Chapter 21: Birthday Wishes

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Do you have a mantra, do you say it out loud or do you keep it close to your heart, we all have one.  Sometimes it is just to get through the day.  Sometimes it is just to get through the long nights or months, so on and so on. 

Mine was, “To always remember Sookie.”

I know lame, don’t yah think, but it works for me.

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to get back to Louisiana to see if there is any hope for the two of us getting together.  I knew sooner or later our paths would cross but I wanted it to be sooner than later.  I couldn’t fathom finding out that Sookie found someone else to love, I was hoping she loved me as much as I know I loved her.

 I know silly, off my rocker, I was pretty much dead on accurate with that assumption, huh; we never really met but there is something about her that has drawn me in and the love I feel for her is real. I know it is, it is why I can’t keep a normal relationship going with anyone and I am always comparing them to what I think I could have with Sookie.  

Back in August, Gran and everyone had said that they were trying to get us together but I feel like I have been sabotaging everything.  My work load was an issue, it is not conducive to a relationship especially a new one. 

Was I trying to wreck it before it ever happened?

 I don’t think so.

 I mean I am an actor and I read for these movie roles ages ago and it just happens that the filming of these movies is one after the other.  It keeps me busy, but am I missing out on what life has to offer.  Like I said before I don’t have to work, I have plenty of money in my trust fund; however I love to act and I love the work.   I know it will possibly be in the next few years that I decide I have had enough and want to settle down but will Sookie wait that long?

I had a lot to figure out and I needed to make that decision soon. 

I spoke with Gran and Pam about it and they both told me to hang in there, when the timing is right I will know it in my bones.  Just like Pam knew with Jason, they are like two peas in a pod, they balance each other out.  

Here it is June and I am feeling a pull towards Louisiana, I have had some awesome dreams lately.  No they aren’t always sex dreams, they are dreams where we talk and answer each other’s questions.  I am pretty sure the answers are pretty balls on accurate but I will have to wait to see when I get a chance to ask her directly.

There was one dream about a month ago; she was lying on the fur covered bed on the “Blood Moon” set. 

It felt so real.

 It was a very sensual dream.

Did we have sex, not really, we had a teenage dry humping experience and it was awesome.  The only weird thing about it was I had real fangs and she didn’t care.   Like I said it was an awesome dream but I don’t think she would ever let me bite her during sex. I could be wrong but that’s not something you bring up on a first date let alone a tenth date.

I told Gran when I spoke to her last week I really needed to get a break soon I was so tired and needed to relax but I knew the filming of the movie was going to last until the end of July.  I was hoping my character was going to be finished soon but there are never any guarantees on that.   I let Gran know that I would try to make it back for Sookie’s birthday celebration but I wasn’t promising anything to anyone. 

It was about a week later that I saw Pam on the set talking to the director and producer.  I knew she was friends with them but I had no clue she was close enough to be on the set of a filming movie; it’s usually a closed set.  She didn’t say hi to me or anything just a simple wave and left.  I wonder what that was about, well I found out what it was about on June 26th.  The producer called me to his trailer and told me if I was willing to work the next five days straight on my scenes I could wrap early and be in Louisiana by July 3rd.

 Hell yeah I wanted to work my tail off to be able to leave and I told him so.

Pam that conniving bitch, she pulled whatever strings she had to get me out of here early.

What the hell did she promise OR better yet what dirt did she have on them…   I would have to give her a call later and ask. Plus I needed to thank her.

I spoke with her a couple days later and told her the news about me coming home to Louisiana early.  She asked me how much time would I have until I was needed elsewhere; I told her I wasn’t needed anywhere until we resumed taping “Blood Moon” in September.

Well she was ecstatic, she yelled for Gran and Sabrina to come into her room so that she could tell them the news while I was on the other end of the phone.

I told them all that I was excited to be there for Sookie’s birthday celebration even though it would be the day after her birthday. They all said they would keep it a secret from her and they thought it would be great surprise gift.

 Pam let me know that Sookie figured everything out about whom they were and how long everyone had known. She said that Sookie was more upset with herself about not connecting the dots and such, then at any of them and that included me.

 It was a relief, but I felt bad about the whole situation.  I was elated that she finally knew.

 I kept wondering what she thought about my message at the end of Episode 12.

I would have to ask her when we got a few moments.

I let Gran know that when I got there everyone needed to get Sookie in the house so I could greet her without interference from her family and friends.  They agreed to my little ploy, they thought it would be an even better surprise.  I asked them if all went well with the hellos could they all quietly leave us alone so that we could talk.

Mom said she would take care of it and she would have Jackson and Alcide guard the doors so that we were not bothered.

It was early Saturday morning when I finally woke up.  I flew a red eye into LA the night before so that I could pack some stuff that I would need to wear during the summer in Louisiana.  I learned the hard way it’s humid there and clothes normally worn in California let alone Canada does not bode well in that weather.  I was hoping to get a chance to go shopping for clothes to leave there so I wouldn’t have to pack a bag at all for each visit.

I made it to my flight early, unnoticed by the paparazzi; I think they thought I was still in Canada so I was safe on my flight to Shreveport.   I had gotten so use to being with Pam and Alcide on these long flights; I didn’t know what to do with myself so I figured I needed to catch up on much needed sleep, so I did.  The flight attendant said she would wake me as we got closer to Shreveport so that I could be up and out the door when it opened. She said she could tell I was excited to be going home to my family.

 If she only knew.

Alcide was waiting at the baggage claim when I arrived downstairs.  There were no paparazzi so we were safe to greet each other with a man hug and a hello.  He told me everything was set up at the house; it just needed my presence now.

 As we drove up to the garage I heard a squeal from the pool area and saw Tara and Amelia waving at me like loons.  I waved back and put a figure to my mouth so they would be quiet for my surprise for Sookie.

I walked into the house and Alcide stayed at the door so no one could enter.  I dropped my bag off at the steps and continued into the kitchen where I knew the women were. 

 I smiled as I entered and said, “Hello Ladies.” 

It was a surreal moment when everyone said hello and Sookie stood there frozen for a moment working on her platter of pickles.

Her back was to me, her blond hair in a high ponytail on top of her head, short daisy duke blue jean shorts and a polka dot bikini top.

This must be the bikini Alcide had talked about, I knew when she turned around I would be a goner.

She slowly turned around and I saw her eyes go big, like a doe in headlights and a smile spread over her beautiful face.

She was glowing; she was squealing and running in my direction, all I could do was open up my arms and hope to hell she was running to me to jump into my arms and not to slap my face. 

She jumped, I caught.

I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her close to me, she wrapped her legs around my waist.  She was crying and laughing so I assumed it was all a happy reaction.

I heard her say breathlessly, “Eric you’re here?”

I answered back just as breathlessly as her, “Yes sweet girl I am here for you.”

She kissed me on the cheek it was sweet but I wanted so much more, but that could come later.

She asked me where everyone went because they had cleared out like I had asked, so I told her the truth.

“Because I asked them to leave us alone if our greeting went well.”

She smiled up at me and went to go kiss my cheek again but I wanted more so I turned my face just a little bit and her lips landed on mine.

 It was exquisite; I felt a jolt of electricity go through me when her lips hit mine.

 I knew then that we were meant to be but I also knew we had logistics and such to work out.   But we had time, no need to worry about that today.

I led Sookie into the living room and sat down on the couch with her.  She wouldn’t let me loose, I think she was scared that this was all a dream and if she woke up I would be gone.

 I tried to reassure her that I was there and I would be here for two months.

She looked up at me and said softly, “We really have two months?”

I smiled at her and nodded my YES.

She was all smiles and then she blushed that deep red blush that I found so endearing.

I asked her what was up and all she said is, “all of this was surreal, with the dreams she had been having lately she was on overload.” 

 I asked her about the dreams since I had been having a few of my own.  She asked if we could wait on them since she was still coming to terms with me being there in the flesh and bone.

You know I knew this was going to be a joyous occasion for both of us but I don’t know how I was ever going to leave her in two months time.  It nagged at me while we sat on the couch and talked. 

 I think we stayed there for about two hours, just talking and holding hands.  I know it was forward of me but I needed her closer her so I pulled her into my lap and she straddled me and that is where Alcide found us to let us know dinner was waiting on our attendance. 

I told him to give us a minute and we would be out.

I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and told her that we have a lifetime to get to know one another and that these next two months were going to be just the start of something great. But we needed to get her out to her family and friends to celebrate her birthday. 

She said she understood and she didn’t want me to leave her side.

 So for the rest of the night that is exactly what we did.

The night was coming to a close and everyone had a little too much to drink so Mom and Dad told everyone they were to stay, no DUI’s tonight. 

We would all double up if needed.

Of course Jason and Alcide said that they would take care of them and their girls.  So Jason’s room was free as was Angela’s.   That left two more rooms needed.  I said I was willing to give up my room for a couch and Sookie surprised everyone by saying that I was welcome to stay in her room.

 Gran laughed at her and just shook her head.  

Then Janice offered to stay on the pullout in Gran’s room.

 So all of the needed rooms were found and it was like we were one HUGE family…..which led to the following statement by Jackson.

NO Hanky Panky.

 I will be walking the halls tonight to make sure of it.   WE all laughed and said our good nights.

I was a bit leery of staying with Sookie but she said that it was just to sleep we weren’t ready for the next step.   I told her I would get changed in the bathroom and I would be right back.

When I got back Sookie was waiting in her PJ’s, okay a cami shirt and boy shorts…. This was going to be a LONG HARD night.

She asked me if it was okay if we snuggled and I told her sure.

 I was not going to push my luck and push her away.

It felt glorious, wrapped around her.  I knew I would be sporting wood in the morning but I didn’t care.  I was next to the woman I hoped would be in my life for a very LONGGGGGGGGG time.

It was so easy to fall asleep with her; it was like we had being doing this forever…. I woke up first; I needed to get my morning wood to calm down and brush my teeth so I made my way to the bathroom to take care of business.   When I got back Sookie looked like she was having a nightmare, tossing and turning but once I climbed in and cuddled her again she settled down and I kissed her cheek.

It pays sometimes to be tall.

I started to doze again but I was woken with a start when I found Sookie had turned in my arms and was facing me with a brilliant smile on her face.

God, that would never get OLD.

She was stroking my cheek with the palm of her hand; it was just like in our dream…. I mimicked what I could remember and pushed her on her back.   I hovered over her with my hands as my brace, so as not to put my weight on her but she had other ideas and pulled my ass end down to her core.

It was glorious but my hard on returned once again….

I let her know this was a bad idea and she shushed me.  She kissed me tenderly and attacked my neck….

Ah hell, what was I suppose to do now.  I wanted this woman badly but if I remembered correctly we only dry humped in the sensual dream I had; so that is what I was going to try and do now.  If I didn’t scare her off from how big I felt through my boxers we could maybe take the next step at another time.

 Like I said before we had a lot to discuss and two months to do it in.

Let me just say this, Sookie is a little minx and she had me cuming quickly in my shorts…  I wasn’t expecting anything like this… She had me all twisted up inside…. I knew she would be mine but I also knew there was no way in hell I could share her with anyone after yesterday and this morning.

I don’t know what it was about her but I wanted to make sure that when our time to commit was there I wanted us both ready…. I knew of the obstacles we had ahead of us but I knew we could get by them together.

 Our sex life could only get better from here, if this is what dry humping did to me; full penetration was going to kill me.

She looked up into my eyes and I smiled at her, her neck was a mess from all of my bite marks… I didn’t mean to mark her like that but damn it, she was MINE…..   I am sure Gran and Pam would have a field day with us, but I have a feeling my neck showed a few of the same bite marks as Sookie’s did…..  I knew we were both in our twenties but this little escapade made me feel seventeen years old again….

She said breathlessly, “Eric you need to get up, I have to pee.”

We both laughed as she exited the room…

What was I going to do…. I knew we had two months to get to know one another better and two months to figure out our life’s plan and I had two months to convince her not to date anyone else but me but would she go for the last part?

I sure hope so.

I didn’t want to be the jealous boyfriend and I didn’t want her to be the jealous girlfriend and if we were going to pull this off we had to set boundaries up…. That included talking to our friends and families so if we did something they didn’t get suspicious and think we were cheating on the other.

 Logistics was going to be our biggest disadvantage.

Sookie came back in the room while I was engaged in my thoughts. 

I felt the bed shift and she was crawling up my legs and slowly sat on my upper legs; she made sure not to sit on my dick otherwise I don’t think either one of us could control what would happen next … She weighed next to nothing so it didn’t hurt me but she was afraid I was uncomfortable.

I looked at her and smiled, I asked her if she had concealer to hide our love bites….. She said her hair would cover hers unless she went swimming but then all bets were off since it wasn’t water proof…   We both just laughed and figured what the hell let them think what they wanted the marks would fade in time and we weren’t going out anywhere for anyone to see anyway.  If we did concealer it is.

We both needed a shower but we didn’t think it was a good idea to do it together, again not the right time or place…

I wanted that to be special and I was trying to figure out when and where.

 So I opted to go first and I was met at the bathroom door by Alcide, he looked at my neck and just laughed and shook his head…. He could have said something smart ass but he kept it to himself.  I am sure when the gang was together him, Pam, Jason and possibly Tara, JB, Amelia and Tray the ration of shit we would hear would be endless. 

 I heard last night the whole group would staying until Sunday night so this was going to be fun.  Plus Janice’s boyfriend Dell was coming over today… This was going be hell for him getting thrown into the lion’s den with all of us here and I don’t think he knew about the celebrity status of who was going to be here, maybe the attention would be drawn off Sookie and me.  

Yeah, like that was going to happen.

I took a quick shower and went back to the room and told Sookie to hurry up it looked like everyone was starting to stir and she would have to wait if she didn’t get it in gear. 

 She came back about ten minutes later and said she made it in time, since Angela was waiting outside the door for her to finish.

It probably would have made sense for all the girls to go in together but I didn’t know how uncomfortable they all would be.   I knew Pam wouldn’t care and I am pretty sure Amelia was right there with her; but it was the more snobbish girls I worried about; Maria, Claudine and even Janice possibly Tara but I had a feeling she had seen them all before with the comment about them shopping for bathing suits last year and they were all in the same changing room together.

Oh how I would have like to been a fly on the wall for that one.

Sookie and I decided to go downstairs together, get the hickey comments out of the way from the parental units….  Gran was the first to notice when we both went for a cup of coffee.

She snickered and said if she knew that we were that hungry she would have served us upstairs.

That made us all laugh and the tension in the air was broken.

Jackson was laughing pretty hard at Gran’s comment but made one on his own.  

He said apparently his patrolling did not work very well if we both came out of our room with a new necklace.    Sabrina was a little more subtle, she said she knew she was missing her vacuum attachment so she would have to check Sookie’s room for it later…

Damn these people, I couldn’t help but snicker, they were my family and I loved each and every one of them.

 Now just to wait for our friends and their comments; Round two was about to begin.

Everyone started to filter into the kitchen, the person to make the biggest stink was Alcide of course and then Pam.  They came over in front of everyone, put their hand our chins, simultaneously, and moved our heads from side to side and said “NICE.”  

Sookie and I just laughed and everyone else just started in after that.   Once the barbs were done it was business as usual and a fun day was had by all.

I liked meeting Sookie’s friends personally; once they got over the celebrity status it was friendly as usual.  Claudine said she couldn’t watch Sookie’s back this year but she would keep in touch; Catherine offered to take that watch for her, as well as Maria… They weren’t as stuffy as I thought they were.  I found out that Catherine was Quinn’s first victim and I spoke with Sookie about getting Catherine her own survivor necklace,  kind of like Sookie’s but not the same, Sookie thought it would be a nice gesture. 

Sookie wanted to give it to her when school started so we were going to take a field trip to Baton Rouge to find what we needed and have it special made if need be, we wanted it ready for the first day of school.

I lucked out with the jeweler already having something for me when I needed the one for Miss Stackhouse.

You know I can now chuckle at being so oblivious that these two special ladies were one in the same, all I could do was shake my head at the déjà vu’s I was having but never connected them, stupid me.

 I thought about going with Sookie for her first day back to school but it was something we would have to discuss later…. We had so many things we needed to talk about but I also wanted to make sure we were compatible.  It would suck if we weren’t, I knew we both loved one another but we had to be compatible or we would never make it.

The weeks started to fly by.  But we got a lot accomplished and settled; we even found time for our first sexual encounter. It was very special and I think it cemented our relationship into the positive, now we just had to figure out life’s obstacles.

Sookie and I spent all of our time together.

We ended up sleeping with each other most nights, just sleeping, she let me know about the one time she fell asleep in my room for a nap and that was when  she had the fur covered bed dream and Jackson found her in there… I told her I had the same dream and that is what I was trying to duplicate our first morning together.  

She smiled at me and told me she loved me.

That was all I needed to pick her up and spin her around.  She made me extremely happy.

 I told her when we ever got the chance I wanted her to meet my Mom in Sweden.  I told her she would love my step-mom and my step-mom would love her.

We talked about what we needed to; we didn’t hash it all out because we figured we would have to play it by ear. Our biggest fear was going to be the distance between us.   Neither of us wanted it but there wasn’t much we could do about it.  I had my career in LA and she had her school in Baton Rouge.  I didn’t want her to give up her dreams and she said the same of me. 

We knew there would come a time when that would have to change but for now we would be happy with what we had. 

We had each other and it was a FANTASTIC feeling.

I keep thinking back to our first time when we finally made love to one another.  It was special and initiated by Sookie. 

Sookie asked me if we could take a trip to Bon Temps so that she could get a couple of things she wanted to bring back to LSU with her this year.  She said since she wouldn’t be going home for the summer she needed to get down there soon to get what she needed. 

I told her we could make a day out of it if she wanted to, but she said she would like to stay there for the weekend if it was okay with me.  She wanted me to see the new additions to the house so that I could pick out my room and Gran would furnish it while I was gone.

 I was okay with that and I told her we could just eat at Merlotte’s or pick something up at the Piggley Wiggley in town.  She told me that was a deal plus she needed to say hello to Sam Merlotte and apologize for not being able to work for him… 

I asked her what she meant and she told me that working at Merlotte’s was how she had spending money for her school year.  I told her I would help and she told me I already was.

She confused me by that. 

She told me Gran forbade her to work this summer, Gran was giving her money from her account since there was plenty in there from her allowance.  I had to chuckle, I pretty much forgot about that since I had the bank make an automatic transfer every month and I never saw it, but my accountant did. 

I laughed with her about it, it was pretty funny. 

So it was late Friday afternoon when we decided to leave for Bon Temps and stay till Sunday night. 

Gran told Sookie if we saw Bud to let him know she wouldn’t be back till September and if he could take a run out to the farmhouse every so often she would be grateful… Besides Jason was checking on it too but since Pam had gone home with him, his nights were pretty much taken up. 

We got out there late and I was glad for once that Sookie was driving.  I would have missed the turn off.   I told Sookie we needed to rectify the problem about the driveway being hidden….She said most people knew of it and once the paparazzi caught wind of our relationship they would find Gran easier and she didn’t want that to happen… She had a good point, always thinking ahead, so I asked her if we put a reflector of some sort at the beginning of the driveway then Alcide and I could find it easier at night.

She said that was doable.

As we got to the farmhouse; I chuckled at an idea and went for it.  As she exited the car I picked Sookie up bridal style and carried her up the steps and over the threshold like newlyweds. 

Honey, were home.

Well let me tell you.  By that time she latched onto my lips, she put her hand to my waste and was undoing my cargo pants, they dropped to the floor.  I looked at her and she nodded, so I stepped out of them and I lowered her so that I could take my shirt off.   I just dropped it to the floor.

I watched her in awe as she slowly stripped her clothes off in front of me.   Each piece was thrown in my direction after it left her body.  We didn’t have music for her to strip to but I sure as hell heard it in my head. 

She ran towards  the stairs and I followed.  I knew what was going to happen and I was looking forward to the chase, however I realized as we got to the bedroom door I didn’t have any condoms.  I stopped my approach and told her as much.

She got an evil grin on her face and reached into her night stand.  She pulled out a box of magnum condoms and threw it at me.  Attached was a note.

Good luck and have fun.


Got to love her…. Wait a minute Sookie had this planned, the little minx.

I wanted our first time to be special and I let Sookie know that.  I didn’t want to rush anything.

Sookie’s response, “Eric honey we have all weekend and a huge box of condoms.”

As I entered the room I was in awe of the woman standing before me totally naked.

 I slowly removed my underwear and approached my blonde bombshell.  She wore the biggest smile and did not look at all like she was scared at what I found out later she called my gracious plenty.  I was not little in the cock department and I knew the woman in my past were fearful of it and couldn’t handle the whole thing.  If Sookie was unable to take all of me in I would be okay with that, we would make do with what she could.

I loved this woman more and more every day and it hurt to know that we would soon be apart for an undetermined amount of time.

I picked her up again and laid her down on the bed and situated myself beside her.  I moved her hair out of her face and palmed her cheek; she leaned into my palm and smiled.  I wanted so many things with this woman and I was clueless on where to begin. 

It was Sookie who spoke next and said she was a little nervous and I told her I was too.   She giggled at that and said she was ready to start the next chapter in our lives and if we could get through our first time that the times after it would be a piece of cake. 

I smiled at her and told her I was looking forward to the rest of our lives.

No-one knew we were there so I didn’t figure there would be any interruptions but I was wrong.   Just as I leaned over to kiss her neck there was a knock on the front door.

 We both looked at each other and laughed. 

Sookie grabbed some shorts and a shirt and threw them on.  She ran down the steps and got to the door, the person on the other side started pounding again.

Damn they were persistent.

I heard her answer the door; “Hello, how can I help you.” 

 I did not hear the other person’s response but I could hear Sookie again. 

“No this is my Gran’s home and she is not here at the moment.” 

 Again I couldn’t hear what was being said, it started to annoy me.  I thought about going downstairs with a towel wrapped around me when out came the next line.

 “I was upstairs with my husband and I came down to answer the door.” 


 Who the hell was down there?  I would have to ask her when she came back upstairs.

 “Yes we will be here all weekend.” 

“Oh that’s okay, nice meeting you too.” 

 And then I heard the door shut but I also heard her lock the door, good girl.

She ran up the stairs and as she came into the room she was stripping her clothes off again.

“Where were we?”

“Sookie, who was at the door?”

“Oh, sorry the creepy neighbor from next door, William Compton… I didn’t like the way he was looking at me so I called you my husband.  Sorry about that, but it just came out.”

“No problems here, I like the sound of it, but will he tell anyone what you said?”

“I doubt it, no one likes him much and he usually isn’t here long enough for anyone to notice, he has property in Shreveport with his wife Lorena.  They are both snooty busy bodies.  He just creeps me out.”

I pulled her to me and said, “That’s okay we will deal with it later if we have to.”

Wife, we have such a long night ahead of us.  Are you ready?’

She smiled at me and leaned in and kissed me with all the passion I had ever felt from anyone.  I returned as much as she gave; it was glorious. 

We made out like teenagers for hours.  There was petting involved but never full on intercourse, we had plenty of time for that.

As the night wore on we went from kissing to petting to oral sex.  It wasn’t until the wee hours of the morning that I knew we were both ready for our first time.

I asked Sookie if she was ready, she said that she thought that the only thing that would make this night more perfect for us is to finally make love to one another.

I agreed whole heartedly.  We knew we loved one another and nothing is better than sensual love making; I knew I was lost, I had never experienced such true bliss in all of my sexual life.

I have had great sex in the past but never have I felt the emotion and passion that I was feeling as I was balls deep in Sookie.  She was so tiny and I thought I would hurt her but in actuality she was made perfectly for me.  We molded into the perfect fit and I fit ALL OF ME into her.

 I might have been cervix deep but everything felt glorious.  

We made sure I wore a condom even though I knew I was clean and she hadn’t been with anyone in over two years but we wanted to be safe.

 I didn’t want an unexpected pregnancy since she still had a year of school left.

 It was a decision made by both of us.  I knew one day I would have condom free sex with her but for now we would deal.

I have never been one for repeated ejaculations in my life; I could usually go two times at the most in one night, hell I wasn’t a supernatural being who would had unlimited strength and stamina .  But here with Sookie we were both energized with (I don’t know what to call it) an unlimited wealth of orgasms… Like we had both been saving them up like fireflies in a jar. 

It was a fucking awesome night and we still had two days left before we headed back to Shreveport. Our time was not limited so we could have stayed longer in Bon Temps if we wanted to.

We finally fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning and around noon time I was woke up once again with pounding on the front door.   This time I let Sookie sleep in and I went to the door, only wrapped in a towel.   

I opened the door to a man about 5’10” tall with dark brown hair and long side burns, what the fuck did he think he was in the movie, Gone with the Wind?

“Hello, can I help you?”

Then it dawned on me before he answered this was the creepy fucker from next door.

“I need to speak with Adele Stackhouse please?”

“Sorry she is not here but I am pretty sure my wife told you that last night.”

“Yes, she did.  But I need to talk to Adele.  I have noticed all of the remodeling and additions on the Stackhouse home and wanted to know if Ms. Stackhouse intended on selling it once she was done?  I want to add on to my property on the other side of the cemetery and I would like to purchase the property and all of her acreage.”

Was this fucker for real?

“First off Mr. Compton, Adele and none of the other Stackhouse’s intend to sell the Stackhouse property, EVER.  If Adele does decide to sell it because she needs money she would sell it to me first before anyone else. I don’t know what your end game is here but I want you off the property now before I call Bud Dearborn and have him kick you off.”

“Sir, do not make idle threats to me.  I am a Compton and I have money to back me up. I can have this property just by going into town and calling in on all the Stackhouse’s debt and taxes.  You do not know who you are messing with.”

What an arrogant FUCK.

I had it at this point because I know I was yelling, I was probably waking the dead but I didn’t care.

I stepped out on the porch and glared down at this little fucker and said,

“You arrogant fuckstain, you have no clue who you are dealing with and as far as money is concerned I probably have much more than you, so back the fuck off.  I don’t know where you get off with your high faluten attitude but it is not welcome here.  If you dare go after any of the Stackhouse’s about anything you will face me, one on one and you WILL LOOSE.  I can guarantee that.”

The look on his face was priceless.

“Sir, I don’t know who you think you might be but I have wealth and power on my side and I will have this homestead, you can guarantee that.”

“Is that a challenge?”

Right about that time I looked up and smiled, here comes Bud Dearborn in his sheriff’s car down our driveway.  I must have woken Sookie up and she called him.  Not two seconds later Sookie joined us on the porch. 

“Hello Bud, what brings you out to our fine home?”

“Eric, Sookie, Oh Adele called me last night and asked me to check up on you two love birds, she wanted to make sure you came up for air.  Plus she wanted to give me the Herveaux’s phone number in case I needed to reach her if there was a problem out here.”

When that name was mentioned, Mr. Compton gave me an odd look.  It looked like he was going to shit in his pants.

“Bud, we are doing just fine. Mr. Compton and I were having a discussion about Adele selling this house to him.  It was not going in his favor apparently so he was threatening me about calling in Gran’s debts and taxes.”

“Eric what are you talking about, you paid for the taxes for the next year already and you paid off her mortgage.  He has nothing to leverage that challenge with.”

“Exactly, that was what I was trying to tell him in my own words.”

Well if the fuckstain could shit his drawers this would be the perfect opportunity. 

“Mr. Compton, I will ask you once again to leave our property and stay off of it.   Bud would you like to come in; I need to go over a couple of things with you?”

“Sure, but could you put some clothes on please.”

Compton turned around and huffed off towards the cemetery with a deflated attitude.

 Douche bag.

I smiled at Bud and told him to give me a minute.

Funny part was when I walked back in the living room I saw my shorts and picked them up off the floor where they were dropped last night, I proceeded to the bathroom but heard Bud snicker and tell Sookie she was lucky it was him that was there and not Gran.

 I heard her giggle.

I was back momentarily and found Sookie and Bud sitting in the remodeled kitchen.   Sookie was looking at everything in awe since all the appliances were brand new along with a fresh paint job and new curtains.  Only thing Gran kept was the old family wooden kitchen table that one of the Stackhouse’s made with their bare hands.

She smiled at me and said, “Nicely done.”

I had nothing to do with it.  It was Gran, Sabrina and Pam; I was just the money behind the face-lift.  Well not in that room anyway, that was all Sabrina.

I was a bit nervous but I jumped in to let Bud know what transpired with Compton and what Gran had asked him to do for her.

“Bud, we have a little problem… Its minor but it might bite us in the butt.  UMMM, Sookie and I both told Compton we were married and we don’t know if that will get around town.   It was fast thinking on her part last night when Compton first came over here and was creeping her out, but just a few minutes ago I just called her my wife and then you showed up.   I fought with him about not selling the property and I don’t know what kind of issues he will cause for Gran once I am gone.   Before you ask, no we are not married, YET, that is years away but we all know how this town loves to gossip and I don’t want to cause any problems specifically since everyone thinks I am Gran’s grand-baby.    I know if the paparazzi catch wind of my nuptials, Sookie’s life will be hell once they find her.   Plus Gran wanted us to tell you to please watch the house since she would not be back until September sometime.”

Bud just looked at us both and laughed.

He shook his head and said, “That fool won’t tell anyone except his wife.  I have a feeling he thinks you are a Herveaux and from what I know about that family there is plenty of old money and power there so he may just drop it.   He might not put two and two together but since I backed you up about paying off her mortgage and such he may leave Adele alone.  But I will keep an eye out, plus I am sure Jason will be by and if I let Andy know he will ride by too.  You have no worries from the town, we may love to gossip but we appreciate that you and the Herveaux’s are taking care of Adele and fixed up this old place.”

“Thank You.”

Bud said he needed to get and both of us were hungry so we figured a quick shower and then we would run over to Merlotte’s and up to the Piggley Wiggley to get a few supplies.

Well the quick shower never happened and we will have to replace the shower curtain, we were having too much fun showering together…  I told Sookie maybe the next thing that needs to get remodeled at the farmhouse is the two original bathrooms.  I knew the addition Jackson put on had a large bathroom to accommodate the additional four rooms so I knew the next move would be to update what was still old.  I could have fun enlarging these rooms.  

As we stepped out of the shower I turned to Sookie and looked at her in horror as I realized we didn’t use a condom.  I think it dawned on her at the same time.  

“Honey, it will be okay… I have been on birth control since I was a teenager to regulate my menstrual cycle.”  

“But it felt AWESOME without it……. We will just have to be more careful but I think we will be fine.”

It did feel  awesome but I was still worried.

Once we were ready we headed to Merlotte’s.  Sookie said hello to everyone she knew and went in to the back to talk to Sam.  I sat in a booth by the window and waited for her to come back but was interrupted by a group of teenage girls who came over and stood in front of me.  They asked me if I was Eric Northman from ‘Blood Moon’ and I said yes I was.  Well the squeal was deafening.

By that time Sookie had come back out front she was smiling from ear to ear and slid in next to me.  

One of the girls recognized Sookie and said hello to her; Sam ended up sitting down on the other side of the booth from us.  I had been introduced to him before but this time it felt off.  I would have to ask Sookie if she and Sam ever dated because I was getting a death glare from this man.

The girl that knew Sookie name was Crystal and she asked Sookie if we were a couple and Sookie told her yes we were.  Well it was official; the word would get out now to TMZ or something.  No pictures were taken but verbal word was good enough for them….

You know I was okay with it, but I just didn’t want Sookie’s life turned upside down at school.   But I knew I would want to visit Sookie at LSU so it was only a matter of time before everyone pieced us together.  Plus I knew if she would allow me to be there I wanted to be her guest for graduation.  I knew Alcide said he wanted to go for Janice and Pam said she wanted to go for all of the girls, she became close to the girls in a short period of time she spent with them at the H’s plus if her and Jason became a signed sealed and delivered couple with marriage vows she would already have friends in Bon Temps and not feel so lonely. 

Life was good for all of us. 

 The rest of our dinner went without a hitch…. We ate and talked and had a good time when some of the guys I met through Jason stopped at the table and said hello.   They were a little surprised Sookie and I were a couple since they thought I was actually related to Gran.  Sookie explained to them in simple terms that Gran called me her grand-baby but I was not related by blood.  They said they understood because Adele had always treated them as she treated Jason and Sookie, like grand-babies.

We headed to the Piggley Wiggley next and Sookie wanted to check out the RAGS to see what I was up to.    Apparently I was still in Canada and having a torrid affair with one of my married cast mates.  We both laughed at it since the picture was time stamped as last week when we were both at the Herveaux’s… damn these people were idiots.    I told Sookie that if she saw anything that bothered her in the RAG magazines to please ask me before she gets upset about it. 

That while I am away from her I will let her know if I am going to have a date on my arm for anything.  I told her I wanted it to be her but it would probably be Pam or Isabel.  I told her once we got back to the house I would explain Isabel and who she was.

She agreed that the supermarket was not an appropriate venue to talk about it.  We did a little more shopping and I was accosted by Maxine once again.   She threw the magazine in my face and told me it was wrong to cheat with a married woman.  Sookie laughed at her and told her the magazine was all wrong but of course Maxine would have none of that.   It took Sookie a few minutes to make Maxine believe that the RAG was wrong and I was in Shreveport for the past three weeks with Gran.   Once Gran’s name was mentioned she backed off because apparently Adele Stackhouse would never lie. 

I chuckled as we left the store and we were waved at by people walking around the center of town.

It felt like HOME.

After we got back to the house I told Sookie we needed to sit down and talk about some things that we have glazed over in the past that I felt it was time to discuss.

 She arched her eyebrow and asked what did I mean by glazed over? 

I asked her if we could talk while we made dinner and discussed things at the kitchen table and then once we were done with dinner and cleanup we could move into the living room.

 I didn’t want to talk about anything of this caliber in the bedroom.  I was always told not to argue in the room you are going to sleep in because it will give your relationship bad vibes for the night.  If you go to sleep angry and mad, you wake up the same way and that is not conducive to a sound relationship….

She agreed.

Okay where to start.

I asked if she heard of Isabel Beaumont.

She said yes she was an actor on “Blood Moon” and Alcide had said in the past that you all were friends.  

I told Sookie yes her and I were friends and if I needed a date to a premiere or awards ceremony she was one of my to go to people.  We did not have any kind of chemistry except on the screen; we were like sister and brother and that’s as far as the relationship had ever went. 

Sookie just smiled and said she got it.  It was like how she felt about Alcide.   He was a gorgeous hot man but he was her brother in every way except by blood.

I let her know that if she saw pictures of us holding hands or a peck on the cheek it did not mean we were involved it was just a friendly relationship for the paparazzi’s benefit.

She said she understood but she didn’t really like it. 

I told her I would either go to these things with Pam or with Isabel, no-one else.  If there was a picture or situation she thought was odd or wrong to get a hold of me and we would talk about it.

 Do not jump to conclusions.

I told her there would always be gossip about me.  I tried to stay private but sometime things leaked out.  I was stalked while I got gas, bought groceries and had lunch with my friends.  I told her if she had questions about how bad it got to speak with Angela because it was one of her many demons she had about her and Alcide’s relationship.

She said she would try her best not to let it get to her.  She told me about an article she saw a year back and she was devastated that I could forget about her so quickly. Even though she had no right to those feeling she still had them, we were just acquaintances.  It was Janice that told her it meant nothing and so she went on, but it hurt her and she never forgot it.

I knew what article it was and I was pissed at Cleo for it.   I told her it was all lies and Cleo wanted me back but she never had me to begin with.

We then talked about commitment.   This was going to be tough one because of the miles between us.

 I explained to her that I was going to be committed to her but I understood that the distance was going to be an issue and I would understand if she felt down the road that being committed was not going to work out.  It was one of the many issues Alcide and Angela were having and he was seriously considering moving to Canada so that it would solve their problems.  But I think their problems were about something else but I did not want to interfere.   

She told me that she thought it would be a good idea if we talk about this some more down the road since we were so new as a couple.  She knew that she wanted me in the long run but she didn’t think it was wise to have a long distance relationship.  She knew she would be busy at school and me with my career and it would make sense for us to just ‘BE’ for the time being. 

I asked her to explain.

She said that we could be girlfriend/boyfriend but that the distance was going to suck and there was no way for us to make plans to be together while she was out on school breaks because it seemed that was when I was the busiest.    I couldn’t fault her there, she was right.  

I told her I could limit my projects every year and that way we could be together more. 

She told me she did not want me to hold back on my dreams and she felt that I meant the same for her.

I told her my dreams included her and she said that was sweet but she wanted to be realistic about our lives in the near future.  She had another year of school and I had another year of “Blood Moon” and press junkets and premiers and awards and new movie projects, she kept listing more and more and I knew she was right but I didn’t want to admit it.

I asked her when had she had become so smart about life…..  Her answer was one word.


Got to love that woman.

So here is what we did decide on.   We would be a couple of sorts…. We knew the distance would not make us a normal couple per say.   Neither of us wanted to date anyone else but we would leave that open just in case something happened but we would talk about it first, so the other was not blindsided.

We decided we would make a date every other night to talk on SKYPE.   We would email or text when we needed each other but we knew that during our daily schedules we may not be able to get back right away.  i.e., classes, movie or TV production….

It was going to be a long haul but we knew we would need to make adjustments along the way but when we could we would enjoy each other as if no time had come between us.  

It was a good solid plan; now let’s see how long we could stick to it.

We enjoyed ourselves a little too much in Bon Temps and we ended up spending an extra two days.  I was glad we did because I found out that Gran’s neighbor had set things in motion before our little talk and it pissed me off.  Apparently he had already gotten in touch with a real estate company and was having Gran’s home appraised.  The dude was actually trying to get in the home; he was told it would be unlocked.  

That made we wonder how often the creep had been inside the house when Gran was gone and what the hell he was doing while inside of it… 

The locks would be changed before we left and Bud and Gran were getting a phone call.   We ended staying till Tuesday afternoon so that Jackson could meet up with us and change the locks, he brought out a crew with him and installed a security system so that we could catch said creep on video and nail his ass to the wall.

Jackson also contacted his lawyer, Mr. Cataliades.  He told him about my argument with Compton and he wanted this nonsense stopped.  Mr. C suggested since Gran was up in age that she deed over the property into her grandchildren’s’ names so that if he did go after Adele he was stopped in his tracks quickly.     Jackson made the smart ass comment ‘all of them’ and had to explain to Mr. C about the new abridged version of her family.  Mr. C said it wouldn’t hurt to have the Herveaux’s name on the deed too.

That was a topic of discussion we needed to have with everyone present, so while Jackson fixed the locks Sookie and I ran over to Jason’s to talk to Pam and him.  We decided they would come up this weekend so that we could talk about the farmhouse.

As we drove back to the farmhouse Sookie told me Mr. C. was who was with her and the other girls at the trial and he didn’t take anyone’s crap.   I guess I would have to ask Jackson what a corporate attorney was doing at a criminal trial.

When the weekend hit we had pretty much talked everything over numerous times.  We just needed to get Pam’s and Jason’s opinion on the matter. 

Jason’s only thought on the matter was that he had their parent’s house and Sookie was to get Gran’s house upon her death but as long as it was understood that none of the other grand-kids could try to take it away from Sookie than he was all for all of us being on the deed.

It was late Saturday but Jackson called the attorney and asked him if he would come over to the house so that he could hear what we had to say, plus he would like for us all to sign the paperwork that day too since Jason and Pam had to head back Sunday afternoon.

Mr. C was over in less than an hour and we went over everything with him.   He said he would put in a codicil that Sookie was the sole proprietor of the property but the other grandchildren would hold claim to the house in the case of Sookie’s death.

We all agreed; in less than 3 hours Sookie was the proud owner of the farmhouse and the paperwork would be filed 9 am on Monday morning.

Once that was resolved we all settled back into our lives and saw that time was coming near for the girls to head back to school… They didn’t want to be first ones there this year because of the loneliness they felt last year.

 I reminded Sookie we needed at least a day up there for the jeweler.  

 It was decided we would leave on Wednesday and stay on campus in their rooms and Alcide would drive up Janice on Thursday so she was there before the big rush on Saturday and Sunday and so he could bring back the refrigerators.    We called ahead to alert Bob the security guard that I would be on campus and that Alcide would be there a day later.  He said it wouldn’t be a problem and if we needed extra security once it got out I was there he would make sure we had it.  Sookie told me Bob was involved in the case against Quinn so he knew who I was and who the Herveaux’s were.  

Well that made things a little easier.

We got there as scheduled; we hit the jeweler first before we went on campus.  They had what we wanted for Catherine and we had it engraved from both Sookie and I on the back.   Sookie said she would love it, she had admired the one I had given her and we both thought that she would be honored to be in the club.    We heard from her that day and she said she would be there by Friday morning so we decided that Alcide and I would stay until late Friday so that we could spend more time with the girls and be off the campus before all hell broke loose. 


Well here is what really happened. 

Sook and I arrived on Wednesday

Visited the jewelers, got what we wanted and headed to the campus.

Picked up fast food on the way back, so we didn’t have to go out for dinner. 

As we walked up the steps we were met by the new dorm security guard, apparently he didn’t want me on site.  We headed for the security office and spoke with Bob; he reprimanded the guy, Jonathan, and told him, it was already approved by the Dean, so get over it.

We headed back and were ambushed by four girls.   I told them that if they let us have tonight then tomorrow they would get a twofer when Alcide showed up with Janice.  Well Janice was going to be outed anyway. 

The girls squealed and left us alone for the night. 

Thursday, Alcide and Janice showed up, plus one.

It was like a caravan actually, Pam had come to and she had driven up with Tara and Amelia in Amelia’s car.

 Oh this was going to be rich when the fan girls caught wind that all three of us would be there.

 But I figured if Sookie and I were going to be a couple and she was still at LSU I would have to get used to this if I was ever going to pay her a visit during the year or for graduation.

We got everyone unloaded and in their dorm rooms.  It was around lunchtime so we all headed back into town to a little diner Alcide and I saw the last time we were in town.  We all went in and the squeal was deafening.   The three of us were use to this shit but the girls just looked like a deer in the headlights.  Once it calmed down I asked Sookie if she was ready for this on a continual basis.

Her response, “If you can handle it, so can I.”

I was proud of her.

Once we were done we headed back for campus and we met up with the four fan girls from the day before.  The one girl said she thought I was teasing her about Alcide but to have Pam there too was fuck awesome.   

I asked them to meet us in about an hour in the lounge on Sookie’s floor so that I could talk to everyone in our party first.

 They asked if they could bring a few friends.  I told them the more the merrier.

We escaped to the girl’s floor and went in to Sookie’s room since Catherine wasn’t there yet it would give us a little bit more room.

Since Pam and Alcide didn’t know what I had set up I had to explain.   Quiet time was not going to happen.  The word was out that I was on campus and now you two.   If we got this over with now then when we came back and visited during the year and at graduation we wouldn’t have to go through this all over again.  Yes there would be a few fans that didn’t meet us this time around but by the end of the year, we would just be gawked at, not harassed.

Pam and Alcide both agreed that it was a sound plan.  Now let’s see if it would work.

Tara asked us if we were going to answer any questions the girls asked or just sign stuff and take pictures for them.

Sookie said it would probably be a good idea to answer some questions so that rumors didn’t start and then the outing of me and Janice would be on our terms. 

Pam said it sounded like the smart move.  But for it to be done correctly, she wanted all of us to stand up in front of them together as a family like we were.

 Amelia said she was honored to be considered part of the family.

As we were finishing up our family meeting there was a knock on the door.  Sookie reluctantly walked over to answer it because she wasn’t too sure who it would be.

As she got closer, we heard, “Open Up, It’s me Maria.”

We all sighed.

Sookie opened up the door to Maria and asked her to come in.

She looked around and saw all of us and giggled. 

 “Damn the gossip mill is working overtime since I was approached as I entered the dorm about you all being here but I figured they were all full of shit.   But I knew if you were here you would be with Sook.”

“How are you all doing?”

We told here we were all doing fine and wanted her to be with us when we met in the lounge in roughly 10 minutes time.  She said she had a few things left in her car to get but she would hurry as quickly as she could.  All the girls said they would help her out so it could be done quicker. 

Hell Pam even volunteered… Country life is certainly agreeing with her.

Alcide and I offered to help but the girls told us to stay put.  Pam could blend but we would stick out like sour thumbs.

While we waited I spoke with Alcide about everything again.  He said we were in this together and since it was Janice’s last year here it wouldn’t be so bad for her to be connected to him or us.  Then we were trying to figure out sleeping arrangements since Maria is here that means one less bed.  I told him we would figure it out.

 It was only one night.

He let me know while we were alone that Angela had told him that after spending time with him and his family she was going to regret her next move.   Apparently she had come to break up with him because she didn’t think she could have a normal life with him; plus the kicker was she had met someone else.  Well that was a giant slap to the head but he said he felt it coming and he would get over it.   He would always love her but if she wasn’t ready for the commitment he was then to hell with her.   He knew her going back to Canada was the beginning of the end and nothing he could say or do would change that. He knew the next three weeks we had with Gran would help.  She would help him better understand it and move forward.  I was looking forward to the time with Gran too.

We decided when we got back that we would ask Gran if we could go to the Farmhouse and just relax in the good country air, plus Pam would have someone to hang with during the day so she didn’t get too bored waiting for Jason to come home at night.   Her time in Bon Temps was less painful to a city girl when she could hang out with Amelia and Tara. 

I told him we could talk about it more on the way back to Shreveport tomorrow if he wanted to.

 He said he would let me know.

Well the girls made good time; Alcide and I helped move things around so the girls didn’t have to do any heaving lifting.  

Show time

We entered the lounge and were shocked that there were at least 40 fans shoved into the small room.  It was standing room only.    There were both male and females there.

We filed to the front of the room which was by the big open windows and just smiled back at them all.  We all held hands so no-one knew what we were up to and who was with whom.

Sookie was the one who greeted them…  She was going to be our spokesperson since she was the one who would get stared at the most throughout the year.

“Hello everyone, we know it seems odd for all of us to be up here and I am sure you are wondering why.  We as a collective are a family; we are missing one person but she won’t be here till tomorrow.   We know you all are curious what Eric Northman and Alcide Herveaux and Pam Ravenscroft are doing on campus.  Well to be honest, Janice is Alcide’s sister and Eric is, umm… “

“Eric, help me out here.”

“What Sookie is so eloquently trying to say is that we are boyfriend and girlfriend.”

There was a collective gasp from the fan base.

“Okay so now that that is covered.  Pam is dating my brother.  (Another gasp) And well the rest of the girls up here are your dorm mates and are part of our tight nit family; we are missing Catherine who will be here tomorrow and Claudine who graduated last year. But we are very protective of one and another and would like to have a little privacy to our relationship with these well known actors.  They will be here on and off for the next year until the group of us graduate.  Please, while they are here throughout the year just say hello and move on.  They will talk to you if not stalked but please treat them with respect and like anyone else you would see on campus.  We would appreciate it if you wouldn’t ask them for pictures or autographs after today as they would like to spend some quiet time with us until tomorrow when they head back for work.  So if you have any questions please ask them and if they are not too personal we will answer them, but we ask you don’t sell these questions and such to the RAG magazines and TMZ, please let our time be private.  Eric, Alcide and Pam would like a little normalcy to their lives and if we can help them out that would be great.   Also if you would want an autograph or a picture they are willing to do that today too because we are sure that tomorrow they will be getting hounded some more when new students and or fans show up for the new school year.”

“Did I miss anything?”

Alcide spoke up, “We would like to invite all of you for a cook out tomorrow afternoon around 1 pm.  It will be mine and Eric’s treat.   We have everything cleared with Security and the Dean so there will be no need to worry.   We will NOT be supplying alcohol just food and drinks-soda, tea, lemonade, we don’t want to be held accountable for that.  The dorm and I am sure some of the campus will be there as well so we will make sure there is plenty of food.  We will hold it outside so that we do not infer with the new students bringing their stuff into the dorms.”

Pam spoke up now, “We know you were not expecting us to be here or offer up pictures and such but after we answer a few questions we will then take the time for autographs and pictures.  If after the open forum of Q&A you want to sneak back to your rooms for cameras and something to autograph that would be the time to do it so you don’t miss something.”

“Okay if you have a question, please hold up your hand… We might not get to you all but we will try.”

30 hands shot up into the air…..

Just as all this was happening Bob the security guard came into the lounge and laughed; Jonathan looked embarrassed at how orderly everything was.

Tara and Amelia took over from here; they went over to the person that would be able to ask the question so that we could do this as orderly as possible. 

Q1-“How and when did Eric and Sookie Meet.”A1- “Baton Rouge Starbucks three years ago.”

Q2- “Alcide are you still seeing someone?”

A2- “not at this time”

Yeah there were looks from the family. Guess we would explain later.

Q3-“Sookie are you and Eric going to get married? Has he proposed?”

A3- “We talked about it but nothing is set in stone and no we are not engaged at this time.”

Q4- “Pam how did you meet Sookie’s brother?”


No elaboration and they accepted the answer.

Then the questions turned toward Blood Moon and we answered them to the best of our ability.

We did Q&A for about 20 more minutes and then we let everyone there know they had 5 minutes to get back for the pictures and autographs, which were less stressful and no chaos like we usually had at a meet and greet but there was always tomorrow.

Well the pictures and such took about another hour but we were having fun and we didn’t notice the length of time that had passed.  By the time it was over Bob had asked for a minute of our time once we were done with the last person.

We were afraid that they would cancel tomorrow on us; we spent a week putting it together with Bob’s help.  We were having it catered for 200 people because we didn’t know how many were going to be there by noon Friday and we figured the girls could share leftovers with everyone and hold them in their fridges.

But that wasn’t the case, he wanted to verify time and such, he found a tent so that they could set up tables and chairs and everyone could eat outside.  It was coming together nicely… He also said he called in a favor with Detective Coughlin and he would be here tomorrow as well to help out in case there were any problems.

After everyone left and the nice to meet yous were over we went into town to that diner again to eat dinner…  There weren’t as many people in there and no-one knew who we were so it was an uneventful night until we got back to the dorm. 

Sleeping arrangements.

Well Pam was going to sleep in our room and Alcide was suppose to sleep in Janice’s but when Maria showed up that was off the table.  Pam suggested her and Alcide sleep in our room since it happened before and there was no funny business so nothing would happen now.  Maria looked sadden about Alcide not being in her room, we figured she was smitten and was willing to sacrifice her bed to share with him…  But it was Amelia who came up with the idea we went with.

Pam and Alcide stay in her and Tara’s room with them.  Tara and Amelia in one bed, Alcide and Pam in another, Janice and Maria in their room, Sookie and me in Sookie’s room.  Her reasoning was simple enough; Sookie and I would not be seeing each other again for a few months so it would be best if we were able to spend our last night together ALONE and uninterrupted by anyone.   Because tomorrow when the students started showing back on campus, it was going to be HELL…

It was a solid plan, we all agreed and headed for the lounge to BS and relax before bedtime.    We all turned in around 11 pm except for Maria and Alcide they were in a heated discussion about the woos of dating an actor and what ramifications happened when you couldn’t handle it any more.  This was all after Alcide explained to everyone why he broke up with Angela.  I knew Alcide was smart enough not to rebound with Maria because it would hurt her and Janice but that didn’t mean he couldn’t flirt.

We were woken up about 10 am from the sound of banging on the door.  It was Bob, he said the media caught wind of us being on campus and they wanted to talk to the three of us. 

Aw Hell, quiet time is gone.

We told Bob we would talk to them at the security office, they were not allowed on campus. We didn’t want them to know who we were with.  We wanted Sookie and Janice to have anonymity for a little while.

So at 10:30 am we were meeting with the press.

We told a fib…… we told them we were there checking out a location for a possible future location shoot.  Hell they bought it.   As we were wrapping up Pam got on the phone with Felicia so she wouldn’t be blindsided with the question.  She said she thought the location shoot was a good idea for a Pack shoot; maybe we could use the gym for a Fangtasia shoot.  She would have to check into it. 

We didn’t tell the girls we wanted to surprise them in case we could pull it off.

The caterers showed up around 11 am and were set up quickly.  They knew they were catering for actors and heard about the possible upcoming shoot so they wanted to impress us so they could possibly get the business if we did indeed come to town.

 I would put a good word in for them if everything went without a hitch.

By noon the campus was swarming with students and they were all told that lunch was being served at 1 pm.  They were curious but just went with the flow.  About 12:30 pm, Det. Coughlin stopped by to say hi to the girls and introduce himself to Pam.  He was a nice man and I was happy he was there for Sookie and the girls…  He even brought along Kevin Pryor and the girls asked him how he was.  He said good and asked how they had been holding up since the trial.  Janice pulled me aside and told me that when Det.  Coughlin couldn’t be with us he had Kevin with us at all times.  I gained a new respect for the detective and his protectiveness of all the girls.  I had a good feeling if the paparazzi got wind of Sookie I could give him a call and he would make sure she was taken care of and not harassed.

Well we all headed down to the common ground between the dorms and walked through the side of tent towards the front.   There was a special table set up for the family so we led the girls over to it and sat down.  However, once the students realized who was there all hell broke loose, again.

 We had planned 200 people but I think we were close to 250 and adding quickly.  I went over to the caterer and told him our dilemma.  He said not to worry, they saw the crowd coming in and went out and bought additional supplies.  They would have to change the menu up to accommodate everyone but he thinks it will all work out.   He said girls can be picky so they added more salads and fix’ins plus they called a pizza place they are friendly with and 30 pies were on there way.  They should be there any minute.

I told him I appreciated his quick thinking and I would definitely tell the producers about his ability to act and produce under pressure. 

I stood up on a little bench that was supplied to me.  Now I am 6’4” tall and I am sure everyone could see me but I wanted to make sure they heard me. 

I introduced myself, Alcide and Pam; I let them know their welcome back to school lunch was being provided by the three of us and we wanted them to enjoy their lunch.  We also wanted to let them know that they may see us on campus from time to time and we would appreciate it they could show us the respect that they give to their fellow students.   We didn’t mind if they stopped us to talk, but if we were not in a hurry to get somewhere and if we asked them to catch us later to please abide by our wishes.  We have family on campus and would like to be able to have some sort of privacy with them while visiting.   I let them know that the students that were sitting at our table were our family members and to please respect their privacy….

The students were still pretty quiet so I continued.

After everyone had time to eat we would be open for autographs and pictures, we would be available for about an hour, we hoped we could get through everyone that wanted one.  I let everyone know they would not be limited like at a meet and greet but we needed to make sure we moved along quickly so everyone in attendance would be able to get pictures and autographs. I told them if we got this over now than they were less likely to stalk us when we did come onto campus again.

It was at that moment that Catherine came into the tent and our table all rushed over to her to say hello and pull her to the table.  Maybe stalk was a bad word but I am sure she understood what I meant.

It was then that everyone got to see who my family was.   I made everyone stop in there tracts.   I introduced everyone, including Det. Coughlin, Police Officer Pryor and Head of Security Bob.   There was a slight gasp when I introduced them as family member.  I told them that these three men helped protect our loved ones three years ago during a crisis and for that they are family; to please show them respect also.

It was kind of surreal when I was doing the introductions and I wanted Sookie by my side but there were pictures being taken by cell phones and I didn’t want to give the paparazzi ammunition.  

So that led me into my next request.

I know I cannot stop you from taking pictures on your cell phones or gossiping but we would appreciate it you didn’t sell anything to the paparazzi or Rag Magazines or TMZ; we would like some normalcy and it would help if you didn’t try to profit from our visit.  Again we were open to talk to you when visiting but we wanted our privacy too.

The caterer said they were ready so I let everyone know that they could line up in an orderly fashion on both sides of the long serving tables, we wanted everyone to be able to eat and then we could start the autograph time.   I told everyone; if they needed to leave to get a camera or paper that was fine, but we did happen to grab some blank paper just in case and we would make sure everyone in attendance for lunch got to see us even if we ran a little over the hour.

I asked the family table to follow the caterer so that we could be served first and be ready for the M&G time.  They all got up and followed, the sea of students parted to let us by and it showed me they were listening to the respect part of the speech.  I would have to let the Dean know.

We got our lunch and sat down; we talked, ate and made fun of each other just like we would do any other time.  It showed the students we really were a family unit.  I asked Coughlin, Pryor and Bob to please get something to eat because it may be a long day ahead of us.

The caterer came and got them and led them to the front of the line, the students never balked or complained, again they parted and let them through.

Within a half hour we were done eating and I asked the table to please stay with us, Sook leaned over and whispered she didn’t trust these Coeds with her man, she wasn’t going anywhere and then she kissed me on the lips.   Very possessive my Sookie but she was showing everyone I belong to her… She wasn’t afraid that everyone knew we belonged to one another and she was marking her territory… God I loved this woman, I knew we would make it through anything that was thrown our way.

The M&G was fun, just like the previous day.  The pictures and autograph lines ran smoothly, the girls took the initiative to run things again and I think that is why it moved so smoothly.  I would have to let Felicia know if she ever needed help these girls knew their stuff.

As the lines were finishing up we realized it was later than what we wanted it to be so that we could leave to drive back to Shreveport, but with Alcide’s lead foot we would make it right around 8 pm and we could have a late dinner.

I didn’t want to leave Sookie and I knew she felt the same but we knew we had our lives to get back to.

We met with Catherine to give her the necklace; she was a crying mess after I clasped it around her neck… She told both of us she would never forget what true friends she has in us and hopes we would always be friends.

The goodbyes were bitter sweet but we made our Skype time for every other day unless one of us was unable to meet the time, we had our phones and texting and we had her next break to look forward to OR a possible location shoot but I still didn’t let on about that.

The last thing Sookie said before we parted ways was she loved me and on our off Skype nights and mornings she was still going to talk to me like she always did.  I told her I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I felt her when she did it and now I would be making sure I watched out for it.  

I knew missing her was going to hurt my psyche more than the lack of sex.

 I knew I could stay true to her and I knew it was just a matter of months before we were together again. 

But this time around I was determined to make sure I was always home for her holiday breaks.

We talked on the way home and Pam told us that Jason had asked her to marry him…She told him yes but he wanted to tell Gran before he told everyone else.  But she wanted to tell us since we were her family; we were her brothers through and through.

We told her we were proud of her and asked what she was going to do about acting.  She said that she and Jason agreed they could make it work long distance and if she continued to live with us and then him on her off months she would be fine.  Right now her only gig was “Blood Moon” and she was going to leave it that way.  She always saved her money and she knew financially she would be fine.  Plus she and Alcide didn’t pay me rent and that was cool with me.  I owned the house out right so there was no need, they helped me with utilities and food and that was enough.

We got into Shreveport a little past 8 pm and dinner was waiting for us as were our parents and Gran.  Gran could tell we were all melancholy and tried to draw us out of it.

Her pearl of wisdom.

“We have our memories and we have their love.   We will see them again in a few months.”

We asked Gran if we could go to Bon Temps for our next three weeks and stay with her again like last year.  She said of course but she figured we would want to stay with Sabrina and Jackson.

 I let her know we did but we wanted some solitude too. And that was Bon Temps.

Man it’s been only a year since all this has come together and I was loving life.

But I was missing my heart.

I knew I could get through this.  I knew I had the love of my life; now only to get by all of real life’s obstacles and we would be fine.

We stayed in Bon Temps and had a great time, the three weeks flew by, plus while I was there I hired a contractor to come out and remodel the two bathrooms.  Gran knew after the first day I was up to no good but when Calvin Norris showed up the second day we were there she knew she was in for another mess.  I showed Calvin the two bathrooms and told him what I wanted. He said he could do it.  He would have a crew come out and do Gran’s bathroom first and then work on the spare one so there would always be an operating bathroom.   I told him we could use the one located in the new addition to the house so if he had the crew to do both go for it.  He said he didn’t want to inconvenience Adele and she told him to hush, she would be fine.

As the final days approached of our visit, the smaller bathroom was finished and Gran’s in suite was almost done.  She was excited to see a new fresh look to her home.

But of course on our last day all hell broke loose when Compton showed up.

 Gran answered the door and he was belligerent with her about him owning her property now and wanting her gone in the next 30 days.

Well I had enough…   GRRR … this man was not only a creeper but a pain in the ass.

 Alcide heard everything to and called his dad who called Mr. C;   Jackson said he was only about 10 minutes away so to keep the asshole there and by the time he got there hopefully Bud would be there too. 

This was ending today.

 Alcide’s next call was to Bud and Kenya said he was on his way.

Gran was smart to have a copy of the deed forwarded to Bud, she knew to keep one on hand so that when the real fight started we had all our ducks in a row.  I told Alcide that if we had to stay a few extra days we were, this man was not getting away with this and I would not leave Gran alone to fight this man.

He agreed and he figured his mom and dad would stay with her otherwise. 

As we heard a car approach down the driveway that’s when Alcide and I stepped out to show Compton that we were there.  One of us is intimidating but the two of us were a force to be reckoned with.  Alcide has me by another inch or two and at least 60 pounds of pure muscle… Hell I drooled over this man’s body. 

Compton about shit when he saw he overplayed his hand.

But we were shocked at who was pulling up, it was Jason and Pam, they got a call from Bud and told them to get to the farmhouse NOW.

Jason walked up holding Pam’s hand and looked square in Compton’s face and asked him what the hell he wanted.

Compton told him that he was letting Adele know she had 30 days to move out that he owned the farmhouse now and he wanted her and all of her belongings gone.

Jason just looked at him and said is that so. 

“Who sold it to you?”

He said Adele signed it over to him the last time she was here.  We all chuckled at that one; she hadn’t been home in three months.  He had a signature on a paper alright but it wasn’t Adele’s, not even close.  

By that time Bud and Jackson had arrived and we updated them on what Mr. Compton had just told us.

Bud asked him for the document and he took a look, Bud said, “it looked all prim and proper but Adele wasn’t here on the date that the document was signed and the signature did not match the signature on the document in his hand which stated that the property was owned by the Stackhouse grandbabies as a collective which included Sookie and Jason Stackhouse, Eric Northman, Pam Ravenscroft, Janice and Alcide Herveaux, Jackson and Sabrina Herveaux.”  He continued with, “The deed he had at the station and now in his hand had been faxed to him and predated the one Compton had which he assumed was a fraud since Adele had been at the Herveaux’s house since the end of May.  The only occupants at the farmhouse this summer were when Eric and Sookie paid a visit or when Jason would stop by to check on things.”

“Now if you continue on this route of harassment, Mr. Jackson Herveaux is prepared to press charges for harassment and fraud.” 

Jackson spoke up and said, “ The paperwork is being filed as we speak so there was no way out on this one.  Compton had pushed one too many times.”

That’s when I spoke up, “Mr. Compton, I do not know what you are up to and why you think you need this property.  As I told you weeks ago this house would be mine before you ever laid claim to it.  Now for all the pain and suffering you are causing I think I will be contacting my lawyer too and adding a second suite for harassment.  I told you before you didn’t know who you were messing with and now you are going to find out the hard way.  I have plenty of money and clout to keep you in court for years and watch your money run out before mine does.  You tested my patience and I am done.  In case you didn’t hear my name correctly, it is Eric James Northman III and I am the CEO of Northman Enterprises.”

Jackson looked at me and said, “damn Eric I didn’t know you were that Northman.”

Apparently Compton heard of that name too… poor baby… woos me… your fucked.

Jackson then said, “Compton we didn’t push this a few weeks ago and I believe you thought Eric was my son and he is but not in blood, but I will tell you this, with both of us going after you, you will be a pauper by the time we are done.”

Bud looked at all of us and asked for us to explain since he knew what I did for a living.  I told him once Compton was off the property I would explain.

Once again Compton huffed off the property but first he tried to rip all of the documents out of Bud’s hands.  Bud was quicker than Compton and never got the papers from his hands, oh he is so screwed.


What an ass.

We all went into the house and I sat everyone down in the kitchen to explain who I am.

“I have told all of you in the past, I have money, lots of money, I have a trust account but that trust account is continuously fed with funds.

I am the CEO of Northman Enterprises but I don’t want the title or anything that comes along with it. Upon my dad’s death he left everything to me.  That means all his properties all over the world, his companies all over the world, etc… belong to me.   I set my stepmom up because she had signed a pre-nuptial agreement and she got nothing but a small pension from my dad.  She is a doctor and loves her job so she really doesn’t need my help but she was the woman that raised me and as far as I was concerned she deserves the allowance she gets every month.  Does the Board of Directors want that, Hell NO, but they agreed not to fight it as long as I let them run the company their way.  Yes I do have to go to a yearly meeting and sign paperwork for them but they also have to keep me apprised of what is going on.  I have lawyers I trust but I am always looking for more to fight them with and keep the board honest. 

As for acting, I love it and can leave it any time I want to; if Sookie asked me to leave it I will.  I can see me living here in BonTemps the rest of my life and I am looking forward to it but in the meantime I am going to enjoy the acting gig.

As for Compton, I sure as hell don’t need the money but that pompous ass is going down.  He doesn’t know how to back down and I suspect he has been in your house while you have been gone Gran.  I think since he knew you kept it unlocked he let himself in when he wanted to.  I am not too sure what he was up to but I have a feeling it was not legal, hence Sookie calling him a creeper.  I truly don’t think he thought I was here that weekend with her, he came back the following morning in hopes to see her again but I answered the door and ruined his plans. 

 Hence my farce of being married to her.  

Anyway, I don’t boast about who I am or the paparazzi would have a fucking field day so I would appreciate it if it wasn’t discussed after today.  Sookie knows I have money but I never told her that it is perpetual allowance.  The next time we’re together I will let her know just in case Compton does something stupid and blindsides me with it and tells the Rag magazines.

I know I know I shouldn’t wait that long but I don’t think it is something you just burst out with and hope everything is still cool.  I love Sookie and I know she doesn’t love my money, hell any time I offer to help she tells me no, so I know she is not a gold digger.  But I would rather be safe and stay under the radar with this.”

Everyone agreed that there would be no more talk on the matter.

 Bud agreed to check on Adele as much as he could and Sabrina said if things get bad with Compton, Gran can either come back to Shreveport or they would stay with her at the farmhouse.  It was Gran’s decision.

Jason did however have one thing to say about the whole thing.

“Eric, you know I love you Bro and I would do anything for ya but I have one word of advice for ya on the CEO thingy.  You need to tell Sook soon because this will blow up in your face if you don’t.  Sook has trust issues with guys and such after the Quinn thing so if I was you I would find a way to tell her before she learns this one on her own.   It will not go over well if she finds out from someone else.   If she does find out before you tell her I will help you out the best I can but there are no guarantees on how she will take this little omission on this facet of your life. She ain’t a gold-digger and that is what people might say to her about it.”

I just stared at Jason in awe, sometimes he was just there simple and true and then BAM he leveled you with a life study that even a college professor would be proud of.

“Of course Jason but I would much rather do it in person and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.”

Gran said, “Honey I agree with Jason and you need to get this over with soon, before someone hired by Compton tracks Sookie down and lets the cat out of the bag.  He might not know she doesn’t know but that doesn’t mean he is not going to play dirty and uproot Sookie’s life too.”

I told her I would get to it as soon as I can.

We ended up staying with Gran an extra day and let Felicia know we were running a day behind because of family issues.  She told us not to worry she would cover for us.

The three of us got back into LAX and were hit with the paparazzi taking our pictures as we waited for our luggage and car.  Questions were being shouted to us about our dating status and we just laughed and ignored them.  None of them knew about Jason and Sookie yet and I was glad about that but when Pam slid her arm into mine the Paps saw her ring and started asking us when I popped the question. 

Alcide ran with this one and said, “Who said she is engaged to him?”

 So of course they turned on all of us at once to get us to spill the beans about who was engaged to Pam.  And since we all lived in the same house questions were flying.  We ignored them again and got into the car and left.

Life on the show was busy and it was approved for us to do a location shoot in Baton Rouge at LSU, it would be after the Thanksgiving holiday break when the students returned so it would give the crew a few days to set up the scenery to fit what we wanted to do with their gym. 

The Pack was going to hold a Halloween Sock Hop and the vampires were going to crash it. 

I spoke with Sookie every other night on Skype when I wasn’t shooting at night.  It was like nothing had every changed for us even if we were thousands of miles away from one another.  We were still a couple and we knew we could make it through the next year.  Sookie had mentioned that after graduation we could talk about where she wanted to teach and if I wanted her to move out to LA to teach there.  I told her NO, LA wasn’t a place I wanted to neither live out my life with her nor raise our kids. 

She laughed at me and said we have plenty of time to decide yet.

Life went on and I never got a chance to tell her on Skype about the CEO thing as I wanted to do it face to face not computer to computer so I was hoping to get to talk to her over her Thanksgiving break and before the shoot.  The things with Compton had started to heat up and I wanted to warn her. 

But I never made it to the Herveaux’s for the holiday I had to head to Northman Enterprises to talk to the lawyers.   I told Sookie I had some work related things to take care of and I would see her at the shoot.  She told me she was okay with that and would see me soon. 

Apparently, the Board of Directors had caught wind of my nuptials from Compton’s lawyers so they wanted to talk to me about what a gold-digger I had married and how this was going to affect the business. 

I was flabbergasted to say the least.

I let them know I was just dating Sookie and we had told Compton we were married to get him to back off.  Apparently he was using this as ammo that Sookie had talked me into buying a piece of worthless property… I told them this property had nothing to do with Northman Enterprise and the money that was spent had come out of my trust fund and to back off.  

They backed off but they were not happy since the company was mentioned in the counter lawsuit Compton filed. 

What did he think he was going to win?  Jackson and I filed a harassment lawsuit.  It had nothing to do with worthless property… What was he thinking? 

His lawsuit stated we had harassed him and caused bodily harm to him on two separate occasions.  My recollection was I towered over the ass, I never touched him and on both occasions I had witnesses.   I guess he figured if he went after me I would lose face with the Stackhouse’s and then he could weasel his way in to get what he wanted.  The Farmhouse.


I had paid off the farmhouse a year ago, there was not a mortgage to be levied against and with the allowance I gave Gran she never needed to worry about the taxes… It was then that I decided I needed to set up an account for Sookie so that when Gran passed she would have money for the farmhouse too.   I was hoping by the time Gran left us we would be together and it wouldn’t be necessary but I was one to always be prepared and ready for anything.  I wanted to stay ahead of everyone and was playing this lawsuit like a chess game that I knew I wasn’t going to lose.

I knew it was a high handed thing to do but I did not want Compton to have any ammo about the Stackhouse’s finances. 

I spoke with Jason and asked him to meet me at the bank in town so that I could set up the account with him and Sookie’s name on it.  He said he would meet me there and not tell anyone.  I wanted to tell Sookie myself because I knew she would give me a ration of shit about it.

 I rationalized that I was just making sure that they never lost the farmhouse and it would always be in their family.

Maybe I was wrong but I would worry about her wrath later.

I made it to the Herveaux’s as everyone was getting ready to leave for LSU.  I drove up with Sookie but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her then while we were driving; it was too sensitive a matter and it just didn’t feel like the right time. 

When would it ever be?

The shoot went great, I really didn’t interact with Sookie on the set; she was one of Alcide’s pack mates.  When the vampires invaded the sock hop we only dealt with Alcide and his top ranking pack mates, Sookie was just a background player.

I got to spend my evenings with her for three days but we never got a chance to talk privately… The coeds on the campus gave us plenty of berth to be together but I wanted our talk to be more private and I decided it could wait until the summer break. 

It would be best.

I could be wrong but I felt I was making the right decision at the time.

We met up two more times during the school year and then all hell broke loose when I went back for Sookie and Janice’s graduation.  Everything was fine until after the graduation ceremony and the paparazzi tracked us down at the small diner in town.

 Let me just first say that Sookie looked beautiful and if I was a smart man I would have whisked her away then and married her, a justice of the peace would have been fine by me.

But I was a stupid prideful fool of a man that night and chose to argue with the paparazzi that were relentless that night.

If I didn’t know any better I would have thought this was a set up and maybe I would find out later it was, but right now I was watching my love my future happiness slip away from me.

They yelled out at us about everything.  My true FULL name, my true identity(CEO yada yada), my true net worth(multi billionaire), the bank account in Sookie’s name that I set up for her gold-digging ways, my hidden life(life as CEO and actor).  Everything…..

Let me say hindsight being 20/20 I should have talked to Sookie and told her everything months ago.

I think I fucked myself royally this time and didn’t know how I was gonna fix it or make things better between us.

She wouldn’t even ride back to Shreveport with me and when we got back to the H’s house she let me have it. 

She told me she was disappointed in me and that if I really did love her I would not have kept these secrets from her.  She could have handled everything better if I had only been truthful and honest with her.   Her last hurtful words to my pride and ego were if I truly loved her I could have trusted her with everything that I was.  She told me she was going home and not to ever follow her because she wanted nothing to do with me ever again. She couldn’t be with someone that didn’t trust her to keep their secrets.

She stormed out of the house and left.  She didn’t even say goodbye, she just left.

Everyone was in shock and of course Jason spoke up first, “Man I told ya to tell her.  I don’t know how you’re gonna fix this and I will help you when I feel I can but right now it was not safe to talk to her until she’s calmed down.”

 His advice was for me to stay away and when she was ready she would call.

I knew Sookie was right the whole time she was ranting but the way I had rationalized things in my head I knew I was right too.

But now was that rationalization really right?

Where had I gone wrong? How the hell was I gonna fix this?

I needed her; I needed her like I needed to breathe.  

I looked at my family and those who were there with me the day I revealed everything understood but the three that weren’t were just as pissed at me as Sookie was.

I tried to get them to hear me out maybe they could help me with Sookie, but Tara and Amelia just glared at me and told Gran they would see her in Bon Temps.  They turned around and left without saying goodbye to everyone else.

Janice on the other hand looked at me and said okay explain it, you have five minutes and then I will tell you if I will help you or not.

Gran and Jackson both said in unison that it would take longer than five minutes even if it was an abbreviated version.

Janice motioned with her hands for me to start, so I did.

It took me about fifteen minutes but I got everything out.  Needless to say Janice was shocked but she understood about privacy and what happens to people with wealth and how they were always under a microscope by everyone.  Kinda like an actor is but since I was a CEO of a major company it was ten times worse. She understood my reasoning’s but if I truly trusted Sookie like I said I did I would have told her at the beginning when we were telling each other everything and getting to know one another.

Her advice to me was, leave town, let Sookie cool off and once everyone in the family could talk to her we could get her to see reason but right now she was so HOT that was not going to happen.

Gran spoke up next and said she agreed it would be best for me to get out of dodge and go relax somewhere where I could hide out and stay private for a while.

Alcide told me to call my mom and go stay with her for a while.  Get my head clear and see where everything goes from there.

I knew it was for the best but I was really looking forward to my three months with all of them.  I knew Sookie would start applying to schools for a teaching position and I wanted to be here for her, to root her on but I knew I ruined that plan by not telling her everything.

I decided it was best to get out of dodge like Gran said.

I arrived in Stockholm the following day and I was miserable… I told my mom what I had done and she just shook her head and said I may never get my girl back.   What I hadn’t told Sookie was a major issue for most couples.  Sookie may have known I had money but the extent of that money can be a deal breaker.  Trust is a fine line we walk and I broke that line and made it all curvy and Sookie may never gain her trust back with me.

 I fell into a depression for a few weeks.  I hadn’t heard from Sookie at all.  I heard from Alcide that they were trying to cheer her up but she was still pissed, but he knew by looking at Sookie that she missed me to and still loved me.   His advice was to lay low and then come home for Sookie’s birthday.

I knew I had to try before then so I tried to Skype her, she wouldn’t answer.

I tried to text her she wouldn’t respond.

I tried to call her, she avoided my calls.

I called the farmhouse, she hung up on me.

I was miserable so I decided I needed to get out.  So I hooked up with some of my old friends in South Stockholm and went clubbing.

Let me just say BAD fucking idea.

My picture was all over the RAGS again.

This time it let everyone know that the most eligible bachelor of Sweden had met the woman he was going to marry and had come home to find her and to finalize the wedding.

Well the picture they posted was of me and Dawn Green. 

When the FUCK was that taken?

I didn’t even know she was in Sweden.

Apparently she was at the club and I hooked up with her after I had way too many drinks.  Apparently I asked her in my drunken state to marry me and she said yes.


Well someone had recorded it on their iphone and sold it to the NEWS. 

I don’t remember any of it but there is was all over the news the following night.


How soon would it reach Sookie?

I called Alcide immediately and he told me it was too late, someone had delivered four different RAG copies to Sookie’s doorstep so she already knew.

Her words when she saw it. 

“I knew I wasn’t good enough for him”, she locked herself away in her room.

How was I going to fix this?

I needed her, she was my life.

How did this happen?

Shit what was I going to do?   I knew I couldn’t be rash and had to plan this out. She would never believe me otherwise.



“As the days are long so are my Nights”



NOTE- I do not know when the next chapter will be posted… As some of you know I have been sick and the last thing I want to do is write and finalize chapters.  The next few chapters are long ones.   I have 5 more chapters after this one and I know some of you will not be happy about the outcome of this chapter but please be patient; Sookie is a very stubborn woman.  The next chapter is in her POV… So you will all see what she is thinking about once we get to the blow up.  Thanks for reading Kristie

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 21: Birthday Wishes

  1. Great chapter..a lot of things happening here!!
    First of all I was so happy for Eric and Sookie
    They finally had two months time to get to know each other…everything was going fine…
    Eric and Alcide went to Sookie’s and Janice’s school to be next to them…
    The other students were surprised to see two well known actors but after some photos and stuff they left Sookie and Eric some private time.
    All went to hell when Bill Compton went to Gran’s home with the intention to trick the elder in selling it to him!
    But he found Sookie and Eric…they told him to go away…but Compton is such a snake…
    During a discussion we found out Eric’s true identity…not only is he a well known actor but he’s CEO of The Northman’s Corporation!
    Eric should have listened to Jason..he should have told immediately Sookie about himself,about the bank account he set up for Sookie.
    Sookie is pissed off of course and Eric got himself in trouble with Dawn Green in Stockholm…WOW Will Eric get back his love?Will Sookie forgive him?

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