If Dreams Come True

(Work in Progress)

If Dreams Come True is an all human story set in the “book-verse.”

What happens when a simple girl meets the man of her dreams?  But they are from different worlds! 

Story Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story; Charlaine Harris does and I am just playing with them for a bit and bringing in a few new friends.

Note: This story is for mature readers only.  If you are not 18, please stop reading.

Author’s comments: While writing this story I wanted to give some of the characters their chance to talk.  When I change from Sookie’s POV to another I will let you know.  The story is mainly written in her point of view but it will change from time to time. 

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

Chapter 2: What’s Really Real?

Chapter 3: Your Latte awaits! 

Chapter 4: Much Ado about Nothing 

Chapter 5: Douche Bag 

Chapter 6: Oh Shit Moment 

Chapter 7: The Aftermath

Chapter 8: Year of Longing

Chapter 9: Blood Moon

Chapter 10 (Part 1): Trial

Chapter 10 (Part 2): Trial

Chapter 10 (Part 3): Trial

Chapter 11: Life AFTER the Trial 

Chapter 12: Light Bulb

Chapter 13: Lazy Hazy Days

Chapter 14: Poor Timing 

Chapter 15: Summer Vacation

Chapter 16: Good Riddance

Chapter 17: OSM 

Chapter 18: The Plan 

Chapter 19: Pre-Junior School Days

Chapter 20: Wonderlust School Days

Chapter 21: Birthday Wishes 

Chapter 22: Graduation / My Undoing

Chapter 23: Bon Temp 

Note: This story is in temporary hiatus, but will return.

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