ‘the North Man’. So I came up with something close to my heart.

I stated matter-of-factly, “Johan House”. It felt right, Johan was a good Swedish name but House I did not know why that came quickly to me as my surname, but again it felt right.

Desmond said he would catch up with us within a few days. For us to quickly get to my home and grab what I thought I needed from my belongings. To get a burner phone until we could acquire new ones under our newly acquired names and to stay at a hotel until we decided upon our new home location.

He would help us as much as possible but we needed to be careful since only a few knew of the band of reapers that Grimm had. It would be best not to stay in Shreveport and if possible to move and live in an out of the way place.

He suggested a small town called Bon Temps and he said he had a few family members there; however, we would be left alone for the most part. The smaller the town the better and we could phase in and out as needed. He knew of a property with acreage that we could build on or just have a prefab home moved in for us, the property was off the beaten path and would be perfect. It was up to us but it seemed doable.

We needed to stay on the downlow and to not live in extravagance. We would have to be careful, but to enjoy our third chance at life. Grimm was a fair master and if we did our jobs accordingly he would leave us to our own accord.

With that being said, Desmond left us but not before he said, “And Eric, that includes your prize possessions, your cars.”



We shimmered to my home and I packed my black clothes. I didn’t need the leathers that I wore at Fangtasia so I left them behind, but I did take a couple suits; getting suits to fit my size was hard so it was a must to take them along with a pair of shoes to go with them just in case, plus I took three pairs of black boots. I wore black all the time so my uniform did not change for my new job but I knew if I was to walk amongst the daywalkers I would have to buy lighter colored clothes to fit in. I wondered if I would tan if I went swimming so I needed swim trunks just in case, I no longer had Pam to shop for me so this could be fun.

With that being said we left my house with only a few of my favored possessions taken with me. I had had them all my undead life and I was not going to leave them behind. My art work I could deal without but I think I will ask Desmond to tell Pam not to sell any of it. I would figure out a way to display it for all to see along with myself.

Maybe have Pam open a small museum of sorts and display everything in mine and Godric’s treasure rooms. No need to sell it to the highest bidder, let the public admire what we had and they did not. But I think I will make the museum free of charge so more will go see and admire it from afar but have maximum security set in place so that it could not be stolen. I would have Desmond work out the details. Yes that would be a great plan. The Flowers could run it. Possibly my cars could have the same thing done so they are not sold off to the undeserving.

With that we were off, to shimmer, to Ruston. Yes it was far enough away from Shreveport and it had a mom and pop motel we could stay in and very few vampires that would see us. It was good enough for as long as we needed it but we certainly needed to work on getting a vehicle soon because if we are to be daywalkers now we needed to fit in.

No shimmering during the day.

So off to a start of a New Day…. To our New Beginnings.

Many thanks to Sephrenia for the story, chapter and character banners!  Some are even animated!

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    • thanks for reading and re-reading…. i am okay with not winning, i write for fun and if i get an award so be it…. but i did kind of win, i Beta’d Lady Anna’s story ‘For As Long As We Live’ and that is good enough for me, i will post again soon. KY

  2. Still amazing through my second reading and looking forward to more! Lord, those banners are crazy good! You guys are wonderful and I’m thankful you all share!!

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  4. Oh I really enjoyed this story in fact I voted for this one!
    It has such an intriguing plot line. ..Can’t wait for more

  5. Such a cool story idea! I love how he liked Sookie right away and how Bill was burned to a crisp, lol. I’m so glad Godric is in it!

    Those banners are awesome. Wow! I’m very impressed!

  6. As I mentioned in another place, I really enjoyed reading this in the contest. It is unique – a new twist on an old tale. The idea of them now becoming death personified makes sense! But why do I feel that it will be that tricky love that will trip up our Viking? That the love of his Maker will not be enough in the end? I did chuckle when he realized the cars would have to stay. boys and toys.
    So happy your muse has found you again. It just took the right hook, and looks like you found a good one.

    • thanks for reading and yes this story is a bit different than others, and yes LOVE will play a big part but it will not only hit the Viking but the Gaul. yes hoping the muse stays alive. KY

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