Chapter 06: Oh Shit Moment


As we left Walgreens, I saw relief hit my friends’ faces.  Something was up but I did not know what the hell it was.  We were about 15 minutes away from the dorm still and I wanted to know what was up.  So I made a general statement to see if I could get Tara, Amelia or Claudine to talk.

“Well that was a lot fun; I had a great time; we should do it again sometime”.   Nothing came back to me; it was like crickets had entered the car and they were sitting next to me.   “Come on guys what’s up? We were having fun; now you all are like Zombies”…. Nothing, damn what the fuck..

“Seriously, if this is how you show a friend a good time I for one do not want to do it anymore…”

As we got closer to LSU, Amelia started stammering a little trying to say something but it was not coming out right.  So Tara took over.

“Sook we have something to tell you but we want to wait till we are back in the dorms, can you wait another 5 minutes, PLEASE?”   I figured I did not have a choice, so I answered sure.

As we pulled up at the dorm parking we all exited Amelia’s sedan and headed up to mine and Claudine’s room.  I guess they figured what ever they needed to tell me would be best said there.  I figure they thought it was my comfort zone. 

I had been working through my issues since Claudine’s attack and I knew I was doing better, but what the hell happened that they needed to wait to talk to me.   Shit it can’t be good.  Is that why Amelia and Tara had disappeared for so long?   Biscuits and gravy.

As we got up the stairs, campus security and the police officer from Claudine’s attack were waiting at our room.  Shit what has Quinn done this time and to whom?

The girls became nervous and could not look at me.  I knew then they knew what happened but never got the chance to tell me.   Oh Shit…. How bad was it? 

The officers smiled at us and asked if we would be more comfortable in the dorm room or lounge area to talk.   Since there were six of us I spoke up and said lounge area.     So we walked down to the other end of the hall to the TV/lounge area.    

Campus security got a phone call so detective spoke first.  “Well girls we have good news for you all.” 

 I smiled, something good happened… Did they catch Quinn?  Why did the Detective look so familiar to me?

The Detective said that a call was sent to BRPD(Baton Rouge Police Department) about a suspicious character stalking the Starbucks today and it was checked out and they found the person in question next to the Walgreens next door.  He resisted arrest and has been put in jail. 

We all sighed heavily.  I started to cry and the detective noticed right off the bat.

 He said, “Miss, are you okay, I thought you would be happy? We caught your stalker and her attacker and he will be put away for a long time. We have spoken to his previous victim and since you all are going to press charges, she wants to press charges along with you, she was afraid no one would believe her so that is why she said nothing three years ago.    We have a strong solid case so this predator is not going to get away; we did everything by the book, no loop holes here.”

Sookie looked up at the detective.  She smiled her sweet smile and let him know that her tears were from joy and sorrow.  She continued by saying, “I am happy he got caught; he needs to rot in jail.  But I am sorrowful because I once loved this man and my heart aches for him. He did awful things to me and Claudine and he needs to be punished but I am still feeling sorry for him and his family.”  

Sookie then said, “Detective, can I ask a couple of questions please?”   He just nodded yes.

“Who called in the threat?’’

“What was Quinn doing at Starbucks and Walgreens?”   But she already knew the answer to that one.

“Do we need to make a statement or go to the police station?”

“Why do you look so familiar?  Do I know you?”

By this time, the security guard came back to hear her questions and stood beside Detective Coughlin and the campus security guard started smiling, he looked as happy as a pig in shit, it was a bit scary.

The detective began to talk. “First let me say, my name is Detective Coughlin, I am the lead detective on your case and I was here the day of Claudine’s attack.  As for who called in the threat that is a bit complicated but I will explain it the best I can. As for what Mr. John Quinn was doing at the location in question and I am sure you ladies have guessed, he was stalking you Miss Stackhouse, we assume he was trying to get you by yourself so he could grab you and run. We are still waiting on Mr. Quinn’s statement.  It seems our predator tried to resist arrest again once he was taken from the police car to his jail cell.  Not a very smart person to try to get away from four police officers while his hands are in cuffs.”

“As for your other two questions, I will answer your last question first and then we will deal with who called in the threat.   Is that acceptable?”

“Okay, first I look familiar for the reason I said above, I am the head detective on your case so you may have seen me the day of the attack on Claudine.  Second and this is the important one or I think it is.  I work off duty as a security guard at Meet and Greet events and I happened to be the security guard assigned to Starbucks today, lucky coincidence I guess.”  

 Sookie and the girls just smiled and nodded at the officer. 

Sookie spoke up before he continued.  “Yes I did see you there you were talking to the staff of the show a couple of times, correct?”    

The detective just smiled at Sookie and told her she was very observant. 

Detective Coughlin spoke up again and tried to explain her first question in a much detail as he could.  “Girls first I must ask you to let me tell you how the sequence of events today happened and then I will let you ask questions, plus I believe the security guard here may have more positive information for you. Is this acceptable?”

All four girls nodded.

“I believe, Miss Stackhouse, you have a guardian angel of sorts.” 

 Sookie gasped and just shook her head, “My stars, how could that be?”  She thought she said it in her head but she actually said it out loud.    

The detective chuckled as did the girls…

So the detective continued, “Well apparently one of the show’s people was watching from the side of the room and noticed you fidgeted a lot while standing in the line with your friends.  He said you looked around a lot but never at anything in particular.  That you would calm down for a little while and then start again.  He stated that once you left the line and joined the line to get some coffee, you started to fidget again.  By that time, he had noticed a rather large bald man staring you down from inside the building and then from the parking lot.  He said he thought he was trying to get closer to you before he went out the front door.  He only left the premises because I had been alerted and I was looking for him.  The gentleman did not know who you were or he was but he was kind enough to alert us.  Let me say this Miss Stackhouse, you have very good instincts and you use them wisely.  Do not ever go against them when you feel threatened.   So apparently your guardian angel watched you for a while, but the man in question never came back in the store.   It was then while you were in the parking lot that the staff member noticed you fidget and look around the parking lot again.. I am assuming at this time you alerted your friends that you were uncomfortable since they too starting looking around.  It was while you were in Walgreens that the staff member saw Quinn again and alerted me.  I called for backup.  Quinn did not see the squad cars pull up but we caught him as he was trying to escape.   But he threw a punch at the arresting officer and they took him down with a night stick.   He is now sitting in the BRPD jail cell.”

“Do you have any questions you would like to ask me?  One thing I can tell you is that a few of the staff members of Blood Moon will be at the trial or give depositions when needed.  They want to see this man put in jail and want him to stay there.  Also keep in mind this staff member did not have to step forward nor did he have to stick his neck out for you.  He said he was concerned and he could not stop himself from helping out.  Again, you have a special guardian angel.”

I mulled over what he said for a few minutes as did the girls and then we all started to rapid fire questions.   It was pretty funny because the detective was not used to four women yelling at him and asking him questions at the same time (amateur).  LOL    

But before the detective would answer any of our questions, the campus security officer asked to speak first.  

So we all backed down a bit and told him to go ahead.

He told us he had some good news.   Well I was excited; I don’t know about anyone else.  I still felt bad for Quinn’s family.  But now I was going to finally feel safe again.

Bob from the campus security office said he was notified by the BRPD about Quinn being arrested and that he was now currently sitting in a jail cell, awaiting arraignment.  Once the officers left him he started mumbling to his cell mate that they had the wrong guy. But the strange coincidence was that they had been recording his cell mate for a while, it seems he is schizophrenic.   They had been trying to decipher why exactly Franklin Mott had marched into the BRPD and asked to be locked up so he wouldn’t hurt anyone else.   Well the microphone is on 24/7 and was on when Quinn started to talk to his cell mate.    The police officer who had been monitoring Quinn’s cell mate Franklin had come to the realization that after about a half an hour Quinn realized his cell mate was the perfect confidant since his mind wasn’t all there. Quinn figured that Franklin could never testify against him because he would not remember anything that Quinn might say to him.  He also figured Franklin was not all mentally there so the police department could not use him as a witness. Quinn had stated this all to his cell mate not knowing he was being recorded.

“It took a while but Quinn started to talk to Franklin about how he did what he did out of love.   That he was obsessed with this woman and Sookie was his. No one else was going to get to be with her, he would never allow that to happen.”

 Apparently he quieted down for a bit and the BRPD was looking forward to what else he would say at a later date.   At the same time, both Detective Coughlin and Bob the campus security guy smiled.

 So I asked why they were both so happy.

Detective Coughlin said since the microphone was already active and was already authorized to be there, Quinn would soon put a nail into his coffin when he spoke with Franklin again; the recording would be admissible as evidence against Quinn.  That once his lawyer asked for full disclosure of the evidence in the case, he would then be told about the recordings, but until that happened they were good to go and there was light at the end of the tunnel to Quinn being locked away for a very long time.       

Well, we all had questions now.

I asked, “Does Quinn know who called in the suspicious person alert?”   I was told no.

 Hell I did not even know who it was who saved my life.  

So I asked, “Am I allowed to know?”  

 Det. Coughlin said “Do you really want to know or do you want to hold off finding out?

I said, “I would like to know, please, I owe this person a thank you for saving my life.” 

The girls all agreed.

“Well this might come as a bit of a shock to you. The person who was watching over you the whole time you were at Starbucks is a very important person to the show.  I was approached by the PR person Felicia from “Blood Moon” to let me know about the person that this other person noticed.  He was not too sure who the bald man was watching but it made him uncomfortable none the less, so he proceeded to tell his PR person and she alerted me.”

 “Miss Stackhouse, Do you really want me to tell who it was? “And then he smirked.

Hell Yes I wanted to know, NOW Damn It, why was he drawing this out?

I just nodded, I was dumbfounded, who was watching me and why didn’t I feel him watching me , I thought I felt someone watching me but I guess that was Quinn.

Det. Coughlin continued, “Well your guardian angel was one of the show’s main characters; he wasn’t there as one of the meet and greet ensemble cast members.”

My mouth dropped open… Shit I was catching flies, I knew who it was. 

I said to myself Eric Northman.

The girls had no clue but they figured I knew since I couldn’t breathe.     As I got my breathing back together the detective decided he would end the girl’s lack of knowledge. 

“It was Eric Northman.”  

The girls and security officer all gasped.  They all turned and looked at me and I was red as a beet. 

I did not know what to say or do so I just smiled.

The detective continued, “Apparently Mr. Northman saw this man stalking while watching the crowd.  He watched him leave the premises and then again when you were all in the parking lot, he caught another glimpse of Mr. Quinn.   He alerted me once again.   He said if he is needed for the trial or a deposition he would be here for you.”

I was shocked, is that why Eric said it was nice to meet me? Or was there another reason?   I didn’t want to sound or go off half-cocked.  I needed to calm myself down.

So I asked, “Did Mr. Northman know who Quinn was stalking?   

 Or did he just make him uncomfortable?”

The detective said, “Mr. Northman did not know who Quinn was after until we spoke while he was in his limo.  That is when I informed him of your name, Miss Stackhouse.   Mr. Northman asked to let you know he is sorry he could not do much more.  He was only told your last name, not your first name.  I don’t know if he suspects which one of you Quinn was after.   I guess he won’t learn of your true identity until the trial.”

“Do you girls have anything else to ask?”

Amelia asked if we needed to be worried about Quinn being released.

 The detective said, “No, he will be put way for a very long time, no early release for him.”

Well, we all figured our questions were pretty much answered so we told the detective if we had any more questions we would contact him.   He gave us his card and he and Bob left us alone.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 06: Oh Shit Moment

  1. Great chapter! Yep looks like Eric Northmman is Sookie’s guardian angel!
    I hope Sookie will have the courage to get in touch with Eric…

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