Chapter 14: Poor Timing


While they were standing on the patio waiting for Sookie to give Alcide his phone back; Jackson looked over at Alcide and Adele and asked them what they knew about Sookie and Eric’s relationship.

Of course Adele giggled.  Alcide was trying to connect the dots and quirked and eyebrow.

Sabrina laughed and said I knew it, Adele you know something.

Alcide still looked a bit lost, but i do think he was trying to knit things together in his mind.

Jackson told them that as soon as time permits the four of them were going to have a sit down about the new matter that arouse tonight when Sookie said that Eric North… was her beau.

Alcide was still a little confused but he knew once they had the talk he might find out what the hell his family was talking about.

It was the Thursday evening before the girls left for school when Jackson convinced Janice to take Sookie to town to see a movie.  He used the theory that it was going to be a tough year for both of them; they probably would not be able to get out much less go to a movie once they were back as LSU.  He knew the most the girls ever did was go to the TV lounge and watch their show together.

The ploy worked so now it was time for Sabrina, Adele, Alcide and him to have there little meeting.

After the girls left the four of them sat in the kitchen to talk.  Adele fixed them some snacks because she figured they would be there a while, so Sabrina set out to get drinks for everyone.

Jack told the girls to stop fussing and sit down; we only have a couple of hours before they get home.

Jackson was just as nervous as the first time but at least he knew more than the first time so he was good to go.  He was going to take the bull by the horns again.   “Okay everyone, I know what Sabrina, Janice and I know of the situation we are going to discuss but I do not know what Adele knows or even if Alcide realizes he may know more about this situation than he thinks or its quite possible he doesn’t realize he has important information on the tip of his tongue. 

Son, I can see you trying to piece some things together but I hope once we are done talking you and Adele you both will be on board with “Operation Get These Two Together.”

Now the three of us caught on back at the trial some things about Sookie and how she felt about Eric Northman.”

Alcide quirked an eyebrow.

“Yes son, our Sookie is Eric’s Sookie from the meet and greet and also the one and only Miss Stackhouse.”

Alcide’s response was, “Fuck”……..  And with that Adele backhanded his head and told him to watch his language.  He said, “Sorry Gran” and just sat there with his mouth hanging open.

“Okay son before you ask any questions let me get out what we know and Adele you can fill in the blanks and then Alcide it will be your turn to tell us what you may know.  It may take us a while to get through everything so if we don’t finish tonight we will need to finish up after the girls leave for school.”

“Is everyone okay with that?”  

Alcide shook his head NO. 

Alcide what’s up, why not?  

“Ummm, Eric and Pam arrive at 11 am on Sunday to spend a couple of weeks here before we start shooting “Blood Moon” again.”

“Well hell that is an unforeseen glitch, but we will work around it.

Okay I will try to do this quickly so we can get through it all.


They all shook their heads, Yes.

“Janice asked Sookie to come home the weekend of the meet and greet but she was unable to since she was already had plans to go to the meet and greet with her friends.  Eric saw her and they minimally talked and eyed each other for a couple of hours.  There was a group picture taken and an exchange of thank yous.   A picture was developed and one was shared with Eric through Bobby Burnham and Felicia persistence.   Eric gave Sookie an autographed picture of himself which she later framed along with the group shot.   Eric was only given first names on the picture he acquired and then he was given the last name of the stalking victim by the detective.

A year goes by and the girls attend the Shreveport Extra’s call.  Alcide had set up for all the girls to get picked for the pack meeting, there was suppose to be six but Sookie opted for the club sequence and got it on her own..  Just and FYI Alcide, Sookie went to dance for Eric. She was the reason Eric went off on the crew later that night.   Eric noticed her on the dance floor and later on chewed out the staff because they spotlighted the wrong dancer.  He never got to talk to her but she was able to tell him hello and goodbye.   Apparently him and Dawn had just split up and the crew thought he was lusting after her, not one of the other dancers.   We spoke with Felecia about this at the trial and she confirmed what we knew.

Okay, Sookie doesn’t speak to the girls much about her feelings for a man she hardly knows and keeps it to herself for a year and a half.   Up until the trial these two have been missing each other at events and here at the house.

The next chance encounter was the girls going back to school after spring break.  It was during this time that Eric noticed Sookie’s smell and commented on it being familiar but not knowing why.  Which leads us into Sookie’s car mishap, Adele, before you get mad let me explain; it was done because we love her.  Alcide, Pam and Eric came up with a plan to get rid of the little yellow car.  You know I hated it and I thought it was unsafe to drive.  But i guess Alcide proved me wrong on that one.  It was Pam’s idea to say she took the car for a drive and the boulders fell on her.  In actuality it was Alcide and Eric that were driving the car.  When Alcide attempted to slide into the boulders, nothing happened, the car performed well.   It was Eric; yes Eric who got it to slide into the boulders on the side of the road and it was Eric’s blood on the dash and window.  That poor boy bled for the woman he wants to know and didn’t even know it.

The trial comes up next.   Sookie is hoping to see Eric during the deposition and trial, but he is unable to attend.  It burst her bubble a bit but she keeps it to herself.    We did not put two and two together until after the trial was under way.  We started realizing something was up the first night; Sookie approached Felicia and invited her to dinner and she stayed with us later on while the girls shopped.    Sookie noticed I was speaking to Felicia and seemed a bit curious as to why.  Sookie does not know that Sabrina and I are your parents.  She still hasn’t connected your name to the Alcide’s name on the show.  I don’t think she pays much attention because the only TV show she watches is “Blood Moon” and we believe she only watches it so she can see Eric. 

It was the next night that Felicia mentioned that she heard Sookie talking to Eric, but she didn’t have a cell phone on her.  So Felicia asked me if Eric and Sookie knew one another.  I told her no, it wasn’t possible.  

During Sookie’s testimony the next day we learned a lot more about everything, the stalking, the meet and greet, the extra’s call and then when asked about her relationship with Eric and if they were sleeping together, her answer was she WISHED.   We all laughed about it then but now it all makes sense.   That girl is smitten…..

Janice said that she has those two pictures with her all the time.  They are always up on her dresser and she swears she hears her telling the picture goodnight.  She also said that Sookie believes she isn’t good enough for Eric and that is the reason why they keep missing each other.  Sookie knows they live in separate worlds and their two worlds will never collide so that they can meet.  We know from the last night of the trial that Sookie wants to at least thank Eric for his part in putting John Quinn away but she figures that will never happen either.   

So it is our opinion, Sabrina, Janice’s and I that Sookie is in Love with Eric Northman.  But she will let that love fall aside if she was to meet someone else.  Your mom feels that when you see Sookie talk about Eric, she says so much with her eyes and there is more love there then in most married couples.   We are not sure how to get these two together but we are not going to force it, our mantra is “let nature takes it course but we are going to make sure they are both invited to everything.”

“So Adele, I see you are smiling and nodding.  What do you know and how can you help us?”

“First off, call me Gran; only non-family members call me Adele or Mrs. Stackhouse.

Alcide honey, just so you know I am not smitten with you, but I would be if I was about 40 years younger.  You are a nice looking man and any woman would be honored to have you including my Sookie if she had seen you before her Eric.   You were at the same event but it was Eric that caught her eye.    Sorry hun.”

“It’s okay Adele, I love Angela and want her in my life but I have to figure out a way to prove it to her and then maybe she will stick it out.  My life is hell but if we stick together we can make it through anything.”

Gran just smiled, “Cheese and biscuits, where do I start?   Okay, Sookie has never dated much, Quinn was her first everything.  She thought she had found the one and then the harassment and stalking started; it all went to hell in a hand basket.  She saw her Eric at that event thing the girls drug her to and she enjoyed herself.  She also found a man she was interested in, he made her blush, smile and smirk all at the same time, it made her think about her feelings and what they were..  She wasn’t use to feeling that way, she NEVER felt that way with Quinn.  I think over the course of the next year she fell harder for him than she thought she should.  She kept it to herself and did not say a word to me about it until the summer before the trial.  We just touched on the subject of love and soul mates.  We talked about the pictures and we talked about the moon.  Sookie is a creature of habit and when she needs comfort she turns to the moon to talk to and I think that is what Felicia heard her doing the night of the trial.  You see she talks to Eric every day and night, she wishes him well and she tells him about her day.  It is a release for her, but in actuality she is talking to her soul mate from her heart and it is the only way she can since they do not know how to get in touch with one another.  

See Sookie knows who Eric is, but she has no clue that Eric has not combined the names that he has or I believe he would have broke every speed record to get to her, of that i am sure.  I haven’t talked to Eric so I don’t know how he feels from his heart but I think from what Sookie has told me the feelings seem to be mutual between them.  This was confirmed to me when Felicia told us about the mishap after the extra’s filming and him blowing up at the crew.   Now as to what else I know.   It seems to me that we can try to interfere or we can let things happen in due course.  God willing these two will get together but it might take some knitting by us to make it happen.   I know my little girl is in fact IN LOVE with this man but she is being a realist about their lives and their worlds never meeting again.  Will she ever let anyone else in her heart, I don’t think she will, she may date but I don’t think she will ever let it go any further.  She is a stubborn hard headed girl and once she sets her mind it is hard to change, but love is forever for her and I think she has found that in Eric.  Plus that necklace Eric sent her means the world to her; I don’t think she will ever take it off.”

I looked over at Sabrina and she was crying.  “I asked her what the matter was.”

“Jack, I feel so bad.  She has missed so many opportunities to meet him.  She loves him and I know from my talks with him, it is mutual.  How are we going to do this without either one of them catching on?”

“Before we can figure that out, Alcide, we need to hear from you on what you know”.

“Well, shit Dad I don’t know nearly as much as you do or we could have resolved this before the fucking trial, sorry Gran but I had to say it.    Let’s see, I know that the day of the M&G Eric was excited about meeting her and was hoping to get her name but Bobby F’d up once again.   So we talked on the way here about how he has never felt this way before about anyone.

I know he spoke with Mom and Janice but got nowhere about it except that he was smitten.

He spoke with his Mom about it too; she told him that Sookie was his soulmate because when she talks to him he feels it. 

If that makes sense?”   Gran and Sabrina were nodding YES…

“I know that when the extras call was done in Shreveport and he saw Sookie he was a goner, the lust that was rolling off of him was noticeable even on the monitors, it’s funny Angela mentioned it to me but I never paid attention to who he was looking at until later when he showed me.   Eric even had me try and track her down but she disappeared like a ghost, actually all of the extras did.

To be honest I never connected the hot little blonde I was talking to him about at our house, as his curvy beautiful blonde from the M&G.  So I am as much at fault as you all for not paying closer attention…

 I know he said when he was dating Dawn he thought of Sookie often, he always does and it irked Dawn to no end that he has his picture of the M&G framed and proudly on display, he had never done that with any others.  He is just as smitten.  Hell last Thanksgiving we went to Baton Rouge to go look for her at LSU,  we didn’t realize she was 40 minutes away from the house.   

This whole situation reeks of miss opportunities.  Real Life sucks sometimes.

Let see, at the end of spring break he smelt her familiar smell in the foyer but couldn’t place it and then he saw Gran’s photo but never connected them….     Oh we can’t forget the trial; he was in bad shape in Iceland…  He told me he was nervous and sick to his stomach…. And the final day he said he felt like he was trembling, he figured it was Sookie listening to her friend’s testimony, now I know it was Sookie and I am pretty sure from what I heard from all of you it was a ROUGH day in court…..   But the icing on the cake is he sent Miss Stackhouse a necklace with Survivor on it, not knowing it was his Sookie.   We can’t forget he WRECKED her car. 

So now what do we do?    Pam and Eric will be here in three days and she leaves again for LSU.”

“Well son, this is where we have to think as a team and see what we can come up with.  

You say they are due here is three days.

Is there any way to get them her earlier?

You need to call them soon to get their plane flights changed.”

As I sat there an contemplated about out most recent evidence, I just shook my head , hell what were we going to do?

“Well it looks like we got everything covered and everyone is on the same page.

Some of us knowing a little bit more than others, but I think this went well…. I don’t think Janice needs to be updated, so we should be good to go.  

Is there anything else?”

Gran said, “Alcide we can only keep inviting them to all the holidays at your home.  Jackson and Sabrina if is it okay I would like to start spending the holidays with your family, I can only attend on one condition, I will have to include Jason because he won’t understand why he is being left out?”

“Gran bring him, the more the merrier.  Plus he can drive you up for the day or longer we have the room.”

“Okay so we have two solid plans.

 What else?”

“Ohh what about Pam, do we tell her or keep it from her?

But then again she could be a great ally on this one so it might be best to bring her into the circle.”

Alcide let us know that Eric listens to her more than anyone else so it would probably be best to let her in on the team effort…

Sabrina asked Gran “if she could stay on after the girls went back to school so that they could plan some more; plus they could always talk to Pam and Eric.  They could get Pam’s help because it would be a great advantage and to see what Eric has to say about Sookie and Miss Stackhouse.” 

I looked over at the clock and realized it was 9:30 pm and the girls should have been home already.  

“Well family we got a lot done, but the girls should be getting home anytime now and I don’t want them to catch us talking about this.”

Alcide looked at his dad and called him a chicken shit.

They were only two little bitty girls how much damage could they do with a punch or two…..

Gran reminded Alcide that Sookie was raised with Jason and those two scraped all the time, it’s amazing they never got hurt worse than they did.   She may be little but she is one hell of a fighter… 

So we had the beginnings of a plan; we were all on the same page.

Now it was just a watch, wait and see operation. 

The girls were better suited for this than me and Alcide but we would help when we could.

“Oh Alcide can you make sure you call Eric and Pam and get their flights changed maybe we can end this little mission sooner than later.”

“On it, I will call them tomorrow.”

Now let’s see how long this takes us to pull them together.  Hopefully Real Life stays out of the way for once.

But I doubt it; we didn’t have that kind of LUCK.

These two were going to be the death of us.   But we had a plan and we were a family and families stick together…..

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