Chapter 17: OSM

This chapter has not been Beta’d , so all the mistakes are mine.. Disclaimer: my cast of characters belongs to Charlaine Harris and the SVM series and I am just taking them out for a spin.




As Eric drove away, Jason walked back to Gran and said, “I like him Gran, will he be there during the holidays so I can get to know him better?”

Gran just nodded and said, “When time permits he will be there, he is a busy man.

Okay girls before this gets out of control lets step into the house….I need to make a quick phone call and then we will talk…. Jason are you gonna stick around or come back after for supper?”

“Naw, I got things to do, I will come back later about 5:30 pm if that’s okay with ya?”

“Of course Jason, see you then.”  He kissed my cheek and left.

As the girls and I walked into the house, Jason honked goodbye and drove like a bat out of hell down the pitted driveway.  That driveway did really need to get fixed but since money was tight it would not be happening anytime soon, but I have a feeling my driveway would be fixed via Eric; I would be grateful but it wasn’t something he needed to do.

“Girls, take a seat at the kitchen table so you can eavesdrop easier on my phone call plus it may fill in some blanks before we talk….”

I picked up the phone and dialed the Herveaux’s… I was a bit nervous but they needed to know my plan did not work out; they needed to know about the girls being here when we arrived.

Plus I needed to fill them in about Maxine, that busy body….

I know I don’t swear much, but as I was listening to the ring tone, I may have muttered “Fuck a Duck” as the phone was picked up on the other end.

I heard “excuse me” on the other end.

It was Alcide of course…. All I heard was, “GRAN you don’t cuss, do you need me to smack your head for you?”…. I laughed a bit in the phone.

 That boy could make me laugh…..

“Hello Alcide, is Jackson and everyone there?  I really need to talk to all of you before Eric gets back to Shreveport.  When you get everyone together make sure it’s on speaker phone. Okay, sweetie.”

Alcide, said, “Sure Gran give me a minute while I round everyone up.”

While we waited I asked Amelia to help me get the portable phone and put it on speaker phone so that they could hear too….   She ran like a bat out of hell to the living room and was back quick as a flash….

Hmm, she was so curious; I was just hoping to be able to swear her and Tara to secrecy so that we could work on this as a group… Two new members could not hurt; as long as they could kept their mouths shut…..

But I think since it was me asking these two to be quite, we may have a chance. 

“Tara, Amelia, I need you to swear on the bible you will not tell Sookie anything about what we are going to discuss.  If you need to talk about it, do it amongst yourselves or speak with Janice. But we will fill you in on everything; how we figured things out, as of right now Sookie and Eric are still oblivious to what we have uncovered and we don’t want to push things to quickly for them just in case it is not their time….  Can you do this for me please?”

Both girls nodded but you could tell they wanted to speak… but were holding their tongues and for Amelia that was a pretty hard thing to do…

I smiled at them and we heard everyone on the other end say they were ready.

“Hello everyone, well Eric left here about 10 minutes ago so we have about 30 minutes to talk before he gets back to you.   We have a minor issue and I needed y’all to know before anything else happens… Jack can you and I be the main speakers please so we can get through this quickly?”

“Of course Gran, what’s up?”

“Well Eric and I had a nice time together; we spoke about his career and his love life, how to get rid of Cleo and what to do about Sookie. Yes he finally told me about her. We took a quick trip around Bon Temps; Girls, close your mouths your catching flies and he met Maxine, Jason, Tara and Amelia.”

I heard a faint, “Cheese and Biscuits.”   

“Pammy is that you?  Am I rubbing off on you since you didn’t drop the F bomb?” 

 We heard a lot of laughing coming from the other end.

 “Yes Gran it’s me, what do you mean you met up with all these people; what happened to the plan of Eric seeing the pictures in the house of Sookie?”

“Well that didn’t go so well.  Let me finish up so I can fill you in….. We drove around BonTemps for about 10 minutes or more and Maxine stepped in front of us like a damn traffic cop to stop us, she asked Eric to state his business… It was fun to watch him act a little like my personal chauffeur using a cheesy southern drawl… Maxine backed off after I explained that Eric was my grand-baby that just came back into my life along with Pam, Alcide and Janice.  I also told her I had a son named Jackson that no one knew about and his wife Sabrina… I called Jason and he high tailed it over here so he could hear it from me, not the town gossip…  When we arrived home my plan got shot out of the water when Tara was sitting on the front stoop and Amelia came running from around the back of the house… I asked Eric to take my stuff into the house, hoping he would look around but he was quick to get back out to me as Jason pulled up…. My boy was scared to leave me out front with these two girls that he didn’t know… he never left my side until he said he needed to get back to Shreveport… Jason was introduced as were the girls…. Now the girls don’t know much, YET, they are sitting here with me so we can fill them in and get them involved to help us out…. They have sworn to me that they will keep their traps shut about all this to Sookie and only speak to us or Janice.”

“Gran, what have you told the girls? If anything? “

“Nothing but what they have heard from this phone call and the little they got while Eric and I were filling in Jason.

To be known, the girls will know more about this than Jason, he knows Eric is the one that helped Sookie out and now he has helped me get back from Shreveport and that he is by extension family now since I told him he was to treat my new grandbabies like kin…

That being said, the girls are anxious to be clued in, Jack do you want to take over?”

“Hello Girls, it’s nice talking to you again since the trial.  Yes Alcide is mine and Sabrina’s son and Janice’s brother… We have always kept quiet about Alcide career so he can live a private life while at home.  We apologize for not telling you sooner but we thought it was best until we figured everything out.   You can speak to Janice of it while up at school, but please, we ask you to do it discreetly… And yes you will still be invited home for spring breaks and such… Will Alcide be here we do not know, but if he is you need to be discreet until Sookie figures this out on her own or is told? Do you think you can do this?”

There was a collective YES said by both girls.

“So we started putting two and two together at the trial… I am sure Sook has seen some things and just ignored them but once she realizes what she missed she is going to kick herself in the ass about it…  We want these two together, don’t get us wrong; we are torn about telling them out right but we feel if we did this we may ruin what they could possibly have as a future.  We don’t like hiding things from them but we think they are soul mates and to be honest they are both so deeply in love with the other that we feel if we thrust them together at the wrong time it will damage anything they may find with one another… We know since they keep missing each other here at the house and Eric missed seeing the  pictures at Gran’s  that it is not their time to be a couple. It may take a year, two or more for FATE to knit them together.  We won’t stop trying to get them in the same location but we won’t force it.  Do you understand what we are trying to accomplish?”


“Okay our plan of attack is this, we invite them to everything, we try to get them together at the same function but we let nature takes it course, we don’t interfere if they are dating someone else…  WE don’t want them pining and missing out on life, so if you need to get Sook out on a date, do it… don’t change up your routine or she will figure out you are up to something.   We don’t want to be sneaky and have them hate us but we don’t want to screw with FATE either…. I know at first they may hate us, a lot, but we are all prepared for their wrath if it happens…. Case in point Sookie’s car…. It was Eric who wrecked it not Pam… But Pam is willing to take the blame.”

“Excuse me, Pam… Pam who?  I heard Gran mentioned Pam but who is she to everyone?”

Pam spoke up, “you vermin need to leave my establishment.”  ……… “Do you know who I am now?”

Tara spoke up, “Your shitten’ me? Pam Ravenscroft from Blood Moon?” ………. SLAP……   “Damn Gran that hurt, stop hitten’ me, I didn’t mean to cuss but damn first Eric “Fucking” Northman, then Alcide “werewolf” Herveaux and now the Pam “the Bitch” Ravenscroft….. It’s all a bit shocken’ and thrillin’ at the same time….. shit I have gone back to frekin’ southern slang…… dammit Gran give me a moment here to compose myself.”

Alcide spoke up, “Gran I thought I was the only one you smacked up the back of the head when I cussed.  I feel unloved now, violated and cheated on…… sniff sniff….. ah damn Gran you are making me feel unwanted… I told you, you were my number one girl and now you are cheating on me I thought those were love taps between you and me, I guess….sniff sniff… I was wrong……sniff…sniff… sigh.” 

“Gran, you hit Alcide Herveaux … But he is ten times bigger than you.”

“Listen up both of you… Y’all know how I feel about cussing and if I need to calibrate you I will.  Alcide honey, I will always be your number one girl…. But cussing is not necessary sometimes and I need to remind you young folks about that on occasion… It don’t mean I love you any less, you are my big bear of a grand-baby and don’t you forget it… Tara you have been around me since you were a small one, you know better and do we need to have that talk again?”

“No Ma’am”

“But Gran when I answered the phone you said, “Fuck a duck” who gets to calibrate you?”

AND we were put back on track as everyone laughed, including me.

“Okay since the trip home didn’t go as scheduled. What do we do now?”  

“Oh, Alcide and Pam this here is for you; Eric is going to introduce a plan to you when he gets home can you help him follow through on it.  Plus he is going to need y’alls help getting rid of Cleo….. I think she is going to try and say she is pregnant but he has reassured me sex never happened and I believe him…”

“Sure Gran, anything you need.”

“Jackson, is there anything else we need to discuss?  I know we have been on the phone for about 20 minutes and Eric is due into you any minute…”

“Gran I can’t think of anything but I am sure if we do we can give you a call… Sabrina, anything?”

“No I think we are good.”  

“Well Gran I think we are good to go…”

“Gran can I call you later just to talk I miss you already, I don’t know what I am going to do when I’m on set.…. Plus, is my Cuz going to be there so you can introduce me to him?”

                                                   Damn, Pam was purring as she said it.

“Pamela, yes you can call me later and yes Jason will be here for supper around 5:30 pm, so call around 6-6:30 pm okay sweetie..”

“Gran a car just drove up so we need to go we will talk to you later if we think of anything new or the girls come up with anything.  We love you and wish you were still here.”

At that the phone call was ended and the girls were staring at me…..

“Girls let me run to the ladies and I will be right back. ”  I got up rather quickly and the girls were glaring at me.

“Okay, shoot, what questions do you all have… we need to make this quick so you girls can get to school since my estimate is you are two weeks behind at least.”

 “Gran, why can’t we tell Sookie? ……..  She is going to hate us when she finds out.”

“No child, she won’t … her gut reaction will be to not trust you but in the end she will come to reason and I am sure the person she will hate the most is herself.   There have been so many times that she should have figured this out all on her own, the first being that one of her best friends has the same last name as the actor you went to see and get a picture of. The second being Jackson looking like an older version of Alcide.  She has met Alcide in person she should have connected things already, but she is not looking for hidden meanings so she missed it.  She has talked to Alcide’s girlfriend she should have connected that Angela with the Angela she met on the Extra’s set just by the name, who she was dating and that she was Canadian, but she missed it…The Extra’s call, y’all getting in so easy was set up for you by Alcide; but Sookie was all on her own and Eric was surprised to see her… Don’t you know, Eric had Alcide go search for her after she left the set.  If he had caught up to her this would have been over with months ago. But we are looking at it like FATE doesn’t want them together yet; they are not ready yet for the power of the love they share… Yes girls, each is in love with the other but please don’t push her on it.   I want Sookie to enjoy life and if that means dating other gentleman in the mean time then make it happen… We don’t want her pining away as a hermit and never enjoy life; makes sure she meets new people, make sure she gets out there…. I don’t want her to miss an opportunity and I have told My Eric the same thing…. When it is time for them to meet again and start a relationship even if it is just a friendship then it will happen and it will happen for a reason.  Plus if she had paid attention just three weeks ago she would have seen Pam in the taxi right next to her car waving at her to stop but she didn’t, it didn’t even dawn on her she knew the blonde woman in the taxi and she just drove away… If my little girl had just paid better attention she would have seen her Eric sitting next to Pam, but again it wasn’t meant to be.  Just like Eric coming into my home but not looking around; if he had he would have noticed Sookie’s pictures and connected the dots and he would now be on his way to LSU instead of going back to Shreveport…. It just a matter of FATE and how it is being knitted and right now it is knitting them apart for the time being….”

“But Gran, we can help it along faster by telling her…. But if we do nothing she will miss out, won’t she?”

“No, My Sookie won’t miss out because right now she needs to focus on her schooling, graduate and make her dreams happen.   Right now My Eric has to focus on his work and he will be away from her for too many days to make a success at their relationship.  They both realize if they meet it has to be during a long break of some sort so they can have time to start their relationship up.  Eric understands this but it will not stop him from trying to reach out to her… If by some chance another Extra’s call is here in Shreveport make sure you all attend,  Alcide will make sure you all get on the set again; if not Pam and I am sure Felicia will help she is aware of the two Sookie’s being the same one.….  Alcide and Pam  both love Eric dearly and want to help him find his soul mate and We as a team are just going to try and help it along as much as possible.”

“Gran, I don’t know, if JB ever kept something like this away from me I don’t know if I could talk to him again. “

“Same goes for me and Tray….. I know my dad would hide stuff from me but I don’t think someone as close as a boyfriend or best friend should do something like that.”

“Girls, I know it is hard.  Don’t you think it is even harder on poor Janice?  Alcide is her brother and she has to hide that… She is very proud of her brother but she has to hide it so he has privacy.  More or less we are doing the same thing for Eric… since he is a celebrity what do you think would happen if some gossip rag got a hold of this info and used it against Eric and or Sookie, don’t you think they would drag up her past and out would pop Quinn, big as life and then maybe they would question Sookie’s testimony at the trial.  Quinn and his family could get released.   NO, we need to let them meet differently so they can start fresh… We have plans for the holidays so we will see what happens and I am sure the Herveaux’s will allow you to attend, they have big hearts.  Discuss it with Janice; be on the same page as her… She has more insight since Sookie has talked to her.  Don’t pry, be supportive.   Plus don’t you think once Sookie realizes everything she will be more made at me, Jackson and Sabrina…. We will suffer her wrath but we will also talk to her to see reason….  It may take us ganging up on her to accomplish it but it will work… If by chance Alcide or Pam or even maybe Eric is at the Herveaux’s house when the realization hits, don’t you think she is going to feel like a fool for everything.  She hugs and kisses Alcide like her brother but yet she hasn’t realized that this is the man in the photo she keeps on her night stand or the man she watches every week on her show.  She is not stupid or a moron, she is just wrapped up in her sights of everything Eric that she is missing out on close opportunities…  She will connect everything and we will be here as her support network to get her through it….”

“Okay Gran we will be with you on this 100%, we just hope it doesn’t backfire…. But first how do we go about asking Janice and her confiding in us?”

“I will speak with Jackson and he will get a hold of her.  I will talk to him later when Pam calls me.  I have new grandbabies to take care of so my life has become full once more; my glass was always full but now it runneth over…. It makes me happy to help all of you… You know I have always treated you two as one of my own and that will never change… I am here for you too.  Now scoot so that you can make it to Baton Rouge tonight at a decent hour…. Hopefully, before dark…  Please call me when you arrive so I know you two made it safely.  Tomorrow is another day…”

I walked the girls out and waved goodbye.  This was going to be tricky going forward but I know if we all stayed on the same page we could help our two love birds get together one day… Just when that day would happen only time would tell…

Cheese and Biscuits, FATE was definitely a fickle bitch….

Now to make supper, Jason would be here in three hours.


Authors note… I hope this chapter helps answer why they family just doesn’t tell Sookie and Eric everything….. Thank you for reading and I enjoy each and every one of your comments… Even the not so good ones.   Kristie

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  1. Yes with this chapter you show us WHY the families should mind their own business and not interfere with Fate…
    I’m loving Gran more and more

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