Chapter 02: It’s Not Over

It's not over

In the following weeks we saw each other on Sunday’s religiously (no pun intended) and discussed our newest book, ‘Bowling for Supes’.

It again had so many similarities to my life with Sookie. What had happened at the queen’s residence, monastery and the war of two monarchs. It also had the Were, John, being told about their moments together but his denying that it happened, he doesn’t do feelings. He was a loner and wanted to stay that way. The more I thought about it, it made me think that the Were was Quinn, he was an idiot but I was the one who had amnesia but they couldn’t list me as a character they would get caught by my enemies.

It was uncanny that the similarities were there and I thought maybe whomever the writer was, was sending me a message of sorts.

I had contemplated on the book jacket enough that I knew it mentioned two best girlfriends living with the writer, which in turn made me think that it may be mina två döttrar (my two daughters) writing about our little telepath but keeping it ambiguous enough for no-one to realize it was them.

The part that didn’t add up was the windy shithole, why would Pam go there. Or was she telling me she landed on her feet and was under the rule of an old friend and protected, that I need not worry about her anymore.

So of course I looked at the picture of the writer’s daughter again and again and started to remember back to the pictures hanging on Sookie’s walls of her family farmhouse and yes, that was indeed my Sookie at a young age but they darkened her hair so that no one but me would put two and two together.

Call it what you want but they were minx’s, both of them, to have come up with this idea and run with it.

But how did they know I would even read the stories?

They couldn’t know unless they had a spy. If they indeed had a spy, I taught them well. Because I knew I wasn’t being watched and they would have never been able to know that I was indeed reading the books.

They did not need to know of my shitty life and I meant to keep it that way. I still lived on a day to day basis. I still hated my life and it ruled me but I tried to make the most of it. It also helped that the depression was starting to lift but only for a night or two and one of those night was when I was with Addy.

She had become my savior of sorts. But she would never replace my lover. NO ONE would ever replace my little one, my mate, my wife. There would only ever be one and she passed away four years ago.

The month came upon us quickly and Addy was excited over her birthday but saddened that her momma was getting much worse. I had to wonder if when her mother got worse and could not travel anymore would Addy still be allowed to visit with me on Sunday’s.

I needed to find out what was wrong with Linda and help alleviate some of their pain and suffering.

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that was one of my purposes now and I was going to start to rectify that purpose posthaste.

Upon her birthday I gave her a few children books that she said she wanted and a cute little dress in pink. I wanted to do more for her but I would have to talk to the pastor first before I went any farther.

After our visit, I spoke with the pastor, apparently Addy’s mom had cancer and it was in remission but she seemed to be ailing from something else altogether. He did not know what I could do for them but if he heard of anything he would let me know. He knew that Addy’s mom was struggling with work and making sure she had the medicine that she needed but in other ways she was full of spit and vinegar. She told the pastor she could not leave Addy alone but in case she did pass away before Addy was old enough she needed to make sure she was taken care of by a good family or a group home.

Well there it was a light at the end of one tunnel, it was what I needed to do, make sure Addy was taken care of and to let her mom know that she need not worry about the everyday stuff, that if would be taken care of regardless. I had enough money in several coiffures and taking care of these two would not put a dent in any of them.

So that night as I sat on my consort throne, I sent a text to Mr. Cataliades and I said that I needed to meet with him next Sunday night at my church. I needed privacy; I didn’t want Freyda knowing about this family. If she knew she would want to take them away from me too just like she did Sookie and mina två döttrar.

I finally realized that one of the feelings I was having was pride, pride and fatherly love; I felt like a father to Addy and I felt it was my right to take care of her needs. I would have Mr. Cataliades word the document in such a way that it was unbreakable.

I met with him in the pastor’s office, with the pastor in attendance, and I told him what I wanted. Desmond reminded me that some of my accounts had already been transferred over to my children and Sookie. I told him that I remembered but I had thought that there was an account in the Cayman’s under Leif Nordmann that could be use. He agreed that one would be best and it would be easy to change with a few signatures and a contract where Addy and her mom would be taken care of.

I then asked him if he knew of a Were with medical background just in case they needed protection and to help with Linda. He said he would contact Ludwig for me and get a recommendation. Our meeting had come to a close and I got up to leave since I needed to be at the back of the church upon Addy’s arrival. However, the pastor asked Mr. Cataliades to stay for a moment he had a question if he didn’t mind answering it. I didn’t think I was needed so I went upon my way, besides if I felt betrayed at all, all I needed to do was listen in on their conversation.

Within the next week, Mr. Cataliades had met with Addy and her mom at the church and said that a benefactor had heard of their plight and wanted to set up an account for them so that Linda would not have to work any longer because of her health and they would both be taken care of. It was set up so that all of their bills would be automatically paid and a small allowance would be wired into their checking account for day to day items. Linda was a bit leery of the benefactor but the pastor confirmed for her that is was all on the up and up and there was no need to worry about it being a ruse of any kind. She was also told of a nurse that was hired by the benefactor and he would be showing up within two weeks’ time to help them out when she was ailing too badly. He would be there 24/7 if she needed him to be, he was at her beck and call.

She signed the documents and asked to speak to Mr. Cataliades alone.

It was that following Sunday that Addy told me about the money and she knew it was me even if my name wasn’t mentioned. But she said she didn’t know what her mom had talked about with Mr. C., it was eating her alive not knowing, her momma was all secretive when she came out of the office. Addy stated she wished she could read minds so that she could know what was talked about.

I told her not all mind readers wish that, they wish for silence because listening to everyone’s thoughts 24/7 starts to wear them down. She asked me if I knew of a mind reader.

I told her yes I knew a telepath once, MY Sookie.

She looked at me with awe in her eyes and said that was so cool. I told her I had thought the same until I watched how it made Sookie feel and it crushed her soul on a daily basis. The gift was not all it was cracked up to be.

I told her if she didn’t mind I needed to drop the subject because thinking of Sookie so much made me melancholy. She agreed to find something new to talk about. So we talked about school, a boy she had a crush on and life in general. She was happy now that her momma didn’t have to worry so much about missing work and paying the bills.

Momma could finally relax, rest and get better.

Her words gave a tug on my dead heart. Just like it did when Sookie was grateful about some of little things that I did for her, – the cranberry jacket and her driveway came to mind.

The next two weeks passed by quickly and I was introduced to the nurse. Addy was so excited to have him helping her momma and because Linda had a crush on Jake, it made her momma’s disposition lighter and she was happier.

Jake played by Christian Kane

Jake played by Christian Kane

When I was introduced to Jake, he nodded to me and asked Addy if we could speak privately for a moment. She balked at it but I told her it would only happen this once,-but who was I kidding vampire bullshit always caused secrets-, we would not keep secrets from her if it could be helped.

Jake told me that Ludwig sends her regards and she is sorry about the fairy-hybrid. That she wished she could have saved her that night – I nodded a thank you to him, not knowing if my response would get back to the doctor or not-, he told me that Ludwig told him that if he fucked up I would have his hide mounted on the wall. She told him that a grizzly bear rug would look nice on my floor or my wall in my chamber.

He reminded me of another Were who took care of My Lover until his death. He reminded me of Dawson.

I chuckled at him; I think I was going to like him.

He told me that prior to becoming a nurse he was a cop in Dallas for 15 years but he got burnt out from the politics (I could commiserate with that, that was exactly how I felt as a Sheriff and now as a consort) and decided he would go back to school for nursing. After graduation Ludwig approached him to help her out in her clinics so he moved to Shreveport to manage her large clinic there.

Once I put out the feeler about needing a Were nurse he jumped at the chance. He said he respected the Doc but she was hard to get along with at times.

I actually snorted at this, at times, FUCKING ALL THE TIME. She was a pistol but a respected doctor.

He asked me what he was really needed for.

I told him I needed for him to take care of Linda, make her as comfortable as her illness allowed. Run her errands, become part of their life. If she needed him 24/7 then that is what his hours would be. His three figure salary would cover his time.

The families’ anonymous benefactor was me and their bills would be taken care of, along with his salary from an account I had in the Cayman’s under the name Leif Nordmann, however, signatures would need to be added to the account, his, Addy’s and Linda’s. This was so that they could access emergency funds if necessary… I needed him to be a friend and a guard to Addy.

I did not trust the queen to not do something to me or to Addy if she ever found out about her.

I needed for him to put together an escape plan and route if something went down and he got a text from Mr. C, the pastor or me, saying RUN.

Addy was my friend and in a way I felt like her father and I wanted her to be protected from the she-devil I was married to now. The bitch had already taken away my wife and bonded, she would not get this little girl too.

I was trying to keep Addy and Linda a secret from her but I had heard grumblings that she was becoming suspicious of my Sunday’s out. So I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone was watching me and spying on me to report back to her, but I had hoped she would leave me alone.

I told Jake the real reason I wanted a Were was for their protection, I knew a Were could not only protect himself but his charges and if he saw or heard something he didn’t like he was to get them out of there quickly.

I liked the fact that he had a background with law enforcement. I asked him to get a license to carry a concealed weapon, he might need it.

I wanted all avenues covered this time.

I saw Addy heading back to us and I told him that he could sit with us if he liked or up with Linda, it was his call. He told me didn’t get to church much anymore and he would rotate between the two if he was to be both of their guards.

Jake moved away a bit so that we could have what looked like privacy but I knew with his hearing he knew what was going on.

Addy told me she didn’t like secrets and I told her neither did I. But this one needed to be kept and if a vampire tried to glamour her he would get the information from her too easy. With Jake being a Were it was much more difficult.

She said she would let it slide as long it was only this time.

She is just like My Sookie.

By the gods they could have been mother and daughter.

Too many similarities.

The months seemed to speed up for me now that I had someone to care for. I know it wasn’t one on one but I was her/their benefactor and as far as I was concerned they were my charges/family.

Life seemed too easy and I should have known that something would erupt soon enough.

Apparently de Castro was to pay Freyda a visit in the next month and therefore I was not allowed to leave the palace for anything.

I texted Cataliades and asked him to pay a visit to Addy on my Sunday visit and to bring Diantha with him, let her meet Addy just in case there came a time for her to protect her too or I needed her to stand in for me.

Like I said ALL avenues would be covered this time around.

In actuality my time away from Addy added up to 3 weeks and Desmond sent Diantha in my place for the next two weeks, apparently Addy and Diantha had became good friends just like she had with My Sookie.

Gods I missed Sookie, my time with her was cut too short, her life was cut too short. I should have known better than to trust de Castro to protect her, especially during the day. I knew I could have asked for Pack protection from Alcide but I did not want that filthy Wolf near her. I could have asked Calvin to protect her and he would of, he would have moved her out to that shithole Hotshot, she would have been safe during the day even if they were inbred panthers.

The more I thought about it, the more I blamed myself and when Freyda said something nasty about my wife, I lost it. Which is why, 2 weeks had turned into three. The third week I was placed in silvered chains and flogged for speaking back to her in front of her court and de Castro.

de Castro paid me a visit on the third night of my silvering. He told me he should have killed me when he had the chance during the takeover and not have waited, that Sookie would still be alive and in Nevada if I was dead.

I told him if that had happened and Sookie was taken he would have started a war he would not win.

He told me he now knew of her heritage and was pissed I did not include him in on the knowledge. He would have been able to project her easier knowing everything.

I told him that she and I didn’t trust him enough for full disclosure.

His next statement floored me a bit, he said whoever had her killed was an idiot; she was a cherished asset to Nevada even if he was not allowed to speak to her because of the contract I had him sign with me.

Truth be told I had always assumed that de Castro was the one who had his cronies go after her that day and she ended up dead, -which was why she had no protection that day-, because he withdrew it for that very reason.

However, now I do not think he was involved with what happened because of his words to me. I think he believes he could have saved her if I had only allowed it.

So my next question was point blank, what could it hurt. His returned words would hurt my soul and one day I might be able to avenge my lover but I needed to know, I needed to see his eyes with my own when he responded.

“Your majesty, did you have her sought after and killed?”

He stared at me blankly and just shook his head.

“Northman, you know me better than that I would hope. I believed in her and I believed in you but when approached with Freyda’s contract I was unable to help you. I wanted to, I did not want to lose a warrior and his pet,-even not knowing at the time she was part fairy-, but my hands were tied. You see Freyda was not the only one who had a contract with your Maker. He had items on me from long ago which he used to blackmail my signature on a contract with; the contract more or less stated that I could not interfere in Freyda’s contract with you and it was binding with the vampire counsel. This contract was signed long before Freyda presented yours to you. I thought for sure that the counsel would say that your maker was dead and the contract died with him but apparently he was crafty in how he worded it and Freyda was given a copy of my contract to use as ammo against me. You see, Sookie was in neither of our futures until you turned the tides on Freyda and added an extra hundred years onto your contract so that she would be left alone and protected, as well as the protection of your children.”

“It is sad to say, I do believe you. I don’t know, why but I do. I thought you were my enemy and I am sorry about that. I thought you turned on us both after the Victor incident. It is why I fought so hard when that woman died at my home, to prove to you my love for my wife. But it seemed to fall on deaf ears. I hated you for that. Thus to save face I pushed my love away and hated myself for it. I hated to divorce her without a word to her of what was happening; you see, you can see everything in her eyes even when her body language tells you nothing. I knew that night that I had lost her for good and nothing I said or could have done would regain her trust and love. As the humans say, I screwed the pooch over the whole situation.”

Felipe actually chuckled at that.

“Channeling your child’s vernacular I see.”

Hanging by silver is not a happy time but this conversation was truly turning into a good talk. A much needed talk, I still didn’t trust de Castro as far as I could throw him, which was pretty damn far, but I would be giving him the benefit of the doubt over this one.

“Yes, Pam is good for nothing if but a chuckle or two. I miss her wit, but she is safer wherever she landed her feet.”

“True, true, is there anything I can do for you? I told Freyda I was coming down here to make you miserable about Sookie’s death but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I wish to still be in your good graces and if by chance I come across information on who killed her I will make sure to get word to you. But for now let’s put on a show as someone is coming.”

And with those words the niceties were over.

“I don’t give a flying fuck who you think you are, you may be a king but you are not my king anymore and I don’t have to answer your questions about Sookie or her family.”

“Northman, I could have you silvered for a long time for your disregard to my standing. You will heel or I will make sure you feel my wrath.”

“Bring it on you Spanish prick, you are a coward to hide behind Freyda’s coat tails. You are nothing to me. Do your worst.”

With that being said in strolled Freyda and her second, I loathed that vampire. And as she started to speak, Felipe turned around abruptly and told her he was done with me. That I was worse now than I ever was. She had finally broken me of not caring about what happened to me physically.

He vamped out of the room quickly as Freyda approached me. She smiled her fake smile and said, “So not only do you try to piss me off with your words but with other monarchs as well. What will I do with you at the next summit if you do not heel nicely by my side by then?”

“Leave me here under guard as going with you would be torture. ”

“Ah, then it is settled you will be going with me and if I have to chain you to my side then so be it. But you will be going and you will hold your tongue or it will be cut out every couple of nights as it regrows. Mark my words you will not embarrass me.”

Two nights later I was released from the silver and taken to my room to heal. There were two donors waiting on me. I hated having donors blood, I had gotten use to bagged blood, however to heal in time to see Addy I needed the donor blood being offered. The donors were pissed that I wouldn’t fuck them but I had not touched another woman after Sookie’s death, it was my penance for losing her. The only fuck I did have to endure was my quickie ever year with the bitch queen.

The reunion of sorts on Sunday was tearful for Addy, she didn’t understand vampire politics and I didn’t want her too. Diantha was there too, – just in case I did not make it again-, so I asked her to take a walk with Addy so that I could speak with Jake about security. When Addy heard the word security she knew that she was not allowed to hear any of it for her safety.

She may not like it but she was starting to catch on.

I told Jake the abbreviated version of what transpired and where I had been this last week. I told him that the summit would be coming up in 6 months’ time and we would both have to work on Addy about me being gone for two weeks; however I would see if Diantha would be allowed to stay with them for the duration.

I had a bad inkling that something untoward was on the horizon.

Four months had passed and nothing popped up that would cause us any worry and it helped a lot that the new Dumas book was coming out before I left. I had been looking forward to its release since the last book “Bowling for Supes” had made me realize that mina döttrar were behind these books and I loved the antics that they had put Aude up against. I felt in my heart that they mirrored Aude after themselves but with a bit of Sookie in the mix.

Its title was “Lies of Deceit’, I had to chuckle at it, all I could think of was Compton and the douchebachury that ensued by his hands directed at Sookie.

I was looking forward to this one.

Apparently this one was about Aude meeting her first vampire and how he weaseled his way into her family’s life and through deceit and trickery he got her family to hand over to him the one thing they cherished the most. The family’s farmhouse. He wanted what lies beneath the fertile earth and through glamour he got them to release their deed on the land to him.

Seemed like an interesting premise.

So when the end of the week hit I was excited to go to church. Not for the church factor but because the new book had arrived and the pastor was holding onto them for Addy and I.

I was hoping this book would further Addy’s knowledge about what a vampire could possibly do. For one important factor, you could not trust an unknown vampire. It didn’t matter if you had seen him before or he was unknown to you. She needed to realize she trusted me too quickly, even though I would have never hurt her, she did not know that at the time. She needed to know the ramifications of what would come out of an untrustworthy vampire, it would be a difficult lesson for her to learn at her early age but she needed to know that not all vampires were good.

I knew this had to be about Compton and I would be looking for the similarities that would come forth while reading.

We received our books and we headed to the back pews to sit and talk. I place my book in my jacket pocket for safe keeping. And Addy held tightly onto hers. Addy was despondent that evening and I was worried about her. She told me that she was worried about me leaving and her momma seemed to relapse with her cancer. I asked Jake about it and he told me her cancer was back and he was trying to keep Linda comfortable.

I told him to make arrangements for them to go somewhere nice and tropical while I was away at the summit. I wanted them all to have their spirits lifted and a nice vacation, in case this would be Linda’s last… For some reason it reminded me of a song I heard on the way over to the church this evening; it was a song by Daughtry, “It’s Not Over”.

I was telling Addy about the song, I told her to keep these words in mind the next time she gets melancholy about her momma. I told her that I felt love for her as my daughter and to be strong because life was only just beginning for her…

I was blown away, what could I say?

It all seemed to make sense
You’re taking away everything
And I can’t deal with that

I try to see the good in life
But good things in life are hard to find
We’ll blow it away, blow it away
Can we make this something good?

Well, I’ll try to do to it right this time around
Let’s start over
I’ll try to do it right this time around, it’s not over
‘Cause a part of me is dead and in the ground
This love is killing me but you’re the only one
It’s not over

I’ve taken all I can take and I cannot wait
We’re wasting too much time
Being strong, holding on
Can’t let it bring us down

My life with you means everything
So I won’t give up that easily
I blow it away, blow it away
Can we make this something good?
‘Cause it’s all misunderstood

I told her I knew the song was about a great love between two people but it didn’t mean those two people couldn’t be mother and daughter (or father). I talked to her for a while that evening about the song words and what they meant to me and then about daily everyday stuff like we always talked about.

While I was getting up to leave I noticed one of Freyda’s vampires come in through the side door, I silently motioned to Jake to get them out of there and walked up to the spy and asked him what he wanted. He told me he was to retrieve me after two hours, the queen was only allotting that much time in the church tonight, and then he was to make sure I got back to Freyda.

I knew it was another punishment, she loved to play games. I told him I needed to say goodbye to the pastor and thank him for his sermon. He looked at me with disgust but I did not care. I didn’t care what any of Oklahoma vampires thought of me. I would serve my time but not befriend any of them.

I walked up to the pastor and shook his hand, but whispered, ‘make sure the girls get home and get word to Mr. C that I was followed to send Diantha to them tomorrow’. He thanked me for my continued presence and told me he hoped to see me again next week. He said he needed to work on a new sermon about protection and was hoping I could help him out the next time I was in. I let him know I would be looking forward to it but I had a business trip and would not be back for two weeks. He bid me safe journey and turned around and left.

Apparently the good pastor knew how to talk in code. He was becoming a great asset to me.

I walked over to the vampire waiting for me and he told me he would follow me back to the compound.

That was the perfect word for the palace/compound; it was more like a prison of my soul.

As I walked into the palace I was met by Freyda’s guards and they escorted me to her room. I asked her what she wanted. She told me the King of Texas would be in attendance tonight and she needed me in a dapper suit.

I told her I would clean up and meet her in the throne room. At the same time I would be able to store my book in my chamber, I had hidden it in my jacket from her vengeful eyes.

I quickly changed and headed out of my chambers to where I was being requested to be.

As I approached the throne room I thought to myself how I hated my life, how I had the vengeful vindictive bitch that I was married to for the next 195 year.

I hated her games and I hated her but I would do as I was told to so that she would not go after my children, wherever they were, hopefully in Sweden under the watchful eye of my friend Peder.

I hated games but I admired the spunk that Joseph Velasquez had when he had to take over the rule of Texas after Stan’s death. If anyone could handle her childish games he could. Gods only knew what Freyda had up her sleeve to inviting him to her state before the summit in a week’s time.

I mused while I listen to her frivolous drivel about nothing. I could feel the eye roll from the king. She was a childish twit and her nonsense proved it. Still nothing came out of her mouth that would answer why King Joseph was here.

I guess I would have to wait for her to finally come to a point.

But in the meantime, the summit, I would be able to see old friends as long as I wasn’t tethered by a leash. I would have to make sure I stayed with the bitch as much as possible but I needed to be able to get away from her as well. Apparently this was going to be a longer summit than usual. The fairies had made claim to the council that because Sookie’s death was brought on by the command of a king, a blood offense occurred and they wanted justice.

I for one was all for that and I would like to be able to lead the charge on who needed to die. But I knew that Freyda would put a halt to that the instance I was asked or volunteered.

Another two hours lapsed before she finally asked Joseph for a merger of the two states.

My ears perked up; maybe she was going to finally let me go.

Joseph asked her how she was going to be married to two men.

She said one was out of love (gag me) and the other was out of mutual prosperity. He told her that he would not even consider it. He was not looking for a marriage at this time and even if he was, I was her husband by vampire law and she was nuts if she thought anyone would place their shingle with hers while the Norse man was by her side.

….…..GO Joseph….

Got to love this young king.

She was pissed at this response but Joseph did not care. He told her he would be leaving tonight since there was no real reason for him to be there.

She started to throw a tantrum but stopped mid-scream and told everyone in attendance, including me, TO. LEAVE. NOW. OH she was pissed and she needed to take her fury out on someone, I felt sorry for the donor she found.

I was just happy it was not me. I had already had enough of her childish ways. I could finally get to the first reading my new book, ‘Lies of Deceit’. I wanted to see if my suspicions were correct; was the book indeed written about Billy boy.

Oh boy was it and it listed every trick, lie and manipulation that Bill had pulled on Sookie and then some, there were lies and deceit that I wasn’t even aware of. MY Love had her secrets too apparently but maybe my girls made some of it up, even if it sounded like something Compton would do or say.

I contemplated whether or not he fell back into his old ways once I was out of the picture?

I was ashamed to admit to the fact that I think I could have prevented her rape in the trunk, it was one of my biggest regrets and in the book it was a regret that Aude will always have and never forget. She gave herself to the vampire only because the man she loved, the Were John, didn’t want her that way. But since it was a teenagers book details, – which was greatly appreciated-, were skimmed over or left out.

Thankfully, the only maneuver that wasn’t mentioned in the book was the blood manipulation and I have to hand it to my girls, they pulled the book through without it, with flying colors.

They made me so very proud and one day I would be able to tell them so.

As I closed the book for the night, I daydreamed about my lover. I dreamed of her in sunlight and I dreamed of her in the moon light. I saw her warm smile and her eyes when they twinkled just for me. By the gods I missed her but if Addy had to go on so did I. I would take the words that I spoke to her from the song and apply them to my life as well. What was good for the goose and all?

As daylight neared, I took a look at the end page of the book to see when the next story would be out within the next six month, right after the summit, but what caught my eye was the name… “The One Who Got Away”…



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