Chapter 13: Lazy Hazy Days


It was great being home.  I missed Gran and even Jason.  Yes Amelia and Tara were home as well but I didn’t miss them as nearly as much since they were at school with me.  The girls and I had decided we would spend as much time as we could together but they knew I needed to get a part time job for the summer so that I had spending money for the year.  

Tara let me know that JB was waiting for her when she got home and proposed to her as she got out of Amelia’s car. 

It was sweet.

 He didn’t want to lose her to some clown from school and he thought he would do the right thing by her, see Tara never had the best upbringing, her mom was a lush and her dad was just mean.  So JB Du Rune was a breath of fresh air.  Of course she said yes, she loved him with all her heart but she told him they had to wait to be hitched until after she graduated next year.  He agreed and told her anything she wanted was hers and they would move to another parish if they had to so that she could get a job with her degree.

 It was very sweet that he was putting Tara’s needs before his.  This man loved her with all his heart. 

Tara had a mind for business but she figured she was not wealthy and would never be able to open her own business so she was getting a teachers degree just like me.  She figured her business smarts would help her teach, that’s why she choose economics and statistics as her majors.  The high schools were always looking for teachers in those fields and she figured she could put her own spin on it.  I was proud of her.

I was so happy, my life and my friends lives had finally started to calm down.  I caught myself looking for Frannie a few times but realized she could never hurt me so I was going to be okay.

Okay, my first order of business today was to run by Merlotte’s and see if Sam would talk to me and to see if I could get a part time job for the summer.   

Oh Hell, here we go.

As I walked into Merlotte’s memories came swirling back into my head and I was hesitant to stay but I knew I was safe, I knew I could get by this uneasy feeling.  I waved hello to everyone that was there, you have to remember Bon Temps is a very small town and Merlotte’s was one of the only Bar and Grill’s in the parish so you tended to see everyone every couple of days. 

I saw Sam behind the bar and asked him if he had a minute to talk.  He asked me if it was private or if we could talk there.  I asked him if we could go to his office for privacy. 

“So what’s up Sook?”

“Sam, I wanted to apologize for the way I acted a couple years back.”

“What on earth to do you mean?”


“So, what about it?”

“I’m sorry that I lead you on, it was not my intent.”

“Sook , that was not your fault.  I should have told you I had feelings for ya.  It is me who should be apologizing.  I felt bad after that night, I assumed you would never speak to me again or hell even work for me on your next shift.   I let my feelings and thoughts get the better of me and I took advantage of your good nature.  I am truly sorry Sook.”

“Sam, I should have never taken advantage of you.  I was in a terrible spot at the time and I let you rescue me and to me that was me leading you on.  Can you please forgive me?”

“Ah Chér, I forgave you the next day when I realized what a jackass I was being.  Are we okay now Sookie?    After I heard about the restraining order and then the stalkin’, I was so sorry for what I did.  I didn’t know what kind of hard times you were going through and I made things worse for ya.  I am glad the trial went good for ya and that bastard is put away.  Are we okay Sook?  Please say we are.”

I leaned over and gave Sam a hug and a peck on the cheek and told him we were.

Well the summer went by quickly…. Sam had me working about 32 hrs a week which I was grateful for, it gave me the opportunity to have the extra spending money for the next school year. 

 It made the summer go by quickly; I didn’t even notice I didn’t have a love life.  However, that didn’t mean that Tara and Amelia wouldn’t mention it constantly.

 I didn’t have time to think about what I didn’t have.

 I didn’t have time to wallow in sorrow and pain.

 I didn’t have time to think that Eric wasn’t in my life the way I wanted him to be.

At the beginning of the summer I still had 4 weeks left of the “Blood Moon” season.    I was able to finish up the season of “Blood Moon” on a good note; Eric was predominately in the last two episodes so it gave me more fantasy material to work with…..

Eric was on the tip of mind as well as on the tip of my tongue and my tongue was doing naughty things to him.  

He was never far away from my thoughts but I was being realistic that the want and desire I was feeling was all one sided but I didn’t care.

 I still spoke to Eric every night, it gave me a purpose and it helped me de-stress the day.

My only wish was when I did find the man that I would be with for the rest of my life that I would be able to do the same thing with him. 

I spoke with the H’s a few times over the summer.  They missed me as much as I missed them.   It was odd to have an extended family after all this time; it felt good to know they were there for me.   Gran said she had no problem with it and thought it was a sweet gesture for them to be there for me and love me as much as she did…    It was something I was missing for so long… Granted Copley was a father figure for me and he was there when I needed him but he never loved me or treated me the way Jackson and Sabrina did…. I was grateful for them every day. 

It was coming to the beginning of August and we had decided it would be wise for me to go the Herveaux’s house to de-stress before school started; it was going to be my junior year but a trying year at school.  I convinced Gran to come up with me for a week (maybe more once she was there) so that she could spend time with us as a family and meet my allusive ghost brother, Alcide.  I was told he would be there for the duration of my visit I was excited to finally meet him. 

I was so excited about my 3 week vacation at the H’s; I was over the moon about being able to spend time with my family.

On my last night at Gran’s home I went outside to talk to the moon like I did every night.

 It was a full moon and I loved it when it was full……… It was so clear and bright…………..

I felt like it was there for me to talk to and if it could it would talk back to me with Eric’s voice.

I missed him but I knew that I may never get that chance to be with him again.

How were we supposed to meet up if we lived on different coasts and ran in different worlds?

Oh well I could still hope one day we would meet and I knew I could still talk to him when I needed to….   I told Eric that night that he had my heart and I would stay as true to him as I possibly could but if a situation arises where I met someone I would give it a try… I could save myself but if we never meet again I would always have my memories….

Gran and I were off for our visit to Herveaux house.  I was so happy that she could spend some time with me and the H’s.   We arrived about 50 minutes later and we were greeted by the whole family, even Alcide.   He was a gorgeous man, but he wasn’t my Eric. 

When we got out of my car we were hugged by all.   Gran looked up at Alcide and said, “Oh my stars aren’t you a fine sight to see, big and broad just like your Papa.” 

I just shook my head and blushed and tried to excuse my Gran’s words.

Alcide just told me to hush and picked Gran up bridal style to give her a big hug and welcome her to the family.

Jackson told him to put her down, so he didn’t break her.   When he did we all laughed.

Gran had the biggest smile on her face and she looked like she was swooning.  Alcide just smiled at her, he had a great smile.

Damn it, why did he seem so familiar?

Dad led us into the house so that we could get settled.

Mom led Gran to a spare room that they had converted just for her so she could come and stay whenever she wanted to.  Jackson offered to pick her up anytime she wanted and she could spend as much time in Shreveport as she wanted to, all she had to do was call.

Janice had told me once that all of her grandparents were dead so her mom and dad thought Gran fit the bill as a pseudo parent for them. 

Plus they enjoyed her company.

 Gran called him sweet and they would discuss it later when the children were not around.   Oh hell, I am glad I would not be there for that conversation…. Gran can be more pigheaded then me.

Well the day went by a little to fast for me…. I just wanted to relax but with Alcide and Janice at each other there was no relaxing.   Alcide promised us that he would behave but he wanted me to see what I was in for being his little sister and all.

Oh brother and I thought Jason was bad.

The first week went by and we had fun.  It was mainly me and Janice out by the pool but there were times when Alcide would be out there with us but he was on the phone a lot.  When he wanted privacy he would walk away to the other side of the deck and find a shady spot by the pool house.   I heard his conversation a couple of times, some were work related others times it was talking to one of his friends, I thought I heard the names Pam, Eric and Angela but I wasn’t sure.

I did not want to eavesdrop so I tried to ignore him.  

Gran and Mom were getting along well so she decided to stay the two extra weeks until Janice and I left for school.  Jackson offered to take Gran home after we left; she said she would only accept his offer if he started to call her Gran, Adele was too formal for family members.

Another week went by and I was having a great time.   But I walked into a conversation that i don’t think I should have overheard.

 It was Alcide talking to his parents about his girlfriend Angela, they were doing a long distance thing and I think they were having issues.  She was jealous that I was staying here at the same time Alcide was home.

 I didn’t get it.

There was nothing between us; I was his sister for gods sake.   But I kept out of it as best as I could; I went to the fridge and got a sweet tea for Janice and I and walked out of the kitchen.

 I could feel someone staring at me, so I looked real quick to see if my bathing suit had moved but it was all where it belonged.

 I heard Dad growl at Alcide and tell him not yours, be respectful…   I turned and blushed a deep red and told Dad thank you.    I asked Mom if I should cover up and she told me to never mind about that; Alcide just missed his girlfriend.  I told Alcide just to let me know if there was anything I could do to help him out with Angela.   I then went outside to tell Janice what had happened.

Gran was sitting out there as well under a big umbrella and she told both of us that jealousy is a fickle bitch (Gran never swore unless there was a good reason).   She was told that Angela and Alcide were together for almost a year and then she moved back to Canada and he stayed in California. 

 It was a test of his patience on how much longer he could be without her.

 He was afraid that she was seeing someone else; Janice agreed with Gran but did not divulge any more information.  

I told them both that she was being silly about me and they both just snickered.

Janice said, “Sookie you are beautiful, you fill out that bikini and make me jealous, so if Alcide made the same comment to Anj, then of course she was jealous.”

Gran agreed and said, “Just because you treat each other like brother and sister there is NO blood relationship there and one day it could turn to something romantic.”

I knew for me that Alcide had been moved into the friend zone but i was afraid he thought differently. Or was he just using me to bait his MIA girlfriend with.  


Our third week there I heard Alcide on the phone again with his girlfriend.  He was trying to defend me to Angela and said there was nothing between us

Janice just shook her head and said OH brother not again. 

I had enough; I marched over to Alcide and ripped the phone out of his hand.  He looked at me and growled like Jackson does and I just flicked my wrist at him and told him to shoo.   

By this time I saw Janice running towards the kitchen yelling for everyone to get their asses outside.  I saw all three parents emerge and they asked what was wrong. 

But I was determined I was going to continue this conversation with Angela even if it was going to kill me.

I said hello to Angela.

 She asked me who the hell was this?

My name is Sookie Stackhouse and I am a friend of the Herveaux’s more importantly, I am their daughter in every way but name. 

In my peripheral I saw Alcide quirk his eyebrow, I just shooed him away again.  Not caring what he had to say.

She asked why I had Alcide phone.

I told her I ripped the phone out of his hand so that I could talk to her.  I wanted her to know that Alcide is my brother and there is NOTHING romantic between us and there never will be.

She asked me how certain I could be of this; he was a gorgeous sweet man?

“Angela, first off my heart belongs to another. Second, Alcide belongs to my Gran; she is the one who is smitten with him.”

“Your Gran, she yelled”

“Yes, my Gran, ever since the first day she meet him she was smitten but there is no need to worry about her she is old enough to be Jackson and Sabrina’s parent so it is a one sided smitten.   Alcide respects her as a grandparent and respects me as his sister.”

“Why would I be an issue for you?”

She said, “He told me about the polka dot bikini.”

He did what? It was my turn to growl at him…. 

Jackson and Sabrina laughed; Gran just hugged Alcide and held Janice’s hand.

I let her know that my polka dot bikini was my only vice for sunbathing but if it made her feel better I would buy a one piece to wear while he was home.

She asked me if I would really do that for her. 

I told her of course I can and I wanted to know what else I could do for her to make her feel more at ease about me being home at the same time that Alcide was.

Angela said she couldn’t think of anything at the moment but she hesitated and then asked me one more question.

“Sookie, can you tell me what your beau’s name is and how long have you been together?”

I really didn’t hesitate.   “His name is Eric Nort…….”

OHHHHH SHITTTTTTTT.   I slipped big time!

I looked over at my family and they were all smiling.  What the hell….  They only ones that knew about Eric was Gran and Janice.  Why were Alcide, Jackson and Sabrina smirking as well?

Oh hell….  Do I even want to know?

“UMM, we have known each other for about 2 years.  Why do you ask?”

She said she really didn’t know why she asked for a length of time.  She was just curious. 

I asked her my own question before I handed the phone back to Alcide.

“How long have you been with Alcide not to trust him?”

She didn’t hesitate to say about 1 1/2yrs but it was complicated she lived in Canada and he lived in California and the distance was hurting them.

“You’re a Canadian huh, I have only met one other person from Canada and she was a sweet girl.”

“I told her the distance shouldn’t matter as long as she loved and trusted him. That is how I dealt with my relationship with Eric”  

I told her I needed to give the phone back to Alcide so I could go help Gran and Mom start dinner.   I then let her know that I hoped she works everything out with Alcide and I was hoping to meet her soon. 

I handed the phone back to Alcide and went towards the kitchen.

Why did everyone look so dumb founded…

Oh well! Who knows?

I was happy I said Eric’s name out loud and it was a beautiful day.

The next couple o f days went by quickly; even though it was busy Janice and I got a chance to go to the movies, it was a nice evening.  We decided to see a movie and get some ice cream after it so we didn’t get home until about 10pm…. But it was a great night and we had a blast.

The next day I heard Alcide on the phone again but this time it was a three way call with Pam and Eric.  They were making plans to show up the same day we were leaving.   Alcide told them to change there plans and get here the day before so that they could meet his new sister.

He laughed and said Bro; you really need to get here tomorrow.     I didn’t know why Alcide needed me to meet his friend but I knew I would be respectful when I did.  Plus if Pam came early I could tell her I was sorry about her getting hurt in my car.   I will never live that down and if I could do something to pay her back I would….. But we needed to be at the same place first.

Well two days later we were packing my car up to leave for LSU.  It’s when Gran let me know she decided to stay on a few extra days to help Mom out with a couple of things they had been planning for the holidays.

 Yes the holidays were months away but these two were as thick as thieves.  Who knew what they were up to?

I had to keep pulling Janice to my car so that we could leave and get to LSU at a good time to secure a good parking spot.  Once you got your spot it was yours for the year, we wanted to get one close.

We said our goodbyes and gave everyone a hug and we were off.

As we approached the end of the driveway a cab was turning onto the driveway as we were leaving; I took a quick look into the cab and I saw two people, I figured it must  be Pam and Eric since they were due to arrive today.

I could see they were both blondes and the person seated behind the driver was a female; she was waving to us like she wanted us to stop.  I waved back but I kept going, we needed to get to school.  Janice kept nagging me to turn around and I told her to stop pestering me while I was driving. 

Janice said we had to go back; Dad didn’t give us the money for gas.    I told her to calm down, yes he did, he slipped it into my purse this morning plus he gassed up my car already; we were good to go. 

You could see her deflate in her seat after that…………………………… What the hell was her problem? 

Who the hell was in that cab?  

Why was it so important for me to meet them?

Oh well I will meet them another day.

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