Chapter 02: New City

We said our goodbyes that night and went to the hotel to rest. I was told that I was close enough to restaurant row in Coral Springs where I would have my choice of meals. They were not kidding, the restaurants both fast food and sit down lined both sides of the street for two straight miles.

We chose Chili’s and enjoyed our meal and then we ordered dessert to go. We arrived at the hotel and the kids just wanted to rest. They knew the following day we would be headed back to the new neighborhood to see if we needed to touch up the paint jobs done in their rooms or if there was supplies we could go buy and start to get settled in.

When we got back to our home around 10am we were shocked to see tables and chairs set up in the street, BBQ grills going and balloons everywhere. It seems our neighbors were throwing a block party in our honor to welcome us to the neighborhood.

I was told by John and Remy that the neighbors always got together for parties, birthday or holiday, they were one huge family or as John said a PACK.

The kids had a great time and our plans were delayed but well worth it. The kids loved that they had a fenced in yard and they could go outside to play if they wanted to but Kim and Ty told me they are always out front with the neighborhood kids if mine wanted to join in on the fun.

I thanked them, I felt right then and there my life was finally in my control and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I left the kids outside and went into my new house, I loved everything about it but I loved my kitchen, it was so open and everything I ever wanted, Sam would have loved this house and I knew that he was looking down at me and telling me he was proud of me and everything I accomplished since his death.


The master room and bathroom was something I would cherish always. I wanted something feminine and that is what I did. I didn’t care about what a male would think I wasn’t planning on dating for a long while. I really didn’t have time with work, my kids and my home. So I decided I only live once and went for it…. My shower stall is to die for and I am sure it will solve all my aches and pains of the day away.

2 3

I looked around in the kid’s rooms and the colors were the right shades, the kids all wanted a bunk bed of sorts and I was willing to let them have it, but Jessica’s could be broken down into two beds and I think that is what I preferred best with the way the room was now decorated.


We ended up buying all new bedroom furniture before we left Louisiana, we would just have to figure out how to piece them together when everything arrived tomorrow.

The boy’s rooms were going to match except for the paint colors, Jake was more a blue person and Jackson was more into greens but the dark furniture would look good in either room.


The neighbors offered to help us but I knew the moving crew would do a lot of the work for me too. I knew there would be a lot of my furniture I would have a hard time moving around once the moving crew left so I told all the guys at the BBQ they would be asked at night after they got home to help me out.

John said as long as there was beer he was game. Sounded like a fair trade.

The BBQ party was nice and it was getting dark when a dark sedan pulled up to the house next door.

Apparently there was a showing next door and we were kind of in the way. Out of the sedan stepped the most magnificent looking creature. I think my heart stopped and I instantly feel in love.

I asked the girls if they knew him and they all shook their heads no. Apparently he was just looking at the house for an investment according to the realtor who was speaking to John and Remy.

I looked up at him as he exited the back yard gate and he smiled at me. It was an ear to ear smile, not a fake plastered on one, ear to fucking ear.

I was hoping this would be my new neighbor but I guess hoping wasn’t going to get me anywhere if it was just an investment property, that meant renters.

He walked over to our group and said hello and asked us about the party. Kim let him know it was a welcome to the neighborhood party for me and my kids. We were just moving in that weekend. He looked excited to hear that but kept listening to Kim and Ty telling him about the neighborhood and my first day here.

I was listening to their conversation but then I wasn’t.

You know I was checking him out and I am sure I was not stealthy about it at all because he caught me looking at him twice and just smirked at me. The time he caught me looking for a wedding band he just raised his right eyebrow at me and chuckled. Damn I was so out of practice when scoping out a HAWT man. But then the oddest thing happened he was checking out my left hand as well, I just smiled and giggled at him like a teenager.

Right about then my kids ran up to me to ask me who the man was and how long we were staying before we went back to the hotel. Well that wasn’t information he needed to know but I let them know they had a couple of more hours before we would head back. Tomorrow was going to be another long day since we needed to stock the pantry and fridge with food.

They nodded and ran off.

I never caught the man’s name but he bid me goodnight by mine. Well that was a bit embarrassing, how could I not know his name, oh yeah ogling not paying attention.

The next few days went by quickly and things fell into place. The moving crew was awesome and arranged most of my furniture for me when they found out I was a single mom, but the rest of it I asked Remy and John to help me with and it all fell together nicely.

It was nice having great neighbors. My kids are happy and I wasn’t so miserable any more.

I decided I needed to let myself be happy. I was due this.

Tomorrow was another new day.


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21 thoughts on “Chapter 02: New City

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  2. LOL…she didn’t get his name because she was too busy gawking! I would totally do that too! But then again, I’ve fallen out of a chair trying to gawk at a guy as he was walking away. 🙂

    And I want that kitchen and bathroom!!!!!

  3. Ahhh we’ve had a teasing glimpse of the man. Did I read he was looking at the property as an investment? Hmmm how will events occur?

  4. First off- what a terrific neighborhood to throw a party for her! And second-lol that she was caught staring at him and he raised his eyebrow at her.

  5. There are neighbors like that around still. Few and far between. I’m in a block of 6 units all flashing a carport area. We try and have a barbeque every Christmas.
    Love the neighbors.
    Mmmmmm. Might the mystery man be Eric? ?

    • yes this neighbors are modeled after mine, even down to the horns honking and lights flashing when i walk the dogs… love my neighbors. Mystery has a way to keep us going, we will see soon who it is. KY

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