Chapter 03: Your Latte Awaits!


OMG! I had to blink; I thought I was seeing things.  I wanted to pull my glasses down, just to make sure of what I was looking at, but I knew if I did I would be seen by all the crazy fans.   I saw a vision; a blonde, curvy vision of beauty. OMG – my heart was skipping, what the hell was wrong with me?  I was never affected this way by a woman, let alone one that was a fan of the show.

 I hated meet and greets, fans get too crazy but I told Alcide I would go with him and be his ghost support.  I was not putting myself through the lineup of fans for three hours, no way in hell.  I am polite to them when they approach me but I cannot sit there for three hours anymore – not after one crazy fan stalked me for months. Debbie Pelt was all kinds of crazy and she was getting worse by the minute until the police finally caught her trying to break into my home; she told them I was her boyfriend.

After she was caught and interrogated, the police checked her home and found out she was not only stalking me but Alcide as well.   What a nightmare.   It’s one of the reasons why I like to stay in the shadows and not be so public any more.  The other reason was because I could never find a nice girl who would like me for me.  Anymore, woman just wanted to be with me so that they could share in the limelight.  I just broke up with one such fame hound and I did not want that anymore.   You know 15 minutes of fame and all ……. How was I suppose to find anyone if I was always being photographed and stalked?   A normal girl would never want anything to do with me or my life….

Hence, the stopover we had planned in Shreveport.  Alcide and I were to leave right after the meet and greet event in Baton Rouge and head to his families’ home in the northern corner of Shreveport…

Alcide was from Shreveport and his sister Janice said she knew of a nice girl I should meet.  That she was being stalked by an ex-boyfriend from her hometown and she wanted nothing to do with him anymore, that her relationship with the ex had been over for quite a while now.  Janice said she thought I would understand and we could commiserate on our pain due from our stalkers.   I thought she was nuts but I was going to allow it.  It couldn’t hurt.

Anyway, back to the blonde curvy vision of beauty.  I just stood in the back of the room by the exit and watched her.  She seemed nice; she seemed nervous, but I figured that was from waiting to meet a TV star. I watched her and her friends some more. They were talking about the event to her like she knew nothing about why they were here.

Could it be possible?

Why was she here if she did not know who Alcide or the rest of the cast members here were?


As I watched some more, I saw her nervously look around like she was being watched and she felt it.  I knew I was watching her but she was looking in every other direction than mine. So I watched her some more.  People watching had been a sport of mine that no one knew about.  I always liked to do it before I became famous; now it’s difficult because I am easily recognized.   I watched the other people around her and they were all focused on the prize at the end of the line; a picture or autograph of a star.

A half hour must have gone by as I watched the little blonde start to settle down.  She looked out the window to her left but I did not see anything.  I wonder what she thought she saw or felt.  It was then I saw the tall bald guy watching her intently.

 He looked like a predator who was watching his prey.

I did not like it but I was unsure of what he was up to.  I alerted the staff of “Blood Moon” about the man and they alerted the security officer here to control the crowd.  He must have seen the officer approaching because he disappeared.  How odd …

I spoke with the officer and gave him a description of the man.  He called it in to the Baton Rouge police department and he told me he thought it sounded like a man who he knew was wanted for questioning in a stalking case at LSU.  There was a warrant issued for his arrest for physical assault.  Shit was this man after the blonde or was he looking for his next victim?

As the next hour wore on, I noticed the blonde and her friends moving closer to the table.  She was fidgeting again.

What was up with her?

 She asked her friends if they wanted a latte, her treat, they all responded yes.  How funny, she was coming closer, do I say anything to her or just watch some more?

 As she stood in line, she noticed me up against the wall.  I did not move and I knew she could not see my eyes because of my dark glasses, so I was safe.     As I stood there looking at her and her at I, I let a small smirk leave my lips and she just smiled.   It was then that Felicia from our production staff walked over to me to let me know they thought it would be another hour before everyone in the line got through.  I told her that was fine; I was fine, not to worry about me.  She asked me if I needed anything and I told her no and she went back over to stand behind Alcide.

As Felicia walked away, I thought I saw the blonde turn and face me again and she was silently watching me.  We watched each other which seemed like forever but it was only a matter of minutes. I watched her say something to me and it took a minute to sink in; she asked me “if I wanted anything when she placed her order.”  I was thrown a little; did she seriously ask me if she could buy me a cup of coffee or latte?  To say the least, I was shocked but I said back as quietly as I could “No thank You”.  People would notice my voice if I said it too loudly so I had to remain calm and quiet.

 This day had definitely turned out better than I thought it would.  I was not being mobbed and I was flirting with a girl who had no idea who I was.  It was perfect.   As I was thinking about talking to the blonde (damn I wish I knew her name, the blonde is not right, doesn’t feel comfortable at all) I saw her watching me again while she waited for her order to be called up.  It took me a minute but I was feeling good but comfortable with this woman and I saw her smiling at me.   Again it caught me off guard and I know I turned beet red.  I don’t normally blush but this woman was definitely my downfall. She was killing me without words or touch.  How could this be?

 I watched her pick up her order and as she walked by me she said “Nice meeting you,” all I could do was smile.  Who was this woman?  I needed to meet her one on one.  Was that even possible today during a meet and greet?  Hell No, it wasn’t, I was screwed.

She bounced back to her friends and gave them their lattes.  As they waited, they talked a bit and as they finished their drinks, the blonde disposed of their trash.  I thought that rather polite, most people just put their garbage down and walk away.   They tried explaining to the blonde the procedures on how a meet and greet works; that you were only allowed 1 picture or 1 autograph from 1 actor. It was rather fun to watch and learn that she was clueless to why she was there; I think she was just there to be with her friends.   Her friends all wanted Alcide’s autograph so she said she would ask for a group picture of the four of them with Alcide, priceless.

 Call me late for dinner if you want to but I came up with a sly idea.  I could step into their picture without them knowing and try to get her name that way.  It was perfect or so I thought.   As I approached the table, I saw Alcide get up from his chair so he could get into the group shot.  I walked a little quicker to get over there in time and as I got closer I took off my glasses and cap; I smiled at Alcide and then the Blonde.  She saw me approach and I knew she was curious who I was and why did I came over to their photo opt, I could see it in her eyes.  But I said nothing.

I smiled behind the group who did not know I was there and that is when all chaos broke out. Everyone but the four girls in front of me were squealing; it was deafening. Once the picture was taken and the camera handed back to the owner, one of the friends turned around.  She turned white as a ghost and about fainted when she saw me standing next to Alcide.   The blonde made apologies to us for holding up the line and started to usher her friends away.  Before she got too far away, I quietly told her “Nice meeting you, too.”  She smiled at me, I was in heaven.

As her friends were grilling her, Bobby Burnham and Felicia ushered me to the back office to get away from the crowd so they could finish up.  I could not tell what was happening with her once I hit the back office but I told Felicia and Bobby I needed to find out who she was and I needed a copy of that picture.  They told me it was impossible since it was their camera.

 I told Bobby, “I don’t care what you do; get me a copy of that damn picture and I want names.”   I am usually not this impossible and I never use my star power for anything but I needed that picture.  My life depended on it.

 Bobby figured it was best if I waited in the limo before the crowd came out and saw me get into it to leave.  I agreed and when we walked out the backdoor of Starbucks, it was then that I saw her in the parking lot with her friends. I waved goodbye to her and smiled as she waved to me and blushed.  What a pair we are.

As Bobby started to approach the girls to find out how to obtain a picture the girls turned and walked over to Walgreens.  He came back to the car and asked what to do.  I told him in no uncertain terms was he to come back from Walgreens without a photo and names. He was useless, I don’t know how he maintains the producer job he has.  I also gave him an autographed photo of me with a personalized message; I told him to make sure the blonde girl received the photo.

I watched the girls walk next door only because I made the driver move up a bit so I could watch her some more.   I noticed her getting fidgety again and she seemed very nervous.  She spoke to her friends quickly and they all started scanning the parking lot.  It was then I realized that bald guy was after her.  What had she ever done to deserve a stalker except being gorgeous?    I let Felicia know I thought I saw the bald guy again so she ran inside to get the security officer.  He came out and called for back up.  The girls had no clue what was happening since they were inside so I was hoping he would get caught before they came back out.

We waited in the car for a few minutes before two black and whites showed up and spoke to the security officer at Starbucks.  He told them we saw the bald guy again so they started to do a search of the parking lots.   As they turned to go toward Walgreens, we saw someone bolt for a muscle car on the side of the building; the police officers noticed it, too.   They chased the suspect and got to the car before it took off.   Felicia got out of the limo to see what was happening and saw that they did indeed have the bald guy, what were the odds that I was right.

We watched a little bit more unfold in front of us and the bald guy was pissed.  He actually had the nerve to punch one of the officers.  That earned him a night stick to the knees.  I was hoping this would all be over by the time the girls came back out to leave.   But I guess you can only be lucky once.  As I sat and waited, Alcide came out the backdoor of Starbucks with Jessica, Chow and Ginger.  I let the group know what was going on so we sat in the limo and waited for a little while.  Besides we had to wait for Bobby; he still wasn’t back yet.  What the hell was taking him so long? Did he not talk to the girls yet? It wasn’t a difficult job.  Was IT?  I sent Felicia after Bobby maybe she could get the photo instead since she was a woman approaching a woman.

I saw two of the girls exit Walgreens and look around. It was the one who looked like a soccer mom that noticed there were police cars and just who happened to be sitting in one of them.  The olive skinned girl said “FUCK” loud enough for us to hear in the limo.  What the hell was going on?   They slowly turned around and went back into the store.

Bobby walked out shortly thereafter and the girls were not too far behind him.  Shit, I did not want them to see what was going on especially if the bald guy was after one of them.    On my request, we waited a few extra minutes.  I saw the olive skinned girl and soccer mom usher the group directly to a small 4-door sedan and leave the parking lot quickly.  Thank God. I was so relieved it was over for them.

Just then the security officer tapped on the window of the limo and asked to talk to Felicia again before we left. He needed to get information from her so that she could be contacted about the trial.

There was definitely going to be a trial?  What they hell did we step into?

 I asked for the officer to come into the limo so we could talk in private.  I didn’t need the fans seeing us sitting in the limo talking.    I asked him about the guy in custody so he gave us the short version about how he had stalked a LSU coed 3 years back and no charges were pressed.   But this time was different. He followed his ex-girlfriend from back home to LSU; stalked her and beat up her dorm roommate.  This time both of them are pressing charges; he won’t get away.   What also will help keep him in jail is he punched an officer and resisted arrest.  He basically screwed himself this time.

The officer told us this guy is an animal and jail will do him good, hopefully he gets put away for a long time because if he doesn’t that poor girl will probably end up dead.  I did not like hearing that.  I would not know which girl it was of the four of them from the picture until the trial came to be.

I asked the officer, “What else was needed?”

 He said, “That when the trial came around that Felicia would have to be there since she was the one who reported the incident.”

I told him it was actually me that noticed everything; Felicia was acting in my steed because I did not want to cause a commotion with the fans.

He said he was unaware of that but he will keep in touch with me to let me know if either of us would be needed to be there or give depositions when it was coming time for the trial.

 He handed me a business card, his name was Detective Coughlin; he was an off duty cop helping out with security issues for the weekend.  I guess we lucked out with that one. I would have hated for the girl to have been hurt or abducted at our event.

We thanked him for the update and we headed for the hotel.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 03: Your Latte Awaits!

  1. Geez loved Eric in this chapter…he seemed like a teenager with a crush!
    So glad Eric noticed Quinn and told the security about him…
    Hopefully Quinn won’t bother Sookie anymore.

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