Chapter 05, Part 2: What Are You Waiting For

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I was so nervous waiting for the Kings and Karin to return. I just couldn’t let bad thoughts into my brain. I took quick naps in case something happened and I would need to get in charge of any given situation.

It was finally Thalia who approached me and told me I needed to sleep. The Kings and Karin would be fine, Eric would let no harm come to them, she was sure of that.

I told her I understood but with all the brains buzzing around I could not rest, let alone sleep. Pam told her that it helps me to rest when Eric held me, his void or bubble helped me concentrate or keep minds and words out my mind so that I could rest.

I told them it worked because Eric was so old as far as vampires were concerned. His mind was endless for me to hide in.

So what do you think happened next?

I was lifted by Thalia, she laid me in her lap, with my head held by her two strong gentle hands soothing my hair and head, and my feet were resting in Bart’s lap, while he rubbed my calves and ankles. Pam and the children watched in awe as these two older vampires gently held me and calmed me to sleep.

I do not know how long I had slept or what time it was but I had been moved to my room and Thalia was lying beside me and holding my hand as my quiet shield. When I rose from the bed I realized it was afternoon and I had missed most of the day. I gently extracted myself from Thalia grasp and thanked her; I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead before I left the bed. That was the most rested I had been in a few weeks, she didn’t compare to Eric but she was damn close. I loved her more for her thoughtfulness and allowing me to rest beside her. Most vampires would have never done that, especially the older ones.

I met up with Jason and the children, he said he and the Weres were having a good time with them all, no worries there. Bart had offered an opportunity the day before for him, Michelle, and their kids to move to Indiana and be in his retinue. They would find jobs for them doing something but he felt that Jason and his family would be better protected by him and Russell than by a vampire guard in the middle of nowhere.

I couldn’t agree more but it was a decision they would have to make, not me.

I told him I thought it was a good idea and I am sure if he didn’t want to go to Indiana, Mississippi would probably make the same offer to him.

When the vampires rose I thanked them for the sleep help the night before and Thalia said she was honored. We were waiting on a phone call from Russell, Bart was not happy they were delayed even further; he thought that perhaps something went wrong. Pam said she could feel Eric and Karin a bit through their child/maker bond and they were both fine, so something else must be causing the delay.

I looked up and said, “Do we even have to guess its Freyda.”

With that Bart called Russell, he picked up quickly and Russell tried to soothe Bart but it was not helping, Peder finally got on the phone and since Bart had the conversation on speaker we all could hear. Peder explained to us in Swedish that the queen had delayed them and they needed an excuse to leave quickly. Before anyone could say anything Emma started whining to him on the phone in English and demanding his return. Well apparently it worked.

Then it was Hunter who spoke up next to remind her that their father would take care of onkel and faster. That Pam was pacing like a maniac, which she was (just like her father), and we needed to get momma to stop crying.

The crying was tears of happiness and I was pretty certain our Viking heard the phone conversation but I did not know for sure, yet. I would have to ask Karin, Peder and Russell upon their return.

Although I wasn’t certain who could hear me when I told the kids the following, “Emma let Peder go so that he can say goodbye to your daddy.”

I felt a rush of warmth hit my heart which clued me in. Eric heard all of us, Eric knows about us and he seems to be accepting of all of us. I just knew it in every bone in my body. I felt a flush to my heart, did he just send me an emotion, and does he feel me too?

With that I said in a whisper, only the vampires would hear that were listening. ….jag älskar dig min Viking …. (I love you my Viking)…

And that is when I felt it again, but stronger this time, he loves me too…..

I must have said it out loud because I had various vampires looking at me with quirked eye brows.

Oh damn, cats out of the bag now.

I had to explain to them that ever since I had gotten Pam and Karin’s blood after the accident I have been able to feel Eric’s emotions. I knew when he was hurting and that was just before he slept for the day. It hurt me to know how badly he was hurting every day but I did not think he could feel me in return, I believed it to be all one sided. But when I spoke I felt him, his love and how much he adores me. When I told him I loved him the emotion could have bowled me over.

Pam and Bart both said that it was odd it should not work that way. But it was Thalia who said, “When does anything ever work the way it should around Sookie.”

Bubba had the sweetest comment, “I reckin’ its’ because Mr. Eric loves Miss Sookie so damn much.”

I had to agree with Bubba…. That was why; it was as simple as that.

The other vampires had to agree.

It wasn’t long before our gang got back; they filled us in on everything that happened. How they had to speak to Eric in Swedish, Greek or Finnish so that Freyda would not understand. Peder said it was kind of fun to rub her face in it on being an idiot with no foreign language skills.

Karin told me and Pam about the talisman. I told her to stay tuned to the girl we will probably need to help on that front.

Peder and Russell told me that Eric heard what I had said but that they suspected he already knew I was alive, how, they did not know but it might have been Niall since he has allied with his grand–son by marriage to find his grand-daughter’s killers.

This pissed Freyda off to no end.

The following day we said our goodbyes. Jason had decided to go back to Bon Temps until Thalia found a replacement and then he would go visit Russell and Bart again and decide where he wanted to live. He knew until this whole mess was over and maybe even after that he was not safe in Bon Temps, he would need to uproot his family so that they could all be safe.

My brother was finally growing up.

We arrived in Sweden and stayed with Peder for the night. We talked about what ifs and futures to be had. We talked like old friends and family would. I just wondered when Eric would be joining us.

Life was headed back to being normal once again and my last book had come out that very same day. I spoke to my editor for the very last time at Peder’s compound. Apparently she wanted to meet my acquaintance and tell me of the great job I had done with my books but she wanted to do it in person, not through Peder as she always did.

I was shocked to say the very least when she turned around, and Pam and Karin fell to one knee. My editor was the ….. Ancient Pythoness….I was not too sure who had tricked me but she spoke to me with such kindness I didn’t care.

“Nice to see you again my dear, it has been a long time since that dreadful summit. I apologize for pushing you so hard but I needed for you to write from your heart as I knew the Viking would get your books and read them. Believe me, he reads them over and over again. We spoke of one at the last summit and he was shocked that I read them too. I never changed any of your words. You skated by everything nicely that I did not need too. I just wanted you to know that things are coming to a head now and you should stay prepared for his return. Have an open heart when your new child arrives and treat her guard with respect as he will guard your other younglings too. Jake is a very talented Were and strong as an ox even though he is a grizzly. Vampires, he would make a good bed fellow for you if you were so inclined to bed a Were, just give him the chance, but do not break him Dr. Ludwig would not be happy. Peder, my child, make them comfortable for two nights and then they are to return to their home. I have a surprise for them upon their return.”

And with that she was gone with a blink of an eye. What they hell was she that she could pop like a Fairy but was all vampire.

Two nights later we arrived home. There standing on our porch was Thalia. The AP had made arrangements with Rasul to be the guard of my old farmhouse and Jason’s family. He wanted the quiet my farmhouse could give him; Jason gave him permission to make the house light tight and to put in security lights and sirens. Apparently he wanted to keep Bill off the property and was bound and determined to do just that. I know I should have done that long ago but I just never did. Rasul promised to preserve my home and keep it for me. The AP had also made arrangements for her Guardsman’s to stay in Louisiana without swearing fealty to Felipe again and he was not to be bothered with; apparently Rasul was like the AP handmaidens but used for her security when needed. Felipe had promised to leave him be, plus with Russell not being too far away he could always seek refuge if needed.

Things had started coming together nicely for us, now it was just a waiting game for Eric to come home.

How long would that be, I was going to be the longest wait of my life.

My Viking needed to know he meant the world to me and once he was with us I would tell him every chance I got. All these years I wonder why he didn’t make a move on Freyda, why he didn’t control his own destiny, why he abides by that damn contract if he loved me so damn much. But I knew the answer to my questions before I ever asked them of myself, his honor and his pride.

It reminded me of a song I heard while in the states, “What Are You Waiting For” by Nickelback

What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
Are you waiting on a lightning strike?
Are you waiting for the perfect night?
Are you waiting till the time is right?
What are you waiting for
Don’t you wanna learn to deal with fear
Don’t you wanna take the wheel and steer
Don’t you wait another minute here
What are you waiting for?

You gotta go and reach for the top
Believe in every dream that you got
You only living one so tell me?
What are you, what are you waiting for?
You know you gotta give it your all
And don’t you be afraid if you fall
You only living one so tell me?
What are you, what are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for the right excuse?
Are you waiting for a sign to choose
While your waiting it’s the time you lose
What are you waiting for?
Don’t you wanna spread your wings and fly?
Don’t you wanna really live your life?
Don’t you wanna love before you die?
What are you waiting for?

You gotta go and reach for the top
Believe in every dream that you got
You only living one so tell me?
What are you, what are you waiting for?
You know you gotta give it your all
And don’t you be afraid if you fall
You only living one so tell me?
What are you, what are you waiting for?

Tell me what your waiting for
Show me what your aiming for
What you gonna save it for?
So what you really waiting for?

Tell me what your waiting for
Show me what your aiming for
What you gonna save it for?
So what you really waiting for?
Everybody’s gonna make mistakes
But everybody’s got a choice to make
Everybody needs a leap of faith
When are you taking yours?

You gotta go and reach for the top
Believe in every dream that you got
You only living one so tell me?

And so on the words go, but the words were so true for myself, why did I hold back, why I didn’t get word to him before, why did I make him suffer through my death. What was I waiting on, Hell to freeze over? So many mistakes, so many years of waiting and wanting. Again excuses, so many excuses and one HUGE mistake that was going to be rectified as soon as I was able.

I loved my husband more than life itself, more than me hating the bond we once shared and I had broken it like an idiot.

I needed to fix a lot and it would start with my children and their father’s new charge, I did not want hurt feelings to occur, I would make sure that did not happen again.

Before anything new came about and got in the way I needed to sit the children down and speak to them about Addy. We needed to make her and Jake comfortable whenever they finally showed up to our home; they would be part of our family now. Addy would be our middle child but loved none the less since she has had such a rough life.

I spoke with everyone as a whole and Bubba was the first one to speak. “Miss Sookie, I will protect her just like little Emma, if that’s okay with yous?”

“Of course Bubba and I am sure Thalia feels the same way as you.” Thalia nodded.

“Now we need to start to set up her room so that she has a place to stay when she arrives, she can change it to her liking when she gets here. Plus we need to make sure Jake is taken care of too, he can have the corner room unless he wants to stay in the out building but that can be decided later.”

Pam spoke next, “Since we do not know her size or likes is there a way to get them?”

“Yes we can discreetly ask Mr. C. as he is aware of the child as is Niall but he is in fairy and we cannot get a hold of him at this time.”, stated Karin, ” I will place a call to Mr. C.”

We all knew we had roles to play and Pam was all set to go shopping with Emma’s help. I hoped this kept us occupied until our patriarch finally came home.

I missed my husband.

I missed my bond.

I missed feeling everything from my love/best friend/mate/lover.


Life went back to normal for the next two months and that is when Niall appeared in Freyda’s court. He not only had Fae guards but the Were, the Vampire council and the AP.

Oh heads were gonna role.

The anticipation was immense and I loved every minute of it, especially when Freyda got upset with them that they appeared unannounced in her court.

The AP spoke first. “Freyda Queen of Oklahoma, sit down before I behead you before a verdict is declared.” But of course she did not do that, she dropped fang on the AP and went to strike her.

It was the Fae guards that reacted first. They had thrown silver lassos around her neck and legs bringing her to the ground. Damn that was an awesome sight.

“Freyda, do you plan on making it a mockery while we hand down justice? If so I will have the Viking behead you right now for your crimes against his bonded/mate/wife before you hear the charges against you.”

“I did not do anything. The Were is a liar. I don’t even know who he is or why he is spreading such lies about me? I know nothing about that bitch’s death.”

Niall was next to speak, “Freyda be careful how you speak of my great-granddaughter, she would not think kindly of you speaking ill of her.”

“What the fuck does that matter, the fairy-hybrid cunt is dead and good riddance. She deserved to die, she held his heart”, pointing at me, “far too long. She needed to be eradicated from this world and I for one am happy I helped with it.”

Before she could stop herself she had realized what she had said and let the cat out of the bag herself.

Stupid ass bitch.

Niall glared at her as did the council of her peers. The AP gave out a very humorous chuckle. It was eerily scary, however glorious to me ears.

“Freyda Queen of Oklahoma, you will be put to death for the attempted kidnapping and death of a Fae Princess, you will be stripped of your throne and your belongings will go to your consort as payment for taking away his life by a contract that should have never been upheld. By attempting to kidnap and kill his mate and wife. For being a very stupid vampire that should have never been able to procure a throne … YOU youngling, have no know how at all on how to run a Queendom nor maintain a relationship that is only being carried out through a farce. North Man do you have anything to say before her and the Were are put to death in this court?”

I looked at Niall and the vampire council and then the AP. They all nodded with my unspoken words. Freyda did not catch the AP’s words but I did, they all knew MY SOOKIE was alive. I would be able to tell the child queen before me my love lives and she can do NOTHING to us now.

Before I could say something, the bitch spoke, “Why does he get to speak I should be able to defend myself from whatever the Were has stated. I did nothing wrong but protect what is mine by contract.”

“Enough you petulant cunt, did you not hear her WORDS or are you that daft. My Sookie IS NOT DEAD. She is alive and well, she thwarted her captures, she won. Y.O.U. D.I.D. N.O.T … MY wife, my love, my mate is alive and well and I will be reunited with her soon and with the blessings of this council and her grandfather Niall. Did you honestly believe I would have E.V.E.R love you and this life. You are nuttier than a fruit cake if you believe that. I have always loved my wife and bonded, yes BONDED, you failed at killing that too. I can still feel my wife and I know she loves me dearly, -(I could not feel her but Freyda did not need to know that, I heard her words and that was enough for me)-, I only wish that she did not have to be put through what you and Arizona put her through. But MY HUMAN as you so often called her even outsmarted you, a vampire queen. The world would be a better place without you in it. Good riddance.”

She balked at my words and the only thing that escaped her lips was, “HOW.”

“It does not matter how Freyda, what matters here is your hand in the attempt and for that you will be put to death here today in this court.”

Niall spoke up and said that he had someone outside the room that he would like to bring in. We waited and Felipe was brought in. He was not aware what had transpired but I am sure by my gleeful look he could figure it out.

“de Castro we are aware you had nothing to do with the attempted killing of the Fae Princess Sookie Stackhouse. For that and the blackmailing you were under from Freyda we will offer a monetary payment of 5 million dollars to be taken out of the state’s coffers. The rest of the money and property will become payment to the Viking. Is there anything you need for us to know before sentence is dealt to a monarch for her treachery?”

Felipe looked at me and then Niall, “Did you say attempted? She lives? You lucky bastard.”

“Yes Felipe de Castro the fae-hybrid princess lives and as of this moment is under council protection and if any other monarch or underling attempts to take her or use her without the knowledge of her bonded mate Eric Northman, more heads will roll then the two tonight.”

“Northman I am happy for you. I thought the bond was broken? But you know what, I do not care, I am just happy she is alive and hopefully she will come back to my state and live out her life unharmed and protected in her home. I do not know if you know this but Rasul has been granted permission to live there protecting her home and her brother. It was not needed since the brother was outed as a FAE Prince and no harm will come to him in my state.”

“Majesty it does not matter if the bond was broken or not, just know that NOTHING will come between us ever again. I will let her know when I get to her what you have said about her home and protection. However we will be staying in an old friend’s territory where we will not be bothered and we will be better protected than by any other monarch. As for her brother, know this, he has a lot of friends in high places now, so all Supes need to be careful that not a drop of his blood is spilled when it concerns the elder Stackhouse. Mistress once this is carried out whom will be the new monarch of this state, I do not want it, and however I do not want to see it go to the wolves either. I want the vampires that I trained to be well taken care of with respect by a worthy monarch.”

If on cue in vamped Jonathan Velasquez King of Texas, with my daemon guard Diantha at his side.


“Quite well thank you and will I be surprised to see your Uncle soon?”

“NoPe.” Popping the P like Sookie always did, gods I miss her… Soon my love soon.


“So Sookie has had his blood.”


“Very nice to have family is all facets of life-forms.”

“YuP.” Again popping that P.

The AP got everyone back under control with a stern look and then proceeded, “I hereby decree the death of Freyda ex-queen of Oklahoma and Dixon Cross Were of Oklahoma for the plotting and then carrying out of the kidnapping of one Sookie Stackhouse, fae-hybrid, Sky Fae princess and bonded mate of Eric the North Man (with that she winked at me, so she knew). Your heads will be taken by the Council representative, Desmond Cataliades, who is also the god-father of Sookie Stackhouse and who is now also under the protection of the Daemons Council as well. Proceed.”

I didn’t have to ask, de Castro beat me to it why the Dae council gave her protection but if what Diantha said was true Sookie had Dae in her all her life it would make sense. But why did none of them ever choose to protect or guide her before now?

“She is Dae also.”

“YuP.” Diantha said while popping the P.

“Your bonded is quite the unique piece of work Northman.”

“YuP.” As I popped my P like the girls.

With that Desmond turned and bowed to me and then Niall.

Very quickly he took the Were’s head off. Looked at Freyda and told her death was too good for her, that Sookie deserved to see her rot in hell but beheading will have to do. It was quick and I am sure not painless. I saw Freyda turn to me, trying to speak, I didn’t care for what she had to say and I will now never know. Her death was quick but not before I saw her head rolling across the floor towards Niall feet with her mouth held open in an “O” form before it started to disintegrate into sludge.

Justice was served. Bowling for Supes once again…. Anyone….

Now how to get back to my Sookie and our family?

Things moved rather quickly for the rest of the night. Jonathan was sworn in by the council since they were there. I watched the Vampires and Weres that I had trained swear fealty to a good king. I knew he would do them right. Felipe offered his help to Jonathan as an alliance of sorts. I didn’t care about the details; they would figure it out without my help.

I spoke with Desmond and Diantha and asked them to come to Sweden with me. Desmond said he would meet us there in a months’ time, he needed to get things wrapped up here in the states, and a change of scenery would do him well.

I called Jake while I was in my room; told him to meet me in Stockholm in four days’ time, we were going home to Sookie. It was then that I had to explain to him that Sookie’s death was all a ruse and that Ludwig apparently had a part in it as did many other vampires and Supes. He told me I was a very lucky vampire/man to get a second chance and I told him I knew it be the truth.

I spoke to Addy quickly and told her of her new family that was waiting for her in Sweden. I did not want her to be blindsided by everyone. I told her of her vampire sister’s, her new brother and sister and her vampire guards and then of course Peder. I explained the dynamics to her as best as I could but Jake would have to fill her in on everything.

She was happy to have a family and was excited to know that she already knew them. She thought they would get along famously. I told Jake after I ended my conversation with Addy, that I wanted him to stay on as a guard for all the children. I told him he was a trusted Were and I would appreciate it if he stayed on in my employee. He said that he would be honored to stay and be a family member.

Things were coming along nicely and I wanted out of Oklahoma as soon as I could. I was able to pack my things and say my goodbyes while everyone was still in the open ballroom which held the nightly court meetings.

I approached Jonathan and told him I was ready to leave. He asked me if I wanted anything from the compound. I told him the only thing I could think of was to destroy my damn courtesan throne.

He approved my request and at the same time he took Freyda’s throne outside with him too, it was a gaudy thing. I hovered about 25 ft. up in the air with my throne in my right hand, ready to drop it when Jonathan asked if he could hitch a ride up. I swooped back down and brought him up with me. On the count of three we threw those damn chairs at the ground and watch them be obliterated.

Before we started our descent I watched Desmond light his hands up with a red orb and pitch it at the broken splinters of chairs.

“I couldn’t have you getting killed by a splinter, Sookie would kill me.”

We all laughed every damn one of us. It was cathartic and it made me miss min kära all the more. I turned to Jonathan and said my goodbyes and he said, “Until we meet again Viking, you are always welcome in my territories.”

I was getting ready to leave when the AP spoke up and told me that I needed to go to Shreveport and speak with the Packmaster there and let him know of the ruse. He was a great help at the funeral and would be upset not to know the truth before the gossip made its way to him.

I told her I was already headed for Bon Temps to check in with Stackhouse but because of the hour I would have to find a place to go to ground.

Her response, “Rasul is waiting for you.”

With that I nodded my thanks and headed for the garage where my cherry red corvette was stored. I believe I will leave it with Rasul to take care of. I would need it if I ever paid Bon Temps a visit in the future. I would make certain a garage was erected on the property for that car and others. I am sure Rasul would appreciate storing his vehicle instead of parking it by the back of the house.

As I sped away I mused about my love.

How would I approach her?

What would I say?

Would she be accepting of me and my new charge/daughter?

I knew we had many things to talk about and everything would be taken care of, handled and spoken about in due time.

I needed to gather the Were’s up that helped Jason out, that included Long Tooth and Hotshot.

I needed to speak to the vampires who still lived in the area that cared about my lover.

I needed for them to hear the news from me not a damn gossip network.

I knew I could make it to Shreveport in 5 hours at the rate I was driving but I wanted to speak to them before my day rest.

As I drove I texted Stackhouse, Norris and Herveaux and let them know I needed them at the farmhouse at 5:30 am to talk. I needed them there without fail. They could bring whomever they liked, I had news and I wanted them to hear it from me. Not the damn gossip network.

I called Russell and let him know it was over but I would still appreciate it if he could watch over Jason. It was then that he told me Jason would be moving to Indiana and be in Bart’s retinue and protected by them both. Felipe may not have been involved in Sookie’s kidnapping but he still didn’t trust him keeping Jason and his family safe. He owed her from Rhodes and this was his way to repay her in kind.

I told him of the events that happened and he told me his jet would be ready and waiting for me in Shreveport tomorrow at 8 pm and it would take me to Stockholm. But he had a favor to ask of me. He had bought some items for the children that he wanted me to take with me and give to them; the items were from him and Bart. They had become attached to them in less than three days. And if it was okay with me, they would like to come vacation with us the following summer. I told him Yes on all accounts and that he and Bart could stay at the house or in my flat in town.

He said the flat would be best so they could make some noise.

Guh, I did not need that imagery in my mind…. What does Pam call it…. Brain bleach. Yes that is what I need now to kill those images.

As I sped to BonTemps, I texted Rasul to let him know I was on my way. He told me he had already contacted some of the vampires in Shreveport that were in my retinue and they would be waiting for me at 5:30 am with the Weres.

I asked him how he knew all about the meeting and his one words answer, “Mistress.”

I guess once you are a handmaiden or security guard of the ancient one, you are always one. I wonder if he still does work for her.

As I got closer I put my thoughts into words so that I could answer questions quickly for everyone after I made the announcement. As I was pulling up onto Hummingbird Lane I noticed there were multiple cars parked out on the road and even a squad car, interesting.

I drove up the driveway and noticed that even Compton was in attendance, I was unsure who called him but I guess it was best he heard it from me that I WON and he LOST again.

Rasul led me to park on the side of the house.

Jason met me at the car and asked me if everything was golden. I told him yes and I would be heading home tomorrow night.

He congratulated me and gave me a brief man hug. He told me to take good care of his sister and the little ones. So the fucker knew, damn how had they kept him from spilling the information to anyone that asked?

As if he read my mind, “glamour dude, glamour.”

I chuckled; it read Pam all over it. She must have allowed him the knowledge to know she was alive but unable to talk about it. It was a perfect plan and not many could get through a glamour such as that. Beautifully done.

As we were walking to the front porch more seemed to show up to hear the news I had to offer. But Jason told me that he saw my daughters when he was at Russell’s while Sook was visiting. Damn, so how many knew before then and how did they keep their Weres from gossiping.

Again as if he was reading my mind, “We called her Claudine and she wore a brown wig and brown contact lenses with glasses, no one knew it was her except the uns’ who need to know. Dontcha know that vamper Bubba went back with her and so did that Thalia chick who was here stayin’ in Sooks home. She left a few weeks ago. She was happy to go too; you could see how much she loved Sook and the kids. I kinda miss her. But that Rasul dude is cool enough. We gets along pretty good now.”

“Jason if you need anything you can call us or call on Rasul he will help. But if you need to run contact Russell or Bart immediately. They will get you to somewhere safe.”

“Yeah I knows’ they gave us all kinds of phone numers’ in case we needed them during the days too.”

“Good I am glad. Now let us get this over with so the humans and vampires can go to their rest.”

I climbed up the old porch steps I had thought I would never step foot on again. It was first of many homecomings. I turned around and Herveaux asked me, “what was up, why the gathering.”

I wanted to put this in the simplest terms for the humans so that they could understand. I knew if anyone would be pissed it would be the humans, the Supes would understand.

But before my first word was uttered, Niall popped in by my side. With that a small murmur started amongst the Supes and the humans were slacked jawed for a better word. They had never seen a fairy pop, well now they did.

Niall stood beside me and I nodded at him, he hugged my shoulder tightly and told me to proceed but called Jason to his side.

“As you all know 9 years ago Sookie Stackhouse was attacked here at her home, she was beaten, raped (with that there was a gasp, apparently no-one knew) and left for dead. A ruse or white lie was told of her death. In fact Sookie does live but she has been tucked away safely until her attackers were caught and dealt with appropriately. I know many of you are thinking why the game of lies. Well she was protecting herself and her two children,-which many of you did not know she had-, from the people trying to abduct her. My son and my daughter have been well take care of by her and I mean to meet up with them shortly. However, the person you grieved for in place of Sookie, passed away that night and the Were was given a honorable funeral. Herveaux, Norris, she was a pack less Were and was killed that very same night so your grief was warranted. She will be honored with a plaque erected in the tree line with her name on it so all will remember her and her sacrifice and how she helped with the lie to continue. Sookie was attacked by 8 men, she fought them off the best she could, and those 8 plus the two behind the plot are no longer living and will never be an issue again. Many may think that harsh but supernatural laws are different than human laws and they were all handled quickly and discreetly. Now for the reason I am telling you about this. Supernaturals gossip worse than a room full of woman, you would have heard about this tomorrow and I wanted you all to hear the truth from me so there are no fabrications. Sookie and our children will live out of the country but from time to time we may come back to the states to visit, I know she misses many of you. So with that being said, my friend Rasul here will be living at the farmhouse and I believe we have another lined up to live in Jason’s home upon his departure. For those in the supernatural world Oklahoma has a new monarch and it is Joseph Velasquez King of Texas and now Oklahoma, pay him the respect you would any other. He has my full support if ever needed. I believe that is everything I think you need to know if there are any individual question please come forward and ask.”

I let Jason field the human questions; they were simple ones, mostly about his leaving but all let him know they were happy his sister was still alive.

Niall and I on the other hand dealt with the Supes. They had numerous questions but most were happy to hear that the telepath and friend of the pack was still alive. Alcide told me to tell her he missed her and to call him when she got the opportunity, Calvin said the same thing but he said he wasn’t holding his breath.

The vampires of course asked questions about how I got away and how I had children. I told them Niall helped me get away from Oklahoma and magic for my children. I think they didn’t question the magic part since a fairy prince was standing to my left and I was not draining him dry. If they only knew it has nothing to do with FAE magic but the magic of the heart.

As most had left Compton finally appeared before me and asked me where his Sookie was living so he could visit. It was not me but Niall who answered him with a hiss.

“It would behoove you to stay away from my grand-daughter. She is healthy and fine without your interference. Do not try and track her down because if you do I am sure her vampire guards would surely kill you.”

Bill glared at both of us. But before he walked away he vomited out these words that were meant to be harsh but only made me chuckle.

“I will be waiting for her to come to her senses Eric and when she does I will be waiting. Be damned your children, they cannot protect her like I can.”

“Bill, Bill, Bill, the vampire guards are not my children but Thalia and Bubba. Do you really think those two will EVER let you near her? They know your history with her and how you hurt her over and over again. Do not push Billy Boy or you will be dead. Truly dead.”

With that he vamped off.

“My-son when do you leave?”

“I leave tomorrow night by Russell’s plane. I will be by her side in three more nights. I need to collect Addy and Jake and then go by to collect the rest of my family.”

“Then I will visit in a months’ time once everyone has settled in.”

And with that he was gone.

I turned to Jason and bid him a good day and he left saying he would call next week to check up on everyone.

I chuckled, that boy was so simple but always seems to have something extra going on. I suspect he had more FAE in him than previously thought and maybe being a bitten Were brought it out in him. Like my blood had enhanced Sookie’s faeness….Only time would tell.

I turned to Rasul and asked him where I would be sleeping. Apparently Thalia had made the whole farmhouse light tight before he moved in. But he was still going to have a safe room installed just in case; you could never be too safe. He told me to take whatever room I wanted as he didn’t care yet until he settled in.

I chose Sookie’s old room, our room. It was going to be a blissful night.

Or so I thought.

As I lay on the bed I was reminiscing about the good times and the bad times that we had shared in this house and in Shreveport. I don’t know when I went into downtime but apparently I did.

I dreamt, I know vampires do not dream, but I dreamt none the less. I was walking down a long path of my mistakes with my Sookie at my side, we saw all that we needed to fix and all that was that made us, US.

As I walked I held her hand and for the first time we truly talked since the time I had amnesia, I was her Eric again and we talked about everything. However she stated that we had a long road ahead of us, a long road to find our true happiness and a long road ahead of us to meld our family into one. She stated that even though her children loved me even growing up without me there, there will still be issues in our path that we would need to decide upon together. No mother vs father, I couldn’t be all high-handed with the children, it would never work and they would rebel. Therefore her biggest concern was how Addy would fold into the already made family. Emma and Hunter would accept her but would she be able to accept them. Would she be able to live by the rules already set for the other children or would she rebel and pit YOU against ME.

Her concerns were valid and I told her as long as we worked as a team there would be no issues. There would be no pitting, just love and understanding.

I told her that I believed Addy would do just fine when folded into the family; she was looking forward to it. I told her Jake was a great addition as a guard and between him, Thalia and Bubba we would not have a care in the world.

She had been outed as being alive but she also carried the protection of the FAE, DAE and Vampire council. She could not be better protected.

She told me she still had her concerns but she knew that her fierce husband would protect them all or die trying.

I told her that was a fact and min två döttrar would be just as fierce and loyal, plus living in a territory where my friend and ally was king was another plus.

I told her we were set for life, our life and she said she couldn’t be happier and would see me in two nights.

I woke up feeling refreshed, is what the humans would have called it, I was never happier and I remembered my dream. Did my love come to me or was it just a dream? That I would never know, but I would NOT question what I was told and learned from said dream.

My dream told me to be a great father, a loving father and to care for, cherish and love my wife. All the rest would come into the fold in due time and as long as we worked as a team we would be invincible.

I gathered my belongings together and waited for the sun to lower so that I could get to the airport on time to travel to my family.

I knew first, however, that I needed to thank Rasul again for everything he did and we would come visit him soon enough.

I needed to call Russell and thank him for the use of his plane to get to my family.

I needed to call Jake and let him know to meet me at the flat tomorrow night.

I needed to call Peder to let him know I would be coming and living in his territory for as long as my wife wanted to stay.

And last but not least I needed to prepare myself for rejection from the children and/or my wife. I had a feeling this was going to be a piece of cake.

I made my phone calls and was greeting with pleasantries and no worries, always there if you need me. It was surreal, everything was falling into place. I knew that something had to go wrong, when everything is fine and peaceful; there is always a piece of the pie that gets overlooked.

I just had to wait it out to see what it is.

I arrived in Stockholm ahead of schedule, even when the plane stopped over at Heathrow Airport to refuel we made it into Stockholm at 10 am the following morning. The crew was told to guard my coffin until nightfall where I would be met by King Peder and his guards; they would then take me to his compound (which was really an old refurbished castle) and talk. He would have me home in plenty of time to fall to my day rest and for me to be able to get to Sookie the following night.

This all worked out perfectly until I walked into the compound and I was met by my daughter Addy running towards me and her guard not too far behind her. Apparently they have been visiting for a few days. The AP had gotten word to the Were to high tail his ass to Peder’s compound and be waiting for my return there. I wanted to speak to Peder but Addy was not having any of that.

She wanted my full attention.

So I gave her all of it until she fell asleep, once asleep I was able to talk to my friend and swear fealty to him.

We talked until the morning and I day rested at his compound since I did not need to go back to my flat. What I needed was already with me and Jake had a car so there was no need for me to retrieve another.

We said our goodbyes to Peder and he said he would see us soon since he often visited my daughters and their humans…. He snickered when he said ‘humans’ but it was for their protection I am sure.

As we drove across town Addy let me know that she was excited to meet everyone again.

She was excited to have a brother and sisters.

She was always an only child and the closet sister she had was Diantha. I told her I was happy she had Diantha in her life she was truly a gift for us all.

She told me that she was happy I was getting My Sookie back, but would Sookie accept her as her child even though they were not blood. I told her she did not have to ever worry about Sookie, that she has a big heart that accepted everyone even with their many faults. She accepted me more times than I deserved and I would show her how much she truly meant to me for the rest of our lives together.

Her last questions nerved me a little bit because I did not know the answer, YET, “Father do you think she will be with you forever? Do you think she would want to be a vampire?”

“Why do you ask min dotter?”

“Oh because I thought about it and if you were to ask me once I was old enough I think I would want you to turn me. I never want to lose you and I don’t want to get old and gray and saggy.”

Both Jake and I chuckled. I told her, “Addy if what you want is to be turned when you are MUCH older than we will discuss it again but first you must live a good life and find love. Your true love might be around the corner and you never know it if I turned you too early on a whim, you might never find him or her. We will table this discussion for later.”

“Okay father, I will ask Sookie later what she thinks about it so I get a good idea from both sides.”

I just looked at her and shook my head. I have another stubborn one on my hands, Sookie, Pam, Karin, Addy… please tell me Emma will be a sweet innocent loving, NON-stubborn child. Please Odin help me out on this one.

“Father what do I call her?”

“Well you can call her Sookie, of that I am sure, but I am sure she will think of you as her child so mother, momma, mom, mor, mader. But I think that is a question to ask her. I believe Hunter and Emma call her momma and I think she will like that just fine.”

“Okay I am looking forward to being in the farmhouse that we could not ever find. Why was that JAKE?” Before he could answer I did.

“That was because I told him not to go there since my vampire daughters lived there and I didn’t know how they would take the reception of your intrusion. They had been grieving Sookie and I thought it best to leave them alone. Can you understand this?”

“Sure, they didn’t know about me and me just showing up might have made them mad.”

“I don’t think they would have been mad, I think bewildered is more the word to use here. I had not told them about you yet and you claiming you were mine would have made them suspicious,”

“Oh I get it father I do, I would be mad too the more I think about it.”

As we got on the ferry to go over to the island, I spoke to both Jake and Addy.

“Once we arrive I need for you two to wait in the car until I come out and get you. However, if the children are anything like my mate they will come out first to retrieve you and if they do accept their word and follow them back in. Remember besides my vampire daughters there are two other vampires on the property, one is Bubba, he is a gentle soul and the other is Thalia, she is as old as I am and very fearsome to her foes but I think you will capture her heart Addy just like my Sookie did.”

“Eric do you mean the Thalia that is old as dirt and never smiles. That Thalia?”

“Oh yes it is Jake, my Sookie won her heart through her kindness and Thalia offered herself to come over here to protect her once she knew she was alive. You see Sookie never treated any supernatural being any different than a human and for that she won many a hearts and their loyalty. You will see soon enough.”

We had crossed the water quickly and were making our way to the house. Jake and Addy were in awe of the old shithole but I loved it. It appears my love had added to it and made it livable for all of us. There was a new outbuilding which looked like a small cottage and a barn that looked like it could hold many animals.

She made my home hers and I was very proud of her.

I spoke quickly. “I did not tell her we were coming. I wanted it to be a surprise so let me go in and talk to her first and like I said before; wait for me to come get you or the children.”

“Eric do you think it was wise not to tell her that we were coming.”

“Jake if she is as good as she has always been with her telepathy she already knows we are here.”

With that I was out the car door and walking slowly up the new cobblestone walkway. I was marveling at all her additions and adjustments. I did love everything she did.

Okay the time is now that I need to get a hold of myself and not storm in and grab her and call her mine.

I need to do this the right way.

I first opened my bond to my children to let them know I was near.

I sent a feeling of lust and love to my bonded even though she could not feel it.

I took a deep breath and let it out.

My hand was raised in the air to knock but before..…..before I could knock I heard from within the sweetest voice I had ever heard.

My wife.

“Hunter can you get the door please?”

“Who is it momma, I feel a strange void?”

“It’s your father, please let him in.”


I knew that void anywhere and it made me smile, he finally made it back to me.

I had heard the Were’s thoughts and his nervousness. I heard Addy’s nervousness through her words to Eric and her guard.

But most of all, I felt the lust and love sent to me by My Viking.

So what did I do?

I answered Hunter’s question.

“It’s your father, please let him in.”

Before he could get to the door, Emma was running to her father.

She was at top speed and I knew she would not hurt Eric but I was unsure if she would hurt herself.

All I heard from her lips was, “Daddy you finally came home. I missed you and I love you. Pick me up please you are too tall and I want to see your pretty face.”

“Min dotter, you must be my Emma?”

“Of course I am silly, who else would I be?”

“Maybe you are a mini-Pamela? Or a mini-Karin?”

“I am a mini-me…. I have had Aunt Pammy’s blood a lot, but I am my own girl!”

“Of course you are and will you introduce me to this young man.”

“Yes, that’s Hunter, you already know him, and he said that he hasn’t seen you since he was little but you are his daddy too, just like you are mine! And just so you know he has had Aunt Karin’s blood many times he has.”

“Oh is that so and who has your mother had blood from?”

“Her sisters, Aunt Pam and Aunt Karin! It helps her with the bond she shares with you still. I hear her think that she can feel you sometimes, when you go to rest during the day like our aunties do. But she doesn’t like it when we listen in because she gets sad when she thinks of you and how much she misses you, buts Hunter and I know hows she really feels.”

“She has a bond with the girls not me it seems”

“Oh no daddy she just feels you, the aunties haven’t had her blood. Just you.”

“How have you become so smart my little one?”

“Oh, it’s because I am a Nordmann. Mommy says I act just like my daddy sometimes and thats’ you…. Why did it take you so long to come see me? I missed you.”

“I had loose ends to tie up and that is finished now so I am all yours.”

“Oh no not just me daddy, you are Hunter’s, Pam, Karin’s and our new sister Addy. Where is she? I want to welcome her home.”

“Well min lilla flicka, she is out in the car with Jake waiting for my okay to approach.”

“Puts me down please, I take Bubba out with me and Hunter to bring them in. You stay with momma. I can feel Auntie’s coming back, they will be here soon.”

“Yes min lilla flicka, off you go. I also feel my girls getting closer. They feel very happy and content.”

With that being said, Bubba made his appearance and took Emma’s hand to take her outside. But before he left he turned to Eric, “Howdy Mr. Eric we can catch up later. I want yous’ okay too on protecting the litle’ uns.”

“No worries Bubba, I have a feeling you will be a perfect guard for them.”

“Ohs’ I ams, I loves it here and Miss Thalia came with me too and we take care of thems all. Miss Thalia protects Miss Sookie more than anyone else. Never lets her out of her sight unless she is feeding which is where she went with Miss Pam and Miss Karin. Ills’ feeds later when the litle’ones gos’ to sleep.”

“Very well Bubba, you go ahead before Emma gets mad at you.”

And off they went but not before Hunter walked over to Eric and hugged him with a giant bear hug and told him he was happy he was finally home, he missed him very much ever since that night in the spare room at the farmhouse.

“I missed you too min son. I missed you too.”

I think Eric was a little overwhelmed because when I looked at him, I saw blood tears rimming his eyes. I was happy for him, he finally knows what it means to be loved by many and those many want nothing in return but his love back.

I was brought out of my musings by Eric’s deep sexy tone.









“I Love You min kära.”

“As I Love You min man.”

“For Eternity.”

“That could be arranged when the children get old enough.”

“Are you sure my love, but your sun?”

“I have never been more sure in my life, I want forever with you. I am so sorry I wasted so much of our time together.”

“No more sorrier than I.”

“Marry me again Eric, forever this time.”

“I will on one condition my love?” I nodded in response. “I want it all so no one can take you away. Human marriage, pledging, blood exchange, Fae and Dae blessings….. Everything Sookie or nothing at all.”

“Everything My Warrior, My Love, My Viking, My Sex God….. Everything.”

“I love you My Fairy Minx, like no other.”

“As I love you.”

With that I pulled him into my arms and felt his love push its way through to me. I smiled up at him and said.

“Eric, I love you and I did what I did to keep all of us safe. You can call me high-handed if you would like to. I took a page out of your play book after all. I only thought of our future’s and I wanted to make sure we all had one, together if ever possible, but a future none the less.”

“Sookie, what can I possibly say. You had me at I Love You.”

“You could say, we have always been and will always and forever be, ‘Meant to Be’.”

The End

Author’s Note: I am sure you are saying well damn, I want more. The chapter, as I said before, was a bear that turned into a beast. I took things out and added things back in that should be there. There was a timeline issue that I corrected. I took out the part of all the family being together and their reunion, it made the chapter even longer. That being said, I may do a sequel or outtakes of this story since everyone seems to like it thus far. Will see if Eric hounds me again on this one as I work on my other stories or leaves me alone.  Thanks for reading…. KY

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  2. Too much temptation! After reading a really bad essay, I needed some literary therapy! Very nice “ending,” which I hope isn’t really the end. 🙂 I’ll give you the same sequel/outtakes chant you give me on occasion!


  3. *sniff* what a great ending for everyone. so sweet. Freyda deserves what she got and then some. wouldn’t mind a sequel or an outtake or two. 😉
    thank you for the wonderful story. 🙂

  4. I loved this ending, it was perfect and so them! I hoped Eric hounds you for a sequel as I’d love to see how they’re doing as a family or when the kids grow up. Great story all together, I loved it;)

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  8. Wonderful ending –as it should have been. Hear that, CH? As it should have been. You would have sold a boatload of books if you had not misjudged your fans……

  9. Absolutely perfect chapter! I’m not gonna call it an ending because I’m really, really hoping Eric hounds you enough for outtakes and/or more, lol 😉

    • lol, thanks yes Eric tends to lead me to where he wants me to write and i have to follow his lead. There was enough extracted from this last chapter to be the start on an outtake chapters or two. KY

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    • thank you for your kind words, yes a great family to be involved with that has many other facets that care also. i will let you all know what happens to outtakes. KY

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