Chapter 07: The Aftermath


Well, life got back to normal, after about a week. We were all pretty self conscious while we were out in the open but we had each other to rely on.  I think Tara and Amelia were more worried about me than Claudine.  That was only because Claudine and I talked nightly so she knew my deep dark secrets and worries.  I figured I was already confiding in Claudine; I did not think I needed to express my feelings to them too.  Claudine and Gran knowing was enough for me. I spoke to Gran on a weekly basis because she was worried about me and the fallout from the upcoming trial.  

It was about a month later; right before Thanksgiving when Tara and Amelia approached me to find out why I closed myself off from them.  I told them I was sorry but I did not think I had; we all sat down and had a heart to heart about everything.  We even talked about Quinn being in jail.   Amelia’s dad had found out the state was back logged and they were still putting the case together against Quinn.  They figured I was safe and sound with him in jail and they told Copley it might be at least a year before he came to trial.

 That was a relief but also a nuisance.  I wanted this over; I wanted my life back and I wanted more than anything else to see Eric again.

 So life went on at LSU and my studies kept me busy.  I was getting good grades so everything seemed to be turning around.  My friends kept me occupied and happy.  Life was good.


All my girlfriends were asking me to spend Thanksgiving with them but I had already told Janice I would go with her since I backed out on her in October.

I was looking forward to visiting her family.  She told me her family might have money but they are very laid back …. I did not want to pass judgment so I was waiting until I could meet her family.

Janice had stated she had someone she wanted me to meet.  I told her I wasn’t ready yet and she told me neither was he but she still wanted us to meet.  She thought we could commiserate together on bad relationships and stalkers.  I laughed, seriously how does a man end up being stalked…. Well I guess it takes all kinds.

 I was looking forward to it since it was a long weekend.

 It would be nice to get away from school and relax with someone else’s family for once.  I let Gran know and she told me to have fun. 

Well, Tuesday showed up and we got out of class early so we decided it was a sign for us to hit the road.  I told all my friends to have a nice holiday and then Janice and I were off.   It took us about five hours but we finally got there.

Their house was huge. I was shocked at the size of it but I was still grateful for the Herveaux‘s hospitality.  Janice’s mom and dad would not let me call them by their SIR name, I was told I had to choose to either call them “mom and dad” or “Jackson and Sabrina”.   I naturally choose mom and dad, it seemed more natural. 

The four days we were there went by quickly.  We were told on Wednesday night that Alcide and his friend would not be home; they couldn’t get away from work.   Well I guess it wasn’t in the cards for me to meet the mysterious man. 

I told Janice maybe some other time I would get to meet her brother and his friend.  That I was not in a good place at this time to even be considering meeting anyone so I was good.  I appreciated the thought.

Plus I still had my dreams that starred Eric Northman……

We got back to LSU on Sunday and I had early classes the following day.

 It was going to be a long three weeks before Christmas break but I knew I needed to keep my grades up for my scholarship so I was trying to stay focused on that.

The only thing that ever got in my way was my daydreams and night dreams about Eric.  I caught myself numerous times thinking about the dream from the night before or I would just stare blankly into space and dream about the blond Adonis of a man from Starbucks.

I needed to talk to someone about this and soon.

 I figured if I told Amelia or Tara they would tease me.

 Claudine would analyze it and I did not want that to happen.

 I was not close enough to Janice yet so I kept a tight lip around her too…

Biscuits and Gravy, I needed my Gran…..

It was a godsend when I went home to Gran for Christmas break.  I missed her so much and I needed to talk to her about things I could not on the phone.

I told her about Eric and how he made me feel. Even though we did not know each other I still felt like we connected somehow.   I told her about how I worried that Quinn would get out and come after me. 

She told me everything would work out for the best and to hang in there it would get easier. That the right man was out there waiting for me and I would find him eventually.  To hold my head up high and all good things would come to me.

 I loved Gran immensely but I was worried she was blowing smoke up my butt; I know she wouldn’t but I had my fears and sometimes they would not go away.

 The fears showed up in the form of Frannie Quinn, the day before New Year.  She yelled at me and told me I needed to drop the charges on her brother so he could come home and take care of her and her mother.  I told her I was not the only one with charges against him so even if I did (which I wasn’t going to) drop the charges, he would still be held in jail and tried for his other crimes.  She would not back off so I called Sheriff Dearborn and he told her to either leave or she would be arrested.  She backed off but for how long?

It was during my time at home that I started to think about Eric 24/7.

 What else did I have to do?

 I knew I shouldn’t but I missed him… I left my pictures at school so I only had my memories and my thoughts.

It was sad really; I thought about him all the time.  I would go for long walks and talk to him in my head like he was there listening and acknowledging our friendship and bond, it was all I had. 

The moon had become my friend at night and I felt like it was my only link to Eric; it felt like he could hear everything I said but just couldn’t answer me back.

We were never properly introduced and I did not have a phone number to call him, so this was the way I spoke with him, kind of like Skype but without a computer.   I wanted to tell him thank you and I wanted him to know why I felt so comfortable around him.    I have never been that way with a guy before, I wanted to explore why I felt this way for him, having these feelings was new to me. I did not know if I liked having these feelings but it made me warm inside.

As I said, he was in my thoughts continuously.  I did not stalk him, hell I did not even try to find out anything else about him.  I just had my memories.  They were wonderful memories and it helped fill my fantasies and day dreams.

 I was in heaven.

Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went and we would be starting a new year at school.

Finally I was starting to feel normal again.

I went back to LSU the second week of January and things went back to the way they were.

 School, homework, my girlfriends.

That’s all I needed.

I placed two pictures on my night stand beside the picture I had of Gran. I had gotten the meet and greet picture and the autographed photo of Eric framed; it was a nice distressed wood frame.  Yes, the frame Amelia had bought us was nice but I wanted it to be more special and from my heart. These two pictures with Eric in them were special to me and I needed them close; every evening I wished him a good night and to be careful and in the morning I wished him a good morning and to stay safe. 

 I know it was silly but it kept me sane and happy.  The girls did not know how I talked to him or they would have put me away in an insane asylum.  

 Do they even have those kinds of places anymore?

Any way life got back to normal but I did not date…..  NO NO NO ….  I couldn’t, it would have felt too weird. The girls tried to get me to go to keggers and such but I felt uncomfortable and I knew I would not feel myself again until the trial was over.

 The trial and everything that had to do with it could not come quick enough. 

Janice asked me if I wanted to go home with her in a few weeks for spring break, I could stay a few days with her and then go home and spend the rest with Gran, she would drive me down.  She said she did not want me driving alone in my old car; Yeah it has seen better days but it is all mine.   I told her I would think about it. 

It was now the end of March; school was winding down and coming to an end.

However the girls had previously talked me into watching “Blood Moon” with them in the dorm lounges ever since the meet and greet.  I figured what the hell it would give me an extra chance to see Eric every week.  You don’t know how much that helped me each week.   It felt like he was watching me as I was watching him. 

He was like my lifeline of sorts.

He made me smile at myself and oddly, he made me happy.

 I knew I could not tell anyone my feelings on this; they would have had me in a rubber room real quick.

 I loved watching the show and hoped while I was home with Gran I would be able to watch it too.  I would probably have to go over to Jason’s to watch it but at least I would not miss it.

As the weeks went by, I told Janice I would go with her on Spring Break because it made sense, we could split the costs.  She told me not to worry about it; her daddy was paying for them to come home.  I knew Janice came from money but she never flaunted it so I told her I would pay for snacks and drinks and she said that was a deal.   

We left for Shreveport Saturday morning and arrived five hours later.  Janice’s dad told us to take our time and not to speed.  So we did just that and arrived a little after lunch.  

It was fun being there and on Sunday night, we watched “Blood Moon” apparently Janice’s family were big fans so it felt good to be able to watch it.    Janice never mentioned her family and her siblings, I knew she had a brother but she never talked about him much.  I was okay with that, maybe he was a black sheep of the family, but as the week wore on I realized the family was proud of Alcide but just kept private about all family issues.  I figured that was cool, then I could stay private about mine too.

 Mom was easy to talk to and I told her about growing up with Gran and how I look forwarded to getting home to her as soon as I could.  Gran and Jason were my only family and I missed them.  Janice took me home on Thursday so that I could stay 5 days with Gran and then she would pick me up the following Wednesday to head back to LSU. 

We wanted to get back early to settle in and get some work done for this semester.  We both had tough classes and we wanted to do well. 

I had a great visit with Gran; I did my walks at night like I did during Christmas break, however I missed doing them while I was at Janice’s house.

 I felt like I was neglecting Eric and it made me sad… I know, silly me, but that is how it felt to me.

 Let me tell you when I would sit under the stars and look up at the moon, it was like I could pour my heart out to Eric and it made me feel 100% better.  I told him things I could never tell anyone else.  He was my confidant, my friend and my lover.

 I say lover because he was the star in my dreams. I never had anyone else as the major player when I needed to take care of myself. 

Before you think badly of me, yes a girl has needs to and I fulfilled them with a picture of Eric in my mind.  Just call me a dirty bird.

I never once thought of Quinn in these dreams, it was like he never existed, even though he was the only sex partner I ever had.

But with the moon and Eric as my imaginary friends, I knew I could make it through anything that was thrown at me.

We got back to LSU and everything fell into line.   The next month and a half went by quickly and it was going to be the end of the year soon and I would be home again for three months.  We watched “Blood Moon” every week and I fell for Eric more and more.  I knew how silly that sounded but he had a part of my heart I don’t think I could have given to anyone else.

 I knew when I got home I would have four more episodes I would have to watch at Jason’s but I figured he would be out roaming with his friends so I would be able to see Eric in my own private world.

The last day of school we all left together, Claudine promised to come visit during the summer but said we would see each other in September.  I knew she was going to be busy because she was interning at her Uncle Fintan’s office for the summer so I did not expect to see her.

As I drove home, I was trying to figure out if Sam would let me work at Merlotte’s like he said I could.  It would give me a little spending money for the fall, Gran was not wealthy by any means so I had to rely on myself to pay for things.  Jason was helping as much as he could but I could never rely on Jason to remember to send me any money.  I became thrifty and I was okay with that.

My first week home I thought I would be lonely, but I soon found that my friends had rallied around me and kept me busy and I worked at Merlotte’s the rest of the time.  It was a fun, hard week. The only odd thing about working at Merlotte’s was Sam avoided me at all costs, but I was getting pretty good at avoiding him too. After the prom debacle I wanted to lay low.

 I always had my walks at night and my Sunday show to look forward to if I was feeling down.  So I tried to stay positive or as positive as I could be given the circumstances.

With the end of June came the end of “Blood Moon” and I got a little depressed.  It was hard not seeing Eric every week but I knew if I kept busy I would see him again next year.  The show was a major hit so I knew it had at least another season.

Silly me, longing for someone who did not even know I existed. 

The summer passed without incident and I did not hear from Frannie Quinn this time.  But I kept my guard up just in case.

As August hit, Janice called me and asked me if I wanted to stop by her house and ride up together.  She hated my car and said I could park my car at her parents’ home and they would feel more comfortable about our trip.  I told her that would be great.  I did not tell her my car had been acting up over the summer so her offer was a blessing in disguise.

I arrived on Friday afternoon and Janice and her mom greeted me at the door.  They said that they were happy to see me but that Janice’s brother would be in and out all weekend.   They told me to expect to see a ghost in the house and not to worry if I saw someone in the home who was unfamiliar.  They wanted me to feel comfortable.   I did not see Alcide until Saturday evening when he was headed out somewhere; he did not want his sister to go and he basically forbade it.  Which I thought was hysterical but Janice agreed and we stayed in, besides it was cheaper for me.

 What little I did see of her brother, he was HOT and I mean fuck hot… I did not get a good look at him, he seemed familiar but I was unsure why.  But I was pretty sure if he wanted to meet me he would introduce himself before we left on Tuesday to head back to school.

 On Sunday and Monday, we laid out by the pool since we would not do much sunbathing and frolicking in a pool when we got back to school.

Janice told me I looked great in my polka dotted bikini but I was still self-conscious since I was so large breasted.  But I figured she was like family and would tell me the truth. We were becoming very close friends.

 We had a great time even when I thought someone was watching us.  It may have been Mom or Dad so I was not too worried.  The house was pretty secluded with a high fence so I figured I was safe.          

Besides Quinn was still in jail.

The week I spent at Janice’s house I was unable to talk to Eric as much as I wanted to, but I promised myself I would make it up to him when we got back to LSU.     God, I was sad, feeling bad for someone I didn’t even know.

Tuesday arrived and as we were getting ready to head back to school, Alcide made an appearance to say goodbye and to tell his little sister to drive safe.   He was a bear of a man and gave me a quick hug.  Damn why do I know this man, he seems so familiar.  I figured if Janice wanted me to know about Alcide more she would talk to me about it on our trip back to school, I never pressed the subject.

We talked about everything but her family on our ride back, we took our time and got there 5 hours later.  We had a great time together we talked and sang like loons at the top of our lungs… funny part was neither one of us could sing worth a lick so we got along just fine. 

We arrived at school and found out that we were next door to one another in the dorms and Claudine was still my roommate.  Tara and Amelia were rooming on one side of me and Janice and Maria were on the other side.

It was the perfect set up.

It was going to be a great year, all my friends where located in the same corridor in our little three story dorm house.  

 As we all gathered in the hallway, I thought about the fact that we were all together in the same dorm house and hell the same damn hallway but I came to the conclusion that Amelia’s dad pulled some strings to make it happen.  But then maybe it was Janice’s dad, who knows I didn’t care; it just made me happy…. 


Author’s note:  it has been pointed out to me by my BETA, Northwoman, that Janice and her family seems to be as dumb as rocks since they do not put two and two together.   Just bear with me, they figure it out and you will know when it happens.  As for Sookie not realizing who Alcide is, well lets just chalked that up to not connecting last names and she was busy staring at Eric.   



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  1. Well that was close! As for Sookie not recognising Alcide…that’s strange but Sookie is on cloud nine…all she thinks about is EricEricEric…I guess when she’s watching “Blood Moon” Sookie doesn’t pay attention to the werewolf…no no all she sees is the Vampire…

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