Chapter 12: Light Bulb


Sookie had just left our home to stay with Gran for the summer and it got me to thinking about a few things.

 I knew I needed to talk this over with the missus and my baby girl.  It had been gnawing on me for months and I think I finally figured a few things out during and after the trial.

But being a man I knew I could be over thinking it so I needed to broach the subject with my ladies very carefully.  

So I needed to think long and hard on what had transpired over the last two years and I needed to get my thoughts together.  I also knew that it would be wise to make a list before I spoke with them so I jotted a few things down so I wouldn’t forget.


  1. Does Sookie realize who Alcide is?
  2. Does Sookie know how we are connected to Felicia and Eric?
  3. Did Sookie realize I mentioned three actors by name during our conversation about her car and she never batted an eye?
  4. Was Sookie who Janice was going to bring home that weekend in October 1 ½ years ago?
  5. Was our Sookie the same Sookie as the one Eric mentioned?
  6. Sookie mentioned a picture of her and the girls while at the meet and greet, does Janice know what picture she is talking about?
  7. Does Adele know about Eric and should we approach her about it.  Or should we let nature takes its course.
  8. Finally, do we try to get these two together by pushing encounters into their lives or back off?

It took me a little while to come up with my list but once I got my list together I asked Sabrina and Janice to meet me in the living room, I needed to talk to them about something important.

They both looked at me and smiled and said they would meet up with me in 10 minutes time.

It was actually a little shorter than 10 minutes which didn’t give me much time to rethink my list nor back out from asking.

Janice asked what was up.

I was a bit nervous and I am sure it showed but I knew that Sabrina and Janice were family and that everything would be okay, it wasn’t like I was standing in front of my board of directors at the office.  I was curious as to how I was going to start this up but I figured I needed to take the bull by the horns and run with it.

“Well girls I want to talk to you both about Sookie and Eric Northman.”

Sabrina smiled, I think she had the same thoughts as I did but when I faced my daughter she was laughing. A full on belly laugh and we had to wait until she stopped so she could tell us what was so funny.

I quirked an eyebrow at her and said “Explain”.

She just smiled and chuckled, she still couldn’t talk so I told her okay I will start then.

Where to begin?  Where to begin?

I knew I had my list to fall back on but I wanted to make sure Sabrina and Janice understood my line of thinking and what I was attempting to accomplish by our family meeting.

 “Girls I have been thinking long and hard about a little issue I have come across.   I really didn’t put two and two together until the trial.  So bear with me while I ask some questions and hopefully get some answers.

I am just going to throw out some questions to you and I would like for you to respond the best way you can.”

They both nodded.

“Janice is Sookie the young lady you were going to bring home to us in October a year and half ago?”


“Okay, is this John Quinn fella the reason you told Eric that you had a friend being stalked by an Ex and they could commiserate?”


“Have you ever met this Quinn fella before or you just heard the commotion, like you said at the trial?”

“No daddy, Sookie never showed us a picture of Quinn or talked much about him.  I just knew after the attack on Claudine that we were on the lookout for a tall bald man with purple eyes.”

“Was the reason Sookie didn’t come home with you that weekend because of the Starbucks meet and greet? This was the weekend she kinda sorta met Eric and Alcide?”


“Is there a reason why you never mentioned that Sookie met the boys?”

“I never knew she met them until about a year later when I was in her room and saw the picture on her night stand. It was of all the girls with Eric and Alcide. I never questioned her about it… I never thought that when Eric asked Mom and me about what to do about the Sookie he met that it was my Sookie from school.   I knew there could not be too many Sookie’s out there because the name was unique but I never realized until much later they could be the same person.  Along that line of thinking I never connected the photos until much later either, I just wasn’t thinking.  Also, Sookie never really talked to me about that kind of stuff until she started coming home with me on school breaks. ”

“What about the extras call y’all went to.  I know Alcide set it up for all of you to get picked for the Pack meeting without them all knowing. But Sookie had chosen to go to the bar scene, she did that all on her own.  Do you know if she was smitten then?”

“Daddy, knowing what I know now because we talked about it on the way home and while we lounged outside, I think she has been more than smitten since the day she met him.  She said she likes him a lot but she figures she is way out of his league and there may never be another time for them to meet up again.”

“Sabrina, has Sookie talked to you at all about any of this?”

“No Jack she hasn’t, but I watched her at the trial and when she spoke about Eric I saw more love in her eyes then I have seen in our married friends eyes.  That young girl has it bad and is trying to avoid it.  She might realize it but figures it will never happen so avoidance is best.  Felicia even mentioned to me she thought that Sookie and Eric hooked up somehow because of the way they both care deeply about the other feelings.  Did you know he sent her a gift at the end of the trial?”


“Well he sent a gift to Miss Stackhouse.  It was flowers, balloons and a necklace with a survivor emblem on it.  You didn’t notice it on her neck?  She never took it off while she was here. I am to the thinking that it is special to her and since it came from Eric it means that much more.”


“I don’t think Eric knows that Sookie and Miss Stackhouse are the same person.  He only ever mentioned them separately as two different people.  Oh my lord, he thinks Miss Stackhouse is one of the other girls.”

“Well that explains a lot.  Did he mention if he has a photo of Sookie?   I can remember Eric mentioned a familiar smell in the foyer but not a photo….. Oh shit, he knows her smell but can’t connect them, how close were they at Starbucks for him to know her smell?”

I was coming up with more and more questions in my head but I figured once we all told what we knew then maybe we could figure this all out.

I wanted to grab my list to add more questions but I figured it wouldn’t help much since I may run out of paper before we figured everything out.

So I said, “Okay for just a moment I want to get off the topic of Sookie and Eric.”   

“Janice, has Sookie been introduced to Alcide formally?  Does she know what he does for a living?”

“No Daddy, I told her we were private about Alcide and she never pushed it.  She got a quick hello from him and goodbye that one weekend they were here at the same time but he was like a ghost all weekend.   I know she likes ‘Blood Moon” and watches it like us but I don’t think she connected Alcide’s name to the Alcide of the show.  The girls haven’t even connected the last name, so I don’t mention it at all.”

“Well that confirms why Sookie gave me an odd look when I was speaking to Felicia while y’all were shopping for new clothes at the boutique.  It was at this time that Felicia asked me if Sookie knew Eric or not, she overheard her talking to him out by the pool the night before.  She thought she was talking to him on the phone, but she didn’t have a cell phone with her when she saw her a few minutes later.  Do you know anything about that?”


“Okay back to Alcide, do you think we should call him and tell him what we know?”

No, both of them said in unison.

“Okay then, she doesn’t know Alcide is connected to our family; Sookie doesn’t know that Eric is the one we spoke about the other day and giving him his own room like she has. Hell, she didn’t even bat an eye when I mentioned Pam and Eric in the same sentence with Alcide when we were talking about her new car. So she wouldn’t know that we know Felicia through your brother’s work.”

“No daddy.”

“Sabrina, do you think we should talk to Adele about this.  She might give us some insight into what to do where Sookie is concerned.”

“Jack, absolutely not… We need to let nature takes it course if these two are destined to meet they will.  That doesn’t mean we stop inviting them both for the holidays, we just wait and see what happens.  We can not push.  If they are fated they will be knitted together eventually.”

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t try our damndest to get these two love birds together.”

The girls both moved their heads up and down to tell me they were in agreement to “Operation Get These Two Together.”

However, before we were getting ready to leave for dinner I decided to ask the girl’s one last question. 

“Do we tell Alcide what we figured out or do we keep it from him, so the fates have to knit harder?”


“What do you mean NO…. he could be our best ally.”

“Hun, if we sway him to help out it may damage what they might have together.  Let’s just help out the best we can and go from there…. If Alcide figures it out on his own then we will confirm it for him, but in the meantime we wait.  I am sure if we were to ask Adele she would confirm this to us.”

“Daddy, can I ask you a quick question?”

“Sure baby what’s up?”

“What really happened to Sookie’s car?”


Well, I started to stammer and Sabrina laughed at me.   So I figured in for a penny in for a pound.

“Well you see I really hated that car of hers and I thought it was a death trap…  We all agreed on that point.  I spoke with your mom and we agreed to get Sookie a new car but we knew she would balk at the idea.  But if her car was totaled she couldn’t complain nearly as much.  The only way to do that was wreck it somehow.  So when your brother was here with Pam and Eric, they hatched a plan to wreck it.”

“Do you need to hear their plan or can we drop this now.”

“I want to hear it”

“Well the think tank or “Three Musketeers” were a little drunk but they came up with the idea to drive the car into the boulder on the side of the road and smash the car to bits. Funny part is it was mainly Pam’s idea about the boulder since she noticed them on the way in from the airport.   Alcide broke the seat before they even left the driveway so all they had to do was smash the car.  Well it did not work as well as they planned…. Why you say?  …. The car handled very well and would not power slide into the boulder….Alcide tried a couple of times but failed.  So Eric took over and drove it to where he annihilated the passenger door.  He popped the emergency brake and it took the car sideways into the boulder like they planned.  I really don’t know how he did it but he did.  Plus the funny part of the whole deal was Eric is the one that bleed all over the car when he hit his forehead on the steering wheel and window, it wasn’t Pam at all, she never once entered Sookie’s car.  Pam watched safely from the passenger side of the Ram pickup.”

“So what you’re telling me is the LOVE of Sookie’s life destroyed her car for her, got hurt for her and doesn’t even realize it is for someone he cares about…… Oh brother, are we in for it if he ever tells her the truth….. “

AHHH shit, we will cross that hurdle when we get there.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 12: Light Bulb

  1. Oh Gosh!
    Loved how Jackson Herveaux put it all together…and he wants to make them meet but Sabrina and Janice don’t agree…
    If they are Fated all will fit in place!
    If Sookie knew that Eric was the one driving her car…

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