Chapter 16: Good Riddance


We arrived at the Herveaux’s house as planned at 11 am on Sunday; I was unable to change my flight so I kept the original one I had even with Cleo bitching about me leaving the whole fucking time.  I was at my last straw with her but I did not know how to end our relationship without her doing something stupid.  

As we were arriving we passed a car in the driveway. 

I didn’t look up from my phone but the way Pam was jumping around in her seat it was like I should have been paying better attention… The only thing I caught was the back of a blonde’s head in the driver seat. 

Oh well I will meet the friend another day.

When we arrived there was an older woman standing in the driveway with Alcide’s parents, I wonder who she was, she looked familiar like I have seen her before but couldn’t place her. 

 HMMMM, I guess I will have to wait for the introductions.

As we walked up everyone was laughing and Alcide was doubled over.

 I asked, “What’s so funny?”

 But Alcide just laughed harder, I was waiting patiently, it had to be hysterical if Alcide was laughing so hard he was bent over, I could use a good laughed about then. 

But as Alcide started to introduce me to the elder woman my phone started ringing so I excused myself and stepped away.  I thought he said Sookie Stack…. but I wasn’t too sure because Cleo was yelling in my ear about being so rude to not bring her along so that she could spend my vacation time with me.  She said it wasn’t fair that I went without her. 

I asked what she meant about that, we were not exclusive with one another and I could go on vacation with whomever and whenever I wanted.

 I should have hung up the phone but I didn’t, I was trying to be polite so I let her rant instead…

How the hell do I find these nut jobs?  

It was just then that I spotted the older woman coming my way. She lifted her finger up like she needed to speak with me, so I took my phone away from my ear so that I could hear her.

Instead she took my phone and started talking to Cleo. 

 It really wasn’t a talk.  It was more like a lecture from a skilled professor of etiquette

I was in awe.

She kindly told Cleo off.  She told her I would not be allowed my phone; I was more or less grounded from it for the duration of my vacation.        


I think I heard Alcide and Pam clapping, I was so gob smacked that I was willing do anything for this woman so that Cleo would stay away from me via phone…

I knew I was smiling my face hurt because my smile was sooooooo big, I asked her to keep my phone so I wasn’t tempted to answer the bitch’s calls.

I was more respectful of course but that’s what I meant.

She introduced herself as Sookie’ grandmother Adele but everyone called her Gran.

 She was a sweet lady, Alcide had mentioned her a time or two and knew I would fall in love with her like he had…. It was only a matter of time.

Once the introductions were over Gran asked for us to move into the house so that she could sit down since her body was up in years. 

She was a beautiful woman inside and out and I was in awe.   She looked pretty agile but I was willing to go inside and get unpacked, it had been a long day.

Alcide took me to my room; he let me know that his parent’s set it up just for me like they did Sookie’s room which was next door to mine and Gran was down the hall.   As I was getting my clothes put away I heard Pam, Gran and Sabrina on the floor upstairs, I guess Pam chose to stay up there by herself…  I was jealous but I knew our floor would be quiet too since two of the rooms would not be occupied.  

We were called downstairs for lunch so we opted to eat outside since it was so nice out.

 As we finished up Gran asked me how often I was going to be around.  I just looked at her inquisitively and said I will try to get here for the holidays and during some of my free time from work. I didn’t have a set schedule so I was unsure of how often or when.

She apologized for being nosey and just said that she, Sookie and Jason would now be spending the holidays at the Herveaux’s since they had become honorary family members.

Alcide chuckled.


I knew the H’s said I was always welcome but if their family was growing I didn’t want to get in their way.  I might have to rethink how often I spent here.

I guess I would talk to Alcide and Pam about it later…. 

We all had a great time but I knew I needed to call my Mom and agent and give them a heads up but I didn’t want to leave my pseudo family.  

They felt like home and as I got to know Gran better I loved her just like Alcide did.  

A few days had passed and with no cell phone to worry about, I felt like I was in heaven.   Gran kept my phone with her all the time but on mute just in case an important phone call came through.   There was actually nothing important except for Cleo blowing up my phone with texts and phone messages.    Gran would just hand me my phone and I would delete them without even listening. 

 I was hoping the Bitch was getting the silent message being sent to her.

 I wanted nothing to do with her. 

But from how often and how many messages were left I doubted it.

The first week passed by quickly, we drank and lay out by the pool and just relaxed.  It was kinda weird at first for Gran to come out and spend the afternoon with us and just laugh at our silliness; but I got use to it and expected it.

After the fifth day I came to realize why Alcide loved this woman.

She was AWESOME.

Gran was always up to no good with Pam; I think Pam fell in love with her too as her matriarch grandparent.   Gran even held Pam’s hand when she needed comforting…. It was sweet and unexpected.

She was quick witted but stern with our cussing, she said she loved us like her own and I think that is why we loved her back.

 She was kind and gentle.

 She even allowed each one of us time to vent to her about our life issues and she would offer us back her wisdom and kind words.   

We spoke every couple of days and she offered advice when she thought I needed it.

I talked to her about past relationships.  I told her about the one that got away and that I still had feelings for her.  That my mom called us soul mates but I wasn’t too sure how to fix it… 

 Her advice to me, “Time will tell and if we were meant to be our lives would be knitted together. But to let nature takes it course.”

Funny thing was I think Gran knew who I was talking about by the grin on her face and the knowing nod from her head but I never mentioned Sookie’s name to her.  I told her all the other’s names but not Sookie’s.

I told her about Miss Stackhouse and how I helped her out. How I had sent her a gift after the trial and hoped she like it.   She told me that was a very kind thing to do. That she heard about this stalker guy and he was not a very nice fella.  She was proud of me for standing up for a stranger and she would be forever grateful as she believed the young lady was.

Gran had a way of nicking away at your heart and show you that you are a valuable individual even when you thought you weren’t.

Alcide and I left the house a few times on our own to run to the store to get the items we needed to supplement our drinking needs but every time we went out we would be noticed by fans and had to get away quickly. 

 I know it is an obstacle of our life but sometimes I just wanted to be normal again; where I could walk into a restaurant or a grocery store and be left alone.

One afternoon I was talking to Gran and she said that her small town would be perfect for me, once everyone knows you they say hello and then leave you alone.  However, there was a town gossip, her friend Maxine, she was harmless just nosey.

 I never told Gran what I did for a living, I didn’t want her to judge me but I knew I couldn’t lie to her either.  She meant too much to me after two weeks; I knew one day before we left I wanted her to know…  I thought she earned that right.

I thought I had overheard Gran talking to Pam about her granddaughter Sookie and she was sure that Sook would love to meet all of us and she hoped that was soon.   She knew she wouldn’t be around forever but she wanted her new grandbabies to meet her blood grandbabies.   I saw Pam tear up and hug Gran and told her to stop talking such nonsense.  There was plenty of time and that she would make sure we got back for the holidays. 

I knew that was something I needed to bring up because I didn’t want to intrude but hearing Gran call us her grandbabies put most of those fears to rest.

We were into the third week when Gran let us know that she needed to get home before Jason killed her cat Tina on accident.  Jackson told her from now on Tina was to come along with her so she didn’t worry about her; he would make sure he bought her a cat carrier.

She said she was grateful and that would ease her old heart.

I smiled at her and gave her a big hug.

I think she needed it….   OR did I?

I realized Gran was my Godsend for the time I was at the Herveaux’s house.  I was enjoying every minute of interacting with her. She felt like a lifeline that I sorely needed.

The next few days went by quickly and I asked Gran if I could drive her home.  I was curious about this little town she spoke about and she said she would be grateful…   I also wanted some time alone so I could think about my life and how I was going to proceed.  I knew I wanted My Sookie but I just didn’t know how to go about getting her and I needed to wash my hands of Cleo.

I let Jack know I needed a car; I was taking Gran home and he just smiled and said take whatever vehicle Gran was most comfortable in. 

As we loaded Gran’s luggage up, Sabrina told her Halloween was not too far away and they would talk weekly. 

Jack told her that he would miss her; they would talk on occasion or he would come by when he was down that way for a job.  She told him lunch would always be waiting.

Pam told her she loved her and that she would call her when she could, apparently they exchanged phone numbers.   Pam was never one to get close to anyone especially an elder but I think Gran got to her just like the rest of us.

Alcide just picked her up bridal style and carried her towards the sedans door and told her she would always be his number one.  She kissed his cheek and told him to put her down.   As he did she hugged his neck and told him to call her if he needed to talk about Angela and how to win her back.  He just smiled at her and told her he loved her and kissed her on the cheek.

Well damn I was the only one that didn’t have her phone number already.  I guess I would get it from her on our trip to her house.

We were loaded up and on our way when Gran looked at me and asked me what was wrong.  My eyebrows were furrowed and my forehead was all wrinkly.

I just sighed and told her I have a lot of my mind.

Her response, “Out with it NOW.”

I knew that look, that was the look of determination and I knew I would not get away with not answering.

“Gran, I don’t want to burden you with all of my troubles.” 

“Child, I am here for you as another adult or as your Gran.  Just start at the beginning, wherever that may be and I will interject when I can or if I see it’s needed.”

“Thank You, well first off I want to tell you what my career is.”

“Child there is no need for that, you, Alcide and I think Pam too, are private about it but I have my suspicions since the word agent was mentioned.  I may be old but I am not senile YET.”

I chuckled.

“Gran I am an actor.  I have a TV show named “Blood Moon”, Alcide and I are the stars of the show.  When I am not on the show I am in various movies.  I film all over the world.  I love my job but sometimes the limelight wears me out.  I don’t think I will ever find a mate who wants me for me.  Not the facade that I wear for the press.  I think this is why I attract the loonies of the world.”

“Oh sweetie, that is so not true.  There is someone out there for you… She is waiting and I am sure she is sane.   But you have to give it some time.  You may have met her already but your timing was off.   Give yourself time.  Be careful with whom you meet.  Guard yourself and your heart.  But open it up when you feel the time is right.   The right person is out there for you and in time the fates will knit you together.”

“Gran, I am careful… After the mistake of Dawn Green I am very careful… but the person I want the most………SIGH…… I don’t think I will ever meet again.   Her smile lights up the room… she blushes the prettiest shade of red…. She is coy and she smells like, I can’t describe it…. Its unique….. I believe she talks to me in the morning and night and I try to remember to talk to her too but theses past couple of months; shit I screwed up….. I missed her cues….. I have been so wrapped up in the Cleo drama that I missed her cues….. I get melancholy knowing that I messed up and she doesn’t feel me back…. My mom says when soul mates are ready to meet they will but sometimes they miss each other all together and it never happens.   Dammit Gran I don’t want to miss out on her but I don’t know how to go about finding her and I don’t want to stalk her….. That would not be fair to her….  Especially, if she finds someone else because I waited too long…..  I am at a lost when it comes to Sookie, hell I don’t even know her last name.  It’s infuriating, if I had a last name I could track her down, I could find her…..”

“Ssshhh Eric that would be considered stalking and not healthy.”

“Dammit  Gran what the hell do I do?  I need her…. I know it’s not healthy to need someone this badly especially when we really haven’t been introduced correctly… But she stirs things in me that I never thought was possible.  She made me smirk, smile and blush all at the same time.   What does that tell you?”

“You are In Love With Her.”


“You heard me, I know you think that is impossible but if you two are soul mates it is perfectly true.  Now Eric, I am going to tell you something I tell my blood grandbabies.   Don’t waste away waiting for your soul mate.  Live your life and if it is meant to be it will be.  However, if you meet someone and you think it feels right do not waste that relationship and have regret later.   You may have to go through a few more bad relationships before you get to the right one OR one may just pop up when you least expect it to.”

“Gran, how do I get away from Cleo?”

“Well first ignore her, don’t pick up her phone calls, don’t respond to her texts and don’t tell her your home.   I have one more question about her; will you be honest with me please?”


“Eric did you ever have sex with her?”     

I was shocked and my face showed it.

“Child, I asked because I wanted to know if she could blackmail you by saying she was pregnant?”

“OOOHHH, No never, it came close but we never finalized anything… She usually passed out and I would leave and go home.”

“Okay so avoidance is your ticket to dismissal.”

“Gran you say the damndest things…  Thank you.”

“Anytime, so Eric what else do you have to talk about or did we get it all covered?”

“ UMMM, okay before I ask my next embarrassing question.  What exit do I take?”

She laughed, “you have two more exits,  the sign will say Bon Temps and when we get off the ramp take a right and go about 4 miles to Hummingbird lane. But if you want to drive around my little town take a left and I can show you the sights.”

“Left it is”

“Gran, how do you suppose I get a message out to Sookie so she knows I am thinking about her?”

“Hmmmmm, well on that show of yours do you ever get to say anything in the credits?   I don’t watch much TV, I would rather read, I saw a show where they said in memory of at the end and then I saw another funny show where they had sayings and such at the end.  It was like helpful hints and such…. I can’t remember the shows name though.”

“No we don’t but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask to do something like that to draw our fans in more.”

“Well, if you can get the show to do it.  You should put a message there that she will understand.”

“That makes sense, thanks Gran… ohh here’s the exit now.”

I took my exit right and then my left at the stop sign; I headed for down town proper.   There wasn’t much of BonTemps.  There was a school, a library, police station, some small town stores, a Sonic and some small houses. 

As we drove I noticed the speed limit was 15 miles per hour.  People were looking to see who was in the shiny luxury sedan driving through town.  They soon realized it was Gran so they waved at her and she waved back…. It felt a little bit odd but I was enjoying it.   I wasn’t the one in limelight.

So we could get Gran home quick enough we made a U-turn at the Grab N Go and as we were coming up to a stop sign; out walks this large robust woman into the middle of the road and puts her hand up like a cop motioning me to stop. 

“Cheese and Biscuits, Gran yells out, Maxine get out of the dang road…. You are no traffic cop.”

The woman walks up to my window and asks me who I am and to state my business.   I laughed a little and said, “I am Miss Adele’s driver for the day and she was just showing me downtown proper before I take her home.”    I had a cheesy southern drawl and everything, Gran laughed.

“Maxine, this is my grand-baby Eric.   He taking me home and then heading back to Shreveport so that he can catch his flight home.”


“Maxine, I have four grandbabies I just met on top of Jason, Sookie and Hadley.  I haven’t told you everything about my life…. I know this will be all over town by the time I get home so do you want the rest of their names to solve you the problem of not knowing.”

“Yes please, Adele Stac…..”  Before she could finish Gran interrupted her,

“Maxine, we all know my name why bother saying the whole dang thing…..  My grandbabies names are more important…. Jason, Sookie, Hadley, Eric, Alcide, Pam and Janice…… and my son’s name is Jackson and his wife is Sabrina…… is that enough to quell your curiosity….. Can we get along NOW?”

I was in fucking AWE…….. She diffused the situation quickly and stealthy. 

I am glad she is on my side.

The woman stepped out of my way and I drove on, I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw her mouth hanging open.  

“Gran, I think you broke her.”

“No such luck, she will recoup and Jason will hear about y’all before I can tell him.”

“Gran use my cell phone please, call him…. Tell him to come out to the house to meet me and you can explain. He already knows about the Herveaux’s right?”

“Oh yes he knows, that will work.”

Gran dialed the phone and a gruff voice came over the phone.  I swear I heard him say Stackhouse but I guess I was hearing things.

“Jason honey, it’s Gran.   I need you to come out to the house.  I just fibbed to Maxine and I want you to hear it from me not her gossip…”

“Okay Gran I will be there in 10 minutes”  …. “Thanks Jason see you then.”

We drove along and I saw wide open spaces and then farm land and such, it was simple but beautiful.

Gran told me to slow down so I didn’t miss the exit to Hummingbird Lane…  It was a freaking dirt road….. what the hell.

“Gran, a dirt road, you live off a dirt road?”

“Yes child, it’s not so bad I keep meaning to get the potholes fixed but I never have the extra money after taxes so I just fill in what I can.”

“Gran, let me help you please?  It would mean a lot to me.  I want to take care of this, I have the means and the money please allow me to do this for you.  I would feel better about you driving on a good driveway instead of pot holes.”

“Child, we can discuss it later. Right now we have another issue.” 

As I looked up there was a girl sitting on the porch steps of an old farmhouse, glaring at us.  I then saw another one round the corner from the back of the house….  Oh shit what was up with that….. Neither of them looked like Gran, so I figured they were friends of the family.

“Eric pull around back, that’s where all family parks, okay. If you would be a dear and take my stuff into the house that would be great.  I will see what these two want they should be back to school already.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I parked the car where she told me to and the two girls ran around the house and stop dead in their tracks.  The one that looks like a soccer mom has her mouth open and I swear I heard them both gasp.

“Gran, I don’t have a house key.”

“Eric, no need for one, just push the door open it’s never locked.”

I turned to her and growled, “Unacceptable that will be changing TOO.”

 As I opened the trunk I see Gran usher the girls in the other direction.   I hear them asking about me, she says that’s my grand-baby Eric….  They both try to speak and she hushes them….  I know who he is no need to tell me…. They both nod and tell her they wanted to surprise Soo ……..

I was in the house so I didn’t hear what was said…. I think they were talking about Sookie… but I wasn’t sure.   I put Gran’s suitcases down in the living room and went back out to see what else Gran needed.

As I got to the front of the farmhouse this large black truck with pink flames down the side drove up.  Out hopped this blond boy, I knew he was in his mid to late twenties but he still looked like a teenager….. he looked oddly familiar but I could not place why, but I just knew he was my cousin of sorts…..

Gran cooed, “Jason I want you to come meet Eric.”

I walked over to Gran’s side and stood and waited for him to size me up.  

 He nodded and stuck his hand out, “Jason Stac…..”    He never finished his name, the girls asked to be introduced at the same time.

“Eric, sorry about my manners this is Amelia Broadway and Tara Thornton.  They are friends of Sookie’s.”

“Hello, nice to meet all of you…. I know this is odd and I am sure Gran has plenty to tell you and I should get back to Shreveport.”

“Hush Eric, I want you to be here when I explain to Jason and if I leave anything out I need to know, okay.”

Yes Ma’am.

Gran proceeded to tell Jason about the Herveaux’s and how they have adopted his family because of Sookie.   They wanted us all to start spending the Holidays in Shreveport with them… We would all have our own rooms and we would be one big happy family.  But along with the deal were Eric Northman and Pam Ravenscroft…  Jason was told to treat us like kin and call us cousins…

The girls stood there with open mouths…. I think they figured out everyone names as she said them…. I guess they were fans, who would of thunk there was fans in this little back water town…..

Gran finished up by saying that instead of having one cousin, Hadley, who they never see any more, he now has four additional cousins and one aunt and uncle.   Jackson and Sabrina, Alcide, Janice, Eric and Pam…  

One big happy family.

The girls just gasped…. Gran looked at them and told them they needed to shut their mouths they were catching flies.

I told Gran I would call her later and we could talk some more but as I started to walk away I remembered I still needed her phone number.

“Gran I need the house number so I can call you.”

 I took out my cell phone and she gave me her number so I keyed it in.

 I kissed her on the cheek and said my goodbyes.  

As I got to the car and opened the door, I swear I heard one of the girls squeal, Eric freakin Northman and Alcide Herveaux?  Gran how the hell does you know them?

I guess Gran had some explaining to do.

I was on my way back to Shreveport with a plan and I needed Pam and Alcide’s support with the producers… I would get a message to Sookie one way or another.

As I passed by everyone on my way out, I waved and they waved back but Jason yelled at me to stop for a minute.

I rolled down the window and asked what’s up.

All he said was, “Thanks for taking care of my family man.”  

 He turned around and walked away.

Hmmmm what the hell was that all about?  The only person in his family that I knew was Gran and I guess bringing her home safely was taking care of his family…. I had yet to meet his sister.

Oh well, I will just caulk it up as odd….

As I drove to Shreveport I thought about what Gran said.

I would live my life but if there was a way for me and Sookie to meet I would find it…

Plus I had a driveway to get fixed…..

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 16: Good Riddance

  1. Oh this is getting better and better..
    loved the relationship between Eric and Gran.
    Sookie and Eric are part of the Same Big Happy Family but infortunately they still have’nt met !

    • i am glad you like it so many people did not but i kept going with it. RL sucks and FATE has a horrible way with them. Yes their family is huge, now if they just could cross paths soon. KY

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