Chapter 10 (Part 1): Trial


Well after our Shreveport trip, things for me were hectic but fun.  I loved school and I loved my friends.   My life was finally looking up.  I had my memories of Eric and I thought I was living in “High Cotton” from my memories, dancing for him was awesome.

 The girls told me from their vantage point, they had monitors in front of them, that my dance for Eric was a very EROTIC one; Eric was enchanted and engrossed by it.  They wanted to know how the crew could have panned over to Dawn when he wasn’t even looking at her….  IDIOTs……  I was cool with that, I knew who I was dancing for and I loved every minute of it.

 It was a few days later I saw one of those RAG magazines stating that Dawn broke up with Eric very publically and he was devastated.  From what I could tell at the shooting, he was pissed at her and he did the breaking up.

The Rags get it wrong SOOOOO often.

 She must have been a real bitch for him to break up with her while they were traveling.

What can I say about school; homework, labs and studying; pretty boring stuff.  Life was kind to me for the first time in almost 2 years. 

The holidays came and went and I went home instead of going to Janice’s.   I drove home with her since she had a car and I didn’t but I told her Gran was getting up in her years and I wanted to make sure I spent as much time with her as possible.   I asked her to please make my apologies to her parents.  She told me the guy she wanted me to meet was going to be there during our Christmas break and she really wanted me there but I told her maybe the next holiday break.  I just wasn’t ready.  What I didn’t tell her was I had my memories of Eric and I was good to go.

 Once I got home for Christmas break, it went by quickly and I was back to LSU in no time. While home from break I did not hear a peep from Frannie Quinn so I thought maybe she had given up with the notes plus I was curious as to what was happening with Quinn’s trial, we hadn’t heard from the Detective lately so I figured they were still backlogged.  Life was definitely good.

It was mid-March and we were all in the lounge.  So engrossed with “Blood Moon” we didn’t know we had guests.  Apparently they had been there the whole time, waiting for our show to end.  It was Det. Coughlin and Bob, the security guy.

 This must not be good if they were both here.

The Detective explained the trial was going to start at the end of April and the District Attorney would be contacting us about our statements and wanted us to give depositions soon. He would make sure the DA contacted us before we left for home; her name was Portia Bellefleur.

 Hmm, I wonder if she was related to Andy.

 I asked him if he had news on whether Mr. Northman would be there or not and he told us he did not.

He asked me why it was important for him to be there.

I told him I needed to know so I could thank him properly since I was not given the opportunity to do so earlier. He chuckled and said he would see what he could find out.

He told us to just enjoy our Spring Break and once we got back then the trial would probably be starting, he would clear it with the school for us to be missing classes so we could be in attendance…

I hated the idea of waiting but I knew the longer they had to get the information against Quinn, the better off I was; he would spending a very long time in jail.  I was so looking forward to not looking over my shoulder all the time.

Well, Janice talked me into going to her house for Spring Break; I loved her parents and the solitude I felt at her house.  Dad told us he would send his lawyer to us when they needed our depositions done so we were covered and not taken advantage of.

I told him he did not have to do that but I was grateful.

 I know not to look a gift horse in the mouth but I felt bad about him spending money on me.  But Janice reminded me he was there for her too, so I was covered. I had forgotten that she was the one in the dorm house who had called the police about Claudine’s attack.   I thanked Mom and Dad and told them I would repay them somehow. 

The Herveaux’s gave me a huge surprise toward the end of our week break.   Mom and Dad said they would see us shortly but in actuality they went to Bon Temps to pick up Gran.   She was going to stay with us for my last four days of break.  I was so excited when they walked in the door with her following behind them; it was the best thing they could have done for me.

 I was nervous about the trial and having Gran there before we left to go back to school was a gift from god.  She calmed me down and got me off the ledge of guilt so I could cope better.

 Yes guilt, I felt guilty for Quinn’s situation; I kept faulting myself even though I knew I was not to blame. 

 Her visit was much needed and I was grateful Mom and Dad thought of it; she is my world and I did not know what I was going to do when she finally passed away.

We headed back to Baton Rouge again with a positive outlook and the feeling that everything was going to work out to our benefit.

 It was a week later DA Bellefleur contacted us to come in for our depositions.  We told her we needed to contact our lawyer so he could attend.  She was surprised we had one and that it was the same lawyer for some of us. She set it up so he would only have to travel up to Baton Rouge once. 

We contacted Copley and the Herveaux’s about sending their lawyers out in two days time.  They said he would meet us at the courthouse at 8am and he would talk to us before the depositions.

 It wasn’t until that morning we found out that Mr. Cataliades represented both Copley and the Herveaux’s.  He said he was fine with that and he would get with the adults later to let them know.  The other thing he thought was funny was he was representing all of us; Janice, Tara, Amelia, Claudine, Maria and myself.   He knew there would not be a conflict of interest so he was okay with it.  

Before we went in, he wanted to warn us about one thing; Quinn asked to be present; we would have to deal with his presence in the room.   He told us he was not allowed to speak to us but he could glare.  Okay, that made me nervous.

As we waited in the hallway for our turn, we found out Catherine had her deposition the same day as ours so that way Quinn would only be out of his jail cell for one day.

I think they were nervous Quinn would try and escape.  You never knew where Frannie was lurking.

 About 15 minutes went by and we noticed the doors at the end of the hallway flung open and a woman came running out of it crying and dropped to her knees in the hallway.

She was a mess.

 I got up and ran to her and the rest of the girls followed.  

When I knelt down to her I asked her what her name was?

 She said Catherine.

I asked her, “What was the matter?”

All she could get out was,  “HIM.”

I knew instantly who him was.  He was trying to intimidate her, and it worked.

She said, “She came by herself with no lawyer because she could not afford one and the DA was not being very courteous to her feelings of being abused and hiding it for long. “ 

She was devastated.

We all looked at Mr. C and called him over; he walked over to us to see what he could do to help. We told him what she said and he said he would help, that adding one more youngin’ to his group of witnesses was not going to be an issue.  He told us to take her to the bathroom and clean her up.  That Catherine and he would march right back into the room and give Quinn a piece of their mind.

We got her cleaned up, told her we would be with her in spirit and she marched back in with her head held high to give him a piece of her mind.   Mr. C later told us Quinn was pissed she came back in. He demanded a mistrial since she ran out.  He was told that a mistrial only happens in the courtroom.  They were only taking depositions now which would be helpful during the trial starting in less than a week.

As we all marched in, one by one with Mr. C at our side, Quinn got away with nothing.  Mr. C would not have it.  When he growled, Mr. C told his lawyer to control his client.  When Quinn would glare or show us a mean smirk, Mr. C would ask for him to be controlled or removed.  The depositions went a lot smoother than we all thought they would.  I wasn’t nervous anymore; I knew I had a lawyer who was on my side and who would protect me at the trial.

Mr. C said he would attend the trial next week so that we were not taken advantage of during it.  He would be sitting with DA Bellefleur when each one of us was on the witness stand.  He got Catherine’s phone number from her before he left and told her if she needed anything to give him a call.  He bid us adieu.

Catherine stayed with us for a little while so we could talk.  She said she couldn’t afford this trip but she knew she needed to be there. She hid what he did to her for too long and it had affected her in more ways than one.

 The rape did a number on her and she was unable to hold a job or a relationship.  She said she needed closure.

 We told her to cancel her hotel room and she could stay with us in the dorm; we would make do.  Amelia immediately called Copley and let him know and he told her to use his credit card to make her comfortable for however long the trial took.  He would see us soon.

We stayed at the courthouse for a while hoping to see Eric Northman but no one ever showed up.  The last person to come out from his deposition was Det. Coughlin.  I asked him about Eric.  He told me they did a teleconference with him since he was overseas filming and could not be here for the deposition or trial.  It would be his producer from “Blood Moon”, Felicia Ramirez, here in his stead.

I deflated; I needed to see him. I needed to thank him…  My mood turned sour to say the least.  The girls tried to cheer me up.  It wasn’t happening. 

Janice told me it was only a matter of time before I saw him again and to have faith.  She had this huge smile on her face and I really did not know why.

Did she know something I didn’t?

It had been a week since I saw Quinn, the trial started and the jury was being selected and we weren’t allowed in the courtroom until it was our turn to talk.   But we got a pleasant surprise when we all arrived the first day.  We were all sitting out in the hall of the courthouse waiting to be called in one at a time when the outside doors opened and in walked our parent(s) or grandparent. 

 Copley set it all up so we would have their support and he insisted on paying all the bills.

Catherine’s parents were even there and that made her cheer up immensely.

The only thing that would or could be better if the doors opened again and Eric walked through them.   But he didn’t, I did not even see Felicia.

Gran hugged me and then the parents all walked in together; they sat as a united front.  I was told later by Mr. C that Quinn turned to see who walked in, you could tell by his face he knew who a few of them were but was mystified at the rest of the adults.   If he thought he could intimidate anyone now, he was in for a rude awakening.

We had Backup.

 Looking at how big Mr. Herveaux was, he’s intimidating enough for anyone.  That man was not a tiny man; he was huge just like his son.

 The trial proceeded but slowly; we were not all called into testify today. We would have to do this all over again tomorrow.

 My nerves were shattered; I wanted this over.

 Copley was taking us all out for dinner and we were informed we all had a room at the hotel so we could visit with our folks.  He even told us to buy a new outfit for tomorrow since we would not be going back to the dorms tonight and maybe even tomorrow night.  That everything was going to be provided for us.

 It was really sweet of him but I needed alone time; I needed to go for a walk and talk to Eric.

I desperately needed to talk to Eric, I missed him so much.  I needed him to be my rock….  I knew I had to get away later and I would do my best to do it or come up with another plan.

It was while we were headed for dinner that I saw Felicia Ramirez.   I asked the group to give me a minute; I needed to talk to her.

 I walked up to her and introduced myself.  She smiled at me and said she knew who I was and that she was proud of me for standing up for myself.  I asked her if she knew why Mr. Northman was unable to attend and she told me he was in the middle of a shoot in Iceland and was unable to get a flight back in time.  I told her I wanted to thank him for what he did for me, if he hadn’t been so observant I might not be alive today.  She smiled at me and said she understood and she would relay the message to him…

 I thanked her for attending and I asked her if she would like to join our group for dinner.  She smiled at me nervously and said she would be delighted.  I walked her up to the group and started the introductions with Catherine and her family, Claudine and hers, Amelia and her dad, Tara and her Mom, Maria and her dad, my Gran and then Janice and her parents.  I got a strange feeling from the look Felicia shot at Dad Herveaux and he just shook his head at her. 

That was weird.

I guess I would have to ask about that later.

We had a great time at dinner and talked like old friends, I knew us girls were friends but the parents and Felicia joined right in.  We told them all about our adventure to Shreveport where we were extras in “Blood Moon”.   Catherine said she was jealous and wished she had enough courage to do that.  We told her to stick with us and she would be able to do it, come hell or high water. 

All the parents laughed.

 It seemed Felicia was quite interested in our Shreveport story.  She said she remembered that night of filming and there was a bit of a ruckus during the taping of the dance scene.  It seems Mr. Northman and Dawn Green had ended their personal relationship and it was causing all sorts of problems on the set.  Apparently when the crew mistakenly spotlighted her instead of the real dancer Eric was watching it pissed him off and he let the crew have it.  But being the professional he is, he waited until all the extras were gone.     I blushed and the girls started cackling.    Felicia asked what the problem was and I couldn’t answer, so of course Amelia said the dancer he was watching was Sookie.  She turned to me and said really?  I am going to have to pull the tape and see what he saw to make his face so lustful… I blushed and Gran laughed at me for doing so.  I was never going to live this down.

The night progressed without a hitch, even Mr. C ended up joining us.

 As we finished up, Copley led us to the Hotel Boutique and told all of us girls to find an outfit and under things and to put it on his tab.  The other parents balked but he reminded them of their agreement and he would not even notice the cost on his AMEX Platinum.  We all thanked him and he reminded us that cost was NOT a problem so to buy what we liked.

 We spent an hour in there.

The moms and Gran were having a great time with us and the dads stayed outside and smiled at our fun. I could see them all talking but I also noticed that Felicia walked up to Mr. Herveaux and she walked a short distance away with him to speak privately.  I wonder what that was all about.  Mom H noticed the encounter and just smiled and shook her head.  I wonder how Felicia knew him.

HMMMM, a thought for later.

I had to get away; I asked Gran if she would help me get some alone time.   Her response was sure honey, how can I help you.  I told her just help me get by myself for a little while.

So our plan was for me to go back to her room with her because she was tired and then I would sneak out to the pool deck to be by myself. 

It worked…….. I was ecstatic………  Yes, alone time with Eric and the MOON.

As I walked out of the back entrance, I found the pool area was empty; I found a cabana lounge chair and looked up at the MOON and the stars.  It was a full moon so I knew Eric would be listening to me.

I poured my heart out to him.  I told him I missed him; I wished he was here with me. To be careful. To stay safe.  To enjoy his following day and to break a leg… I giggled at that.

 The final thing I said was that I loved him….

 It was the first time I said it out load and it felt good.  I knew he did not reciprocate that feeling but it felt good to say it.

 It re-energized me.

 I could face another day waiting and knowing I would be seeing him again soon, whenever that may be.

 I turned around because I heard a noise but I did not see anyone, so I figured it was a lizard or something like that making a noise.  If we were at my home, I would say a coon or possum but since we were in the city I figured it was something smaller.

I went back to my musing and talking to Eric and realized I had been out there for a while and I needed to get in before a search party came out to find me.  Plus we needed to go to bed soon; we had to get up early to be at the courthouse at 8am.

We all got to the courthouse at 8am on the dot; the trial did not start until 9am.  We were instructed to be there early.  As we all stood in the hallway, we saw Quinn being lead in at the end of the hall.  He screamed at us and called us all bitches.

 Mr. C told us to ignore him but we couldn’t ignore Mrs. Quinn and Frannie.  They marched right up to us and that’s when Mrs. Quinn slapped me in the face.   I was shocked and the police officer next to us asked me if I wanted to press charges, I said NO, this was her one and only shot because the next time she was going to get a beat down of her own.  Frannie started yelling at me, blaming me for everything Quinn did wrong.  Hell I wasn’t even a glimmer in his eye when he attacked Catherine, what the hell was her problem.

 They escorted her away and told her if she did not calm down she would be ejected from the courthouse.  Yeah Frannie calming down; don’t see it happening… I do see her in a pretty orange jumpsuit of her own.

This was not the first outburst from Frannie; apparently her mom and she had moved to Baton Rouge to be closer to Quinn and were causing issues at the BRPD.   It was just the first outburst directed at me. I was already getting letters and notes from her at school but I had kept it to myself so no one else would worry.  I spoke with Mr. C about them and he told me to bring them as evidence after the fact.  Frannie was so screwed.  She told me she and Quinn would get to me after the trial and she hated to see what I looked like then.  Nobody would want me ever again.  Some of the letters were rough but I dealt with them the best I could.  Mr. C was positive that these letters would put the nail in Quinn’s coffin, so it was agreed I would be the last witness.  Poor Catherine was first but after she testified she looked a 100% better. 

The day went by slowly for me as the rest of the girls and Felicia were called to the stand.  The trial was called at 3pm and was going to be reconvened at 9am tomorrow.  Shit one more day.  I did not think I could make it through another night. 

Frannie tried to approach me again and the police officer assigned to us pulled her off of me.  I was shocked she tried to do it again.  Det. Coughlin assigned a geeky looking cop to us for protection. His name was Kevin Pryor, but we figured what the heck it couldn’t hurt.

Well our night pretty much went the same way as our previous day and Copley took us all to dinner.  Our entourage was the same including Felicia, Mr. C and now Kevin Pryor. After dinner and small talk, we headed to the boutique again but this time we did not fuss much about what we were doing we knew better than to say NO to Copley.  He even told the moms and Gran to buy a new outfit.  That made them all giddy as a church mouse.  It was fun shopping for them too.

I asked for Gran’s help again and she asked me what I was up to.  Was there a boy in my life?  I giggled at that and said YES AND NO.  But I would explain once we got up to the room.  I wanted to keep it private…

We got up to the room and she sat me down and asked again, what was up?

I took a deep breath and told her the story of Eric Northman and what he means to me.  I looked at her after I finished and she showed no emotion. Nothing….. Oh Shit she did not approve.

I held my breath…. Was she ever going to say anything…..?

It was in the next moment when she spoke to me like she used to when I was little. 

“Child you were always special.  You’re a Moon Child because of you birthday…. You have always loved the moon and you associate all good things with it… it was the moon you turned to when your parents died and it is the moon you turned to now for comfort….. You associate the moon with the man you believe to be your soulmate, the one you love with all your heart and soul….  And he could possibly be true love for you…. But don’t hold back from happiness with another…. You two may never meet up romantically and I would hate to see you waste away and not give me a great grand baby …”

 I gasped and she smirked and giggled.

“ Sookie dear, you are a proud and beautiful person and you need to follow your heart… if you think Eric Northman is the one, then try and see if that dream comes true, but always be aware of who is around you and try to let yourself be happy while you wait….. It is all I ask, but please don’t shortchange yourself while you wait… I am sure he will not shortchange himself either or if he is even aware of your connection.”

I thought for a moment that she was right.

  My heart belong to him, could I give it to another? … But when will we meet up again and will we be single and ready for one another?

Maybe never.

I was not going to let life slip away… I could have fun but I needed to make sure I stayed safe in my heart too.  Quinn did a number on my heart and I don’t think I was ready for any more hurt…

I thanked Gran for the talk and asked her if she minded if I went outside to talk to Eric… She said go ahead child, you deserve some peace.   I love my Gran; she always knew the right thing to say.

I went outside to the pool area, once again it was deserted.

 I lay down on the cabana lounge chair and looked up at the moon.  It had a sheer haze to it and the moon looked like it was shimmering or crying.   My heart ached but I knew if I talked to him I would feel better.  I told him about my day and said I would love to have heard about his day.  His was probably more exciting than mine.  I did not stay out there as long as last night because I heard that noise again.   It made me nervous my mind kept going back to what Frannie Quinn said; I figured my best bet was to get my butt back inside.

I quickly told Eric.

I missed him dearly… to be careful and to stay safe…… to break a leg tomorrow while filming (of course I giggled again) and to have a great day.  He will be thought of often since I would need his strength to help me through my portion of the trial….  Lastly I told him I Loved Him and I knew one day we would actually meet where we held a conversation instead of longing looks….

Good night my love, sweet dreams.

I went back inside and headed for my room… I passed Felicia on the way and she just smiled at me with a knowing devious smile. 

What the hell was that all about?

Whatever, I was tired and I needed to try and get some rest. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

Morning came too soon.  But we made it to court at 8am on the dot.  Of course it was our entourage again but instead of PO Pryor it was Det. Coughlin.  I felt safe again.   Frannie actually kept her distance but I did not trust her at all.  I figure even once Quinn was sent away, she would be my next problem.

Everyone went in but me and the Detective, he said he would wait with me until I was called.  I was grateful… I would have rattled away if he did not stay with me.  It wasn’t until 10am when I got called in to testify. 

Here goes nothing.

Two long years of hell and it was almost over.

 I was sworn in and Quinn yelled at me that I was a whore and a bitch.  The growl that came from Mr. Herveaux was one for the record books.  It was scary and intimidating and Quinn backed right down.  Mrs. H just patted his knee and kissed his cheek, he was so sweet to stand up for me that way.  I truly felt like his adopted daughter and I was proud to have him as an adoptive dad…  I gave him a big smile and nodded I was ready to the DA. 

However, it did not stop me from trembling.

I knew the questioning was going to be tough but I knew I had my family and friends there to support me and in my mind I had Eric.  I could get through this. I realized then how fucked up my life with Quinn truly was. He was bad news and I was an idiot to believe all his lies.

The DA started with my life in Bon Temps and how and when I met Quinn.  I was asked about my virginity and when I lost it to my partner at the time and who that partner was.    I made sure to tell everyone Quinn’s and my theory about getting married so it was okay in the eyes of God for me to lose my virginity to him after I turned 18yrs old.   I believed with all my heart he was who I was going to marry.   I then explained how I found out he was cheating on me and told them about Prom and what happened after it.  I told them when I tried to talk to him he had been drinking so he became aggressive and that is why I got the restraining order. 

I was asked about my move to Baton Rouge and if it was planned.  I explained my late scholarship and admittance to LSU.  I told them about an argument I had with Quinn and this is when I had told him about my scholarship and leaving. It was then he became even madder at me.  I told him we were over and I was going to Baton Rouge without him.

We were over.  

My dream was to be a teacher and I was going to go through with that dream, come hell or high water.

I was then asked about my school life, what it consisted of and what I did.  Did I go to parties, did I socialize with the opposite sex, etc.  I told them my life was school and my studies and my friends and that for me to do anything extracurricular I had to be dragged there, but once I was there I had fun. But to keep in mind that did not happen often.

I was asked to explain, so I told them about our trip to Starbucks and the Meet and Greet.  That the girls had to explain to me what it was because I really did not watch TV too much.   I elaborated about it a bit more and was shocked at the next question.

The DA asked me if I was sexually active with Eric Northman.  My mouth dropped open and I gasped as did everyone else. 

My only response to that question was, “I WISH”.  I heard giggles from my entourage.

 I explained I had never met Mr. Northman before that day and I could not say I really met him… The only words uttered between us were, “Can I get you anything?” His response was “No thank you.”, I explained that I was buying lattes for me and the girls and I wanted to know if he wanted one. …. My next words to him were “Nice meeting you” as I walked away with the lattes and his next words to me were “Nice meeting you too” that happened after our picture was taken.  That was all of our conversation.   Nothing before that or after that…

The next time I saw him was during an Extras call in Shreveport…   The girls went to see Alcide and be extras for him and I wanted to try and be an extra for Eric’s dance scene.  Not once did we speak to one another.  I saw him, said hello from about 50ft away and got no response but he was taping his show so I figured he wouldn’t respond.  We left and I did not see him again.

 I figured I would see him here today because it was Mr. Northman who had alerted the security at the site.  But he was busy with a new movie and couldn’t get away.

The DA asked me why I wanted to see him, if we did not know one another.

I said I wanted to thank him for saving my life, because I truly believed if Quinn got a hold of me I would be dead by now.

There was a couple of gasps from the courtroom but the DA moved on. 

 She asked me if there was anything else I wanted to address with the court.  I told her there was but would it be okay if my lawyer was the one to ask the questions because I was nervous about what I had to offer next.

My entourage looked at one another trying to figure out what was up because none of them knew about this.

The DA obliged and the defense had no problem with it because he would get his chance to cross examine me.

Mr. C asked how he and I met and when.  I explained that Jackson Herveaux and Copley Carmichael had both sent you up to us as our lawyer, meaning all the girls here today.   They both had you on retainer and asked you to be here for us in case we needed a lawyer’s advice.   When we met privately, I asked you a question about safety issues and you asked me why I needed to ask.

I showed you a note I had received just that morning and I was horrified at what it said.  You asked me where the note was found and I told you, I found it tucked under my door just like I had all the others. 

By this time the entourage was all murmuring about what was I talking about, what notes.  Gran didn’t even know. 

I stated that I felt ashamed for not letting anyone know but I figured Frannie was harmless until yesterday when she confronted me out front.

 I proceeded to tell Mr. C the notes started at the end of last year and then disappeared over the summer but when school started again. I got at least one note or letter per month.  They were all signed by Frannie Quinn. 

Quinn turned around and asked “Frannie what the fuck did you do now?”

The judge told Quinn to be quiet so I could proceed. 

Mr. C asked me if I kept the letters and I told him I did.

 He asked if I had them with me now and I told him yes. 

He asked me to present them to the court so that they could be entered into record.

The defense attorney objected but the judge overruled it and said she would like to read some of these notes before we proceeded…

I handed the stack of letters over to Mr. C who gave them to the Judge. 

There must have been 50 notes.

The judge skimmed over them and put a few to the side.  Once she was done, she told the clerk to enter all the notes in as evidence but the five she laid to the side she wanted me to read out loud….

Shit I was afraid of that….  I closed my eyes and prayed to God and to Eric to give me the strength to do this.  I needed him right now more than ever.   I started to tremble.

Once the documents were entered into evidence, they were given back to me and I was asked to read them in the order the judge had laid them out. 

Okay, I could do this.  Just breathe and speak clearly…. It isn’t going to kill you to read it but just do it and get it over with.

Note 1-

You Bitch, you are dead once Quinn gets released from jail.  I am going to laugh over your naked dead body.


Note 2-

Your severed head will look nice on a silver platter.

Much love, Frannie Quinn

Note 3-

Once Quinn has his way with you and you are a used up whore there will be no man alive who would want any part of you.

You’re soon to be sister in law Frannie “fucking” Quinn

Note 4-

You whore, I see you dancing like a slut for him….Did you spread your legs open for him as quickly as you did for my brother, you slut.  I am sure Quinn ruined you for any other man.

Lovingly yours, FQ

Note 5-

Bitch, you are mine once the trial is over.  You disgraced Quinn.  You disgraced my family and I am going to hang you like the KKK did to the black bastards back in the 60’s. I am going to have so much fun with you and once I am done I will see if Quinn wants any piece that is left.  You are a whore and you need to be treated as one, I have lined up a few good men to make you know what it feels like to be the whore you are.   Enjoy your days because they are coming to a close real quick,

Best regards, Frannie Quinn

By the time I got through to the last one I was crying silently.  I needed to get through this and then I could fall apart.   Damn it Eric, I need you now more than ever.

Mr. C asked me if I ready to continue and I said yes. 

The judge let everyone else know the DA, Defense attorney, Quinn and the gallery; that those notes I read weren’t even the worst of them, but she was not going to subject me to reading anymore.  They were horrifying to say the least.

I looked up to see my entourage crying and leaning on one another.

The judge told us to proceed.

Mr. C asked me if I thought the notes were an attack on me personally.  I told him at first I thought Frannie was just lashing out like she did back in Bon temps.  He asked me to elaborate.  I told him she would send me notes at school, place them on my car. 

Telling me, no demanding me, to go back to Quinn.

When I came home for the holidays she would yell at me in my own yard to drop the charges, I had to call the Sheriff and he told her to back off or he would press charges.  She backed off and I thought the harassment was over. 

It started again at the end of last year.  I figured she was visiting so I figured they would end once she went back home.  When school started again the notes started again.  As the months went on the notes became more violent.   I did not want to bother anyone with them, I thought they were my own cross to bear but when Frannie and Mrs. Quinn attacked me yesterday I knew I had a big problem on my hands if Quinn went away to jail for a very long time.

Quinn said, “Fuck you two, can’t you get anything right. I told you just to scare her not tell her you were going to kill her.”  Fuck, he realized he said that a little too loud and the whole court heard him including the judge.  If there was ever a deer in the headlights look Quinn had it on his face at that moment.  He just sealed his own coffin.

Mr. C asked one more question.   If you had to do it all over again would you have dated Quinn and would you have went to LSU?  I told the court Quinn was my biggest regret and LSU was my dream since I was a little girl and I was going to fulfill my dream….

Mr. C said he had no further question.

 The defense attorney looked at Quinn and whispered in his ear and then Quinn wrote something down on a pad…  Quinn and the Defense attorney stood and told the judge they would like to change his Not-Guilty Plea to a Guilty Plea because of the new evidence.

The Judge told them both a little late for that but she would accept it.  She ordered for him to sit back down as she passed sentence, she was not going to give him time to enter for a plea deal nor was she going to let him try for an appeal.   The sentence was getting passed today.

After she wrote a few things down she said.

“Mr. Quinn please rise.  I find you guilty of all charges.”

For the charge of rape you will receive 25 years.

For the charge of battery you will receive 20 years for each charge or a total of 40 years.

For the two charges of Stalking with intent to cause bodily harm you will receive 10 years for each count or 20 years.

For assaulting a police officer, you will receive a sentence of 10 years.  As you proved you were not smart enough to only do it once you did it 3 times.

For the charge of resisting arrest, you will receive 5 years.

By my count that is a sentence of 100 years.

It will be written into the record that you are a flight risk; you are to not be given parole as you do not feel remorse.  You will be sent to the Louisiana State Prison and at that time your sentence will start and your time will be consecutively, you sir will serve all your time, Mr. Quinn, no getting out on good behavior.  

Good luck Mr. Quinn, you will need it.

Before I continue Mr. Quinn do you have anything to say? 

He turned to me and told me he was sorry, he did love me but his love became an obsession and he hurt a lot of people in the long run.  To Catherine, he said he was sorry and nothing else.

The judge told the bailiff to cuff him and take him out of the courtroom before she proceeded with her next sentence.

Everyone looked at one another because they did not know what she was talking about.

Mrs. Quinn yelled to John that they would get him out.  Give her time; they hadn’t seen the last of the Mighty Quinn’s.

As Quinn was lead away, the detective was asked to come forward.  He was asked if he had his cuffs with him and he nodded yes.  He was told to please place Frannie Quinn under arrest as an accomplice to the stalking and battery case of Sookie Stackhouse and Claudine Crane; that she was going to be sentenced here and now since she was a danger to the general population. 

Mr. Glassport, will you represent her for the sentencing? He said yes that he would.

 By this time momma Quinn was pissed, she jumped over the chairs and went after the judge.  It was Jackson Herveaux who took her down; there was a heavy thump but she was still squirming to get at the judge.  By this time, the Bailiff had come back in and took over for Mr. H. Damn what the hell was happening.  All I could do is sit there with my mouth open and watch.

Mr. Glassport, I see that we will have two sentencing’s today. Will you represent both of these women?  He said he would.

The judge proceeded to sentence Frannie Quinn to 50 years without parole for her role in the battery and stalking case.  She was also ordered psychiatric treatment since she was even less void of remorse than her brother.

The judge then sentenced Mrs. Quinn to 20 years without parole; for her role in guiding her children in their roles of battery and stalking crimes against three woman, Sookie Stackhouse, Catherine Reynolds and Claudine Crane.  But she was to be held at the Psychiatric hospital as she was not fit for the general population at the LA Women’s Correctional Facility.

Holy Mother of God….. What the hell just happened? 

All three of the Quinn’s were being locked up.

Catherine and I were now safe forever… it was too surreal.

We all hugged one another and thanked the DA.  We thanked Mr. C but Copley told all of us we were going back to hotel for one more night and we were all celebrating our victory.

I felt happy but sad because Eric was not here to celebrate with us.  He deserved to be here; he helped catch Quinn for god’s sake.   I missed him now more than ever.

We made it back to the Hotel and we all headed upstairs to clean up a bit and change if we wanted.  Copley asked everyone to attend dinner including Felicia. 

He told us to meet back downstairs in 45 minutes.

I knew as we rode the elevator upstairs there were questions about Frannie’s notes but I only wanted to answer them once so I asked everyone to please wait until we were all together again…   everyone agreed and we all dispersed to our own rooms.   

I figured I would use this time to clean my face up and talk to Eric.  I needed to let him know what happened.

As I talked to Eric, my mind started to calm down.  I told him about everything and what the outcome was.  It felt good. I felt good….  I felt like my life was turning towards the good.


But I knew that once I got downstairs I would be hit with a lot of questions and I would be told I was an ass for keeping those threats to myself.  I will have to explain to them at the time I thought I was doing the right thing. 

This whole year had been fucked up by Quinn and Frannie and I would not let them fuck up the rest of my life.

It was MY Life Now and I Was Going To Live It My Way.

Well time was up and I went next door to collect Gran and take her down stairs for our dinner celebration. 

As the elevator doors opened, I had three sets of angry eyes on me.   That just made me more nervous than I already was.

I held my hand up in a stop motion and told them they had to wait.

They were not happy.

Tara, Amelia and Janice just glared at me. I was feeling uncomfortable until Mr. H came up behind me and put his arm around me and said he was proud of me and he had my back.  I laughed.

The girls continued to glare.

As we all assembled and sat down I asked to be able to have the table for a minute to speak, I had something to say and I hope that this would be suffice and they would not ask me any questions.

I was nodded at, so I began.  

“I want to thank you all for your time and help during these hard times; I want to say something to each one of you so I want to start to my left which is Mr. and Mrs. H.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Herveaux, You treat me as your daughter and I appreciate everything you do and have done for me.  You give me strength when I need it and I appreciate it.  My parents died when I was little and you are the best adoptive parents I could ever have.  I hope to have you in my life forever.  Thank you.”

“Janice, you have been my rock when I needed you and you never questioned my motives and I appreciate it.   You might not have realized how over this past year you have done a lot more for me emotionally than I can ever admit.  We have become close over the last two years and I hope we remain friends and sisters. I love you.”

“Tara, you have been my friend since we were knee high to a grasshopper. You have been with me through a lot of good and bad times.  This being one of the bad and it is over, we will survive this as we have everything else.  Please do not judge me for keeping secrets now.  I Love You”  

“Mrs. Thornton, thank you for allowing Tara to be my friend and sister.”

“Maria, we have been becoming better friends over the last year and I am sorry you got pulled into this mess but I look forward to our future as friends. Thank you”

“Mr. Starr, thank you for raising Maria to have the courage to stand up for what she felt is right.”

“Catherine, we have only just met and I hope you find it in your heart to heal.  You are a great person and if you would consider coming back to LSU I am sure we can find a place for you in our family. It was very strong of you to finally be able to stand up to Quinn and I hope you can heal now.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds, be proud of your daughter she did good.”

“Claudine, my sister, my roomie and my counselor.  You my friend are one of a kind, there are not many people out there who would stand up to someone like Quinn and shrug it off.  You analyze everything and I love you for it.  I know we only have another year together as you will be graduating next year but I hope we stay in touch.  You will always be my guardian angel.  I love you with all my heart.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Crane, you raised a wonderful daughter, be very proud of her.”

“Copley, you are a wonderful father to both Amelia and me.  You have my heart as you have given me yours.  I am proud to call you a friend and a father figure.  I love you deeply.  Thank you for all of your help during this horrible time with Quinn. I will never forget your kindness.”

“Amelia, you are my sister in every way except by birth.  You are a rock for me to lean on; you always have been and always will be.  I hid something from you because unlike you I like to keep a few things private.  I love you, I always will and I hope you can forgive me for hiding those notes from you.  As I said at the trial, it was my cross to bear and with Mr. C’s help I was able to weld my sword and dealt with it in the best possible way.   You will always be in my life and I Love You.”

“Mr. C, you my kind friend are a pistol and you know it.  You helped me more than you will ever know and you gave me the strength and will power to present those letters into evidence.  It helped to put away Frannie and I will be forever in your debt.  You are a kind and gentle soul and I am happy you were on my side.  Thank You.”

Felicia, Thank you for coming and if you could please tell Mr. Northman I am forever in his debt for being so observant I will never know how to repay him, he stepped up for someone he did not know and I will love him forever for it.  Please let him know that I would like to meet up with him to thank him in person whenever he is in Louisiana again.  Thank you again for your time and coming to the trial. You have become a great friend and I hope we keep in touch…” 

“Gran, what can I say.  You raised me right and showed me how to be strong and to be a survivor and after this chapter of my life I am a survivor.  I love you so much and I don’t know what else I can possibly say to you that you don’t already know.  Thank you for raising me after Mommy and Daddy died, you were the best surrogate parent anyone could ever have.  Thank you for coming to the Trial, I needed your strength.  I love you.”

Last but not least, “Thank you God for giving me strength when I needed it most today.”

“Now for those letters, I hid them from all of you because I thought Frannie was just blowing off smoke like she did back at home.  I really did not pay close attention to what she wrote because I believed deep down she would never hurt me.  Yes, I was wrong and I regret not letting any of you know.  But as I told Mr. C it was a burden I did not want to inflict on any one else.   I realized the other night when I went outside by myself that the noise I heard could have been Frannie watching and stalking me.  And from what she said in the courtroom she was on the Shreveport set while we were there as Extras.  I never saw her so I guess she was good at concealment.  I promise, I will never do something like that again.  It was very foolish of me and I regret it.  I hope that you do not have to remind me of that.  The only positive thing about those notes is that I was smart enough to save them, it helped with this case and I believe it is what sealed the deal.  As for what the meaner and more violent ones said, that is for the court and Mr. C to know about.  Jackson and Copley, if you feel better about knowing what they said I gave Mr. C my permission to tell you, and only you two, in private.  I do not want everyone to feel sorry for me so I really don’t want to elaborate on them.  Know that I would not wish some of what she wrote on my worst enemy.  She was very graphic and she had a sick and warped mind.  Just be grateful as I am that she is away for a very long time.  Maybe she will piss off the wrong person and they will do to her what she wanted to do to me.  I know that is not very Christian of me but it is what I feel in my heart.

Thank you for letting me speak, I hope we can drop this subject right here and now and never speak of it again.”

I looked around the table and I saw the girls crying and shaking their heads that they would not ask any questions.  I was grateful for that.     I thought to myself, thank you Eric for making me strong during my speech.

I sat back down and everyone gave their own little speeches of thank you to everyone.  Felicia even stood up and told me she recorded my little speech and would let Mr. Northman hear it; she wanted him to hear it from my own lips not hers.

 I just had a big ass smile on my face.  I must have looked like a goon.

The night went by fast but we enjoyed everyone’s company.  The parents were leaving in the morning to go home and we were all headed back to school.  It was Friday so we figured we would take the day off to relax.  We needed it.

We all woke up in the morning and said our goodbyes and told our parents we would see them in a month after our school term ended.

I felt alive for the first time in along time.

It was great to be me.

When we arrived back at school there was a banner hanging at our Dorm doors.




The rest of the dorm heard about the Trial and the outcome from Bob the security guy.  So LSU agreed to let the whole dorm out of their classes for the day to plan a party to celebrate.  The school was happy that a rapist and stalker was caught and put in jail.  I think Copley had something to do with it because no one said where the cash came from for a party of this magnitude.

Thank you Copley.

But that wasn’t the only surprise waiting for me.  When I got to our floor the RA was waiting for me. 

In her hands, she had a dozen yellow roses, balloons and a small box.   I asked who they were from and she said she did not know, but there was a card attached to the flowers.

I took the gifts and walked into my room followed by my posse of friends.

 The Balloons read, Congrats, You made it, Best Wishes.

 I opened up the small box and it had a necklace in it.  It Read SURVIVOR. 

I had Amelia put it around my neck.

The yellow roses smelled amazing, I loved yellow roses.  I wondered who sent them.

So I bit the bullet and read the card.

Ms. Stackhouse

Congratulations on your win.

You are now listed as a survivor.  We share this trait unfortunately.

Enjoy your life, you have it back now.

Thank you for your kind words, Felicia forwarded them onto me, but it was nothing for me to report what I saw. 

Good luck in your endeavors. 

I hope to meet you one day so I can put a face with your name, Miss Stackhouse.

Until then, Eric


OMG, what the hell. 

He sent me flowers and a necklace.

 Oh my stars he has no clue which one of us is Miss Stackhouse because he did not call me by my name, Sookie.  

Won’t he be surprised when we finally meet?

I turned to the girls with a big as grin on my face and said.


We all left and had a great day.  Tomorrow was another day.


Authors Note:  I thought I would include this in case you all were wondering like my Beta was about the jail time.  The Louisiana State statue’s varies by Parrish but most are the same on jail time, it varies by verbiage.  I also checked my home state of Florida and went with what I felt was a fair verdict.   After 3 convictions of stalking you can get from 10-40 yrs, since Quinn was on a roll and admitted to 2 counts I went with a higher verdict on this one (Sookie/Catherine)… For going against a restraining order to commit stalking and or abuse you can get 2yrs for each offense (Sookie/Claudine).  For voyeurism you can get up to 3yrs for each offense and this is what I based Frannie’s conviction on; I believe she was getting a rush from the nasty letters and following Sookie.  Because there was aggravating circumstances to the victim fearing for her life, time is added on in 2yr increments and since there were about 50 notes I think her verdict was fair and justified.  As far as intent to cause grievous bodily harm concerned both Frannie and Quinn’s and the maximum term for this is 25yrs.   So all in all the verdicts are sound.  They can be carried out without a jury; they can be tried and sentenced accordingly by the  “Judge by bench” theorem … I know sounds weird but no jury is needed and the judge has full authority on the case.    For Momma Quinn, she just needed locked up for being one piece short of a full pie but you have to keep in mind she was an accessory to the crimes that both her children committed.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 10 (Part 1): Trial

  1. Wow what a long and intense chapter!
    I’m so happy that all the Quinn family is locked up… now Sookie can move on without fearing for her life!
    Loved the yellow roses and the note Eric sent Sookie …
    I really like the private talks Sookie has with Eric under the moon.

    • so happy you are enjoying it, it was a hard chapter to write and there is another one too like that but you will get to it in do time. yeah its fun to muse to the one you love even if they don’t hear you. KY

  2. “Intimidate” not “intimate”. “Balked” not “bulked”. “Would you have gone to LSU?” Not “Would you have went?”
    Thanks! I have been enjoying the story!

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