Chapter 05: Douche Bag


Damn it, how the hell did I end up here?

 Here I sit in my jail cell, trying to figure out what went wrong and when.

I tried to think, since I had nothing else to do, when did my fucked up life start?

 I thought back to high school, nope, I was one of the cool kids.

 I thought back to my first year of LSU, nope I was one of the cool students, I partied and had fun.  My frat was outrageous and I fit right in.

 I met this chick, her name was Catherine.  She liked me but not enough to have sex with me.  She was more or less frigid or you could just call her an ice queen when it came to sex.  Sex was sex and I did not know what her problem was.  College was supposed to be fun and you were supposed to experiment.


 But hell no, not her, the boys in the frat told me to get rid of her since she wouldn’t put out; there were more fish in the sea of college girls.  But I figured I would win her over sooner or later so I wasn’t going to give up on her just yet.    I had a certain charm and I knew it.  I could nail any girl I wanted and it was fun but I never let on to her that I was cheating on her; that fact would not go over too well. 

We dated for a year and still nothing.  I was failing my classes each semester. I wasn’t interested in engineering, it was so fucking boring.  Why the hell did I pick that major anyway, Yuk?   Sure I had a free ride with scholarships but there was no way in hell I was going to be an engineer. 


I was called into the Dean’s office and was told I would be put on academic suspension if my grades did not pick up.  Damn it.  I did not want to go home.  I needed to figure something out.   I found a student that would help me with my papers; I just had to pay him….. Stan was a geeky dweeb…. If I could have convinced him to take my tests I would have…. He was expensive but worth it.  

But Catherine was another matter, I was tense from our dates, she still wouldn’t give in.  She told me she was saving herself for marriage. 

What a load of crap….. Nobody did that anymore, Right!   

She flirted with me all the time and we enjoyed each other’s company but she put the stop on when I got more aggressive with our petting and make out sessions.

We had been together for about a year, and after the second month into our new school year, she pushed me away one too many times and I snapped.  

 I attacked her in her dorm room and left.

I took her virginity and I was proud of myself; she was not going to hold that against me anymore.  We talked about our future together and possibly getting married so I thought she owed it to me.  Fucking Bitch, she would never be able to hold that against me again that was for sure.

SHE was MINE now in every way.

As I was leaving, she swore she would never tell any one what happened but apparently someone heard through the walls and called security.   I told her she was mine and I would be letting her know when I would need us to get together again.  That she was not allowed to date anyone and I mean anyone else.     She never told anyone anything.  Security was suspicious of me but no charges were ever filed.

But I was told to stay away from her. 

 So I did the next best thing, I stalked her.

 So for the rest of the year I was her shadow and she knew it.

I made sure no one else could have her.  I would win her over and we would leave that place together.

It was early May when I was called to the Dean’s office again and asked to not come back the next year; my scholarship was revoked because of my grades.   I was pissed. I was also told Catherine was not returning next year; she was transferring to an undisclosed school.  Shit how the hell was I to convince her we belonged together? 

Well, I got back to Ruston and told Mom and Frannie that I graduated early.

They fell for it hook, line and sinker.  Damn, they are stupid bitches….. 

I told them I would look for a job in all the local areas; that I would not be paid what I should be since I wasn’t in a major city.  For the big cash I need to go to New Orleans but I did not want to leave my mom and sister on their own.  They needed a man in the house and that was me.  

I was looking for a job, any job it didn’t matter what it was and I happened upon a shithole while driving, the town was named Bon Temps.  How back water can you get?   I found this little watering hole, okay Bar and Grille, named Merlotte’s and pulled in.   As I walked through the door I saw the most beautiful creature there waiting tables, Sookie.

Unlike Catherine, she was beautiful.  Catherine was nice to look at but this one – damn she was captivating and gorgeous.  And Sookie was young and I could manipulate her easy and SHE was going to be MINE…..

It took me a year but I got what I wanted.  I got her to fall for me, easy.  And then I convinced her that since we were to be married, sex would be okay.  So Sookie gave into me numerous times. 

 But things started to fall apart.  Even though we were having copious amounts of sex, I was not satisfied.   So I did what every red blooded man did – I went looking elsewhere.  That was normal and felt right.   So I ended up finding another girl, younger than Sookie and kept her on the side for about three months.  I am not too sure how she found out but when Sookie did, she broke up with me.

It was not supposed to be like that.  I was the man; I was in charge; I did the dumping, not her.  Besides I was not going to let anyone else have Sookie, she was mine.  You know the old saying “having my cake and eating it too”?  Well that is what I wanted and that was what I was going to have.

I found out through the grapevine that Sookie was still going to the Prom without me and I was pissed.  Then I found out she was taking her piss ant boss, over my fucking dead body…….

I approached her several times to talk.  I needed to convince her to take me back.    We did talk but she would not back down from taking her boss with her to Prom.  She was a stubborn BITCH when she wanted to be. 

 So I did the next best thing, I stalked her and watched… When they got to the hotel, I was all kinds of pissed.  I felt an animal coming out of me.  I needed to kill her and him. She was MINE.     I knew I had to stay hidden or we would never get back together.    But it ended up that Sookie got pissed at something Sam did and I did not have to kill her or him.  I know this because her boss was carried out of their room and tossed by Tray and JB.  I was very pleased……

I decided to wait until the following day and try to get Sookie to meet with me again.  I started slow, just talking to her on the phone, to gain her trust again.  I thought it was working, I wanted more….  So I asked her if we could meet up and talk in person.

I did the stupid thing when she agreed and started drinking before we met up.  I really didn’t care because I figured I would nail that bitch again and close the coffin so that she was permanently mine.  When she arrived at my house I continued to drink, big mistake.   I should have known better but I figured I had her already, due to our phone conversations.

She told me she got accepted to LSU with a full ride scholarship, it was her ultimate dream, remember.  I went ballistic. She left and we did not speak for a few days.  She met up with me again at Merlotte’s but stupid me was drinking again and I went ballistic once again.  I know I scared her but I never thought she would get a restraining order against me. 

I was not going to put up with that shit.  No one was going to have her if I could not have her.     I came up with the plan to follow her to LSU and win her back.

But her friends were very protective of her.  I watched her for a month and I thought she was alone so I went to her dorm room.  She wasn’t there but her attractive roommate was, yummy.  I yelled first wanting to know where Sookie was, I pushed in the door and it bounced off her roommate.  I was in the room screaming at her roommate but she wasn’t talking.  Not ONE word.  

So I tried intimidation; she still wasn’t talking.  What the hell was wrong with this bitch?  I was pissed at this point. I started to smack her around but still nothing; she never even cried.  It pissed me off even more, so I started to use my fists.  I know I got a few good punches in because she fell to the floor but she still never said a word about Sookie’s whereabouts.   The bitch didn’t even cry, so I picked her up and slammed her into the wall.  By that time, her dorm mates from next door came to her aid so I booked out of there.  They all saw me but I didn’t care. I knew nothing would happen again, she would be too damn scared to tell anyone. 

Was I ever wrong!

As I was leaving the building, I noticed the cops and campus security were showing up so I high tailed it out of the building.  But I was curious like a cat on what everyone knew and I wanted to find out what was happening so I pulled out all my charm and asked one of the girls on the street what was up?  She said there was an attack in one of the dorms and a warrant for the suspect’s arrest was issued a little while ago.  So the campus police have called us all together so we can be advised on the situation and watch out for one another.   SHIT… SHIT… SHIT    

 So my only option now was to lay low and play it safe.   I was not going to jail because of that bitch.  So I decided to stalk Sookie instead.  I saw her look around a few times like she sensed me but she did not see me.  I was still safe.    I wore a skull cap and glasses so no one would recognize me from the picture that was distributed by the campus police and now hung on all the bulletin boards.  Shit I had to be careful now.

So I watched for a month, Sookie never left her dorm alone.  She was even escorted to her classes and library.  How the fuck was I going to talk to her if she was never alone?    She was staying faithful to me as she said she would; she never talked to anyone but females, she never partied, she never went any where.  I was proud of her; she was staying committed to me.  I owned her and she knew it.  I ruined her for any other man and I knew eventually she would come running back to me.  I just had to watch and wait.

Another month passed and we were coming into October she decided to venture out.  It was odd that she went with her girlfriends but she went to a Starbucks with them.  What the hell – Sookie didn’t like that froufrou shit.

I watched her from a secure location outside and then I begun to move into the store.  I stayed in a secluded corner and just watched.  I wondered why she would come here with her friends, she doesn’t watch TV.  She never did…  I kept thinking to myself, if only she would walk my way, I could get to her but she did not leave her friends’ company.  She talked and laughed with her friends but then I saw an opportunity – she asked her friends if they wanted coffee but it was too crowded and busy for me to get to her.  Fucking too many people…

I watched her for a while from my spot but she started to piss me off when she started to eye fuck this blond guy in the corner.  It made my blood boil, she was my girl not his. I could not tell what he was doing to her because his eyes were covered by his sunglasses but I wasn’t happy.

She watched him and every so often I would see him smirk. Then a smile.  She even blushed. God damn it, that blush belong to me not him….

I moved from my hiding spot, I needed to get closer.  I saw her fidget and look around. Oh shit, did she notice me? I hoped not.  I needed to be stealthy.  

I watched the blond hair guy look around a bit and I thought he was staring at me.  I couldn’t tell because of the sunglasses.  I felt eyes on me so I went quickly out the door and hid outside.   I knew I needed to be more careful now since I thought someone was watching me.

I watched from outside, I could see that Sookie asked the blond guy a question.  I wish I knew what it was; it was burning my britches not to know.  What were they talking about? It was a short conversation, but it still annoyed me.

She walked away from the counter with the coffees, but something was said very quickly between them and the dude had the nerve to smile at her.   Fuck him, she was MINE. 

She went back over to her friends and they talked for a while and then they finally approached the first table.  The girls were all giddy about whoever it was behind that damn table.    When it was Sookie’s turn, she handed somebody her camera.  The dark hair guy then got up for a picture and then the blond hair guy approached.  Who the hell was he?   The crowd went wild but Sookie and her friends did not see him until after the picture was taken.  Sookie’s friends went nuts.  Sookie looked clueless.   But Sookie did say something to the blond as they walked away. 

I watched the blond guy be taken away but not before security started looking for someone or something.  I high tailed it out of there so I wouldn’t be seen.  I hid behind Walgreens.

I watched the girls walk out to the parking lot, but Sookie was watching the back parking lot instead of her friends.   What caught her eye?    I then watched her group go into Walgreens, which still gave me an opportunity to get to her.  There were less people in the drug store.  I paced beside the side of the building, what the hell was taking her so long inside; it was a drug store, for god’s sake.  

What the hell were they doing?

The next thing I noticed was the security guard from Starbucks looking around.  So I slid quickly behind the building but my car was on the opposite side so I needed to be careful getting over to it.  But what I did not see was the two squad cars showing up while I was trying to get to my car.

By that time, it was too late to get away on foot.  They trapped me at my car.

Shit I was screwed.

So now I sit and wait in my jail cell. 

What am I waiting for? 

I am waiting for my fucking  trial.

I am being charged with:

2 Counts of stalking (Catherine and Sookie)

2 Counts of battery (Catherine and Claudine)

1 Count of Rape (Catherine)

1 Count of resisting arrest

1 Count of battery of an officer of the law

I was screwed. I was unable to get bail because I was a flight risk.

 I was given a public defender, shit I am screwed now, how the hell am I going to beat this rap with a FUCKING public defender?

 One of my first questions to Johan Glassport was how did the cops know I was even there?     He said someone from the staff of the show, the ones who were visiting Starbucks that day, saw me lurking and advised security.

Who the hell was that?  I’ll kill them.

I knew I would find out at the trial because they would have to be there.   And I would make sure they knew I was not happy about it.

Would Sookie ever believe me that I was not going to hurt her?

 I loved her.

 I was obsessed with her. 


I was fucked.


Author note: I know most of you hate Quinn, but he is important in what is coming up so please bear with me.

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