Chapter 24: Just Friends


When I left I was feeling pretty positive but as the time wore on I was second guessing myself. I knew that Eric and Dad were over protective and worried that Mr. Compton would do something to me but I figured I was safe driving and going to Baton Rouge. It wasn’t like he followed me around nor would he follow me on a long road trip.

I was about 2 hours in when I started thinking about Eric again. I thought about Eric a lot, some good, some bad and he was always the star in my dreams.

I had an epiphany about mine and Eric’s relationship. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Why it didn’t hit me sooner than now I will never know. I wanted to stop and pull over to the side of the road and cry. I wanted to wallow in self pity. However, I knew I needed to grow up because I brought all of this about all on my own and all by jumping to conclusions and running away. I seemed to do that a lot in my life; I would run away from my problems instead of facing them head on. When was I ever going to stop and act mature, act my age?

I knew this for sure.

I was being childish.

I was blaming him for everything that went wrong.

I didn’t let him talk to me and try to explain.

I didn’t let him talk to me at all.

I ran.

I hid.

I failed not only me but him.

I was a hard headed woman child and if I lost him for good I deserved it.

It was about an hour into my epiphany that my phone rang. I had wished it was Eric but it was Mr. C.

I answered it and put it on speaker phone so I could drive properly and with two hands.

We said our pleasantries but Mr. C wanted to talk about the trial. He wanted to fill me in on some new knowledge that would affect me more then Eric.

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about and told him so.

Mr. C asked me when was the last time I spoke with Eric. I told him months.

He asked me to explain.

I told him what had happened between us and what happened at my graduation and then what happened to our relationship since then.

His words were, “child what are you thinking. That man loves you. He has done everything to protect you from being hurt not only by his life but by this lawsuit. He wants only good things for you. Do you think what he kept from you was a deal breaker if he was trying to protect you from others? Do you think he keeps everything from you on purpose? Did he say if he was ever not going to tell you about Northman Enterprise? Didn’t you say the video was a fake so why not the pictures that you have seen in the tabloids? Do you think he would go to all this trouble if you were not the love of his life? If you, your Gran, your brother, Pam and the Herveaux’s didn’t mean the world to him? Do you think a man with his wealth would worry about a family or their heritage from a back woods city like Bon Temps? Do you think he would care what Mr. Compton is up to and what he could possibly do to you? Child, you need to rethink everything and wonder why he did it, you need to grovel if need be to get his forgiveness, because if it was me I would have stopped trying months ago. I wouldn’t be turning every rock and corner to find out what that snake Compton is up to. I would call him immediately and tell him where you are and that you want to talk to him. And above all, you are still in love with him.”

I was flabbergasted. I never knew that Mr. C had such high regards for Eric.

I tried to explain that I figured some things out but I was on my way to Baton Rouge to meet up with Detective Coughlin and pay a visit to Quinn at the prison.

I told Mr. C that there were some questions I needed answers to and only Quinn held these answers and I wanted to do it in person so that he could not lie to me. I knew he had lied to me before and my presence would probably not matter but I felt that he had changed a little bit, at the trial I drew this conclusion from what he had stated at the end. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I wanted to let him know how much he hurt me and I wanted to know why he picked me to hurt me like he did.

Mr. C told me he thought my trip was at a bad time but he thinks he understands. But he really wanted me to talk to Eric and soon. He finally told me that the reason he called was because it appears Mr. Compton has hired a local PI to follow me around so that he knows my every move and apparently he has filed for divorce from his wife of 10 years and he is residing in Bon Temps permanently.

I was taken back by that little piece of news but I figured I was safe for the night and tomorrow. I would go through a drive thru for my dinner or order room service and I was meeting with the Detective at 10 am to go to the prison so I would be safe for the day with him. I would have to rethink how safe I really was after that. I still didn’t understand why Mr. Compton was following me but I got the feeling it wasn’t for good reasons. I let Mr. C know what hotel I was staying at and I told him I would call him later when I arrived so that he would know I was okay.

He told me he thought it was better for me to call Eric but I told him I couldn’t until I saw Quinn.

He told me he didn’t like that idea but he would hold my confidence and privacy but he wanted me to check in with him often.

I told him I would and we hung up.

I hadn’t realized that we had been on the phone for over an hour and I was only an hour away from Baton Rouge. I thought it wise to call the Detective and let him know where I was just in case.

As I got nearer to my hotel I became paranoid and started seeing everyone lurking around corners. I called Detective Coughlin again and told him what Mr. C had said. He told me he would meet me at the hotel.

When I arrived he was standing out front and next to him was Kevin Pryor. I was thankful.

Kevin parked my car for me and Det. Coughlin walked me in. He spoke to the concierge and explained that I would have a police detail with me while I was staying there and I needed to change my room that was already assigned to me, I would need one that had an adjoining room so that an officer could stay in there.

I thanked him and he told me that he spoke with Mr. C and they had both thought it would be a good idea to have someone watching over me while I was away from home and my protective family. When he asked for volunteers Kevin offered.

So I didn’t have to have room service for dinner or breakfast because they thought it would be wise to not to let on that we knew that I might be being followed, so Kevin and I would eat in the restaurant and in the morning the detective would meet us for breakfast and then we would head out to the prison.

It sounded like a plan and I called Mr. C to let him know. He said he was grateful I called and to be careful.

I thought about calling Gran but I figured she and everyone else would talk me out of what I wanted to do so it would have to wait.

I had a peaceful night and morning and when it was time to leave I felt like my insides were turning over and over, you know the saying the calm before the storm. Well if my stomach was telling me anything I should listen, it made me extra nervous and Detective Coughlin caught onto that fact. He thought it would be best if he drove and we leave my car behind. Officer Pryor told me he would take it to the police station with him so it wasn’t tampered with; I thanked him and told him I would see him tonight when we got back. He told me he was looking forward to another night with me and to be careful and have a little fun or as much fun as I was going to have going out to Alcatraz.

As we drove I spoke with the Detective about what had been going on and what I did know about the trial coming up. I told him about the relationship woes I was having with Eric. I told him about my epiphany and then I shut up.

He told me as I was having my silent musing that he would like for me to call him by his first name instead of Det. Coughlin; he clued me into the fact that it was Mike. I told him I would try to remember that.

I looked at the time and I hadn’t realized I talked the whole way to the prison.

The only thing Mike told me was that I would figure it all out in due time but not to wait to long because Eric seemed like a good man that only wanted to take care of me and love me.

Well it seemed like Eric had another fan in his corner.

As we approached the prison I was getting nervous. I was second guessing myself in what Quinn could possibly tell me that I hadn’t already figured out. But I knew that since I was already there and the Detective, I mean Mike, was with me that I would be okay. What could Quinn possibly tell me to make my life even worse than it had been when I walked out on Eric back in May?

Yes I said it…. I Sookie Stackhouse…. Chicken Shit to relationship woes… Walked out on the man I love and did not give him the chance to explain…. I didn’t even let him say goodbye…

I knew NOW that if I was going to get him back I would have a lot and I mean a lot of groveling to do…

Why did it take me running away and talking to the Mike and Mr. C. to come up with what I should have figured out around my birthday?

I was a BITCH… and an Ass… and a Dumb Shit… I could go on calling myself every name in the book but it did not help me with what I would need to do to see if Eric could forgive me for being such a selfish twit.

Would he even consider taking me back after I ran away since I knew he was coming over? I doubted it; he would probably run for the freakin hills and hide.

Why was I such an idiot?

We entered the prison and had to sign in. They were expecting us and told us not many people come to see John Quinn but in the past few months there have been three others. Mike stepped into Detective mode and asked them if he could get a copy of who visited since all his relatives were in jail. The Deputy said he would give us a copy on our way out.

We were given a little leeway and not brought into the giant room where all the visitors would go; it was white walled, round tables with attached seats, very clinical looking. Mike had acquired a lawyer visitation room for us so that we could talk more privately then a normal family visit. He told me that he felt I would be more comfortable that way and then no-one would be privy to my conversation with Quinn. I think Mike had an inkling that something was up and we needed our privacy because of it.

We only waited a few minutes before they brought Quinn in; he was shackled at his wrists and legs and it scared me a bit that he was a violent inmate and that is why they had him shackled. But I was told that all inmates traveled this way. But since Quinn had violent tendencies with me they believed it would be best to attach his wrists to the table.

I wanted to protest but then I thought better of it. He had said he was sorry at the trial but he could be harboring ill will to me so I let it happen.

I smiled at Quinn and reached for his left hand and gave it a squeeze. He looked at me shocked but I knew if I wanted any honest answers from him, I would have to show him I cared.

I did care about him once upon a time and drew off that knowledge.

“Sookie”, was all he said.

“Hi John, how are you doing.”

“I’ve been better but I am not doing badly and I have found some peace finally.”

“What do you mean peace?”

“Babe… sorry Sookie, I have been seeing a therapist and we have talked about what I have done in my past and how I became obsessed with you and Catherine. What had been my trigger to stalk you and why I wouldn’t let up.”

I just looked at him like he was nuts but he continued.

“I realized from therapy that I wanted to have a better relationship then my mom did with my dad and I felt if I was possessive enough over that person they would see that I cared and would stay with me and not disappear into the night like my dad did.”

My mouth hung open as he told me what he figured out and that he was getting help for his obsessions in a relationship. He knew that he would never be getting out of jail. But he felt he deserved a little bit of peace and that was what he was getting…

“John, I need your help. I have some questions will you answer them for me, please.”

“Sure, I would never lie to you. ”

“Why did you choose me?”

“Sook, I thought about that for a long time now. I thought you were beautiful and I needed to possess something beautiful in my life since what I had was mainly SHIT.”

“But John, you had your mom and Frannie and your mom’s home.”

“Sookie, did you get a look at my mom at the trial, she is nuts from what the therapist tells me, they have had to sedate her to keep her calm because she wigged out and tried to hurt the bailiff on her way out of the courtroom and then again when she got to her prison. Frannie was just as bad but I was able to talk to her via a phone call the therapist set up and I let her know that mom was bad off and that if she would just talk to the doctors like me she would feel better about herself. Apparently it has worked because she is working in the library at the woman’s prison and she loves it. She has found some peace like I have. I wish I could do more for her but I was only able to call her that once. I know it is a lot to ask you to go see her but I won’t because she was not a very nice person to you. As for our home, it was never clean and there was times when we scavenged for what we needed, I felt like an animal which was also a trigger for my obsessions. So to answer your questions, I wanted a normal life, free from bull shit that my mother taught us from the time we were young when my dad walked out. Knowing what I know now, she was nuts for a long time and Frannie and I fed her needs of chaos by not being model children, I’m not saying we should have never done anything wrong but we never made her life easy either. When I got my scholarship I thought I would be able to get away but I failed myself when I became obsessed with partying then with Catherine and then I got kicked out. You were the unlucky one to be my rebound for a new obsession.”

“John, I don’t know what to say. I thought you had a better life but we never really talked about your past just about the future we thought we should have. I guess it was my fault too not to have asked you. For that I am sorry.”

“No sorry’s needed, I wanted to hide my life from you. I wanted you to not know how dysfunctional we were. I wanted something more and better with you and it drove my obsession and for that I am sorry that I scared you and threatened your life. I only wish it never came to what had happened, but in looking back it was for the best, I am no longer a threat to anyone else and it got mom put away to get the help she needs.”

“John, I don’t know what to say.”

“Say you forgive me and I will be able to live out the rest of my life here in peace and no more judgment.”

“John, I don’t know if I can forgive you… But you know what, I can forgive you but I will never forget because of what you did I have found my soul mate and I am finally beginning to be happy.”

“Who’s the lucky guy? Do I know him?”

“Yes you do know him, but does it matter really?”

“No I don’t think it does. What other questions do you have for me?”

Here I hesitated because I didn’t know how to broach the subject of William Compton; yeah I knew I needed to know if he knew Bill and if he was stalking me while we were together or if he saw him at the farmhouse. But this was a subject I was afraid he would go off the wall about.

“Well I had so many more questions about why you did what you did to me, but from what you said you have summed them all up. But my next questions are hard for me and I don’t know how to ask you.”

I looked over to Mike, I asked him with my eyes for help and guidance and with that he sat down and took my hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze. I never knew until then how much Detective Coughlin meant to me and my survival during this questioning time with Quinn. He was like a big brother and I loved him, he would be part of my family forever and after we left here today I was going to make sure we kept in touch, better than we had.

“Sook, just ask, you deserve truthful answers and I am willing to give them. But are really ready for the answers, are you prepared for what might be said?”

I shook my head no and I could feel the tears prickling at the corner of my eyes and if I wasn’t careful they would be spilling out soon.

“John, I need to ask you about home. I am gonna ask all the questions at once so that I get them all out because I don’t know what kind of shape I am going to be in after you start answering them. Plus I need to ask you if we can tape your answers. The reason I am asking is because I am involved in a lawsuit for Gran’s home and if anything you say might help us I need to use it. Can I tape us? Please?”

John sat there slack jawed. I think he was shocked that I was in another lawsuit and that it involved my ancestral home.

“Okay Sook, go ahead and put the tape player on. But please don’t cry I can see the tears in your eyes. Please Babe, don’t let them fall. I am not worth them.”

I smiled a little at John; he has grown up a lot since being put away. I knew I could do this but I didn’t know if I could hold back the tears. What was I thinking, by not bringing Eric with me…? Oh yeah I drove him away, it was my personal vendetta to make myself miserable and loose my lover, my mate forever.

“John, thank you for allowing us to tape this, I hope it will help us in the next few weeks.”

I took a deep breath and let it out. I looked over at Mike and then John and let out a sigh.

Here we go this was my life hanging in the balance.

“John, when we were dating and or before we first met did you see anyone snooping around my high school? Merlotte’s? Gran’s home? Did you see anyone watching me, like a stalker? Did you notice at any time when we were at my home that it looked like someone had been inside that didn’t belong? Did you notice anything missing? Were you ever contacted by an older gentleman about facts on my life? During your stay in Baton Rouge while you stalked me, did you ever notice any one else lurking around? Did you notice anyone other than yourself roaming the streets of Baton Rouge that you may have seen back home but knew didn’t belong there? Finally can you tell me if whom ever came to see you while here in prison did it involve questions about me?”

I took another deep breath because I knew by the look on his face the answer to all of my questions were an overwhelming YES.

I think Mike noticed it too because he gripped my hand tighter like he knew BAD BAD news was coming my way via Quinn…. You know I just noticed as I thought this, I call him Quinn in my head but John to his face, go figure.

I started to cry since Quinn hesitated to tell me anything. I knew this wasn’t good and I was kicking myself in the pants for again not trusting Eric and not bringing him along with me. My intent to see John was to just ask some simple questions on our relationship, it had nothing to do with William Compton. I just needed to know why he chose me, why he abused me like he did and if he even loved me. After he answered those questions (except the last one) without even asking him all of them I felt relieved but looking at his tortured face now was not a good sign and I broke down and sobbed.

I was shaking from crying and John tried to convince them to let him out of his shackles to hold me but they told him NO. It was Mike who got the honor of a tear soaked shirt and trying to calm me down with a bear hug.

Damn I needed to stop, John hadn’t even answered any of my new questions, yet here I was already done for.

Quinn looked over at me and smiled at Mike. His first question was odd but after thinking about I think I understand.

“Do you love her?”

OMG, he thinks I am with the Detective Coughlin…. OMG he could be my father… and with that thought I started to chuckle as did Mike.

“Of course I love her, like a daughter. I am here with Sookie because the person SHE SHOULD have brought with her, she was toooooo stubborn to ask.”

“Okay, Sookie, I just want to say this before I go any farther with your questions because you may not hear it as I continue to answer your questions and I don’t want you to have to hear it for the first time on a recording.”

I nodded okay but I also responded with choked back word. “Okay Quinn.”

He smiled at me using his preferred name. I had to laugh; I hated calling him Quinn to his face.

“Thanks Babe”, he laughed at that to try to ease the tension in the room.

“Sook let me first say that I never lied to you about how I felt. I did love you but that love turned into an obsession so if you don’t get anything else out of what I have to say then here it is. I love you and I will always love you BUT you are not mine to have. Apparently the lucky guy is waiting at home for you and I give you my blessing.”

Meekly I told him, “Thank You.”

“Okay where do I begin. ”

Mike went into Detective mode and spoke up, “John, do you remember me from your trial; I am a detective first and Sookie’s friend second? But I am here for her in a friend capacity right now, are you okay with that?”

Quinn nodded yes.

“Okay, start from where it is fresh in your memory about any of her questions, the order does not matter, just the answers which is why we are taping this. Can you do this for us son?”

Quinn smiled at him calling him SON, I think it is the first time he has heard that word in a long time because god only knows where his real dad is. And I think Mike truly wanted Quinn to feel comfortable answering questions for us.

I also believe with all my heart that John Quinn has not only redeemed himself in my eyes but also in the eyes of the detective.

“Let me first say that I do remember seeing someone watching us at times. But I never gave it much thought. I just figured the guy was watching two horny teenagers making out. But after you asked the question I started thinking that the look on this dudes face was one of jealousy and rage not one of damn those teenagers.”

I looked at him shocked, why had I not noticed. I could only caulk it up to hormones and being with the one I thought I loved.

“So yeah the answer to your question about seeing that someone is actually, YES, I saw him a few times. Whether it be when I picked you up from school or at Merlotte’s while you were working. It was always the same dude too, long fucking sideburns like he belonged in “Gone with the Wind”, I never mentioned it because when he would see me staring back he would back off. I never gave it much thought till now but it was kind of creepy.”

That was it, I knew who it was and apparently the stalking had been going on for a while and I didn’t even notice it. Does that mean he has been in my house? Was it while we were sleeping?

Gods I was going to be sick.

Damn, Sookie just breath, you need to breath but that wasn’t what I did. I lost it and cried like I have never cried before.

“Sook, please calm down I don’t want to continue if you are going to be this upset over what I have to say.”

“John, plea….se just continue, I need you to answer all of the questions the best you can. Please you have to tell me.”

“Okay Sook, I will try but if you need me to stop just let me know.”

With his kind words, I reached over the table and grabbed his hand but this time I didn’t let go. I needed another lifeline and Quinn was it for right now.

So there I sat holding Quinn’s hand and being held by Mike, what a sight I must have been.

“Well let’s see. Before I forget all the questions let me say that I have been visited three times before your visit, they were all last year, I think back in the beginning of the year. Dates don’t really matter while I am in here so I can’t rightly recollect when exactly it was.”

Detective Coughlin reared his head and asked the guards if they could speed up the copy of John Quinn’s visitor log. We had already asked for it on our way in and we would need it now more than ever.

There were two deputies with us and the one said he would go get it for us now. Since the detective was there it would constitute two sworn officers being in with Quinn while he had visitors.

“Thank you deputy” was all I could muster up to say.

He smiled back and said, “anytime ma’am.”

So as the news started to filter into my head I realized now who these visitors were and why they came. It had to be Compton and his hired cronies. It had to have been but why go to Quinn for answers? What the hell was Compton up to? Quinn knew nothing about my relationship with Eric OR did he?

“Quinn, before you continue can I ask you another question?”

“Sure Babe.” With that I just smirked but it did stop me from crying for the moment.

“John, do you know who I am dating? Who I have been dating since college?”

“Babe, I didn’t know at first but I found out after them visits last year. Why, what does me knowing have to do with the visits?”

“John, it means everything. I think they were trying to pump you for information about me and Eric. Do you know who Eric is?”

“Yes, he was the asshole who put the nail in my coffin by being too observant at Starbucks.”

I chuckled as did Mike because if it hadn’t been for Eric they would have never caught John Quinn nor would he be in jail right now. I would have probably been his punching bag and slave for the rest of my life.


“Sorry, yes Eric is that actor dude right?”

“Yes, Eric Northman is an actor but he is also the CEO of Northman Enterprises”

“Damn, Sookie. Does he treat you right? Is he spoiling you like you should be spoiled?”

“Yes he treats me right but some people namely this William Compton person, he is the one who has the lawsuit against us and has tried to break us up with a lot of rumors and such. He was almost successful too. But with your help I think we can nail his coffin shut too. Would you like him as a cell mate?”

With that question we all started laughing but with what Quinn said next the laughing stopped and this time I couldn’t stop the tears.

“If that William Compton is the same douche bag that paid me a visit then NO, hell fucking NO, I don’t want to be stuck with him as a cell mates. That dude is a boring pompous fucktard.”

While I still sobbed, I saw the deputy come back and hand Mike the log sheet. I could barely hear it but he said, ‘FUCK’.

Mike excused himself and the deputy sat down beside me. He asked me if he could get me a drink of water or a soda. When he placed his hand on my shoulder Quinn growled at him. I looked at Quinn and my look alone told him to stop it.

I just shook my head no. He then got back up and watched Quinn closely and let him know the growl was unacceptable.

I couldn’t stop shaking. Quinn looked at the deputies and asked them to please bring me a drink anyway; I may need some water soon with what he had to say next.

I knew when he said that I wasn’t ready for the next answers to my questions. I think Quinn realized it too so he changed the subject a little.

“Sookie, look at me. Good girl… I want to change the subject until the detective comes back okay?”

I nodded yes. I guess Quinn was trying to be a good guy for me and thought it would help for Mike to be with me when he answered more of my questions.

“So Sook, how is Gran and Jason doing? Tara and Amelia any news on them that I would like to hear? How is the old farmhouse holding up? I knew Gran needed to repair some things the last time I was there, I am sure Jason is fixing them, huh?”

Gods bless him he was trying.

“Well Gran is doing okay, she has a new car and she visits her son and grandchildren in Shreveport all the time. She loves being able to come and go at her own will without having to rely on anyone, but Jackson and Sabrina come to visit more than her going the other way.”

I could see the questions in his eyes, who the hell was Jackson?

“Sookie when did Gran have another son?”

“Um, you remember that big guy in court, the one that hugged me and sat next to Gran during the trial?”


“That is Jackson Herveaux, her adopted son. Sabrina is his wife and Alcide and Janice are their children, my cousins.”

“I don’t understand, when did she adopt him? Can you explain it for me please?”

I saw the look on the deputy’s face he knew the Herveaux name, I don’t know if was from the construction company or Alcide, but it didn’t matter much.

“Okay, Jackson and Sabrina are the parents of Janice my friend from LSU; she was a witness at your trial. Well during the whole thing and before we all became very close and they are part of my family now. Gran calls Jackson her son and everyone in Bon Temps has accepted it, they all think she had him and gave him away before she had my daddy. I call Jackson, Dad, because that is what he is to me. Sabrina is like the mom I never had and Gran dotes over her new family members. Alcide, I don’t think you have ever seen him unless you watch ‘Blood Moon’ and Janice you know. Then there is Eric who you know also and Pam who is engaged to Jason, Yes Jason is in a relationship and they plan to marry this year. Pam also works on ‘Blood Moon’ with Alcide and Eric. Tara is engaged to JB and Amelia is still with Tray. I quit working at Merlotte’s years ago because Gran came into some money; that’s how she bought her new SUV and fixed up the farmhouse. You should see it, she put additions on the back of the house and added to the second floor, a new driveway, swimming pool, and it really is beautiful now… She modernized the kitchen and got new appliances. It is a great place to live and everyone fits, we all have our own rooms.”

“Did she win the Lotto?”

“Something like that.”

“Anyway, I got my degree and I am a substitute teacher for a couple of parishes so it keeps me busy. I love teaching. I think I want to settle down soon but Gran told me to hush since she wants me to have the farmhouse when she passes away. She’s not sick or nothing she just doesn’t want me to buy a new house because I can have the family farmhouse.”

“You have been busy, so has the whole damn family. I am glad you are happy. You deserve it.”


“So what kind of SUV did she buy?”

“Oh she bought a Ford Edge with all the toys. She helped pay for a new car for me too, Dad chipped in also”

“Oh that was nice of him.”

“Yeah Dad loves me even with all my faults, and lately I have quite a few.”

As we were finishing up Mike came back in. He just shook his head and said he had to make a phone call. I figured the phone call was to Mr. C.

“So since Quinn and I were talking about family; I just wanted to let him, Quinn, know that you are my family too Mike and you are always welcome in Bon Temps and Shreveport. Where I am sure you will have a room all to yourself.”

“So Mr. Quinn can we continue where we left off or did you all talk some more about Sookie’s questions.”

“No sir, I changed the subject so she could be happy for a little while.”

“Okay so what else can you tell us besides that you saw this older guy with sideburns watching you?”

Quinn sighed and took a deep breath.

“Well, here goes nothing, I’m sorry Sook, I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay John, I have a feeling this is going to help more than you know.”

“Well….” He hesitated this wasn’t going to be good… “I saw someone standing out in the old cemetery all the time when I would bring you home at night from Merlotte’s or a date. And other times when I would sneak out of your room late at night. I know we were not doing anything at the farmhouse but the look I would get from this dude was not a happy face. The only reason I caught what his face looked like was because he wasn’t hiding, he was leaning against the light pole at the cemetery’s entrance. ”

“Mr. Quinn are you sure it was the same person you saw lurking at the high school and Merlotte’s?”

“Yeah, no mistaking the sideburns.”

“Okay what else did you notice?”

You could see Quinn pausing, I wasn’t too sure what was up but I knew it wasn’t good and the tears silently started to flow down my cheeks.

“Well there was a couple of times I noticed him follow me home. He would park across the street from my home and watch. I don’t know what he was watching for because he knew you were not with me.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes sir, I would see him in the morning sometimes but I figured he lived somewhere close if he was at my home all night. I felt like he was following me and I knew I could protect myself so I didn’t give it much thought.”

When I realized he was not only stalking me but Quinn my whole body started to shake. Who else was he watching, was he following Gran too, maybe Jason? What the hell did he want? But this didn’t make the tears slow down, it made them move quicker, I tried to compose myself a couple of times but it only made it worse because I would think of something new that he could have been doing.

“Mr. Quinn, can you think of any other times you saw this man?”

“Yeah on Sookie’s Prom night. He was almost next to me in the bushes. When I lurched forward to get a hold of Merlotte to give him a piece of my mind, this dude shot across the parking lot after the boys threw him out on his ass.”

What the hell? I felt like I wanted to puke. I had two stalkers not one and I started to tremble. This was not good… I wanted to run. I didn’t want to hear anymore but I knew I needed to stay; I needed to know if this man was going to hurt me.

Quinn continued, “Sookie, I am so sorry, I never meant to hurt you , but this guy, what the hell does he want with you, he is like 20 years older than you.”

With a shaky voice I answered, “I don’t know John. I never knew him personally and if it is William Compton like we think it is. I am still unsure.   For some reason he has it out for me and my family. He is trying to steal Gran’s home and we found out he has been in our house.”

All I heard was a low growl coming from Quinn. The deputy told him to calm down. Mike told him to continue.

“Well first off if it is this guy. What the hell Sook, why the Stackhouse’s, you ain’t got nothing he would want OR do you? Plus why has he been in your house? But if it is the same guy that came here you are not gonna like what he said.”

By this time I was sobbing uncontrollably again.

“Sook, please stop, you have to stop crying.”

“Mr. Quinn, please continue, I will have her now and once we get out of here and I will take care of her.”

“Okay, I never noticed anyone being inside your home but I did find your underwear drawer open a couple of times. I knew how much of a neat freak you are so I thought it was weird. It was usually when Gran would go to her meetings in town and you worked late. Since Gran was gone for about 4 hours on those nights and you worked till ten or so I guess it would have been the perfect time to snoop, do you think he was in the house going through your things then?”

All I could do was nod yes.

“I don’t think he took nothing but I wouldn’t know what you were missing anyway. Do you know if he went into any of the other rooms?”

“Mr. Quinn, we don’t know at this time, the only thing we do know is that William Compton told a few people, real estate people, that the door was always unlocked and to just let their selves in.”

“What the Fuck Sookie, what is he looking for? Please tell me you changed this habit, you have locks and you use them.”

By this time I was just wracked in tears and my shoulders were quivering uncontrollably. I don’t know what I would have done if the detective, no MIKE, wasn’t there with me. I would have been a pile of goo on the floor and they would have to haul me out in a rubber room, courtesy of a padded wagon.

We had been taking this slow and it was painful. I wish it was more like a band aid but I knew there was things to think of and things that needed discussed and I don’t know why I had ever came here. My psyche couldn’t handle much more.

I looked at Mike and he told me it would be okay just a little while longer.

I didn’t know what he was talking about; I couldn’t take much more of this. I needed to go. I needed to run. I needed to get to Eric. I needed to make him love me again and forgive me for pushing him away.

Just then I was shook out of my haze, there was a tap on the door and Mike got up and slipped out the door, I never noticed there was a third deputy but apparently there was one outside the doors who slipped into the room when Mike left.

He may have been gone for maybe three minutes tops but like I said a haze fell over me and I didn’t notice time any more, it kind of stood still.

Just then, there was a tap on the door again, Mike and who I thought was Eric walked through the door. I had to look real hard, was he here? No I was dreaming. How did he find me? I didn’t care. My white knight was here and he would make sure I would be okay.

Then I noticed my brother Alcide, my guys came for me but how did they know where to find me?

It felt like hours but it was only seconds before I could feel more tears streaming down my face but what I did next felt right.

I stared at my lover, looked him dead in the eyes with all the love I could muster and ran to him.

I ran and jumped into his arms.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.

I hope he heard me through my sobs, “I love you Eric, and please don’t leave me.”

“Never my love, never again, wild horses couldn’t drag me away ever again.”

Divider 2

Author’s Note– this chapter was hard for me to write. I was working on it during Angela’s illness and her death and I was stuck. I finally got over the hump and re-wrote it for the 3rd time. I hope you like it and I am sorry for the cliffy, but I felt it was a good time to stop it and bring the next chapter on in Eric’s POV. Hugs, KY

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    • thanks, yes we will all miss her very much, I knew in my mind i needed to finish this one up but the bump was preventing it. but i got over it and it should be (knock on wood) clear sailing from here…. thanks again for following my story … KY

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    • thank you.. it was a hard chapter but i got through it and I will miss Angela but she is always with me when i write, she made me a better writer . i am happy you enjoyed and read her stories. until my next post Kristie

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    • your welcome and yes EIM was egging me on with this one when i got stuck and when she passed so did my muse for it but i will not give up on it. it will get done and the HEA will happen but a little more angst before that happens. I am happy that you are enjoying it. And yes i beta for Kat and MistressJessica mostly but i help out others when they ask or need a second eye…. thanks again KY

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    • yes, Quinn has come full circle but there are a lot of convicts out there that do get help and do go through what Quinn did, do i want to see them released out in the world, hell no, they could snap at anytime, but it is finally giving him the opportunity to realize how fucked up his family and he was and what the repercussions are that follow with his actions. yes closure is needed for both of them because it the elephant in the room for both of them….. as for Sookie and Eric things will turn around once they talk, but she ran and thought that was for the best, she thinks her family was ganging up on her about Eric, possibly they were but they were trying to get her to see the big picture but she closed her mind off to anything they had to say. until then, KY

    • hello, no it is not complete yet, the next chapter i painted my self into a wall and i am trying to find a way out. please be patient until i can fix it. i do not want to ruin the consistency of the story. thanks for reading KY

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      • Howdy!! Sorry for my slow response to your replies to my comments. My mom got very sick at the beginning of January and passed away shortly thereafter. And then COVID happened, so it’s been a rough year and I’m just now realizing you had even replied.

        Anyway. I’m thrilled to hear that you’re working on your stories and I can’t wait to read more. I hope you’re staying safe (and sane) during quarantine. Thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination.

      • sorry to hear that, stay strong… and as for me I am doing okay, was furloughed a couple weeks ago but i will survive. hoping the muse comes back. KY

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