New Life



What happens when your life in thrown into turmoil, do you let it swallow you alive or make lemonade. I say lemonade.

Author’s note:

This will be in Sookie’s POV the entire story.


I do not own any of the characters from the Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie Stackhouse Series. I have taken them for a bit of an All Human ride. I will try and stay within personality characteristics of canon characters but a few from the series may slip in occasionally.

title_new life

Chapter 01:  New State

Chapter 02: New City

Chapter 03: Lifestyle Change

Chapter 04: The Holidays

Chapter 05: Gifts

Chapter 06: Intermission

Chapter 07: Odd Beginnings

Chapter 08: coming soon

3 thoughts on “New Life

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    • Hello
      sorry i have been behind on this. Life is very busy right now and my muse took a vacation back in November and she flipped me a bird from Australia while she is sunning herself on the beach. I have some vacation time coming up soon so i hope, if not before then, i get a chance to write. Thanks for reading and enjoying my stories. KY

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