Chapter 15: Summer Vacation


The girls had just left and the four of us stood there dazed and confused as to what to do now.  We tried everything to get the girls to stay longer.  Even Janice was trying but Sookie wasn’t having any of it.  She was anxious to get to school and get settled in. 

I just shook my head and said another missed opportunity, SHIT.

I heard an AMEN come from Gran and Alcide chuckled.

This was going to be tougher than we thought.

 Stubborn girl.

Not more than two minutes later a cab pulled up to us; we all started chuckling but Alcide was bent over, he had a full belly laugh going on.  

I was just shaking my head as Eric and Pam left the cab and walked over to us.

“What’s so funny?”   

This just made Alcide laugh even harder; then Sabrina started in and Gran…   It wasn’t a pretty site. 

But Eric and Pam were patient and waited for us laughing hyenas to stop.

I greeted our visitors and went over to go get their luggage from the cab driver who was totally ignored by them.  So I ended up paying their cab fee, which was fine and all but I wanted to make sure nothing was said prematurely to Eric; we were still working on how to break it to him slowly.

As I approached the group, I heard Alcide telling Pam and Eric that they just missed Janice and her friend from school, SOOKIE Sta…… he started to say Sookie’s last name but Eric excused himself and stepped away because of a phone call and never caught on. 

It was then that Gran let Pam know that her name was Adele Stackhouse.


The lights went off in her eyes…  Pam, blurted out, NO FUCKING WAY….. 

We all laughed and Gran told “Pam that was her one and only cuss word or she would get popped like Alcide does.”

 We all laughed and Alcide just rubbed the back of his head. 

It was funny to watch.

Eric was still on his phone call when Pam told us that Eric’s new friend was being a pain in the ass.

 Alcide said, “What NEW friend?”

“Cleo Babbitt, bitch on wheels.  They were just casual dating, going to ball games and such but Cleo had other thoughts; she was constantly harping at Eric that he was never around for her.  They only started seeing each other a couple of months ago, no commitment on his end but she has other ideas.  He said the situation reminds him of Debbie Pelt all over again.   He needed to get away, so he chose to come here so that she couldn’t follow.  He thought about calling an end to it but she threatened suicide so he backed off.  Now he is stuck.  That’s why we couldn’t come yesterday; he was in the middle of her drama.”

It was like rapid fire out of their mouths, we only had a minute or two before Eric would come back over to us.

Gran spoke first, “Pam, call me Gran please, since Eric did not catch on before we will keep my real name a secret, YES?” 

Pam nodded YES.

Sabrina spoke next, “We have all figured out that our Sookie is his Sookie and we will need your help.  But we will talk about it while Alcide keeps him otherwise occupied.”

Another nod.

Alcide spoke next, “Pam we need your help with this… Eric has been pining over Sookie for two years now and I just found out that Miss Stackhouse and Janice’s Sookie are the same person and that big goon over there WRECKED HIS SOOKIE’S  car. But like Mom said she and Gran will fill you in more during your stay.”

My turn, “Pam, Welcome to our happy family…. We are a crazy lot who wants to see those two kids get together and if we work as a Team it will happen, but it may take us some time since they are both stubborn.  Our mantra is, let nature takes its course but we will invite them to everything.”

Pam just chuckled and nodded with a YES.

“Gran can you figure out a way to get Eric off the phone… Could you manage a Sookie?”


Pam said, “What the hell is a SOOKIE?”

We told Pam just to watch and learn. 

We all figured Sookie got her moxie from Gran and we were not surprised to learn we were right.

We all watched as Gran sauntered over to Eric and smiled; she put one finger in the air like she wanted a minute of his time and then grabbed his phone.

 She just smiled at him. 

He nodded to her and then looked at us a little shocked but didn’t leave her side.

Gran took the phone and said, “Hello.”

“Who the hell is this?”

“My name is Adele and I am Alcide’s Gran, don’t be disrespectful young lady, I am your elder.  Now what is so important that Eric is unable to relax and be comfortable with his family?  He is our family, on his vacation and WE would appreciate it if you could please give him a little bit of slack for the time he is here with us.  I am up in my age and I would like to spend as much time with him as possible.   So now you can talk, what do you have to say?”

“Well you have the nerve to take the phone away from my boyfriend.  You need to give it back to him RIGHT now.”

“Young lady apparently you were NOT listening to a word I said.  So please listen and listen good!  I will have Eric’s phone on my person for the duration of his stay.  If I feel he needs his phone I will give it to him.  He will be calling his momma tonight so that she knows to call the Herveaux’s home phone if she needs him as he will not have his phone any other time.  He will also be calling his agent with the same message, so sweetheart; you just dug yourself in a BIG Ol’ hole if you think for one dang minute he will get his phone back to talk to you.  Besides I thought y’all were a casual relationship nothing exclusive.  I guess he can do as he pleases and NOT check in with the likes of you.  I will give his phone back to him in time for him to leave, so please leave us alone so that we can have a quiet and pleasant visit.”

“Old lady if that is what you really are and not Pam disguising her voice. I do not have to listen to you; you are nothing to MY Eric.  He will be checking in with me as we are committed to each other, we have been for over two months now.”

“Listen Cleo, is IT, you don’t know a darn thing.  Eric is more mine than yours and I will not be disrespected by the likes of you.   If My Eric is smart he will ignore you after his visit and cleanse himself of anything Cleo Babbitt.  Goodbye Miss Babbitt and good day.”

Gran then hung up the phone, Pam and Alcide started clapping….    Sabrina was smiling and Gran just blushed and took a deep bow and handed Eric his phone back….

Eric looked like he was in shock but he was smiling from ear to ear.

He handed the phone back to Gran and asked her to please keep it so he wasn’t tempted to answer it.

Eric just shook his head and asked for a proper introduction.

“Hello my name is Adele and I am Sookie’s grandmother.   You just missed her and Janice as they just left for LSU a few moments before you arrived.  But please call me Gran.”

“Eric, Eric Northman and I am forever in your debt.”

“Now hush child, it was nothing your Gran wouldn’t do for you. No debts are owed here just relax and enjoy and if you ever need to talk to someone I am here for ya.”

“Jackson, can we move inside to talk please, I am getting a bit tired standing up for so long?”

Gran then winked at me and Alcide and we instantly understood she was up to something.

Come on everyone lets go inside and get you all settled in your rooms so we can talk over lunch.

Alcide took Eric to his room and Gran and Sabrina took Pam to hers.

Sabrina let Pam know she was on the third floor by herself but if she wanted to stay on the same floor she was sure Sookie or Janice wouldn’t mind her staying in their room.  Gran even offered up her room but Pam said no, she was fine since she was a light sleeper and having a floor to herself would work just fine.  Wink….Wink

I suspected she was setting up a quiet area to talk if Eric was in the house and it was a good plan.

Now to figure out when there would be a good time to let Pam in on everything? 

Well the next few days progressed by slowly and we heard from the girls a couple of times, they missed us but knew they would get back into the swing of things once their classes started in a couple of weeks.

Janice called once by herself because she wanted to know how Eric took the news… I told her we did not tell him but Pam figured it out and she would help us the best she could….

Gran cornered Eric a couple of times in under a week and they had some nice talks about life and such out under her umbrella on the patio.  Gran never brought up Sookie; she said she wanted to gauge how he felt first before she got too nosey.  Pam let her know to take it easy with Eric because he would back off and show no emotion if he thought you were prying too much…  

Alcide told us Eric did not talk much about Sookie except for the fact that he hadn’t felt her lately; he contributed to not being able to feel her because of the Cleo’s drama and not focusing on her every night.   

We started into the second week and everyone was having a good time.  Eric was enjoying his time without his cell phone pestering him… When he told his Mom and agent what was up they agreed if they needed him they would call the house phone because having another nut case after Eric was not good. 

 The rest of the week was uneventful.

We spoke with Pam a couple of times about Sookie and Eric; we filled her in on everything we all knew… I was usually the mouth piece so I had to steal away to talk to her when I could…. Gran teased me about having a girlfriend and wife on the same property…. Sabrina laughed and then Pam filled Gran in on the fact that she was a lesbian.  Gran told her, “to each their own child”, but if she was ever looking for a good simpleton boyfriend she could hook her up with her grandson Jason…  We all laughed, but Pam said she would leave that introduction open for another time; the holidays would be here soon enough…. You never know he may be the one to change her wicked ways.

By the time week 3 rolled around Gran told us she could only stay a few more days she needed to get back to her home and her cat Tina.   She would call Sabrina to finalize all the holiday plans they had been putting together and October would be here soon enough.  I was told Gran was coming to visit for Halloween so that they could finalize Thanksgiving and start decorating…… 

Well Saturday arrived and Gran said she needed to be off and wanted to know if it was okay for Eric to borrow a car so he could drive her home.  He offered to take Gran home so he could have some alone time on the way back to think.

 We told him to take whatever car he wanted as long as Gran was comfortable for the drive.

After they left, the rest of us met up in the kitchen to discuss our plans.  Sabrina said Gran was going to ask Eric into her home and see if he noticed the pictures of Sookie and break it to him that way.  But we didn’t know if that plan would backfire or not.

We all figured we would have to make a point for everyone to come home for the holidays and maybe these two would meet up that way but if Eric never came home or ended up with a new girlfriend we would just have to be persistent.

If that didn’t work, our new mantra would be, “try and try again” until we figured out a good way to do it.  

We were just hoping that neither of these kids was in a serious relationship until they met.   If that happened then all bets were off on what to do next. 

Damn he was as stubborn as her.

We had plenty of time to plant seeds into their minds and help them move forward.   There were now 6 people on the same page about our operation of getting these two together and we were all sure it would happen soon.       

Or would we be wrong?

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 15: Summer Vacation

  1. Hehe! Way to go Gran…loved how she stood up to Cleo!
    Poor Eric! Another crazy girlfriend…
    Now that Pam knows everything I can’t wait to see what Pam will do to make these two lovebirds meet.

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