Chapter 18: The Plan

Author’s NoteMy Story is about FATE and how it twists our lives in different directions…  Where Murphy’s Law strikes time and time again; where simple miss reads or déjà vu’s happen but we tend to ignore them. Where a family is trying to do the right thing but feel if they interfere they will ruin not one life but two, who opt to stay out as much as humanely possible but still have a small minuscule influence. When the time is right it will happen.

I had one reviewer tell me about her life and how this story reminded her of hers and her husband’s relationship since they lived in the same town and it took four years before they met; it happens every day and we just overlook it.  As one reviewer stated looking from the outside in we see what is happening we see what they miss and don’t understand why they haven’t figured it out. But while you are living the situation you don’t see it and when it finally dawns on you all the missed opportunities, déjà vu’s and OSM come flooding back. It’s at that time you want to kick yourself in the pants for missing it all.   It has happened to me many many times but I continue on just like this story will.

However I have other reviewers whom don’t like the direction of the story or the angst or the long winded chapters by all means please stop reading.  It is entirely your right and prerogative to read or not, review or not.  I won’t stop you from reading or leaving.   I do this for fun, this is my hobby and I could stop anytime I like and would not look back.  I work 45-50hrs a week and raise two sons with my husband, I BETA (edit) for two others writers, I have a life besides writing and could stop on a dime if I choose to; I have seen so many good writers stop mid story and disappear but I will continue for now and see where it leads me.    I will always try to answer all reviews as quickly as possible but sometimes it takes me a day or two.

Thank you for reading my rant….  I appreciate all of you who have been following my story and are enjoying it.  Who are taking it for what it is a story.  Eric and Sookie match ups are my couple of choice and this story will end up there but it will take time.

PS- thank you EricIzMine for the awesome phrase “Fuck a Duck”, I had never heard it until she wrote it in the Multiverse…  As always the characters of this story belong to Charlaine Harris and her SVM universe.

Hugs and My Best Kristie



I arrived at the Herveaux house a little bit before 2pm.

 I had driven at a leisurely pace so that I could think about what I needed to get done in my life and how to go about doing it.  It was going to take a little bit of time but I knew I could pull everything together.

Plus I needed to work on fixing Gran’s driveway from the way it is now; that shit just doesn’t fly with me, she could get hurt or someone could sue her for getting hurt coming down that pothole ridden road.  I know she doesn’t have much and she is happy but if I can make her life a little happier and simpler I will.

 I have grown to love Gran over the last three weeks, if she will allow me to I will help her take care of her bills and home.   I just have to let her know I am just taking care of her and it’s not like being a kept woman; I know that will go against her moral code.

 However, I want her last years spent without worries and I have the means to provide it for her since I have no one to take care of… I have my step mom but she is already taken care of by my dad’s estate.

I don’t ever want to see her be without ever again.

Maybe I will get Alcide to talk to her about it, since she is his number one girl…  That there just makes me laugh, but I understand why he feels that way….  She has us all wrapped around her little finger…..

Gran is an AWESOME person.

I feel honored to have her in my life.

I walked in the kitchen and everyone was sitting there like they were waiting on me.  I just chuckled to myself, why on earth would they be waiting on me?

I said hello and asked Alcide and Jackson if they had a minute to talk.  Mom and Pam wanted to know why they weren’t invited to stay.   I just shook my head and asked them if they knew anything about construction?  They both nodded No but asked if it was okay to stay.

“Jack I need to know if you know of a reputable company that could repair and replace Gran’s driveway?  I told her I was going to have it fixed for her… She said we would talk but when we got to her home she had company so we did not get a chance to talk about it.   I wanted to take a look around her home but I didn’t get a chance because of the two girls out front waiting and I didn’t want to snoop around without her approval, plus Jason drove up.”

“HMMM you got to meet Jason, what’s our Cuz like?”

“Pam chill, he is not a piece of meat.  Plus you will meet him soon enough…. Funny thing is he looks about 20 years old even though he is in his late twenties.  He drives a big black truck and is pretty agile from watching him hop out of his truck.”

Everyone chuckled at our banter.

Jack then chuckled and said, “Hell I have been trying to get Gran to let me repair the driveway but she said that it was a costly repair that she could afford. So I dropped it.”

“Well I am just going to do it and she can rain down on me later with her wrath.   Being in California when it happens will help; the distance will be my friend and by the time I see her again she will have calmed down.”

“So you got a name?”

“Yeah, Calvin Norris, he lives out right past Bon temps, in an even smaller town called Hotshot.  He can fix it for you and he guarantees his work.  I will get his number for you in a little while.   Is that all you need from me or is there more?”

“Well I need you to help me convince her to start locking her doors.”

I heard a WHAT the Fuck from Pam… Alcide just growled… While Jack and Sabrina just shook their heads.

“Yeah, she leaves her door unlock at all hours of the day and night.  I don’t like it.  I am sure everyone does it in a small town but if the paparazzi catch wind of the Three Musketeers visiting a small town I don’t want anyone getting in her home and stealing stuff or hurting her.

Apparently it was unlocked the whole time she was here.”

Jackson spoke first…. “I will talk to her about it tonight. Pam wanted to call her tonight since she misses her already so I will speak with her then.  I think it would be in her best interest to start locking up and I will give her your reasoning about the paparazzi.”

“Thank you”

“Is there anything else we can help you with?”

“Yeah, a couple of things. The two girls I met today do you know them?  They seemed awfully familiar but I cannot place them….Their names were Tara and Amelia.”

“Yes, they are friends of Sookie and Janice’s.  Why weren’t they up at school already?”

“Don’t know for sure they just introduced themselves while Jason was introducing himself…. I got an off the wall feeling like I have either met them before or heard their names before.  But I never asked them where I knew them from since it was my first time in town”

Sabrina said, “So you had a déjà vu moment.  You will figure it out when you least expect to.”

“Yeah I guess.”

“So my next question is about Cleo… How do I ditch her… Gran told me avoidance but I have a feeling that’s not going to work.  Plus Gran seems to think she will use the pregnancy card to keep me around.  Just so you know I never slept with her.”

Sabrina was the one to speak, “Avoidance is the best bet.  If you have to when you get back, get a new cell phone number, give it out to just family and your agent, it will keep her off your phone for a little while.  Plus, you can stay with Alcide or Pam until you know the coast is clear.   You have two weeks between now and the filming starts for Blood Moon; you are all welcome to stay here longer if you like… You can just relax, leave your cell phone with me and maybe go down and visit Gran again.  I am sure she will like that.”

“That sounded like a great plan but I wanted to get the driveway done in the next week or so and I didn’t want Gran’s wrath but maybe it will work out if I did go down there and spend some time with her and help her out while it was being done… Physical labor would do us all good.

Pam, Alcide you want to take a drive in a few days to go spend time with Gran?  Damn, I never asked does she have the room or should we commute each day?”

Jack spoke up this time, “When we talk to her later we will ask her if she has the room and if she wants company?  I know she raised Sookie and Jason so she has at least two extra rooms in that old farmhouse.  But keep in mind she doesn’t have central air so the day might get a little warm for you guys. Plus she doesn’t have a pool to lounge in either.”

“What do you mean she doesn’t have air? Does she not have heat either?”

“The farmhouse has been in the family for a long time… One of the ancestors built it and each relation has built up on it.  The windows are all screened so during the day, the windows and doors are opened for air circulation.  During the winter months she has a fireplace that warms the house.”

“Jackson, I want to install a central air and heating system for her too.  Do you know someone that can help me out with that?”

“Yes, I do. ME.”

“Oh Jackson honey, what about the older system you took out of the Compton place… do you still have it?  Those idiots replace their system every two years whether it needs it or not and you are left to get rid of the used one.    Is it in good shape? Their house is much bigger so it should fit just right for Gran’s home don’t you think? What about the electrical parts will that have to be changed too?”

“Yes we do still have it …. The boys just placed it in the storage unit.  I will make a work order for Monday and have them go out on Tuesday to install it… The electric should be fine but the boys can install a new breaker for the unit…By that time the kids will be there, they can keep her occupied while they’re there.  Maybe take her to Merlotte’s for lunch and it can be installed while they are out and about. And when she gets home wa la AIR. ”

The plan was coming together nicely.  Now we just had to get to Bon Temps to start on it.

Pam spoke up next, “well if you guys really want to go “whole hog” as they say, why don’t you look into installing a pool while you are at it.  She likes the one here and from what I hear her Sookie likes lounging by the pool and getting Alcide all hot and bothered.”

Alcide growled at her. 

“You would get all hot and bothered too if you saw her in that polka dot bikini… it’s to die for.”

We all chuckled but Jackson.   He leered at Alcide and growled.

This growling shit was too funny.

Pam said, “Okay boys clam down…. there is only one Sookie and I am sure there is enough for only me.”

Pam was cackling and Sabrina was bent over laughing.

 It was like an inside joke that I just didn’t get.

So I proceeded. 

“Okay before we talk to Gran about staying with her, can I have you alls help on one more thing and then I am sure it is time for dinner, I just realized I never had lunch.”

We all agreed to an early dinner since none of us ate.

So how do I proceed?

“Alcide and Pam I need your help more than mom and dad.   While talking to Gran we thought of a way to contact My Sookie without talking to her.”

I was getting funny looks.

“Okay you know on CBS at the end of an episode there is a funny quip or hint by Chuck Lorre?  Well Gran suggested we leave messages for our fans.   She said that since my Sookie likes the show maybe I should leave a message for her so that she knows that I still am thinking about her.   I know it’s a long shot and we have to get the shows approval but I think it would work…   maybe the other stars of the show have fans that ask them the same question over and over again and they can answer it there.  What do you think; will you help me get the approval?”

Jackson spoke first, “I think is a wonderful idea but how would you know which one of you gets what show. You have to make it even for each actor and since there are only 12 episodes a year you all would have to take turns. If it goes over well with the fans you can do it again next year.  However, you will have to have a plan in hand when you go in to talk to the execs, have the list drawn up of who gets what episode.   But to be clear I don’t think the three of you should go first, let the smaller actors do it, have your names toward the middle or end of the year.  That way you make it fair.”

Sabrina spoke next. “You know you all are the stars of the show but it would show gratitude to the rest of the cast if you let them go first.  Play smart not arrogant.”

Alcide thought it was a good idea; he went in search of pen and paper so we could jot down what we thought.  Plus we figured we could email the idea first then go in as a joint contingent and finalize it with the execs.   I am sure we would have Felicia on our side; she always wants to make the fans happy.


List: order of thank you messages

1-      Executives- thanking fans for watching

2-      Ginger  Evans

3-      Jessica Hamby

4-      Mark Stonebrook

5-      Sophie Ann LeClerq

6-      Pam Ravenscroft

7-       Isabel Beaumont

8-      Rasul Mohamed

9-      Alcide Herveaux

10-   Andre Paul

11-   Steve Newlin

12-   Eric Northman


All 12 episodes were now taken care of, now for the approval of the executives.

This had to work, it just had to.

We all helped out with dinner, we had gotten so use to Gran taking care of us that we had to get back in the swing of things.  But you know if we were really going down to Bon Temps we would be falling back into the same routines once we got there.  I enjoyed Gran taking care of me so I was going to lavish in it until we had to head back to California.

Pam was pacing after dinner; it was like she was waiting on a specific time to call her.  Her only response to me; was hush Gran was having dinner with Jason so she had to wait she didn’t want to interrupt their time together.

Funny, it was like she knew Gran’s schedule.  I guess I really was clueless to how attached Pam had gotten to Gran.

We all spoke to Gran later and she accepted our offer of coming down to her and hanging our hats for a week or two.  She said she had plenty of space and we were always welcome… 

We told her we would be there sometime Monday afternoon. 

She laughed when we told her we would be stopping at the Piggley Wiggley in town to get food for the week we would be there since there was no way she would have enough food to feed the Three Musketeers.   Plus it was an expense she didn’t need. 

Have you seen Alcide eat?  That boy can put away a lot of food just by himself.

Pam brought up a swimming pool and she said she didn’t have one, it was a luxury she couldn’t afford but over at Jason’s house there was a lake if we wanted to cool down.   Pam’s comment to Gran was well I guess I will just have to buy you one. 

Gran just laughed and told her she had a little kiddie pool at the house that she could stick the lawn chair in and cool off her feet with when she was overly hot; Pam was more than welcome to use it. No need to get anything bigger.

Oh course Pam told her will see about that.  Plus there was an air conditioner on the way as well that Gran was clueless about.

 If only Gran knew what we had in mind we would be swatted for sure.

Jackson called Calvin Norris about the driveway and he said he would be more than happy to start it next week and have it completed before we left.  He would have to level and compact the dirt out and then use nice gravel over top of the dirt.  He told Jackson it was a bad idea to pave it with asphalt since the house was so off the beaten path.

 Jackson let Mr. Norris know that I would be paying for the driveway and he agreed he would make sure that only I received the invoice and to ignore any objections from Adele.

Our plans were made and we were moving forward.

 Jackson let us know he would check into pool installers and have them get in touch with me at Gran’s since there was a possibility that out in the country our cell phones would not have any coverage.  It would be spotty at best.

We were all pretty excited come Monday.  We had packed our bags and figured it would be best to take one of the trucks, Alcide’s favorite is his Dodge Ram so that’s what we took plus it would handle the pot holes better.

We chatted along the way about the new season and what we might want to use as our sayings at the end of our allotted episode.  I knew I wanted to say something to Sookie and I thought it would be nice to say something to Miss Stackhouse as well….

Pam wanted to say something about The Three Musketeers and something to Gran.

 Alcide of course said he would say something to Angela and Gran. 

As we got closer I told Alcide what exit to take and to turn left instead of right so we could go to the Piggley Wiggley in town.

 Like my first trip through town we were greeted with pleasant nods and stares.   In a small town everyone knew everyone and Alcide’s big ol’ truck and three strangers in it set off flags.  We were being watched; kind of like in the movie “Children of the Corn” it was getting creepy.

We stopped at the Piggley Wiggley and got us a couple of shopping carts and started walking around the store.

 We knew we would be back during the week, if for nothing else to get more beer. Plus we knew that Gran probably didn’t have a lot of storage space so we didn’t want to go overboard.   We had also talked about taking Gran out to dinner a few times while we were here so she didn’t have to take care of us all the time.

As we rounded one of the aisles I was once again stopped by the woman traffic cop from the other day.  I know she is not a cop but that’s what she acted like again when she asked me to state my business.

I don’t think nosey covers what she is.

I chuckled at her, Pam grunted and Alcide growled …. We must have looked like lunatics.

“Hello Maxine, nice to see you again.”

“How do I know you?”

“We met the other day when I was with Gran, I mean Adele.”

“Oh, the missing grandson.  Yeah I remember.  I thought you was leaving? Who are the other two?”

“These are two of the other grandbabies she mentioned to you; Pam and Alcide.”

“Well you and she look alike and he is to dark to be related to ya, do you have different mommas?”

“No same parents, we look like mom and he looks like dad.”

We all laughed Jackson and Sabrina are going to get a kick out of this.

“Well you two are big ones.  You married?  Do you need a girlfriend?  I am sure I can hook you up with some lonely girl in town… Sookie is out of the question since y’alls related.”

“No were good thanks…. Well we should be going so we can get over to Grans since we are staying for the next week or so.   Nice seeing you again.”

I was sure she would be calling Gran within 5 minutes as soon as she could get to a phone.

“Goodbye children, I am sure I will be seeing you while you are here.”

I heard Pam mutter, not if we can help it.

We continued to shop and I was on the other aisle away from Pam and I heard her gasp and I swore I heard her hand connect to a face.  I left the cart and went running over to see what was up and it was none other than Jason apologizing for being so forward with her.

 I was figuring he grabbed her ass.

I was unsure if he would see me through Alcide, so I had to more or less scream at Jason.

“Hey Cuz what have you been up to for the past couple of days?”

 Alcide and Pam both turned around and I shrugged.

“Hey man is this your woman, I am sorry man.  I didn’t know, I have never seen her before and her ass was calling to me…   What you doing here anyway I thought you were headed back home?”

So Jason does know what I do for a living, hmmmm.

“Oh change of plans and no she isn’t my woman, that‘s Pam your other cousin and Alcide yet another one. We are staying at Gran’s the next week or so; I am sure we will see each other again before we leave.”

“Oh that’s cool dude.   I am out at Gran’s at least three times a week for dinner since she says I don’t eat right.

Of course this is when Pam stepped into the conversation.

“Oh I think you eat just right.”         Damn she was purring again.    Maybe he would be the one to change her wicked ways you never know.

 I could see this was going to be fun to watch.

“Well gotta run, gotta get back to the crew.  See ya later.”

Alcide looked at the cart, looked at the four of us and darted off.  I knew what he was up to.  He thought we didn’t have enough meat for all of us.   I know he eats a lot and Gran mentioned Jason east a lot so better safe than sorry.

Funny thing is when we got to the check out we were more or less accosted by Maxine again.   She had a RAG magazine in her hand with my picture on the front page.

 Oh Hell.

Apparently Cleo sold her story to them about how I left her for Pam.   I had run off when she told me she was pregnant but it turned out to be a false positive.  She wanted everyone to know that my relationship with Pam was a false one and she just wanted me to come back home. 

Well that sealed her coffin.  Not touching that with a TEN FOOT pole.  She made this split easy.  With a no comment from me and the RAG unable to reach me the story would die before we got back to California.

Maxine just glared and I asked her what was wrong?

“Is this you?”


“What do you have to say for yourself?  You are dating your sister?”  By that time she pointed at Pam, whose picture was also on the cover.

Alcide just blurted out, “damn, I was left out once again.”

I tried to explain that it was all gossip but she wouldn’t hear anything I had to say.  I finally told her to leave us be so we could get home to Gran.  She said she would be calling Adele to let her know what I have been up to.

I was looking forward to the conversation since it looked like Maxine would once again be calibrated by Gran.

We finished up as quickly as we could and walked out of the store but before we could get to the truck the cashier ran out after us to get our autographs. 

Well we might as well get this over with and then they would leave us alone.

The girl, Maudette, was nice enough but neither Alcide nor I was interested but we were cordial to her anyway.  She said she went to school with Sookie and she wishes she had been able to go away to school too but it wasn’t in her future.  

As we drove past everyone we got waves instead of nods and stares, word got around quick that we were related to Gran so we were welcomed into the fold. 

This was just too funny, we were there less than an hour and already we were accepted, more or less.

I told Alcide to follow the road back the way we came and once we get passed the highway we have about 3 miles before we hit Gran’s driveway; since it was set back a bit he needed to slow down so we didn’t miss it.

Pam was in awe as we got passed the town and into the countryside.

She never imagined places like this. She only thought it happened in movies.  

We all chuckled at that.

She told Alcide and me that it was very peaceful out here for her but she would be bored within a week and hammering for city life again.

As we started approaching the 3 mile mark, I told Alcide to slow down or we would miss it.

My only landmark was the mailbox with no name on it.

We turned onto the driveway and I told Pam to hold on she was in for a bumpy ride.  We all laughed when she hit her head on the window. 

Told you, to hold on…… Alcide said he couldn’t believe how bad the driveway was and he sure as shit didn’t want to drive the sedan down it. The truck was bad enough.

All I could say about that was you got to creep down it and you would be fine.  Besides in two weeks there would be a new driveway and all would be well.

As we drove up I told Alcide to park around back because that’s what family does.  I smiled at myself for remembering that is exactly what Gran had told me.

He parked the truck and as soon as we opened the doors Gran was waiting on the back porch with her arms opened wide.  Pam didn’t hesitate she ran to Gran like a bat out of hell and hugged her tight.    I could see it was going to be rough on Pam to leave her to go to California but I was sure Gran would talk her through it.

 Pam was an only child like me, her parents had been dead since she was a young teenager so having Gran, me and the Herveaux’s  in her life was a godsend for her.  She finally felt like she belonged to a family.I could hear that conversation now; Gran would tell her that she had a job to do and there was always a phone so that she could call her anytime, but be mindful of the time difference.

We told Gran we needed to unload the groceries first and then we could get our things.  She said that was a great plan but after groceries she wanted us to see her home before it got too late to explore. 

We all nodded and in quick time we got the groceries unloaded and stored.

Gran just shook her head on how much we bought but we told her we ran into Jason and he said he would be out here at least three times if not more so we wanted to make sure we had enough for him too. 

Gran asked how it went and Pam just rubbed her ass.  We had to explain that Jason grabbed her ass in the Piggley Wiggley and she slapped him… Gran was not happy with Jason for accosting Pam, she was going to let Jason know that Pam was as good girl and good girls deserve respect.

Shit if she only knew Pam was far from being a good girl.

I asked where the bathroom was so I could go relieve myself and wash up before Gran gave us a tour.

Gran said it was around the corner from the living room next to the stairs leading up to the next floor.

As I walked away I saw Gran nod to Alcide and Pam smiled.   I had no clue what they were up to until I walked around the corner.

Well Hell

There staring back at me was MY Sookie smiling in her graduation picture from high school.

FUCK…………..I know I said it loud but who wouldn’t.  

I didn’t go back to the kitchen right away to confront Gran.

 I was in awe of all the pictures of Sookie on the wall.   She was beautiful.

 I fell I love with her all over again.

 I moved along slowly and up the steps to inspect ALL of the pictures.   I hadn’t noticed that Pam, Gran and Alcide had moved in behind me until I turned around.  I saw tears in Gran’s eyes and Pam was smiling.  Alcide was just grinning, it was then that I saw Gran had her arms held out to me and I folded into them… 

All I could think of was WHY? 

Why hadn’t they said anything sooner? 

Why hadn’t they told me? 

Why did they keep it a secret? 

How long had they known?


I knew I would get my answers but I needed to seek comfort first and that is exactly what I was doing.

Gran held me and told me to come sit with her on the couch and she would try to explain.  But first she wanted Alcide to grab the portable and call his folks and put them on speaker phone.  “This was a family matter and Eric needed to hear everything from all of us.  There would be no more secrets.”

I was comforted by her words but I had so many questions. 

As we heard Jack pick up the line and say hello, Gran asked him to get Sabrina on the line too.  There was a reveal that needed to happen so that I could move on.  It was but a moment and we were all listening on one phone or the other.

Gran said she would do most of the talking and once she got everything out I could ask questions.  She wanted us all on the same page.

She sighed a little and then gave me a hug and a big smile…

“Where to begin, I was sixteen years old when I met my Mitchell and it was love at first sight…… Ohh sorry, that’s not the story you wanted to hear is it?”

I grinned at Gran and said, “No but maybe another time you can tell me about my grandfather. I would like to hear about him and the story behind the farmhouse.”

“Anytime child, anytime, but for now we need to tell you about Eric and Sookie.”

“It was about one year ago during her summer break that Sookie confided in me about the feelings she had for a boy she only saw but never properly met.  How she talked to him at night during a walk and told him about her days and nights.  That she sought comfort from him even though she knew he did not know of these talks.   I thought it was sweet and told her it sounded like she met her soulmate but for now she was not ready to be with him or FATE would have knitted them together.  Well the trial came and went… I met Jackson and Sabrina and we became friends.  We never talked about you so we never connected the dots until the beginning of August…  It was then that Jackson let me and Alcide know what his thoughts on the matter had been.  He had connected the dots at the beginning of June when Sookie came home to Bon Temps to work for the summer; this is when he realized that Janice’s Sookie was your Sookie.  So in August we put our heads together.  We tried to get you to come to Shreveport earlier. We tried to get Sookie to stay longer.. .But FATE didn’t want you too together yet…  You see it has only been 3 months or so that the cat has been out of the bag for all of us.  It is now also open for Amelia and Tara too but they have sworn to keep their mouths shut.  We feel it would be better for the two of you to figure this out on your own accidentally… So the shock of miss opportunities can be quietly handled.   We feel if we interfered that we would ruin both of your lives.  We want you two together but we want the occurrence to happen naturally…. We want it to happen on the two of yous terms… We want you two to live your lives and have no regrets at miss acquaintances or opportunities.  We don’t think it’s your time yet, child, you are so busy with work and Sookie is in her junior year of school. We want you two to live and accomplish your goals and to have fun.  If that fun is without each other then it is meant to be.    We thought of telling you but we knew you would think we were nuts.   Do you understand why we did it this way?”

Yes and No.

“Gran, what I don’t understand is why you all chose to keep it from Sookie.  I can understand me, but why her.  She is closer to all of you then I am?”

“Child, we choose not to tell her because of the Quinn thing.  We wanted her to have happiness; we want her to find happiness on her own… We want her to find you on her own… We did not want to interfere.  We thought and still do think it would be better for her to find out on her own.  I have a feeling when she does find out she will keep it to herself… We figure that once she figures it out she will be embarrassed that it took her so long to realize the obvious…  I believe that she will figure it out when she looks at her picture of you and the girls and Alcide.  She has probably not looked at the picture closely and when she does she’s going to be pissed at Janice for not saying anything but pissed at herself for not realizing it sooner.  But she knows the Herveaux’s are very quiet about what Alcide does so she will respect that.   I think she will keep it quiet and confront all of us at the same time.  Let me ask you something do you still plan on doing the thank yous at the end episode?  If you are, she will probably figure out that you guys know something depending on what you say?”

“Yes Gran we sent an email to our producer and she is in line with us to help us get it approved, she thinks it is a good idea. However we are keeping quiet to what each of us will say so everyone will be surprised.   I would like for you to start watching the show just so you can see us on a weekly basis. “

“Child, I would love to watch it but I cannot, I do not have cable.”

Alcide spoke up, “I will make sure that is taken care of before we go back to California.”

We sat around for a couple of hours and spoke about the possibilities of our near misses and what they meant to all of us.   How some were easier to see and gleam possibilities from and others that only Sookie and I would know about.  We spoke of the trial and what it did to Sookie but everyone feels she came out stronger than when she started.  We spoke about dating, I said, “I didn’t want to” and Gran spoke up and said, “That we still needed to move on with life naturally.  Experience life and enjoy… Sookie would not hold it against me to have a life as I should not hold it against her.  When our time is here we will know it.   Don’t build regrets, if all you are doing is having friendships then that is what you have, but to make sure the other person knows that is all it is.”   

Cleo came rushing to the forefront of my head …..  I needed to make sure that was resolved when we got back home.  

Pam thought it was a good move for us to visit as much as possible on the off chance that Sookie would be home.  Alcide thought it would be a good time to talk Angela into coming down to spend time with the family and to meet Sookie for herself even though she already has and then she can put her jealousies to the side.  Jack said that he thought it would be a good idea for Gran to come and visit every month just so Sookie sees that we are all getting along and if Gran happens to be at the house when she gets home for breaks then all the better.  Plus Gran can tell Sookie about her new grandbabies and cushion the blow of who you are when she finally meets all of you.  

It was quiet for a moment and I didn’t mean to say it out loud but I must have because I got slapped up the back of the head.  ….FUCK….

It just dawned on me I wrecked Sookie’s car.  I proceeded to tell them what I had just thought of and everyone was laughing.  Pam said I was so screwed but she would still take the blame for that one.  She said if we ever became a SOLID couple then we could tell Sookie but until then she was good.

I also just realized My Sookie had a room next to mine at the Herveaux house, damn I could have went in there any number of times and probably figured out about Sookie on my home…. SHIT

We honestly lost track of time.  We weren’t scheming or anything we were just enjoying each other’s company. 

 Until there was a knock on the door.

 Gran knew if wasn’t Jason because he would have let himself in.  It was the sheriff, Bud Dearborn, he was told about strangers being in town and he tracked the car down to Adele’s.  She invited him in and introduced him to all her grand babies and her son Jackson who was still on the phone.

He was shocked to say the least but once Gran explained how we had met and what we meant to her he was okay with her ruse.  However, when he found out we were actors and popular ones at that he decided he would have to keep a better eye out on Gran’s property after we left just in case there were bad characters hanging round once they caught wind of where we stayed while in Bon Temps.  He told Gran she needed to start locking the doors now, so no-one could come in.

At least it wasn’t just me that was trying to get her to lock the doors.

 He also wanted to know if she still had her shotgun loaded with buckshot. 

I laughed at that one.  Alcide grinned and Pam being Pam asked her to teach her how to shoot.  Gran told her they could have a lesson tomorrow in the morning when it was cooler.

After Bud got the information he came for we were again left alone again to enjoy each other’s company. 

 It was then that I decided to tell Gran about all the upgrades that were going to happen at her home and I wanted no flap about it.

I told her that we were going out to lunch tomorrow at Merlotte’s so that her Air conditioner/heating unit can be installed.     

Her mouth was open but she didn’t speak.

I then told her driveway was getting fixed by Calvin Norris and she was NOT to give him any lip about it.  It was already arranged and Calvin would start it at the end of the week.  The invoice was being sent to me and she was NOT to try and change any of the work order.

Alcide told her he wanted to get a few security spot lights up with motion sensors put up around the house.  Better safe than sorry.  Jack said the boys could do that tomorrow while installing the air conditioner unit.

Pam said she was looking into a pool with a nice shade gazebo for her to lounge under and read her books.    Gran started to complain but Pam shut her off with a look.  She proceeded to tell Gran that she doesn’t have any family left.  The only family she has is who she was sitting with and on the other end of the phone.  She said she needed to do this for her and she wanted no grief about it.  She would do it for her family if she had any and the subject was closed.

Gran just looked dumbfounded and nodded okay to her. 

The next one up was Sabrina.   She wanted to update some of her old appliances and she would be out this weekend to go shopping for them with her… No question, No complaints would be taken.  This was her doing for her elder and she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  Jack added to it that he wanted her to pick out colors to paint her house; inside and out.  The farmhouse needed a new fresh look.   We decided we could have a painting party this weekend while the girls went shopping for appliances.  Gran said she would only agree if she could have Jason come over with JB and Hoyt to help out.   We all nodded yes that it would be a good idea for everyone around her getting use to the idea of her being spoiled. 

Gran said it sounded more like a kept woman.

We all laughed; she will be the talk of the town now with her famous grandbabies when the word got out.

That lead to my last request or demand and I KNEW she was not going to be happy about this one. I had to be gentle on this but I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  I would be proactive if I had to.

I turned to look her in the face and then started my rant. 

I told her that I respected her as my grandmother and that wasn’t going to change any time soon.  Like Pam I didn’t have any family either, (you could see she wanted to say bullshit but I continued), I have my step mom but she is a doctor and is well taken care of by my father’s estate,  she doesn’t need my help; hell she doesn’t even have to work but she does because she enjoys it.    Hell for that matter I didn’t have to work either but I did because I enjoyed it.  So I was going to use my inheritance money to take care of her until she left us. 

You could see Pam starting to cry and you could hear Sabrina sniffling.

I told her I was going to pay for all of her bills and the natural gas that she used.   I didn’t want her to have to worry about anything and if she would allow it I wanted to set up an allowance for her so she would never do without.   I knew she lived on minimum income and I wanted to make sure her golden years were golden.

She nodded but said “she wasn’t a kept woman and she was too old to give sexual favors for being a gold digger so she reckons she would have to allow her grandbabies to take care of her.”

With that declaration we all laughed hysterically.  This woman was a HOOT.

I hugged her and then Pam and then Alcide.

It was Alcide who spoke next and said he felt left out with the gift giving.  Hell what was the security lamps gonna cost him, $100.00 at the most.    So it was then that he said that next week while the driveway was being done we would be going on a side trip to get her a new car and trade in her old station wagon.  He didn’t like the looks of it and she needed to be riding around in style. 

She gasped but he continued and said that she was his number 1 girl and he needed to make sure she was taking care of and living the life of luxury… he knew she wouldn’t want a Porsche or Audi but a good sensible car, maybe a smaller SUV for the back roads.

It was settled then with not too many complaints that Gran was going to be taking care of whether she liked it or not.

The week went on and we had a great time with Gran, country living is definitely different and we were enjoying it.  Apparently the gossip hounds found out where we were but the town rallied and told them to leave, they didn’t need to upset the status quo.  I was beginning to really like this town.   The weekend came and the painting commenced.  I think we wore more than the walls did but we had a great time.   Jason brought by about six guys with him from the work crew and we finished the inside and started on the outside by late Saturday.  The girls got home and said the appliances would be delivered on Monday so we needed to make sure everything was cleaned out or disconnected by them.  Sabrina had convinced her to get ALL new appliances so that meant we might have to repaint the kitchen if the appliances had different dimension then what was already there.

 Jason said he would get with the pastor at church on where to deliver her old stuff since it was still in great shape. 

Sabrina asked if it was okay if they stayed until after the delivery so that she could help with the set up…

Gran mentioned that she would have to build onto the farmhouse if her family kept coming to visit at the same time.

It was then that she saw the evil grin on Jackson and my face….. She knew she shouldn’t have said anything then but too late now. 

Jason just looked at her and asked, “What up?”

“Jason, my wonderful grandbabies and son want to spoil me rotten… So they are having things done to the house without a complaint from me.  Eric is making sure I am taken care of in my golden years without me having any wants or needs; plus having a new driveway installed.    Pam is installing a pool in the backyard with a gazebo and Alcide is buying me a new car this week.  When I mentioned about not have enough room for everyone there was an evil smirk on my boys faces; so I reckon they are trying to figure out how to put an addition onto the  house so I have plenty more space when they give me GREAT GRAND-BABIES.”

We nodded yes and said HELL YEAH.

Even Pam said yes, she said her and Jason would make beautiful babies.   LOL

Then it dawned on me what she said, great grandbabies…. None of us were married so I didn’t know when that was going to happen.

Jackson said he would take care of the addition to the house and the pool could be installed at the same time as to not disrupt Gran’s routine too much.    The pool that Pam had picked out was gorgeous and half of it was covered by a screened in porch with a ceiling fan so that Gran could sit out there and read plus enjoy her pool.   The screen portion over the pool was retractable so that when you were in the pool you were not hindered in any way.     It was everything you could ever hope and wish for….

The days started to get here quicker than we wanted them to.  Sabrina ended up staying until the weekend so that she could help Gran with things around the house.  Plus Gran had said that she had a little money tucked away she wanted to go mattress shopping and maybe look for a new couch.  Well it didn’t take long but she got her mattresses and a new bedroom set from Sabrina.  The sofa  wasn’t purchased yet but I set up an account at the Broyhill furniture store in Minden for her to get whatever she wanted for the house and I would pay the bill… She said she would go out next week and see what she could find.  

We were all spoiling her rotten.   

We went out on Wednesday for her new SUV, she ended up getting a Ford Edge at the same dealership that Jackson got Sookie’s car from.  Gran said she didn’t need a new car but would settle on a newer used one.     The Edge gave her room to carry plants and such in the back and leg room if we were all traveling with her.  Plus it was in a nice cherry Red and she fell in love with it.     We all laughed at her but she said it was low enough to the ground where she wouldn’t have trouble getting in and out of it.  So once Alcide made arrangements to pay for it were off to head back to Bon Temps.

It was decided before we left that Gran would be donating her station wagon to the church, it was still driveable and with a little TLC it would make a family proud.    As we drove up the NEW driveway it was being towed away by the local mechanic.  

The only comment Gran made about it was she was going to miss her old girl but the Edge drove real smooth on her NEW driveway, what a difference a level driveway makes.  We all chuckled because we knew she was truly happy.

I pulled Gran to the side on Friday night before we took her out to dinner, our final dinner; I let her know that I was only a phone call away and if she needed me to give me a call… I told her I was going to miss her very much and that I hoped beyond all hope that Sookie and I’s paths would cross over the holidays.  I would hold out until then, but after that I was going to rattle apart.  She chuckled at me and told me again, if FATE knitted us together then it was meant to be but don’t push it.

 I told her to spend whatever she wanted to at the furniture store, money was not an option and if she found something else she wanted along with the couch to buy it, no hesitation.

She smiled at me and thanked me and said she was grateful that I was brought into her life.  She told me that she would be proud to have me marry Sookie when the time was right and I would truly be a member of the Stackhouse clan.

I teared up and thanked her.  I wanted to make her proud of me.

We had a great last supper with Gran; Jason and Jackson even came along with us.  We were one BIG happy family and you could tell from our banter.  Jason and Pam were getting along so well that I figured those two would be burning up the phone lines after Pam went back to California.  

I think if one was to suggest it down the line that the other would move to be nearer to the other one.  I think Gran had seen the perfect match….

We said our goodbyes on Saturday afternoon with the promises of staying in touch as often as we could.

When we all woke on Sunday we knew why our hearts felt heavy.  We were leaving our family and it was tough but Gran had told us that we had a job to do so we needed to go to California and do that job, we all had careers and we couldn’t let them flounder because of her, she would never approve of it.  Holidays and vacations were coming and she was only a phone call away, so stop hemming and hawing and get our butts out to California and make her proud. 

She stole our hearts and I think we would be forever grateful.

When we arrived in California we all decided we needed to stay in one home for the time being and since mine was bigger, Pam and Alcide moved in.  We didn’t want to miss out on the family bond that we had grown to love and admire.    It felt right.   We LET Gran know what we did and she giggled a little and told us we better buy a bigger place because we needed at least one more room in case she came out to visit.  We knew she never would but we agreed that a bigger house was needed just in case someone did come to visit and we weren’t tripping over each other.

So I sent out to the real estate agent that I used prior and told him about what I wanted and to look into it for me.  He was excited to say the least.   He found me two properties in less than a week.  

Our meeting with the executives of the show went well and they agreed that the little thank you or saying at the end would be a great opportunity to speak out to our fans.  They even liked the idea better because we wanted them to have the first episode.

Shooting started and we were busy until Christmas.    We were all excited about our little declarations at the end of our episode and it was even better that we didn’t tell each other what they were.  It made us want to watch our own show.

 I bought a new house but we hadn’t moved into it yet. We figured after filming and before we needed to leave for our other jobs would be the perfect opportunity.   The RAGS got a hold of the news about Pam moving in with me so Cleo had to back off.  It wasn’t romantic or nothing but it kept the crazies away. It was the perfect solution and Pam was the perfect date for any awards ceremonies we had to go to.

But the kicker to all of this was the shooting of the new season carried over to February so we only had a week break around Christmas.  We never made it back for the holidays or the much needed vacation we all wanted and needed.   All three of us were pissed, Pam was really missing Jason something fierce.  I needed Sookie and Alcide just wanted calm, however, the three of us had movies and TV shows line up to shoot so there was no rest for the weary. 

I thought about Sookie often but I didn’t think a weekend would be right for us.  We needed more time, I was determined to win her over but I knew that a couple of days would never do, I needed a month or more, I just didn’t know how that was going to play out since my year was full of work. 

 I didn’t realized how busy I really was until Gran called me around June and told me I needed to give myself a break soon or I was going to have be hospitalized for exhaustion.

I lived for acting and the back to back movies were a godsend but it also kept me away from Sookie.   I told Gran my next break was July, was there any way to get Sookie to the Herveaux’s then.   She told me they had been planning a birthday surprise for Sookie on the July 4th weekend would it be possible to come home then?  

 I told her I would try.

 I knew I was on location on a movie shoot in Canada but I was going to try and get home.

I needed to get home.

I needed Sookie.


Authors Note:

I just wanted to let you all know that my first Story, “OOHH for the Love of Zombies” was nominated for a Fangie Award. 

 I was nominated for “The Baby Jessica Award” which is an award given out to a first time writer/story.  My story along with three others was nominated.  Congratulations to the other nominees.

 I am tickled pick about the nomination. 

I have listed the links below in case you want to check it out if you already haven’t. 

Thank you Hugs and Kisses Kristie

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 18: The Plan

  1. What a wonderful chapter!
    I loved every single word of it…I love how everyboby-Eric Alcide Pam and Jackson want to take care of Gran and improve her house with a new driveway, an air condition/heater unit, new furniture and a new car!
    I especially loved how Eric figured everything out how he seemed so shocked when he saw all those photos of Sookie…
    I’m happy he didn’t get mad but he listened to the reasons why nobody didn’t spill the beans…
    I also liked the idea of the thanks after each episode…very nice idea.

    • thanks, yeah Gran needs to be taken care of, in the books it was her to take care of everyone and it was a shame there was no one for her, well i remedied that. Yeah figuring out who the love of your life out is on your own is much better than it being laid out in front of you. I wanted him to accept it not run from it. and the episode thing came from Chuck Lorre at the end of his shows writing fun facts so i figured what the hell lets try something knew. glad you like it. KY

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