Chapter 05: Gifts

As I mused to myself while putting away my shopping finds. I thought more about who lived next door, Was it Pam’s brothers partner or was I wishfully thinking I would see more of Pam… I knew she said that her brother was very close with his partner since they were in the military together and then became partners as undercover police officers but damn. Did that mean they were close in other ways too or was I thinking too hard?

Yeah, thinking too hard.

But the more I thought about it the more I wanted it to be my Adonis from that first night of us moving into our new home. Him, my nameless man, I could look at all the time and it would never get old.


My fantasy did not pay the man justice but since I had only seen him the one time I had to wait it out. Maybe I would see him in Publix since that is where he approached my mom. I guess I would have to wait.

I came back out into the living room and I was told that we were going out to eat. I had expected to cook but I was over ridden by a count of 7 to 1. So out to eat it was.

As we were loading up in the two cars, the Escalade drove by us and I saw a wave of a hand in the window. The window was tinted darkly, dark limo tint, so I was unable to see who it was. I guess that introduction would have to be for another time.

I was caught off guard with my musing by Gran when she asked me who was in the big truck. I looked at her and said honestly I have never met him or her but he/she was my new neighbor. I told her that introducing myself would have to be done on a different day because I did not know when they would be home due to the fact that I didn’t know their work schedule.

I was just as perplexed as she was.

Dinner was actually nice, we all got along and Alcide sat between Gran and me so he teased both of us all during dinner. My father wanted to know what was going on with Alcide and me. I told him we were just good friends and nothing more. My father wasn’t buying it. My mom actually told him to hush and we could talk about it later in a more private setting. I was curious why my mom was sticking up for me but I guess I would find out later.

After dinner was over we headed back to the house but Mom and Dad wanted to stop at Wal-Mart so they could get something for the kids since they haven’t been able to spoil them in months. It was nice but I was afraid they would go overboard. Gran tried to reassure me that all was well but my sixth sense was saying something totally different to me. So I gave in and let them have their way with the kids. Mom took Jessica and Dad went with the boys which left me alone with Gran and Alcide.

These two were very entertaining and the looks and gawking that Alcide got from the woman at Wal-Mart had me chuckling as I walked behind them. See this is why I could not be with Alcide, he enjoyed the leers and flirting too much and if I was to give in and marry my friend I would be killing his psyche and mine. He lavished in the attention and if he had to be with just me I think we would come to hate one another. I think the next time he asks me to marry him that is exactly what I will tell him and then maybe he will stop asking.

The night went on better than expected and when we found mom, dad and the kids I told them they could stay but I needed to get home to the dogs to walk them, I kept them on a schedule so that there were no mishaps in the house in case they couldn’t hold it.

Dad asked Alcide for the keys to the sedan, he said they would be home in a little while after they finished shopping. I was afraid what they would buy for the kids, not necessarily the expense and I knew if they brought it home I couldn’t take it back… that idea would go over like a lead balloon.

It was kind of a relief to get to go home and not see the purchases before hand but I had a bad feeling that I would get tagged team by the two cohorts that were now sitting in the second row of my van whispering. Man it was going to be a long night…

On my way back from walking the dogs the Escalade went by me again and I waved but I didn’t see a response. But I did see the tail lights flash so I guess he used his lights to wave back. I was hoping by the time I got back he would be there and outside waiting,-maybe waiting for me-, I wanted to meet him but all I saw about ten minuets later was that the Mercedes was now missing from the driveway and the Escalade was parked. Damn, why did the dogs have to have so many friends that came out to meet them every night… Oh well another day maybe.

As I went inside the family asked me to come sit with them, I was not happy where this may be going. My dad proceeded to tell me his was proud of me but he was worried about me too. He and mom had decided that I should move back home since I needed family around me to help me with everything and they knew I was doing good financially but they thought that they could help me out more than I could help myself. I looked at them a little flabbergasted. I did not know where this was coming from. So me being stubborn asked them the fifty million dollar question. WHY?

They answered that they are worried that I am all alone and that I am not dating enough. I looked at them and said I have 3 young children and dating is the last thing on my mind. They are what mean the world to me, their happiness and safety, not some random date with some guy who I just met … besides I haven’t met anyone yet and I wasn’t looking…. Maybe mister fantasy, but I still wasn’t looking.

Gran jumped in and told them that they needed to back off, I was doing just fine and I had friends and neighbors that cared about me and helped me out when I needed it. The children were doing well, I had the dogs for protection and Alcide was willing to move down to Florida so I would have him too. I turned to glare at Alcide and his statement was, “Sug, you know I will move down here in an instant, all you have to do is ask.”

I just looked back at all of them and shook my head. I wanted to remain calm and I did. I told them to wait a minute and I would be right back. I wanted to wait until Sunday to give them their checks but I wanted to prove to my folks that I was financially stable and I was doing well by my children and I did not need to be in Louisiana to do that. I felt freer than I have ever felt and I wasn’t going to let them run my life, not ever again.

I approached them timidly with 3 envelopes in my hands, which set off eyebrows being arched, so I sat down and explained. A month ago I won a Fantasy Five Lotto drawing and I wanted to share the wealth with my family, with all of you. I made sure I had enough saved aside to pay the taxes at tax time next year which left me with the sum of $250,000 dollars. So I decided to divide it up five ways; $50,000 for each of my kid’s college funds and $50,000 for me and my emergency household needs and then $50,000 to be split three ways between you, my parents, and Gran which will give you each around $16,000 for each. When I went to my bank I made sure I received cashier’s checks so that the money would be clear when you deposited them back home. I know I did not have to give you any of it but I thought who better to share with then the people I love and I wanted to give you a nice gift this year, so Merry Christmas.

My mom spoke up; she thanked me and said, “that apparently I was doing a lot better than they thought.”

My dad spoke up and said, “thank you but he didn’t want the children’s money and he wanted to give it back.”

Gran spoke up and said, “sweet baby Jesus now I can come visit more and not worry about how often since I have the money to buy my own plane ticket.”

Alcide spoke up and said, “what about me Sug” and batted his eyelashes. With that the tension was broke and we all laughed.

I told them all I was happy to give it to them and I didn’t want it back. It was my gift to them for raising me right.

But there was still an elephant in the room, my brother Jason and me not giving him anything….. Well the lying bastard didn’t deserve anything. Before anything was said I spoke up and told them I did not include Jason because I have not spoken to him in over 10 years and since he doesn’t want anything to do with me, I certainly was not extending an olive branch out to him which included money.

Everyone said they understood but I am sure my mom would tell him about it anyway.

Before the conversation could take a spiral downwards, Gran yelled out. “Let’s go buy some more tickets maybe I can get lucky and win and then I can retire down here too and be close to my grandbabies.”

With that train of thought I took Gran, my mom and Alcide up to the BP to purchase their tickets. When we got back to the house, which was no more than 15 minutes later, the Mercedes was back and the house next door looked dark.

Dammit, I missed him again.

Fate was certainly not on my side.

There was always tomorrow.

Author’s note: The next chapter will be an EPOV chapter, ‘Intermission’, this was a all SPOV story but he won’t leave me alone. He has been nagging me to write it so I have given into the Viking and I am allowing him to speak which will give you some back ground into the mysterious man next door.


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13 thoughts on “Chapter 05: Gifts

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  2. Dang, her parents are meddlesome! I wonder what happened with Jason. And who drives the Escalade…I’m guessing Eric. Can’t wait for his pov!

  3. It’s driving me crazy that Sookie keeps missing Eric. Grrrr.. Hope we get to find out what happened between Sookie and Jason. I guess she proved to mom and dad she is doing well without their help.. Loved it, can’t wait for Eric’s POV. 🙂

    • thank you and we will find out a little bit more about the near misses when we hear what Eric has to say. Yeah her parents now given her their respect, i think that as they go on they will lighten up even more. Jason, let’s just say he wasn’t too nice and he got caught in his web of lies. KY

  4. Family can be so annoying and sometimes overbearing, but now they hear it from the horses mouth that Sookie can and will make it on her own. Wait until Sookie sees who her new neighbor is!!

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