Chapter 03: Hanging by a Moment

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They say to write about what you know; it will make the most compelling story. So I did and I do.

My penname is Adele Dumas. Can you guess why? Adele after my grandmother and Dumas for my love’s favorite book; I just hope he figures it out on his own. I have left him clues in my book jackets (pictures of me when I was younger, but we changed the hair color just a bit) and the parts of the story passages that only he would understand; however, I don’t even know if he reads my books.

A Young Anna Paquin pictures

A Young Anna Paquin pictures


…So here’s to hoping….

As of today I have had 3 best sellers in the last 3 years; a major accomplishment for a backwoods nobody who barely passed high school. You would say that my books are fantasy and fairy tales all rolled into one, however, most of it has happened once upon a time in my life and since I have two co-conspirators we have been able to twist my past life into mysteries with a strong badass heroine as the main character; she is a mix between my two closet friends but they don’t see it, but I do.

Well let me just say for my 35 years I know a lot more than I should about life and hardships.

I know all about abuse, I know about manipulation, lies, deceit, I know about regret, I know about loves lost and the one that got away. I know about love whether it be familial or best friends. I know about loving someone only as a friend and no more. I know about TRUE LOVE and SOULMATES. I know about power and the abuse of it. I know about blood, ties and bonds and how to break them. I know what it means to be a FAE princess with the essential spark. I know about a Maker’s command and a Maker’s last word or contract. I know about the heartache that comes along with raising a child or two. And I know more about death then I care to want to know in one lifetime.

….Oh did I mention knowing about stupidity and being a self-proclaimed moron…..

Yeah that is me Sookie Stackhouse, whose new identity is Claudine Hale-Nordmann.

Sookie Stackhouse played by Anna Paquin

Sookie Stackhouse played by Anna Paquin

I had to get a new identify 6 years ago after I was targeted for capture by another monarch, apparently de Castro was clueless on how to keep me protected. I still do not know the name of who ordered the kidnapping and at this point I don’t care. What I do care about is that I am free and live a quiet life with my two best friends and my children in a beautiful windy shithole.

The shithole

The windy shithole


I love the farmhouse in Oland; it was very thoughtful and high-handed of that man to change the property’s deed into my name. He did it while he was being ripped out of my life and I love him more and more for it, WHY, because he cared enough to worry about my safety and protection even during his own trying times and preparing for his own life of servitude. I found out later through Uncle Des, that there are many more properties throughout the world in my name too but I do not know if I will ever go visit any of them.

Why leave where I am protected and unknown?

However, having this home in a humans name gives me and the children the peace and quiet that we need and no-one bothers with me or us. When we arrived Karin and Pam had to check in with the monarch of this territory but he is an old friend of their Maker’s so we are allowed to live here in peace.

Marco Dapper as King Peder

Marco Dapper as King Peder

The King knows I am here but he promised my sisters (yes that is how I see them) that he would keep me and the children a secret to all others. He said he owed his longtime friend a huge debt. I don’t know what the Viking did for him but it seems he was one of his enforcers and saved his ass a time or ten.

I dream about my sister’s maker all the time. It is hard for me to say his name because I love him and miss him so damn much but that epiphany came too late. I pushed him away and in his retaliation he pushed me away too, he tried to hurt me with nastiness so that I would fall into the arms of another. He wanted me to be happy but that was short lived because that person was in the friend zone and would never be able to cross that line in my heart. I gave it a shot, but 2 months later I called it quits and became my own independent person again. For a little over a year everything was peaceful for me in Bon Temp as I no longer had a man in my life and everything seemed as it should be… QUIET…PEACEFUL… SOLITUDE…

My children mention him to me when they hear it from my wandering thoughts or if they find me dreaming of him in the early morning hours, it is when he would be close to the end of his night. Somehow I still feel connected to him even if we do not share our bond anymore… OR do we? Our kids know if he were able to be with us he would be, but I told them that would not happen in their or my lifetime, he is bound to a contract he cannot break. The Aunt’s regale their niece and nephew with stories of the Viking so they know of his history and what he stands for and for the simple fact that the children know of him in case he is ever needed.

However, as a plan B, their birth certificates have his name used as their father (Erik Nordmann) just in case something happens to me or his children, I want my children (his unknown children) to be protected and I know he would do that for me and for them. I know for now he does not know about them and I want to keep it that way, I do not want them to be used as a pawn against him in any capacity,- like I was. I alone have caused him too much grief and I am sure knowing about them would cause even more.

Mr. Cataliades is the one who helped me with mine and Hunter’s (Alexander Hale-Nordmann) new identities and when the baby was born he helped me with Emmalyn Hale-Nordmann’s birth documents.

This brings me to the subject of my newest book and what it will be about; ‘The One Who Got Away’. The one whom I can now feel due to the slight bond I have with his children. I know it is not a phantom feeling, I know I can truly feel him and his sorrow sometimes but I don’t regret it one bit. I used to regret our bond, I did not trust it, but NOW I wish I had never gotten rid of it. I was a foolish and selfish child.

But now I wish he and it were here with us. For us to be a family, but that won’t happen before I fade away from this life.

Granted I may live a little bit longer than most because of my faeness and possibly from the blood the two girls give me to keep me safe and strong for the children.

Karin Slaughterer played by Stana Katic

Karin Slaughterer played by Stana Katic

Pamela Ravenscroft played by Kristin Bauer Van Straten

Pamela Ravenscroft played by Kristin Bauer Van Straten

It is something I suggested after the attack. Yes I suggested a blood tie with my two sisters. I felt it made sense so they could find me if I was ever in danger.

He always did call me a danger magnet.

You might be wondering about my children and how they know of my thoughts, both are telepaths and both have the essential spark and yes both have had Karin and/or Pam’s blood for protection purposes.

But for me the taking of their blood has ignited something else inside of me.

How is the bond possible do you say? I am not sure but it is there, I believe it happened during my attack.


It was about three months before the attack that Hunter came back into my life. He wandered up to the farmhouse one day, dirty, hurt and hungry. From what I could understand from his thoughts when he tried to explain what happened to him, he and Remy were in an accident and he got thrown out of the car. When he woke up a few days later there was no longer anyone around the crash site so he started to walk in my direction. He said he followed my signal and knew how to get to me. I was astonished that no one saw him walking on the side of the road or stealing the little bits of food or drink he found on his way.

When Karin rose that night she was drawn to us by Hunter’s blood in the air and said we needed to cover it up before someone else, namely Bill smelt it too. It was that night that Karin gave Hunter her blood to heal his cuts and broken arm. She told Hunter he had good emotions and she liked feeling them. After she healed him she immediately called Pam.

Karin had Pam check into the accident; she found out that Hunter had walked for over a week to get to me. We also found out by happenstance that Hunter can cloak himself when he gets rattled, so apparently he was rattled enough during and after the accident that he was cloaked during the time that the rescuers were there and for the whole week he walked to my home.

It was then and there that his two new aunts (his words not mine) called him as stubborn as his cousin.

Apparently since he thought that Eric and I were still a couple, we would be his new mom and dad, – since his real mom and dad were now dead, – then Pam and Karin being Eric’s children would be his aunts, I gleamed all this from his thoughts. He thought it would be too much to call me ‘Aunt Sookie’ and him ‘Uncle Eric’, if he was to have us as his parents and call us momma and daddy…Logic from a child’s brain does not make sense sometimes but we let him have his way on this one…. It was just too hard trying to explain to him about Eric not being in our lives anymore, but we were sure if Eric knew about Hunter that he would love and protect him as well.

Pam quickly called Mr. Cataliades to have him help with the guardianship papers for Hunter; he found that Remy had a Will that had left me as Hunter’s sole guardian in the case of his death. It was easy to pass the paperwork through the courts so that Hunter could be taken care of properly. He became legally mine the day of my attack.

It was late in the afternoon and I was out weeding in the garden and not paying attention to what was going on around me; I was enjoying the peace and quiet along with the late afternoon sun. Hunter was in taking a nap so that he could have his self-defense lessons later that night with Karin upon her rising.

And then it happened.

I was surrounded within moments and the thoughts that I caught were from the few Weres that were present but the others in attendance I could not hear. I didn’t know what they were but I knew they were supernatural beings. I heard from the Weres minds that the King wanted me unharmed.

I was not going anywhere, I was going to fight. I was NOT going to be taken advantage of OR abused again. Plus I did not want them finding Hunter, they would take him over my dead body.

Most of the others outside of our immediate group did not know of my Faeness and I was going to use it to my advantage, granted I couldn’t POP but I could fight dirty; Karin and Pam had made sure I had weapons of all fashions in the yard; you just needed to know where to look.

As I was encircled by 8 beings, I made my move to the old fashioned water bucket, in actuality it had an iron pipe as the handle, I felt for some reason the beings I could not hear were fairies or something along that line so I would use the iron pipe as my weapon of choice. I clocked a couple of the smaller ones with the pipe and they sizzled as a vampire would from silver.

Apparently, I was on the right track.

But one of the Weres got the pipe out of my hand so I had to go after another weapon.

Let me tell you, these men were unaware of what a fighter I was and were trying to go easy on me. Little did they know I had vampires training me in combat and defense.

I was not going to go down quickly or lightly.

The more I listened to their thoughts the more pissed off I got and in the midst of it Hunter woke up, I told him to hide and not come out. To wait for Karin, she would rise soon. To get his phone from his nightstand and to leave a message for Pam that there was an attack at the farmhouse.

As I battled and punched at my aggressors I made my way to the wood pile, buried in the top row of firewood was a silver katana. I brought it out and started swinging. I hit two of the Were’s severing their biceps. They were pissed. I kept fighting and I knew I was only staying alive because of shear adrenaline.

I kept fighting and got another Were’s arm, it was severed at his shoulder. Eric would be proud.

Any normal woman would have fallen by now, but not me, I was always a fighter before today, but with a little formal training I was a more stable fighter now.

I think my Faeness helped too.

I was patting myself on the shoulder, – too early-, when one of my aggressors whom had no thoughts came up from behind me and beamed me in the back of the head. I went down like a log.

I could feel the injured Were’s kicking and beating the shit out of me, they said they were getting back at the bitch that cut off their arms, they didn’t care what the King said or did to them.

They were told this would be an easy kidnapping not a fucking blood bath.

This bitch was getting put down, to hell with orders.

I don’t remember much after that nor do I remember being raped, I am assuming during the bloodlust that is exactly what happened, by whom I am unsure of, I knew after all was said and done I was hanging on by a moment and if Karin didn’t wake soon I would be dead.

I needed to stay alive for Hunter, he needed me, and I knew if I lived through this it would be a miracle.

The song “Hanging By a Moment” by Lifehouse kept playing through my head. It is how I felt about Eric, I was always so desperate for a change and I was starving for him to tell me the truth. But yet I still chased after him as he did me. But yet we could never find our true happiness.

I guess it just wasn’t in the cards.

However, as the song says, “I’m falling even more in love with you. Letting go of all I’ve held on to, I’m standing here until you make me move, I’m hanging by a moment here with you, I’m running and not quite sure where to go. “

I am here baby, do you hear me; I need you now more than ever. I need you Eric and I never once stopped loving you.

The song continues to play out in my head: “Forgetting all I’m lacking, completely incomplete, I’ll take your invitation, you take all of me now.” … was this telling me I should have been his mistress in Oklahoma, no it couldn’t be, was my mind playing tricks on me.

There’s nothing else to lose, there’s nothing else to find; There’s nothing in the world that can change my mind.” I heard this song not only in my mind but coming from my lips. I was loosing the fight quickly, I could feel it. The last words I remember until I heard Karin’s soft voice was “I’m falling even more in love with you, Letting go of all I’ve held on to.”

“I love you my Viking, I will meet you in our Valhalla.”

“No, you will not die and go to Valhalla you little fairy troublemaker, you will live and it will be over my dead body, drink now.”

I drank from Karin but I knew as well as she did that I could not drink a lot in fear of being turned.

It was then that I heard a pop beside me and it was Dr. Ludwig and Niall.

Apparently upon her rising Pam called the good doctor who in turn called Niall and here they were trying to save my sorry ass once again.

Ludwig told Karin to take me into the house, she would need to transfuse me and Niall wanted me to have a fairy elixir to help me heal. It was then that Hunter ran out into the living room and called me momma.

Niall snapped his head up and asked who he was.

The brave little boy that he was said “I am Sookie’s son Hunter and who are you?”

“I am her great grandfather, Niall.”

Niall Brigant played by Jeremy Irons

Niall Brigant played by Jeremy Irons

“No your not, he closed the portals, like a dumbass.”

I had to chuckle at that like everyone else. The laugh from Ludwig was scary but funny none the less.

BUT Damn a pissing match between a 10 year old boy and a 2000+ year old fairy, for god sake I thought it was bad enough when Niall would see if his cock was bigger when he was going up against Eric. Damn enough already.

Karin spoke up, “Hunter come here little one, stand by me and let the doctor take care of your mother. The quicker she is healed the quicker we can leave Bon Temps.”

“What do you mean leave Bon Temps? I will take her back to fairy if she is leaving.”

“No you will not, we will make it look like she was killed and move on from here for her protection. It is best.”

With that Pam stormed in the house and agreed with Karin.

I looked up at her and asked, “What would your Maker want you to do, please do as he would wish for me/us.” Neither could answer, it was Hunter who spoke up first.

“Momma, daddy would want you to live so that you could take care of me. Me and my aunt’s need you. So please let the little lady fix you for me, for us.”

Amy Ludwig played by Marcia Derousse

Amy Ludwig played by Marcia Derousse

Ludwig spoke next, “Miss Stackhouse, do we need to call your husband and the child’s father, so that he can be here for this decision?”

I wasn’t too sure what to say, so Hunter took over for me.

“Doctor Lady, daddy is with a bitch queen that made him leave us but that doesn’t mean I/we don’t love him the same. He would want momma to live, not die from the attack. Can you help us make it look like she died? But fix her so she is as good as new for me?”

“Child, I assume you speak of the North Man? Am I correct?”

Hunter just nodded his little head at her.

“Very well, I need her clothes stripped from her and I need the bloody clothes to be laid out at the fight sight. Niall I need your help, I need you to place some fairy magic around the sight so that if anyone is snooping they will suspect that she was attacked not only by Fae magic, but the Dae and Weres that were indeed here. Leave the severed arms where they lay. Vampire, I need your blood too, your sister has already given her some blood so we do not want her to give more, I don’t want her to overcook and be turned prematurely. Little one, can you go get me a wet wash cloth, a bowl with water in it and a towel?”

“On it.”

With that Hunter ran off to do his tasks.

“Miss Stackhouse, I have a battered body back at the clinic we can use in your place, she expired about an hour ago. She was in a horrible fight with another Were and she did not make it. She was Packless and without family so I am sure she would be honored to be used in your place. I can drain her of her blood so she does not smell of Were and with the Fae magic no one will suspect anything amiss. Did you want to be interned into the ground?”

I was quite humbled that Ludwig would go to the trouble for me.

“Thank you, Doctor, I would rather be cremated or better yet, die by Viking Pyre. But we can do that here in the yard and then Jason can bury the ashes next to my Gran.”

“Sookie, Eric would be honored that you chose the way of his forefathers. If only we could tell him that you actually did not die.”

“NO, he must believe it. But if somewhere, somehow down the line, like say in a few years he was to find out on his own by someone tracking down whom the Were’s and Dae were and let him know then I would be more than grateful.”

“You have my word granddaughter, they will be found and we will find out who sent them. I will contact the Viking personally upon this knowledge if I am able.”

“Niall, I can tell you it was a king who ordered it but not much more.”

“It is a good start and before we sully the area I will try to get scents.”

As an after thought Niall spoke again, “Vampires you may want to get a hold of Jason so that he is not blindsided by this, you can always glamour him into not remembering that his sister is still alive but I feel he would be heartbroken if he was not allowed to say goodbye.”

“On it.”

When Karin turned around to dial Jason he burst through the front door. He had smelt the blood as he neared Hummingbird Lane and got on the defensive.

“Sook, what the hell?”

But when he saw my battered body he knew what the hell had happened without being told.

I told him what happened and he cried for me but he cried even more because I was going away; he didn’t want to lose me.

He asked Karin to do the schoomy on him to let him remember his sister is still alive but not be able to tell anyone that she was still alive. He asked if I wanted him to raise Hunter and I told him no, that me and my sisters would be doing that. My sister’s would call him every so often just to say hey and that would mean we were all fine. We agreed on what he would be glamoured to remember and what would be hidden away. He told Pam and Karin that Hunter and I were lucky to have them in our lives for love and protection.

Of course in Pam snarkiness, “Who said anything about Love? A breather, seriously?”

Everyone chuckled, even Ludwig.

I loved my brother and it was gonna hurt like hell that I was leaving him and Bon Temps but if I didn’t die there would always be another attempt on my life or another kidnapping.

While the girls got my clothes taken off and lay me down on my bed, Dr. Ludwig had Hunter clean the blood from my face and arms. It gave him something to do while they set the scene up outside.

Jason was going to call Andy and tell him about what he found on my property and to get over there quick because I was dead. Karin would be holding my dead corpse and Jason would be talking to her calmly so that she would turn over my body over to the authorities.

However, Karin would argue with Jason to agree, – in front of Andy-, that my choice would be a funeral pyre and I would not want to be taken off the property. That they would need to do the ceremony tonight, so if he knew of anyone whom would want to attend to say their goodbyes, they needed to gather them up by midnight because that is when the ceremony would start.

Once this was decided upon everyone set out to their tasks; Ludwig retrieved the Were, who so happened to be blonde and about my size.

Pam had contacted de Castro and told him about my death and that she felt that she could not live in Louisiana anymore since she was unable to protect me. That he would need to send a replacement within a fortnight. The funeral would be tonight, that my wish was to be burned on a funeral pyre in my yard.

Desmond Cataliades played by John Goodman

Desmond Cataliades played by John Goodman

Niall called Mr. Cataliades to have the deed to the property changed over to Jason’s name because, -it appeared-, that I had died. Since Jason was only a partial Were we thought it might be a good idea and then uninvited vampires could not enter without an invitation. Pam said she would test the theory later after everything was signed.

Plus he needed to help Hunter and me with our new identities.

Jason had already put the call out to Alcide and Calvin that I had been attacked and killed at my home, and that he needed help in tracking down the aggressors that were on my property. He thought maybe they would be able to track them by the smells they left behind and he needed help building the funeral pyre for my funeral; all the while Karin would not leave my body for anyone to touch, not even Pam.

The only issue was Bill; he would hear all the commotion and get over here lickity split. Or perhaps de Castro would call him to investigate.

Ludwig proposed that she teleport Hunter and I to her clinic where I could be transfused in peace and everything else could be taken care of accordingly. Pam and Karin thought that would be best, on the off chance anyone got into the house that night during the funeral ,they would still be able to smell me and my blood since it now lingered in the house but they would not find a live me.

The only hitch came when Pam made the phone call to Eric.

She said she wanted me there to hear it.

She wanted me hear that Eric, her Maker, still loved me and would never stop for all of his future years.

Pam knew she wasn’t supposed to call him but she figured this one time she would put up with the wrath of the bitch queen; she was leaving the States anyway. But she wanted US to tell Eric, not let him hear it from de Castro or the bitch queen herself.

As we waited for her to call to go through, we could hear people starting to congregate outside to help with what needed to be done. I never knew I was that popular or loved. But I guess a lot of it was out of curiosity that the telepath or ‘Crazy Sookie’ finally got ended somehow.

Niall put up some type of privacy spell around Hunter and me so no one would hear our heartbeats. Ludwig suggested that she go out to speak to Karin and let her know that her sister was calling their Maker so she could be ready to be hit hard from the Maker/Child bond being opened upon his reaction. Plus she needed to tell the officer upon his or her arrival that she pronounced Miss Stackhouse dead from blunt force trauma to the spine and skull. There was nothing she could do to help me live. Whoever beat me up made it hard for me to survive and the trauma to my face and head would make it hard for anyone to look at me directly to see my face. Therefore, he should allow Karin to take care of Miss Stackhouse until the ceremony began.

The call connected and Eric was not happy that Pam called because he did not want her to be punished. She told him she would accept the punishment but she needed to talk to him. She asked, “Was he alone?” His reply was, “No he was already in early court.”

All the better Niall said.

“Master, there was an attack at the farmhouse tonight. Sookie didn’t make it. They killed her.”

The Viking cry and wail that erupted from Eric was bone chilling and I am sure it was heard throughout Oklahoma, in our house as well as outside in my yard. Pam fell to her knees and Karin screamed in agony. Hunter ran to Pam to try to comfort his aunt, but she held her own and tried to give him a sweet smile, she didn’t pull it off. You could hear Jason and Alcide outside trying to comfort Karin.

All Karin could say is “ERIC he is in utter agony upon hearing of Sookie’s death.” Alcide vowed to help find whoever was behind the attack.

The cries from Eric made me cry for my beloved. I didn’t want to lie to him but he needed to believe this. I could feel his agony. I could feel him and I am sure it was due to the girl’s blood inside me but I would keep that to myself. I believe their blood woke up my broken blood bond (on my side at least) with my mate, my love, my husband.

Pam waited for Eric to say something but nothing came out of him; it had seemed like hours but it was only minutes. “Pamela, I need you to take care of her. I need you to find out who killed her. I need to know why Miss Stackhouse was not protected during the day by your king. I need to know now.”

“Master, we can smell, Fae, Dae and Were. She put up a fight; she used her katana to sever the arms off of a few Weres. Alcide and Calvin are outside tracking the scents as we speak. She wanted to be burned on a Viking Pyre, in her backyard, the Authorities here in Bon Temps have agreed to this and it is being built as we speak. The ceremony will be at midnight tonight. Karin and I will look into her death but we cannot stay here, we will be leaving within a fortnight. We lost our friend, our sister; we just can’t stay here any longer. Do you understand why we need to leave?”

“Yes, my child I understand with a heavy heart, I understand. Thank you for calling me, see you in 198 years. Stay safe.”

With that the phone call ended. Ludwig came back in and teleported Hunter and I away.

I was told almost the whole town came out to the funeral. Most of Long Tooth and Hotshot also attended. The vampires from Fangtasia, the ones who had become my friend during and after the Victor debacle came to pay their respect. But most special of them all was that Thalia had come and offered to guard my burning body until the end… She asked to be able to stay permanently on the property after I was gone and Jason granted her wish.

And of course there was the asshole from next door!

He started to cause a problem but Calvin and the Hotshot panthers put an end to it. They surrounded him and told him to be still or he would not live through the attack. He backed down and let things proceed but he was not happy, he still maintained that I was his…

There were curious vampires who tried to get into the house but bounced off. Pam let them know that my house and yard were off limits to them and that my house was signed over to another human in the off chance I met my maker prematurely.

Mr. C had decided it would be best to sign the house over to Michelle Stackhouse, Jason’s wife, so that there were no issues since he was a partial Were. She wouldn’t even have to know that her name was on the deed. All the taxes and such would be taken care of by my estate, which were the monies left over from Claudine inheritance. Mr. C had Michelle invite Pam, Karin and Thalia into the house at the same time that Jason did so that there was no clue to her being the human on the deed.

Niall attended the ceremony as well and when he spoke a few words about his granddaughter he announced that Sookie was of the Royal Fae line and heads would roll for her death. He also issued royal protection for Jason and his family and if anyone dared touched him in any way there would be war. The murmurs from the gathering were a site to be held according to Karin. When they heard what Niall said, all the Supes were in awe that Niall issued the decree and let everyone know that Jason was of Royal FAE Blood. Needless to say Jason was proud as a peacock that Niall finally acknowledged him.

Karin and Pam stayed until the fire died out.

Alcide issued a protection order for the farmhouse and had several Weres patrolling the land.

Right before dawn Pam had another call from de Castro, he wanted to know if all that he heard was true about Niall, the Prince of the Sky Fae and his decree. She said “Yes.” He asked her, “If she had known all along” and she said, “YES.” He asked her if, “Eric knew all along” and she said, “Yes why do you think he took on the extra 100 years to protect the love of his life. He might have been Vampire and she might have been Fae but they were right together, they made sense.”

His last question was one that she knew gave him away to knowing an inkling about the plot to kidnap her. “Will the Viking exact vengeance for those who transpired and/or helped in the attempt to kidnap her which led to Miss Stackhouse’s death? Was Eric told?”

“Yes he was told and I am pretty sure if you were in Oklahoma you would of heard his anguish over her death. I fear for whomever did this to her because they will die a horrible death once he ever finds out who the Fae, Dae and Were were that killed her. Before she passed she started to write KING in the dirt with her katana, but she never finished the name. So all we know is a king was involved. Eric will be contacting you to find out where the protection that was promised for during the day was. Goodnight your majesty, dawn approaches quickly.”

Vampire’s perfect recollection was how I knew what was said during the conversation with Felipe. To be a fly on his wall and see him shitin’ in his pants. But I didn’t have time to worry about that any more, I had to get better and 2 weeks to do it in before we left for Sweden. Mr. C was a godsend during this time; he helped me get my new identity as well as Hunter’s. He helped me get into Eric’s accounts that had been switched over to me before he left for Oklahoma. I felt it was high-handed on his part but you know what, his high-handedness came in handy for me this time.

It made me love him all the more.

End Flashback

Our life was good, we got things moving along, we settled onto the farm, we were introduced to King Peder and then I found out I was pregnant. I was devastated but I could feel the baby and I asked Eric for guidance.

I knew he couldn’t hear me but I felt that talking to him was the best chance of me coming up with an answer.

Hunter asked me to keep the baby, he could already sense her. He wanted a sister. My sisters were a 50/50 split. I was torn to say the least, so it was the night that Ludwig came by to check up on me that I had a heart felt talk with her. She told me the baby was strong and she could sense much Supeness in her which was making her stronger than most. She could sense Fae, Dae and Were and she would be formidable when she grew up.

I made my decision; I was going to keep her despite her being conceived by rape. I could do this since I had not seen or heard it happening to me. I would think of her birth as divine intervention. And not the rape of my attackers.

When Emmalyn was born she was perfect but it was a tough first year. She was a mix of Human, Fae, Dae and Were; we didn’t know what would be her strongest attribute, but we would make sure she knew of all her Supe parts. The mixture was what caused us to have a tough year, her many sides were fighting for dominance within her.

Ludwig had to visit several times to help us out, especially when we would have the roughest days or nights. I prayed to god at least there wasn’t vampire blood in her; -yet-, she would have never made it through her first year of life.

But towards the end of her first year Ludwig suggested we give her vampire blood and maybe the blood would even her out.

Of course it did what she said it would…. Evened her out… Why the hell didn’t we try that sooner?

Pam is the one who donated blood to her and Emmalyn was 100% better; the perfect angel after her small ingestion of blood. She reminded me of Pam as she got older, I blamed the blood.

It was decided that once Emmalyn was old enough to understand she would be schooled in all of her otherness.

As the next year approached us, this is when my sisters convinced me to write and write I did. I would jot down things that had happened in my life, things I wished had happened and my biggest regrets. Pam came up with the idea of me writing a Teen (ager) book by putting my life into a story.

No one would ever believe it was real so we could pass it off as fiction. It was a solid plan so that is what I did for my entertainment besides raising my children for the next three years.

We were going onto our fifth year as being a family and my fourth book, ‘The One Who Got Away’, was due to the editor, as my third book was being release soon, ‘Lies of Deceit’… I had most of the books already written ahead of time (The Pyramid and Maker’s Last Word), I just had to finalize things and get it out to the publisher before I was chewed out by my editor, she was not a nice person but I dealt with her the best I could.

When she got too overbearing King Peder would step in and take care of things for me, he owned the publishing house but I didn’t get special treatment. I told him I didn’t want it. I was unsure if he talked to her or his day guy but I really didn’t care as long as I didn’t have to go to her office. We handled my writing like a ghost writer would and I had limited presence at the publishing house… Peder was a godsend for setting this all up for me; I would never be able to pay him back, but he told me he did not want anything in return but to protect his friends mate.

Life went on.

Hunter still wanted to be called Hunter as his nickname and I told him that was doable. So the only time I was called Claudine was when we were out in the small village south of us or when we ventured into Stockholm.

We had a good life; we were starting into our seventh year of our new lives when things started to change. We had a Were following us around town one day. The children were nervous and suggested we head for Peder’s flat which was made available to us if we felt in danger.

So we went there and hunkered down.

We stayed until nighttime arrived, when we could call Karin and she could get to us. It was around 9pm and we were heading for the ferry to get over to the island when we saw the Were again but this time he was with a blonde girl and we felt more comfortable about him following us.

They approached us and asked if we were Americans. Hunter took the reins, “We were but we are now Swedes, since this is the land of my father. We live out on my momma’s farm.”

The girl said that was nice, “she wishes her father could have joined them for this trip, she was trying to find his home that he had here, but they were having no luck, however, they would keep looking. They found his flat in town and that is where they were staying for the next two months so she had plenty of time to figure out where his larger home was. In the meantime they would be visiting the country until her father could join them or they traveled back to the states.”

Emmalyn asked her, “Who is the guy with you if it’s not your father?”

“Oh this is Jake, he is my guardian on paper but he is actually my guard.”

I could see the ‘UH OH’ moment hit Jake’s face. That was something she should have never said to us or anyone. I have a feeling she would be getting schooled in what to say once they left us. …. Been there done that….

I caught a glimpse of a vampire in her mind but it was blurry, like she needed to hide things from people or from another vampire’s glamour. It was weird to me and the children, they saw the same thing pass through her mind as I did; the both questioned me on it telepathically. I told them we would discuss it later; it was done on purpose, I could tell that much.

It reminded me of what I wished could have been done to me when vampires first came out of the coffin. My life may have been so much different if it could have been done to me, the closest I ever came to being glamoured was when Eric took the pain away from me and told me to let go when I was having the stake removed at Russell’s mansion.

However, if I could have been glamoured then I would have never found Eric.

“Momma, why are you thinking of daddy?”

I had to shake my head a bit, Emmalyn slipped up. Jake caught it too.

“Oh sweetie pie, you know daddy is always on my mind.”

Karin came back to us and told us we needed to get going to make the ferry.

Before we left the young girl introduced herself as Addy so that we would know her name for the next time. We told them we may see them around another time, but we don’t come to the mainland too often.

Karin asked me what was wrong and I told her of the glamour I saw and the Were was upset that Addy spilled the beans about him being her guard not guardian/father. But that in her memories there was a blurry picture of a vampire; it was too hazy for me to figure out whom it was.

She told me we would have to keep our eyes and ears open to make sure they were not a trap or a threat.

I told her I didn’t think they were either but I had my suspicions.

Life went on, a little over two months later we were in Stockholm again and we saw the Were Jake. He was arguing with another Were about the girl.

Hunter walked up to him and asked if he could help.

He said Addy got upset that her father put off coming to Sweden to be with her. She took off after she was told he had gotten delayed in wrapping things up in the States and Addy was not too happy that she could not go back to him. She was quite attached to her stepfather and she missed him terribly.

I caught a glimpse in Jake’s mind. Addy’s mother had died and her stepfather whom was a vampire was given custody of her but it set off a chain of events and he was told to get her out of the states quickly and to NOT come back, he would come for them when it was safe. His boss was going to be pissed that he lost her, he loved Addy like his own daughter, and he had been her guard for 2 ½ years. He was kicking himself in the ass for not leaving the room while he was on the phone with the lawyer.

Hunter ran off immediately and went looking for Addy.

Hunter Nordmann played by Jeremy Irvine

Hunter Nordmann played by Jeremy Irvine

Emma and I stayed with Jake and I told him Hunter would find her, he was a teenager and he knew how she might be thinking. As we walked he asked me how I liked life here. I told him, I missed my mate but I was here to keep my family safe. I was a farmer and a writer and it was a good life. I lived with my children and my sisters and it was everything I needed.

Emmalyn Nordmann played by Maggie Elizabeth Jones

Emmalyn Nordmann played by Maggie Elizabeth Jones

As we were talking and walking Emma latched onto Jake’s hand and told him we would find Addy.

That did it, the connection from Emma had been the catalyst we needed to see into his mind and that’s how I saw into Jake’s mind clearly. He had a type of glamour on his thoughts that held us back from seeing everything before but with Emma’s gift the veil was lifted.

That is when I saw him-the vampire, his employer was ERIC. Oh my god, Eric was coming to Sweden. Addy was his charge, somehow he was given custody of a twelve year old girl. By god what had been happening in this man’s life? Oh my god, that meant that Addy was looking for the farmhouse.

But why?

Oh yeah, Eric didn’t know I was living there but his dotter’s might be and she would be safe with them.

We approached a bookstore and inside we saw Hunter with Addy, they were arguing about something and having a very heated conversation.

I told Jake to wait, let them finish. We would go somewhere private if the conversation needed to continue.

Emma and I could hear everything of course; Hunter was trying to explain to her that her safety would and should come first to her parent(s) before everything else. That is why his father is NOT in HIS Life, though he wishes for it with all his heart and soul. He had not seen his father in over 9 years and Emma has never met him. Addy said she was sorry she was being such a brat; her father had only been in her life for 3 short years and only 1 of them as her father. When her mom passed away, he was given custody and she didn’t see him all the time. Jake took care of her but her time with her father was special and she missed him and their special time. She agreed to stop being a brat and to stop giving Jake a hard time; she needed to apologize for her bratiness and running away from him; she knows it was not a smart move and when her father learns of it he will not be happy with her.

Of course, Jake heard everything with his Were hearing. He was smiling like a loon when the girl approached him to give him a hug.

We left them shortly after their hug and told them if they were ever in Oland to look us up.

We never saw them again after that day in town. I don’t know if they avoided coming to visit us or if Eric called them back to the States. I was just hoping they were all okay. I worried for her and Jake, it reminded me of when Alcide was in charge of taking care of me in Jackson and it all went to shit. I could certainly compare what had happen with me and Eric; to why Eric was getting Addy out of dodge, if the same thing was happening again, it was best. It would make sense if shit was getting out of control and he could not move the chess pieces around to make him feel better about the girl’s safety. He hated variables. Eric always had 3 or more plans for everything. I wonder what plan Addy’s departure to Sweden was.

I am thinking Plan A.

I wonder if the bitch queen had found out about her. If so she could have thought that Addy was a replacement for me and that would have just pissed Freyda off. If it was, Addy needed to stay away from Eric or she would end up dead. I knew if I saw Addy again I would protect her as best as I could, I would protect her like she was one of my own.

If she was Eric’s, she was mine too.

I needed to make a plan. I needed to have it set into place and I needed to talk to Pam and Karin and let them know my suspicions and if we could help them out in anyway.

I had a feeling Mr. C was involved in this somehow and since he was my godfather of sorts I would make him tell me so that I wouldn’t unknowingly set things in motion that I couldn’t stop, I didn’t want to put Eric and/or Addy in harm’s way. I wanted to make sure that neither got hurt from anything I started in motion. I know of the lawyer confidentiality agreement and I am sure that is why he never let on to me that anything was going on but it still hurt that he kept this secret from me, after all we were family.

I mused a bit more and I beat myself up for my selfish thoughts, I knew I was being childish but dammit I was pissed, that he didn’t think to include me in their lives. But then how could he, he was right; I was supposed to be dead.

So there I sat and waited for my sister’s to rise.

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53 thoughts on “Chapter 03: Hanging by a Moment

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    • thanks, i do tend to do well with angst. happy you liked the chapter and yes she was a smart woman finally in how she reared her children, in loving an absent father (i pictured him as being off to war in my mind), until the next post KY

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