Chapter 04: Much Ado about Nothing


After we cleaned up at the hotel, Alcide rented a car so we could make the four hour drive to Shreveport.  But since Alcide had a lead foot, we would make it there in just over three hours.   I wasn’t too sure if I would enjoy this visit.  I wanted something normal and I guess Alcide’s family would have to do.  I did not have my own family anymore; everyone had passed away, except for my stepmom but she was a world away. The closest thing I had to family was Alcide and Pam.

As we drove, we were quiet for a little while and then Alcide decided he wanted to talk.

“Eric, what was up with the whole stalker situation?

“Did you know the girl?”

“How did you figure out something was wrong?”

I told him, “Remember the pretty blonde in that picture?” 

“Hell yeah, she was hot.”

“Well I was people watching her and she was people watching me.  I saw her start to fidget and look around but she did not see anything and then she shrugged.  I noticed this bald dude hiding in a corner and I let Felicia know and she told security.  Well, he high tailed it out of there and went outside but never left. “

“Well did pretty blonde say anything to you?”

“Yeah, she asked me if I wanted a latte or coffee.”   Alcide’s mouth dropped open…

“Seriously, she asked me if I wanted something.  I was shocked to say the least.”

“But the funny part of the whole thing dude, was she had NO CLUE who you were or who I was. None Nadda, Nilche, Nothing.”

“She was doing this for her friends.  I sent Bobby into Walgreens after the group to get a copy of the picture they took; I was making the assumption they were getting it developed.”

“Well did he get it for you or did Bobby fuck up as usual?”

“Alc, Bobby so fucked up.  He got the picture and only got their first names, no fuckin last names so now how the hell am I supposed to find her?  He did give her the autographed picture I sent in to her, so at least he accomplished that much.”  

“Alc, I don’t know what it was about her but she could be my soul mate.  She made me blush for god’s sake and we hadn’t even talked yet. What the hell am I supposed to do?”

“Dude, we will figure it out; we can always go back to Baton Rouge and the LSU campus and look for her.  Plus there’s always the trial so you could see her there.”

“But what if it’s not her?” Alcide just shrugged.

“I don’t know if I can wait that long Alc, I have never felt this way before about anyone.”

“Do you think your mom and sister could help me with this problem, give me advice? “

 “Do you think I could ask them?”  

“Do you think they will talk to me about it?”

 “Shit dude, I am so screwed.”    At least Alcide agreed I was not in the best position with this situation.

We sat in silence again and I was trying to come up with options.  I was failing miserably.  I was not a good strategist when I did not have all the information.  It was my biggest down fall, shit I was going to lose her before I even had her.

A few hours later we arrived at Alcide parents’ house.  I knew Alcide’s family had wealth but this was over the top.  I would have never thought he would leave his families’ status and wealth to be an actor.  But I guess he had something to fall back on.

Alcide’s mom and sister Janice met us out front as we pulled in.  Janice was a cute kid but not my type and from what I understand I wasn’t her type either, she went for the nerdy type.  Janice apologized to me that her friend couldn’t make it this weekend; she had prior commitments.  I told Janice not to worry, maybe next time.  I wouldn’t have been good company anyway; I couldn’t get the blonde out of my head.  What was her name? Oh yeah Sookie, out of my head……

I spent the weekend talking to Alcide’s mom about this girl I kind of met.  I told Mrs. Herveaux that I actually felt something for this girl even though I did not know her.  I have never had these kinds of feelings before and it was throwing me off.  I was not too sure how to deal with them, should I tuck them away or deal with the head on?  Mrs. Herveaux said if it was meant to be I would meet her again; but I needed to be patient because it could be a while.  I loved Alcide’s family and they told me I was welcome to come to their home anytime I needed to get away with or without Alcide.   That included all the holidays; I would always have an open invitation as I was part of the family now.

I talked to Janice a little bit over the weekend about school and her friend but we never really spoke specifics.  Janice just let me know that she never told her friend I would be there so I was good.  She said she knew her friend was very guarded and needed some time to relax and she thought her home would be the perfect place.  She was going to ask Sookie if she wanted to come with her for Thanksgiving, but she figured she would just be going home to her Grandmother’s for the major holidays. But there might be a chance in the future to meet her again on one of the holiday since it seemed I would be spending all of them with the Herveaux’s.  I told Janice thank you and we would have to see.  I was not counting on anything, especially meeting a new girl; I really did not have time for a girl friend with the new season starting. When we got back home to Los Angeles, we would be starting Season Two so we would be in for some long, long nights.

Later on I did have a strange thought about the name Sookie though.  How many people in this state have a name like that?

It must be popular if that is the second time I heard that name in less than a day.  I really didn’t give that too much thought; I figured I would never find the Sookie I wanted desperately to meet.

The weekend passed by rather quickly and we were due back at work on Tuesday.  So we said our goodbyes to the Herveaux’s and left for California.   Janice told us before we left that no one knew she was related to Alcide and she would keep our secret.  She wanted us to know that no one would know she met me either.  I thanked her and told her I would see her again soon. She was a sweet kid but defiantly not my type.

As we boarded the plane in Shreveport to head back home I told Alcide that I was getting that picture framed and I would figure out as soon as possible who my mystery girl was.  He told me, “Good Luck Man, it would be like finding a needle in a fucking hay stack.

A Louisiana state sized Haystack.

Damn I was screwed.  Why did this girl affect me so much?  Shit!

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 04: Much Ado about Nothing

  1. Oh Eric how many girls do you think have the same strange name in Louisiana!?
    can’t wait to see Eric’s reaction when he founds out that Janice’s friend is the girl he is looking for!!!!

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