Chapter 04: The Holidays

The dogs fit in well with us and our neighbor’s house was almost done according to the contractor. Things were progressing nicely; it was good to have a new life.

The holidays were coming as were my parents. The decided to come down for Thanksgiving and bring Gran with them, they wanted to drive but I offered to pay for them to fly so travel time would be quicker and less road miles on their old bones, my dad’s words not mine. I also got a surprise that Alcide was coming down too. I had the space, but damn, it was going to be an interesting few days.

I figured Gran and Alcide were conspiring again.

I was happy about Gran and Alcide but I was leery of my parents. I didn’t seem to be able to do anything on my own and I wanted them to be proud of what I accomplished. I guess I would have to make sure I had my friends over too; that is why I included Pam and her son Joseph for Thanksgiving dinner, but she told me she had to opt out since her brother was going to be home for the holiday. I told her to bring him too but she said he already made plans for them but she would catch up with me the following day for the Black Friday sales since we were going at 3am. Her brother was going to watch her son and Dad said he would watch all five of my kids … Yes he included the dogs in his task. I thought for sure he would include Alcide in the count too but he didn’t, you see Alcide was staying an extra week after my parents left and they didn’t know it yet.

It was going to be interesting when they found out. I knew I was an adult but they frowned upon everything I did and a single mom staying with a single man was not appropriate in their eyes.

Well here it was, P Day, you know parent day, I could have said dooms day but I wanted to stay positive plus while they were here I wanted to give them their Christmas presents early. I know I would get flak about it but I didn’t care anymore, they would be gone soon and I can hang up a phone on them when they bitch too much.

You see I won a Fantasy Five (lotto) drawing a few weeks back and wanted to share the wealth a little. I know I needed to save some but I also wanted to give my parents and Gran a nice present for once without the worries. After taxes and making sure I had enough to pay at tax time. I still had a hefty sum of $250,000 dollars. So I divided it up five ways; $50,000 for each kid’s college fund and $50,000 for me and my emergency household needs and $50,000 to be split three ways or around $16,000 for each adult(mom, dad, gran). The other $2000 I was giving to Alcide but I was waiting until they left to give him his gift.

I wanted him to be able to fly down for weekends at my expense or go buy something nice for himself. I know I didn’t have to do it but I wanted to.

I knew that the extra $50,000 I had would be put in with the left over money I had from all the insurance monies from Sam’s death, I was very wise in my expenditures and when I came down here I had a boost by a pay raise at the hospital so I was good to go.

I wasn’t hurting for cash and I only took a small mortgage out since I put a lot down at the closing of my house so putting it away for a rainy day made sense to me.

Well everyone arrived on the same day, Alcide rented a car since there would be eight of us and my van would only fit seven, he stayed at the airport to bring my family with him since he was on a different flight. I am sure if he and gran were together on the same flight more plotting would have taken place on the plane.

Gran and Alcide were a welcome sight when they arrived but I could tell my mom was checking everything out and tearing stuff apart in her head. I knew it was going to be a rough few days but I had already prepared myself.

Well Gran fell in love with my kitchen and said she was going to come visit me more often to use it. I could handle that, she was welcome any time.

Mom on the other hand belittled everything, why did I go so expensive, how could I afford it, why couldn’t I live in a modest home like her? I tried to explain to her I was in a modest home for Florida but she didn’t want to hear it.

On the other hand dad was very interested in what I had to say, after I showed him everything he said he was impressed and I made him proud. Now only if I could get my mom on the same page as him.

My BFF was off doing who knows what but he brought one dog back with him which made me suspicious of where the other one was at. They usually stuck together but I found Cleo sleeping in my walk in closet, so I left her be. She didn’t even realize we had extra people in the house until much later when she came out for dinner. Dogs are just like kids, they disappear until they are hungry.

Well I guess I finally did something right, my mom fell in love with the kids dogs. They were very gentle and well behaved and she appreciated that. She always said a dog’s place was outside but she changed her mind about my gentle giants. I think it helped that Gran was enamored with them too. In Florida it was hard to have outdoor dogs, it was too dang hot for humans let alone a pet and I had promised the kids the dogs would be house dogs. They generally slept in the kid’s room but while I got dressed every morning they were with me and of course when I walked them twice a day, they were too large for the boys to handle and maybe even me but they minded their manners while we walked. The neighbors even enjoyed them so much so they would come out of their houses to talk to us and give them treats.

Well it was Wednesday evening and Gran wanted to run up to the store for some Thanksgiving supplies, I had already bought everything but she had some other ideas and I knew telling her no was not an option. I took her to Publix which was right up the street, mom opted to go with us too which I was okay with but I just hoped she held her tongue. I didn’t need whiplash while we were shopping.

The place was packed as usual and as we went in Gran mentioned that there were some nice looking men in Florida but Alcide was nice looking too. I nearly tripped over my feet when she said that. I told her I wasn’t looking for a man that I was happy and that Alcide and I were best friends nothing more. She continued to tell me I was best friends with Sam too and I married him. I wanted to remind her why I got married to him but I decided to keep my trap shut since I didn’t need scolded in Publix.

It was while we were talking we both realized mom was not with us any longer, where the heck did we lose her at? So we back tracked and found her in the produce section, just staring off at nothing. I asked her if she was okay. She said no.

It took a little more coaxing and she told us about the young blond gentleman that just stopped her and called her Sookie. Yes I looked like my mom, a younger version but I know I did not look like her exactly. I think I was a mix of her and gran and I looked nothing like my dad.

So again we had to ask her what she was talking about.

She said that this nice tall blond gentleman walked up to her and asked how I was doing? I asked him if he was talking to me and he said of course I am Sookie, who else would I be talking too. I then told him my name was Michelle and my daughter was Sookie. He apologized for the mistake and told me to tell you hello. He walked off, I never caught his name but he had a million dollar ass. And with that she blushed and I blushed because I had an idea of who she was talking about but I still didn’t know his name.

Gran asked after his name and I had to admit I didn’t know it but he was the star in my fantasies. With that revelation Gran even blushed.

We got done with our shopping and started out the door and that is when Pam came up and met my gran and mom. They loved her. She said she would see them Friday for the sales and off she went. I knew that she was moving close by so I guess they were at the house already, I would have to ask her later.

When we got back Alcide had set himself up in the boy’s room and dad had set himself and mom up in my room. Gran was getting the spare room and she brought extra stuff to leave there so she wouldn’t have to pack much on her next visit. I was curious why she had two suitcases for 4 days; Gran always packed light so I was a little shocked but pleased.

Alcide even bought extra stuff but we stashed that in the boy’s room until after my parents left. I was going to give him space in my room for his stuff.

While he stayed over more times than not, – after Sam’s death, – while we lived closer he always stayed in my room and the kids didn’t mind at all. They called him Uncle Alc and I was fine with that. Nothing ever happened in my bedroom between us, maybe a kiss here or there or heaving petting but never more than that. I wouldn’t take the next step with him, I was afraid it would ruin what we had and I wanted to keep my BFF. I knew deep down Alcide wasn’t marriage material and I knew he knew it too but that didn’t stop him from asking me all the time.

The kids even started a game about it to see how often he would ask me and where.

I loved him, I really did, but not like that.

We started preparing Thanksgiving desserts and dinner so Alcide and dad went out front to check out the neighborhood. It was then that they met Remy and John.

Apparently when they went out there was a moving truck next door and they were moving things into the house rather quickly. Alcide said he spoke with one of the guys and he said he was just one of the movers; the owner was inside moving stuff around. They talked a little while with my neighbors but they never saw the owner the whole time they stood out in the middle of the street.


It was roughly 6:30pm before they came in for dinner and shortly after we finished I needed to take the dogs for their nightly walk. It was actually my ME time and I enjoyed the peace and quiet I had for thirty minutes.

Alcide opted to go with me and I enjoyed our time together. As we walked Alcide was surprised at the amount of attention me and the dogs got. People stopped us to talk to me and then them. And also to pet them, kids would run out to them to hug on them and the dogs would just stand there and lavish in the attention. The adults were amazed at how gentle they were since they were rescues, we definitely lucked out with them; they were pretty abused before they were seized by the city.

The part Alcide thought was the funniest was the amount of waves I got from people in cars, the lights flashing on and off from the cars going by us and being honked at. I told him it happened in the morning when I walked them too.

Did I tell you I loved my neighborhood? Well Yes I do.

Thanksgiving went off without a hitch and I enjoyed my family and friends. My friends enjoyed Gran’s cooking and wished she was staying longer. She told them she would be back again soon.

Friday morning we woke up bright and early to a knock on the door, it was Pam and she was raring to go. She said she had to be back by 2pm since her brother and his partner had some work to do, apparently they were undercover cops but she said they did OT as SWAT snipers since they were both snipers with military backgrounds and on holidays they liked the double OT so they helped out when they were needed. Apparently the holidays are busy, go figure.


We had a great time and it was fun hanging out with the girls. It was something I much needed. I asked Pam if she moved into her new home yet and she said NO they were having some plumbing issues but since they had the apartment there was no rush. She said she was at Publix on Wednesday because she was buying cleaning supplies to help clean out her brother’s partner’s condo so that he could rent it out. Apparently he had moved over the past few days.

When we got home there were two cars parked next door in the driveway and one inside the three car garage. I was perplexed to how many people would be living next door and why they didn’t park in the garage but outside of it, but who knows maybe it was going to be a man cave because of the three cars I saw it was going to be a bachelor pad for sure. There was a Mercedes, Escalade SUV parked in the driveway and an old muscle car in the garage.

3 4


Apparently during the day while we were shopping Alcide met the next door neighbor’s partner when he took the dogs outside for a stretch. He said that he and his nephew were visiting but would be leaving soon because he had to go to work.

I wonder? Could this be Pam’s brother’s partner, if so, why so many cars?

I guess I would have to wait to find out.


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  3. Awesome cars. Can’t wait for all the pieces to cone together and they finally meet! Fran needs to stop trying to force Alcide on Sookie.

    • happy you are enjoying the story., i think Gran has good intentions, she wants her girl to be happy and she knows that as a friend Alcide makes her very happy but Sookie has her lines drawn in the sand and this is one of them that she is not going to cross. KY

  4. I love this already. Just found it and read all 4 chapters in record time. Cannot wait for the update and for her to FINALLY meet her neighbor and learn that his name is Eric. LOL

    • damn I just found your comment all these years later, sorry, I did not answer you before. thanks for reading and I will let you know a secret, I am working on this story again along with my other unfinished ones. KY

  5. Hmm, I might know what’s going on. Lol that Eric called her mom by her name. He must need glasses. 🙂 mmm, Eric with glasses.

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