Chapter 10 (Part 2): Trial


After the Shreveport debacle, I tried to calm myself down.  There was no way to fix this, yet, and my mom agreed.  She told me that the FATES had decided it was not our time yet, but to have faith. 

The only thing I had faith in was my ability to act, so that is what I did.  I jumped in feet first and was more professional about it than before.  I went back to being the practical joker of the cast and so everyone could have a feeling of Zen.  We were all calm and our work showed much improvement; everyone was happy.

 The crew had been unsure of me in Shreveport because I chewed them all out for spotlighting the wrong dancer.  They said they could not tell who I was watching so they figured it was Dawn.  I called them imbeciles and I looked at the footage they taped; I showed them the dancer I was watching and they all watched her in awe as they agreed she should have been spotlighted but it was too late now…  The episode was already complete and we moved on. 

Things went back to normal.  Alcide and I hung out.

 Alcide’s relationship had taken a turn when Angela told him she could not take the girls throwing themselves at him 24/7 any longer.  They were doing it even when she was with him; she was growing more and more tired of it.  I can’t say I blame her, we were used to this garbage but I knew if they had time apart they could possibly work out their differences.  She just needed a break and her family. They made the joint decision to back off a little bit and rethink their relationship.  Alcide loved her and thought it was nonsense but she wanted to go back home to Canada where she felt normal.  So he took her to the airport and that was that. They talked every day but it still wasn’t enough for Alcide.  His eye never roved but he was lonely without her.

So now Alcide and I are inseparable. We do everything together; there was even a rumor started by one of the RAGS that we were gay buds and the woman we dated were our shields.   We both laughed at that one.

The taping of the episodes went well this year and we were able to fly to Shreveport for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

 Janice told me she still had her friend Sookie that she wanted me to meet, but Sookie opted to stay with her Gran since she was getting on in her years.   Janice said if she had known we would definantly be there for both holidays, she would have pressed her to come up for a few days, since she was only an hour away. But I told her that because of the shooting of episodes there was never a definite to anything.

Of course Alcide took this moment to speak up about the HOT chick he told me about.

 So he asked Janice if Sookie was that girl with the polka dot bikini from the summer and she said yes.


 Alcide said no reason but that girl could wear that bikini around him any time she wanted.  This earned Alcide a head slap from Jackson.  Jackson told Alcide that Sookie was a good girl and to respect her.

I chuckled at him; the dolt should have kept his trap shut.    I asked Jackson about Sookie and he told me she was a timid little thing. Scared of her own shadow because of a stalker, but she was sweet and a good girl, very respectful to him and the misses.  But hopefully the stalking issues was coming to an end soon because they caught him red handed.  We didn’t talk much more about Sookie.  I figured if I ever got to met her I could talk to her kindly and then back away.  I didn’t need another crazy chick in my life.

After Thanksgiving, Alcide and I went for a drive to Baton Rouge, we figured it was Black Friday and every woman in Baton Rouge would be in the malls and shopping; so we guessed we would go unnoticed driving around Baton Rouge. .  We went by the BRPD to see if Det. Coughlin could give us any news.  He happened to be off for the holiday so the Desk Sergeant filled us in.  The case was still on back log but had a tentative date for March.   We told him thank you for the update and we headed for LSU; it was a long shot but we thought maybe we would spot her walking around. 

No such luck, we were batting a thousand on this trip so we headed back to Shreveport.  It was a long day but we got a lot accomplished.

We hung out and relaxed for the next two days and then took the red eye back so we could finish the final shots for the season. 

We got everything done quickly so Alcide and I opted to take a side trip to Vegas to play some poker and then we would fly from there back to his parents for Christmas.

We had a great time.  Alcide called Angela a couple of times to ask her if she wanted to come to Louisiana with us for Christmas.  She told him she had other plans.  So he said fuck it and we went back to having fun.

I think that was her way of telling him there was someone else but I stayed out of it.  I did not want to pry so I kept him busy so he wouldn’t pine over her.

Christmas was nice in Louisiana; I called my mom to tell her Merry Christmas and I spent a relaxed and blissful time with the Herveaux’s.  The only thing missing was Pam so Alcide called her and asked her if she wanted to come down and spend New Year’s  week with a couple of lushes.  She jumped for the chance and we picked her up at the airport.

The three of us were cut from the same cloth and got along so well that we just had a great time sitting by the pool and drinking. 

No paparazzi around so we could be crude and obnoxious to each other without it getting on film.  It was awesome to be so relaxed; we don’t get that very often.  We all agreed the Herveaux house would be our go to place to unwind for now on. .

It was coming time for Janice to go back to school so we said our goodbyes to her because when she and her friend left in the morning we would still be passed out from the drinking the night before.

 Alcide asked her if the piece of crap yellow car was still going to be parked in the garage for the rest of the year and Janice said of course it is, Daddy wouldn’t have it any other way.   Dad made it clear he did not want Sookie driving that car back to Baton Rouge EVER. .  He was even trying to figure out a way to fix it or give her a newer one.  Sookie hated handouts so Dad has to be careful on how he approaches the subject with her.

Well I was so busy during the Christmas holidays that I didn’t even think about my Sookie.  It felt nice to be able to relax and be me without obsessing.  

That was until I caught the scent of cherries and honey in the front hallway. 

It smelt familiar but I didn’t know why.

I asked Mrs. H who was in the foyer and she said Sookie before they left. 

Hmmmm, why did I recognize this smell?   Shit now I am thinking about my Sookie again.

Damn it, I was doing so well.

Alcide took me outside to the garage to see this car he called a piece of shit.   Damn that car was better off in a junk yard but I am sure she was proud of it because it was her own and it was bought and paid for it.  I know sometimes, I wonder why I have to drive around in an expensive car but I love my Porsche, so I am keeping it…. It makes me feel good when I can take it out in the desert and drive it like it should be, fast.  I still do love my last car, a Cherry Red Corvette, but I guess for now I will live with the Porsche.   Of course that had me feeling bad that I am driving around in a $200,000 car and her piece of shit is worth maybe $500 dollars.  Maybe I will have to rethink how vain I am being about needing a Porsche and there are other people out there struggling with what they have.  Ah hell, I will worry about that another day.  I am on vacation for god’s sake.

As we got closer to the garage, I asked Alcide if the car was unlocked, I wanted to take a look inside of it.  I wasn’t a snob but the inside was in great shape, she took care of it but the outside, damn it has seen better days.   Again, that smell, cherries and honey.  Damn if she smelt this good, it might be in my better interest to get acquainted with her the next time we are both in Shreveport.

I saw a picture on the passenger seat, it must have been Sookie’s grandmother she was smiling and being bashful.  It was a great picture, she reminded me of someone else but I couldn’t lay my finger on whom. So I put the picture back and look around some more. 

That’s when Jackson came outside and asked us if we had any ideas on how to get rid of that piece of shit and replace it with something newer.  Alcide said we could accidentally back into it with the truck over there.  We all laughed; we didn’t figure she would let us get away with that excuse. We needed some perfectly sound explanation we could get away with it. 

That’s when Pam came out and said she would accidentally run if off the road into a ditch.  She said she needed to get to the store quickly so she took the first set of keys she could find and they happened to belong to the little yellow car so she went with it.  She figured it was on the Herveaux’s property so it would be okay.  Besides, it was the only keys she could find.

 Hell it was plausible and it would help Jackson out.  But we had to make sure there was enough damage done that it was not fixable. 

So we three goons sat at the pool, drinking away and coming up with a plan to go for a little spin in a yellow Tercel.  The way we were thinking, it was lucky if we had one brain between the three of us.

 It was Alcide’s idea to drive and stretch the seat back so far as to break the locking mechanisms for the driver seat.

 It was Pam’s idea on what ditch we should drive off into. She said she saw it when we drove her in the other day.

It was my idea to drive the backup vehicle.

The Three Musketeers — that was us.

So off we went looking for the ditch, ohh we found it… it had a couple nice boulders in it from a recent rock slide.  Perfect.

So Pam got out of the car and climbed into the pickup.  Alcide went back down the road and started towards us, going about 60 miles an hour (speed limit was 35mph) and slid around the corner.  He missed the ditch by a long shot.  So he tried it again.  The car handled very well for a piece of crap car, so this time I took a turn.  I popped the emergency brake as I went into the curve and damn if I didn’t hit a boulder or two.  I also hit my head but I was laughing so hard it didn’t hurt.  Plus the alcohol I had consumed help a lot.

A little blood never hurt a good crime scene.  

So we took a look at our project and how bent up the frame was underneath, mission accomplished.  Now we had to tow it back and give Jackson a cover story. 

He had the car already picked out for Sookie so it was only a waiting game for her to come home during Spring Break and he would break it gently to her.

I sure as hell didn’t want to be in his shoes.

                              Game plan Sookie

                                     Tell her it was an accident

                                      Tell her Pam used her car because it was the only keys she could find

                                      Tell her Pam got into an accident with it and cut her head

                                     Pam was trying to avoid the rock slide and ended up hitting the boulders instead

It seemed solid, now to convince Sookie once she got home, plus Jackson was keeping the car to show her the damage.

Damn, that was too much fun. 

 Our fun would be coming to a close come February because all of us had new jobs or in my case I was going to visit my mom in Sweden. 

The new movie shoot started in April so that would give me plenty of time to come back for the depositions and for the trial in March.  I wanted to be here for Miss Stackhouse, I knew that my testimony was vital to her case. 

Plus being so close to LSU I could try to find my Sookie; Hell she might even be with her friend Miss Stackhouse at the trial; even better.

Sweden was fun but not as much fun as Louisiana.

No booty calls this time around but I still partied and had fun with some of my old friends.

 I spent a month and a half waiting for a call from BRPD but it never came.

 I was running out of time.  I needed to be in Iceland in two weeks.

 Shit what the hell was I going to do?


I called Felicia, my producer for “Blood Moon” and told her what was up.  She said she would call the detective and see what was going on with the case and get back to me.  Felicia said she would go in my place if she was needed. She wanted to make sure Miss Stackhouse was helped out in every way.   She was figuring I would probably need to do my deposition via tele-conference but she would get that verified for me. 

I spoke with the director of my movie, Victor Madden, and let him know I was a witness in a pending case in the states.  I told him about the deposition and he said he would make sure an arrangement would be made so that I could do a tele-conference on the day that the court appointed.   I told him once I got that date I would let him know.

 Iceland doesn’t have the best reception so we were going to have to be hooked up by a satellite feed.   I asked him about leaving for the week of the trial and he said that was impossible; it would break the flow of the filming. 

I felt screwed.  I felt nauseous.  Shit I missed Sookie again.

We had been filming for three weeks when I was called at the last minute about the tele-conference apparently they only wanted this John Quinn guy out of his cell for a day. 

They were worried he was a flight risk.

 The deposition was scheduled for Wednesday that gave us two days to set everything up.  I let Victor know and he said everything was already set up; all they needed was a time.  I told it was set for 2pm Louisiana time which would be 9pm our time.  He said he would make the arrangements.

So the day was finally here. I got to see this asshole up close and in person, by monitor of course.

 He was seething, his glare could kill and I figured he scared the girls shitless.

 Me, fuck him, Fuckin predator, you are going away buddy for good if I had anything to do with it.

The deposition took about an hour and then we were done.  I asked about the trial date and they said it would start on Tuesday of the next week.  Shit there was no way I could be there. 

 I told them I would be unable to attend but Felicia Ramirez would go in my place.  The DA said, that would not be an issue since Miss Ramirez was already fully aware of what happened that day at Starbucks and she could confirm my statements given at my deposition.

Tuesday came up really quick.  I was worried all day for Miss Stackhouse.  I didn’t know what was happening at the trial and I was getting distracted on the set by my worry.

 Victor knew about the trial and my worries so he pulled me to the side.  He told me there was nothing I could do and since we were six hours ahead the trial hadn’t even started yet.  Yeah, that distracted me until I realized the time… I counted back on my fingers to verify it.  Victor thought it was cute how I was counting on my fingers and filmed it.  He said some how he was getting that shot into the movie…

 Dolt, I just shook my head….

I did not hear from Felicia the first night so the worry started again the following morning.

Victor gave me the same speech as the day before and when he figured I was obsessing he would give me this evil looking grin.  It was nice he cared enough but creepy in its own right. 

I finally heard from Felicia about 6pm my time.  She was on a lunch break so she needed to make the phone call quick.  She said she did not think that Miss Stackhouse would be called to the stand today. They still had three more of the friends/witnesses to call to the stand first and so far the evidence they had against this Quinn character was enough to put three people away.  She hoped that the girls made it through this unscathed.  Felicia said she was spending time with the girls and their families and she had started to become close to them.   They had dinner the night before and Sookie told her about the dance she did for me at the extras call.  

The DANCE, how could I freaking forget about that erotic dance.

 Shit I needed to be there. 

I needed to be there to help Miss Stackhouse.

 I needed to be there to meet Sookie in person.

Shit. Fuck. Damn.

We talked for a few more minutes and she told me that she would relay any messages I had for Miss Stackhouse; I told her I had a better idea but to call me first thing after the trial ended so that we could put it into place.  I could work it from here and she could finalize it from there.

Fuck, it would be an awesome surprise for her when she got back to her dorm.

Felicia left me a message during the evening after she spent time with the families.  The girls were in good spirits but the trial was tough for all of them. Their friend was hurt badly and Quinn’s first victim was also there and the girls rallied around her so that she did not crack.  Felicia said she wished I had been there because Miss Stackhouse wanted to thank me personally and she said I was in her debt.

As if.   She owed me nothing.

So the worry started again in the morning because I was told Miss Stackhouse would be testifying this morning.  I knew she was in good hands but I still wish I had been there. 

It was about 4pm when I got this eerie feeling in my gut like someone was trembling uncontrollably. Was it my Sookie?

Was she hurt?

Shit I need to be in Baton Rouge.   We were tied together somehow, I guess what my mom said about being soul mates was true.  Damn it, I need to be there for her.  

I tried to work but there were times when I felt too nauseous to continue.  I told Victor I was sick and he told me I was done for the day, to go get some rest.

I immediately went back to the hotel and paced.   I paced for like forever, but it was only for about 2 hours, it was 6pm my time and I got that uncontrollable trembling again, I wanted to double over.  WTF was going on.   I felt like she was in pain and there was no way for me to help her.  What the hell was happening? 

Felicia, I need you to call me NOW.  I finally texted her and told her that same exact thing.  Apparently she had her phone on vibrate and looked at the text during the trial.  She said she would call soon, it was almost over.  That it was WAY worse than we thought; this guy was an animal.  But she didn’t want to explain by text. 

My stomach started to calm down and I felt really good.  Happy, I guess you could say.  I guess things had ended and we could finally get back to normal.  It was about an hour later when Felicia gave me a call.

She said that the trial went well and Mr. Quinn was given a 100 year jail sentence.  And the kicker was his family was involved too, so they put away both the sister and the mother.  It was fucking awesome to watch.  She said she watched Jackson take down the mom because she was going after the judge.  There was so much chaos at the end of the trial that everyone had forgotten the heart retching story Miss Stackhouse had given up on the stand.  The things this man put her through were horrendous.   She said that she was going out with the families again tonight and if there were any messages from her she would leave them for me later on in my voice mail.  I told her thank you for calling me and I had emailed her about the surprise for Miss Stackhouse and could she make sure it was there for her arrival on Friday at the dorm. 

I told her to have a nice night and I would talk to her tomorrow if she found that she needed me for anything concerning the surprise.

I knew she would get the information about the dorm house so I was not concerned about that, I just wanted it there upon Miss Stackhouse’s arrival.  I hope it worked out the way I planned.

I woke up the following morning to a voice mail.  It was Miss Stackhouse thanking everyone one by one.  She went around the table an addressed everyone individually and then it was my turn.  It was a very kind gesture for her to do so and I needed to let her know that her debt was repaid by being a survivor, so I called a jeweler I knew in Shreveport and asked them if they could help me out.  They said they knew of a jeweler in Baton Rouge and they might have what I was looking for.  I thanked them for their help.   I called The Baton Rouge jeweler and they had something that was perfect. I told them where to have it delivered but they would need to send it to the security office because I did not know what dorm house she was in.  They offered to hand deliver it to the security office so it would not go missing; they knew this was important to me.    

Everything fell together nicely.  The trial was over, Miss Stackhouse was a survivor, I repaid a debt more or less and the filming of my movie went without a hitch.

My world had finally balanced out.

 Yes, I thought about Sookie a lot but I was not obsessing over her, yes I had her picture with me and yes I looked at her nightly.  Which led me to start my own mantra at night; I still believe that her well wishes or I hope they were well wishes is what I felt every morning and night.  I told her I missed her every day, we would meet soon since we were FATED and to have sweet dreams (of me of course). 




Authors Note:  I know I know why hasn’t he connected Sookie and Miss Stackhouse OR maybe that his Sookie is Janice’s Sookie after Felicia mentions Jackson taking down Mrs. Quinn…   all will be revealed,  just be patient. Know that Eric and Sookie ARE NOT thinking clearly and everything around them is influencing their decisions and missed connections.  It will happen but not right away, real life gets in the way.   Just an FYI, this is loosely based on a story a friend told me about his parents it took them 10 years to get together, no its not going to be that long but be patient not all relationships are instantaneous. I know some of you want that instant connection but I just don’t see it happening…. Sorry …….    

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