Chapter 06: Intermission


My life has always been one of shadows. I was born in Sweden and at the age of nine my dad moved us to South Florida when my moder passed away. I loved my father but he was difficult to live with after my mor died. I withdrew into myself but excelled at everything I did. I was an A+ student and I was very good at sports. I excelled at soccer and ice hockey but I still didn’t have the approval I sought after from my father Peder. So instead of making friends like most kids do I made sure I had his approval in the sports I loved and my academics.

When I reached high school I had only one true friend Jake Purifoy. His family was included in that friendship but Jake was always there for me. It was his adoptive father Russell who showed us how to shoot a gun when we were thirteen and he would take us to the range every weekend. I found one more thing I excelled at, shooting a rifle with a scope. The range master told me I should try on sharp shooting, so I did which lead me into the JROTC at school. There I made the marksmanship team along with Jake and found my love of the military. It was in my sophomore year that my father was killed in a car accident on his way home from work and I was in fear that I would be sent into foster care but Russell stepped up and told them he would be my guardian and make sure I was taken care of. The fact was that I spent more time at Russell’s house than I did my own. Like I said my father was difficult to live with.

Jake Purifoy played by Stuart Reardon

Jake Purifoy played by Stuart Reardon

Russell Edgington played by Denis O'Hare

Russell Edgington played by Denis O’Hare

It was a bit different living with Russell, Jake and Pam but I loved them like they were my own family and when my father’s Will was finally read six months later they were all there for me. It appeared I had come into a bit of an inheritance upon my father’s death but most of it was in Sweden so Russell told me we would make a trip out there in the summer and find out how I could bring the money back to Florida with me. He said he would make sure a trust was set up for me and that way I could get to the money upon my eighteenth birthday. He told me he did not mind taking care of me, I was already his son in his heart and that was all that mattered, I was not a bother or an added expense.

It was upon hearing that statement that I knew in my heart Russell was more of a father to me than Peder had been. It was the first time I had actually thought I belong to anything, especially a loving family. It did not matter if I was blood or not, what mattered was I was cared for. I knew Russell had adopted both Jake and Pam and let them keep their legal names so I knew if I had asked he would have adopted me too. I didn’t ask that of him, but I knew if I did he would not turn me down. That man had more heart and love to give than the three of us would ever use up.

When he sat us all down and told us he was gay, Pam looked at him and told him we already know that daddy, why have you been hiding it. We are not ashamed of you and you should not be ashamed of how you feel. It was about a month later he introduced us to his long time lover Talbot and we asked him when he was moving in.

Talbot played by Theo Alexander

Talbot played by Theo Alexander

It wasn’t always easy for any of us the next two years of school, Jake would be teased by others about his dad but we stood up to them together. It was during our senior year that our mentor Colonel Flood asked us what we planned on doing after we graduated. We told him we thought of the military and/or the police force. He sat us down and told us that he approved of both of our choices but the smart move would be the military first and he would recommend us as sharp shooters or snipers. He knew that both of us could be in the same unit if we approached the recruiter correctly and with his help. Once we got out it would be a simple move into the police department of our choice with our background already set up.

We spoke with Russell and he said he would support us in any direction we would go. We chose the MARINES.

Boot camp was easier than I thought it would be since we went during the fall to Parris Island. The summer would have been hell, the chiggers and sand fleas were the size of wasps and I think in the summer they must have been bigger. Once we got out of boot camp with our ranks already pre-ordained as Corporals due to our ranks following us from the JROTC, we then went onto sniper school in Oklahoma. We learned a lot more than we already knew, distance training, woods training, mountain training, wind training, the list goes on but by the time the Marines were done training us we were ready for the Gulf War. We got stationed over seas rather quickly since we were both snipers and we went in with our ranks, we were not privates as everyone else but as officers.


Pictures from Generation Kill

Pictures from Generation Kill

The time over there was tough but since Jake and I had each other we were a lot better off than most. Once our Tour was done there we moved on to Kosovo, if we thought the Gulf was bad this was 10 times worse but we were only there for a year and then we moved on to Afghanistan and that is where we stayed for the next nine years and it’s where I met Freyda, the mother of my son Hunter.

The top picture is a young Alex and of course an older Alex

The top picture is a young Alex and of course an older Alex

She was a Marine but for operations only; she was a secretary to one of the Generals in the Forward Operating Base so she never saw any actions and for that I was thankful; she was not a woman made for combat. It was during my last year at the base that I bumped into her after a meeting, we got along great and she knew I was a military man in my heart. We had talked about my career in the military and I told her I would be moving on to Oklahoma with Jake for us to be sniper instructors at the school there, it was a dream we were wanting to live out, train the newbie’s to be the best they could be. We would leave the action as LT Colonels and we were on the top of our game.

It was right before we left for the states that she told me she was pregnant, I knew I could not abandon her and I asked her to go with me so I could take care of her and the baby. Her exact words were, “Are you Fucking NUTS!” That was when I realized she was a psychopath; she didn’t give a shit about me or my child. But it was too late for that realization and I be damned if I was going to ignore my child once he/she was born. It was then that she gave me an ultimatum, not a good one either. Either I leave the Marines at once or once she had the baby she would ship it off to her parents to care for. I still had another 5 years of my enlistment since I re-upped when I was given the opportunity. It is not that I didn’t want to be in my child’s life but she was not being cooperative in my desires and dreams either. Maybe I was being an ass but once your enlisted and you have time left you have to serve that time, not say “Sorry Dude but my woman wants me out”, no it doesn’t work that way.

When she had the baby in Germany I was there for his birth. I asked again for her to come with me but she said NO Fucking Way, Hunter was her ticket out of the damn Marines. I never understood why she enlisted in the first place until I met her parents. Who so happened to be there for Hunter’s birth as well. Her parents were overbearing but said they would take care of her child for her. They knew she could not handle being a parent and they told me they would take care of Hunter and I could have visitation whenever I was in Nevada. Nevada, when the fuck would I be in Nevada.

Felipe and Arlene de Castro were as bad as their daughter but I agreed to it because I thought Hunter would be better off. He was more or less in the beginning, he wanted for nothing and every chance I got I would visit him or take him on vacation. We had a few long talks and I told him that once I got settled in Florida with a job after I was out of the Marines he would be my top priority. I still visited him as much as possible. The one thing I hated was Freyda never spoke to her son or asked her parents how he was doing; it broke my heart that she was so cold to him. But it made me grateful that I never gave into her ultimatum. Where would we be now?

Once I was out of the Marine’s I got a job with the BSO (Broward Sheriff’s Office) with a position on the SWAT Team. I knew I could not have Hunter with me yet since my hours were shitty and I wanted him with me however I could have him there, so I had him come down to my condo in Coconut Creek as often as he could. Five more years passed and he became a young adult who wanted to live with me not his maternal grandparents.

I knew I needed to get him down to Florida to live with me permanently but Freyda’s parents were fighting me for custody. We had always been civil to one another and they said they understood my life but when they slapped me with a lawsuit for full custody of Hunter I had it.

I contacted a lawyer who said I needed a more stable life and the only option I had was undercover police officer at the time so I asked for a transfer. I know it wasn’t the most stable but I had the rank of Lieutenant and I knew because of that rank I would not have to go out into the field as much; I was to be used as a detective for all the undercover work being done and it was daytime work. I was good with that and once it was approved Jake asked to be transferred too, he met a woman whom he thought was the one but it didn’t work out. The woman he did get was his sister who lost her husband over in the war.

But what I didn’t expect was when I saw Hunter next that he had a major attitude towards all adults.

A young Alex at 12yrs old

A young Alex at 12yrs old

I knew it had to do with the court battle of two years and me taking so long to get custody of him but it also had to do with his grandparents. They were trying to turn him against me, he didn’t want to be there any longer and I didn’t blame him. I pushed the lawyer to get him out of the bad situation he was in. It was going to take more time which I had but I didn’t think Hunter would last; he needed the safety net of me and my love, not the overbearing assholes he lived with. As it was he was a teenager and puberty was kicking in.

The fucking kicker to all of this was that I was no longer allowed visitation because they told the court I was a flight risk. Flight risks my ass they were afraid I wouldn’t return him as mandated by the court. I was NOT going to loose this battle and I was NOT going to give them ammunition against me.

So I went another year without seeing my son in person. The only time I saw him was if we had a court date. It was killing me not to see him, we had made such strides in our relationship and I was afraid he was going to resent me for not trying harder. But we called each other at least once a week so it kept us in contact. Russell was my rock during this time, he told me to keep fighting, my son knew that I loved him and that was what mattered the most.

The next obstacle thrown into the custody battle was that Freyda came back saying she missed her son and wanted custody with her parents. I knew it was bullshit and it was a year and half later that it was proven to be bullshit by a private investigator that I hired, Mel Hart, he was able to hack into emails and found one that had stated that Felipe asked Freyda to come back for money and they would not turn her out again if she was to fight for her son..

I know hacking is illegal and all, but Mel had a way to get around it and as long as it did not interfere with the custody of my son I was all for it.

While all this was going on I decided that the condo was not a place for us to live a good life and the lawyer agreed so I bought us a nice home in a great neighborhood and had it remolded to my liking and I asked Hunter what he wanted his room to look like. All he would tell me is that he wanted an aquarium and I went with it. Not only would his bed have an aquarium but I found a sink for his bathroom as well. Expense was not an option.

8 9

I used my inheritance from Sweden so there was no money out of my pocket and I had plenty saved up.

But what I didn’t expect was the angel that I met the day I was looking at the house. She was beautiful and I was drawn to her.

Sookie Stackhouse-Merlotte played by Anna Paquin

Sookie Stackhouse-Merlotte played by Anna Paquin

When I was talking to her I noticed she zoned out when I said my name so I don’t know if her or the other ladies heard it. They all had this bewildered look on their faces but what I did find out was she was a widow and unattached which was good for me.

After I moved in I saw her walking these huge dogs every morning and night. The dogs were beautiful and I would wave at her to be cordial. I was unsure if she knew it was me since my windows had such a dark tint on them. However, she waved back when she did notice.

It was the evening before Thanksgiving when I thought I caught sight of her while I was shopping, in actuality it was her mom. If that is what my angel will look like in her 50’s I was all for it. Her mom was just a beautiful as she was. I told her mom to tell her I said hi but I didn’t mention my name. But the one thing I did notice as I walked away was that same bewildered look Sookie had as my ass walked away from her. Like daughter Like mother, I had to chuckle.

The day after Thanksgiving I was finishing up moving my stuff around the house when Jake and Joseph arrived. Apparently Pam had gone out shopping with her new BFF, Sookie. I chuckled, how many Sookie’s can there possibly be. I was hoping to meet her and her family but we got called in early; you see on the holidays Jake and I opted to get OT on the SWAT team so the guys who had families could spend time with them. We knew sooner or later we would have families to tend to so for the time being we helped out when we could. However when we arrived at the location they told us all to go home, the situation was taken care of.11

Can you say that our timing sucked, I can? As I was getting home I noticed her family packing up into two cars and leaving, I was upset since I was hoping to go over and introduce myself. Well I guess another day. It seemed like FATE was working against us.

Every time I wanted to introduce myself again she was leaving or I was. It sucked balls.

The following week I met her friend Alcide apparently her gran and parents went back to Louisiana after the holiday and he stayed behind to visit. Alcide was a nice enough guy and we talked for a while, he was outside watching her kids play across the street at the neighbor’s house since she was working. He told me more information then I needed to know or that he already thought I knew about her since we were neighbors since Sookie was so social; but it was a way for me to get to know her without her being there and apparently I was not too shy to ask him questions about her.

He didn’t seem to mind me asking him questions about her and the kids but he asked if we could go in the house a minute and bring the dogs out to stretch their legs. I was cool with that and I got to finally meet her dogs, they were gorgeous and well behaved and the big one leaned against me to pet him. Alcide told me he liked me and that’s how he showed it. Okay I was good with that, they would know me and not fear me.

One up for me.

He told me about her past and what had happened with her husband and how he died and how she felt she needed a fresh start and that fresh start was away from her family but she was doing well despite the distance. She had his support and she had her neighbors support when she needed it. He even told me that he had asked her several times to marry him but she always turned him down. This last time he asked which was two days ago, all she would say is FRIEND ZONE and he would miss the ogling he got from other women.

I guess I still had a chance.

Like I said he was a nice guy and it was lunch time so he called for the kids to come over and I was introduced. I told them if they ever needed me and if I was home do not hesitate to knock. They all told me okay and went into the house.

It was nice meeting them all and if I could get Hunter in my care I knew he would like the neighborhood and even the younger kids. He was turning fifteen and I knew he needed me now more than ever.

I got on the phone with my lawyer and told him I wanted Hunter here by Christmas, we needed to use the information we had against Felipe and Freyda or we would loose on time and I wasn’t going to go another year without him in my life or living with me where he belong all this time.

Well I got my wish.

I was getting ready to leave the house to go to the airport, the final court hearing was the following day and I wanted to arrive early but there was banging on my front door. It was Jake and Jackson, they looked scared, I mean really scared, ashen white faced sacred, I don’t know what was happening but I could hear the dogs barking and growling and I knew right then and there something was not right next door.

I told them to get into the house-… NOW….-and I went to the garage to get my revolver, I told them to call 911 and stay put.

As I walked over to the house I could hear one of the dogs in the back yard growling but when I got to the front door Cleo was sitting there just inside the broken frame. She was in guard mode but walked over to me and licked my hand; I petted her head and told her good girl even though she could not hear me. I told her to stay, so she sat.

As I started to go into the house I could hear the sirens in the distance and the growl out back became a god wrenching howl.

Whatever was going on Caesar was not happy.

I could hear a commotion out front so I turned around to see that Ty and Jessica were standing close to the front door. I told them to get next door quickly and quietly and not to come back until the police arrived. Ty asked about the boys and I told her they were in my home, TO GET GOING… NOW.

She obeyed and Cleo stayed in the door way after glancing my way. I knew the police cars were closer and the howl was getting louder and I needed to get to the dog. I followed the howl but checked the rooms as I went, I didn’t need anything jumping out at me before I got to the back yard.

Let me just say before I tell you what happened, – -god I love that dog. He is freaking awesome…- there is a six foot stockade fence that surrounds each of our homes and in the corner along the wall between Sookie’s and my home there is a huge doghouse built for two large dogs and inside the doghouse were two perpetrators being held in check by Caesar baring his teeth and growling with that god awful howl in between.


These perps were a quivering mess.

I had to chuckle at him. I approached him carefully and talked to him. Caesar, come boy, heel and to be honest he did just that.

He was an awesome dog. I still had my gun out and I told the perps not to move and just as I said it, the Creek police department made there way out to me with Cleo trailing behind.

I called her over to me and told both dogs to stay. They sat beside my legs and watched what unfolded.

As the police officers did their work I heard the two criminals say they would tell them what happened as long as that dog was kept away from them. Little did they know these two dogs were the gentlest creatures I have ever met but I guess they are just a little bit territorial too?

They said they had barely gotten past the front door after jimmying it open when the one dog, the smaller one came running towards them. They hightailed it back to the kitchen but when they got there the big one got off the couch and growled at them. They pushed through the slider and ran but the dog was hot on their trail. The yard had a tall fence and they couldn’t get over it. The only way over the fence was the doghouse but the dog followed them up the ladder so they got down and they went inside the doghouse itself. The next thing they know he is growling and snarling at them and baring his teeth. They didn’t know the dogs lived there or they would have never tried breaking in, apparently they had come by on a previous day and rattled the door and windows but got no response. They figured they would come back another time. They were also confessing to robbing other houses in the neighborhood and when Caesar got up to approach them again they dove back into the doghouse.

What a sight that was, it had all the officers chuckling. By that time I heard a commotion coming from the front of the house. I asked the officers if they needed me or the dogs any more and they told me they needed my statement but would catch up to me.

I called the dogs to me and they walked with me towards the back door and as we got into the kitchen I saw Sookie being held back at the front door, I told the officer to let her in there was no evidence to contaminate. She bolted to me and the dogs, she slid on her knees to hug both of the dogs. I noticed their dog leashes hanging by the door so I hooked them up.

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. I lifted her up and held her tight.

BY THE GODS holding her felt right.

I told her the kids were safe, they were next door at my house and that is where we were going so that the police could finish up here.

She held my hand as I held the leashes in the other and as we made it outside the neighborhood was standing in the road watching everything unfold. I guided her to my home and through the front door. I let the dogs loose and they found the children in my living room watching TV.


I told Ty we had this and she said she would talk to us later.

As Sookie made her way over to the children, I made sure the safety was on my revolver and placed it on top of the entertainment center for safe keeping until I could put it away.

The boys ran over to me, hugged me and told me that they were so grateful I told them if they ever needed me to knock on the door.

I was grateful for once that I was running behind and I hadn’t already left. I knew I needed to get to Nevada and would probably have to pay and arm and a leg to get there but right now I needed to be here for THEM.

I smiled down at them and said anytime but I needed them to sit down and answer a couple of questions for me before the police came over and asked them the same thing.

They said okay at the same time so I asked them what happened. Jackson said that they got home and Cleo was sitting in the open doorway and the door frame looked all mangled. They heard noises coming from the back and high tailed it over to my door. They said they didn’t see anyone but when they heard Caesar barking they knew things were not good. And they waited like I told them to do, then Ty and Jess let themselves in and we turned on the TV till you got here.

Okay this was good they wouldn’t be pulled through as witnesses for a trial or anything. All they would have to do is give their statements. Me on the other hand, unless they pleaded out I was going to a trial, but I was okay with that, better me then them.

Sookie looked at me with tears in her eyes and mouthed, Thank You.

I asked her if she was okay staying in my house, I needed to go get one of the police officers to take their statements. All she did was nod.

As I walked over to her house I had two things on my mind, one, what a hell of a way to get introduced finally and two, I was never going to let this family go. They were MINE.

As I got over to the house the officer in charge asked me if we could talk. I told him yes and that the boys were over at my home if they needed their statements. At the time they didn’t know they were witnesses, I told them they came over to me when they found the door open.

Officer Beck followed me over to the house and on our way there I called Jake and told him to pick up some pizza’s and get his butt over here now. He asked me why I wasn’t on a plane yet and I told him once he got here I would tell him everything. In the meantime I would need to find a new flight out tonight.

We walked into my house and Sookie came charging in our direction, I was not sure what she doing but all she did was grab a hold of my hand and pull me into her tightly. Comfort, she needed comfort and I was that to her.


Two up for me.

I held her as I directed Officer Beck over to the boys. They gave him their names and ages and what they saw. It was exactly as they told me so I knew there would be no issues. I knew I was up next and told Beck to follow me to the kitchen to speak in private.

16I figured the children didn’t need to be any more scared then they already were. I gave my statement to Officer Beck and Sookie just held my hand. She just looked up at me with her brown eyes and smiled; gods I was falling for this woman and quickly.

As we were finishing up Jake arrived with dinner and brought it into the kitchen. He saw the kids, the dogs and Sookie attached to my arm. He looked at me funny so I introduced them to him. I told him this is Pam’s friend Sookie and someone broke into their home tonight. I need for him to get her doors fixed and I wanted them to stay here while I was gone and until I got back I needed him to stay here too, bring Pam and Joseph over too, and make a party of it. I would be back by the weekend and we would sort things out then. Until then I needed him to do this for me.

Sookie started to bulk and I told her it was too late to get the doors fixed tonight and Jake can look after her as I would but I needed to get to Nevada for a hearing tomorrow.

I led Sookie to my bedroom because I could see the steam rising.

Eric's bedroom

Eric’s bedroom

“Sookie, I know you barely know me. This house is a fortress with alarms and such and it would make me feel better if you stayed here until I return. Jake will make sure your house is fixed and when we get back I want to help you look for an alarm system, a good one. The dogs were good this time but next time the perps may have guns and they could stop their advances. Please do this for me; please I would feel better knowing your safe.”

“Eric I don’t want to impose and yes you are being high-handed but I will stay here. I will sleep on the couch.”

“No, you and Jess can use my room. The boys can use Hunter’s room and Jake has a room and there is a spare for Pam and another for Joseph if he needs his own.

Jake's room

Jake’s room

Please stay here, in my room, please.”

“Okay but when you get back we need to talk okay. And who is Hunter?”

“Hunter is my son and I am trying to get custody of him, the hearing is tomorrow. I need to get to my office and look on my PC to find a new flight for tonight so that I can make it for the hearing at 10am Nevada time.”

“Eric, go please do what you need to. Do you think I can go next door and get clothes for us and food for the dogs, they usually eat at night? ”

“Give me a minute and I will go with you.”

“Jake, I am taking Sookie next door, can you please lock the revolver up, and it’s on the top of the entertainment center. When I get back I will look for flights, you may have to drive me to the airport Mr. Lead foot.”


As Sookie and I walked over to her home the neighbors were still out front, she told them all she and the kids were fine and she would be staying in my home until her doors were fixed. Remy looked fine with what she said but John looked pissed as hell, what the hell was that all about. He was married, Ty was a nice woman.

I ignored them and told the officers I was taking her in to get clothes for the next few days. They offered to board the two doors up until they could be repaired. I told them we would take care of it, no need for them to stick around to do that for her. The officer, – Compton-, looked pissed off like John, what the fuck, whose toes were being stomped on?

We quickly did our thing and went back to my house. I asked Jake to get some plywood out of the garage and seal up the slider and front door since both were broken. He worked quickly and I went to find a flight.

The only flight I could find that would work was a Spirit flight tonight at 9:40pm going to Chicago, layover there until morning and then catch a US Airways flight at 5am to arrive in Las Vegas at 9:03am. It would give me time to get to the courthouse with time to spare since I was only taking a carry on garment bag and my lap top, there would be no bags checked. I purchased the flight and was able to get first class sitting for leg room. I would have taken coach if I was able to be on those flights.

I was so engrossed in what I was doing I did not notice Sookie slide into the room and put her arms around the back of the chair and my shoulders. She laid her head on my shoulder and trembled. I think it was finally getting to her.

I moved her arms from my shoulders and turned the chair around slowly. I didn’t even have to ask; she climbed up into my lap and put her head to my shoulder and cried. I tried to sooth her the best way I knew how, I was rubbing her back and kissing the top of her head, she looked up at me and I went for it. I inched in slowly and kissed her lips.



I pulled back a bit and I looked down at her to make sure I didn’t over step my boundaries. She looked at me with her eyes and moved her mouth to mine once again and grabbed my bottom lip with her teeth and nibbled. I don’t have to tell you what that did to me. I knew I was fully erect and my jeans were getting tighter. I could not take much more and spoke with a HISS. “What are you doing to me WOMAN?”

“Reliving a dream; Kiss Me Eric, please just kiss me.”

With pleasure.

I knew we were moving along too fast but I didn’t care. We really didn’t know each other at all. I knew I knew more about her but she knew nothing about me. She was in my dreams and apparently I had been a star in hers.

I pulled her tighter to me and kissed her with all the passion I could offer. I knew this was a bad idea, I needed to leave and this would leave us both wanting but dammit, this felt right.

I breathed out, “Sookie we need to stop, I will need to leave soon so that I can make my flight. Please little one, I don’t want to stop either but we need to. We can finish this conversation up when I get back.”

She looked up at me with a beautiful blush covering her face. “Eric… I …uh… I wish we had more time. I wish you could make love to me right now. You are all I have thought about since the day we first met. I need you my warrior, I need you.”

Her words would be forever etched in my brain. Did I waste time not introducing myself sooner? The time wasted was not missed in my recollections but damn I needed her too.

“Sookie, you are killing me. I want you too, but now is not the time. Let us put some distance between us or the children will see what you have done to me.”

She looked down and gasped, if it was possible she became redder.

“Min Älskling, your blush makes me want you more and to see if it goes all the way down.” With that statement I gave her an eye waggle.

With that she smacked my shoulder and got up.

I told her I would follow in a moment and as I was getting ready to come out when I heard Pam arrive, well that put an ice bucket on my hard-on real quick.

I told the boys I needed to talk to them privately. I let them know they were in charge and if they needed anything to ask Big Jake for it, but to please take care of their mom because she was shaken more than she is letting on. To help her do things around the house and to help her walk the dogs, to listen to her and when I got back we would make sure their house was secure together.

They both agreed to the plan.

I asked Big Jake to come in. I told him while I was gone to get spare keys made for the boys and Sookie. I would be giving her the code to the alarm and to make sure the dogs were walked in the morning by him not her. I think for the next couple of days she was going to be spooked and if she walked the dogs alone she might become terrified. He told me sure, but she looked like a stubborn one and I told him that’s the point she is too stubborn to ask for help when she is scared.

Even though we really didn’t know each other I had been clued into a few things courtesy of Alcide.

He nodded in agreement.

I asked Pam to walk the dogs in the evening with Sookie. She didn’t understand why and I told her to talk to her brother he would fill her in. In the meantime I needed Big Jake to get me to the airport. We all laughed at my BIG Jake statement but we all knew that someone would be getting a nickname soon.

I gave the boys a hug and kissed Jessica’s forehead. She blushed just like her mom. But Sookie, I didn’t know how to say goodbye to, but she helped me out on that one, she put her arms around me and gave me a huge hug and looked up at me from where her head was tucked into my chest. I leaned down and kissed her, I kissed her for all it was worth. As I finished the kiss, I heard eeewww gross behind me. I chuckled at the boys but I looked at all the kid’s faces and they all seemed happy for their mom.

I was glad I didn’t overstep my bounds. But that would be a conversation for later.

As we drove to the airport I told Jake about my trepidations about Sookie’s courage and false front and that she may fall apart soon but she will do it when the children are not watching.

And oh yeah Sookie is MINE.

He chuckled and said he knew that already by the looks we were giving each other. We got to the airport with time to spare and I thanked the gods listening that the boys were safe and that I would hopefully be bringing Hunter back with me.

I made it through TSA and was fiddling with my phone when I got a text from an unknown number. I usually would have deleted it without reading it but I had a feeling it was important.

S-….’I miss you already. Please come back to me so that we can talk. I will be waiting min Älskling … Sook’

Well damn I guess she got my number from Jake or Pam. But I was okay with that. But I was going to play a little.

E-…’Umm who is this I do not know a Sook?’….

S-…’Ummmm but you do know a min Älskling correct?’…

I was wondering if she knew what it meant.

E-…’I know I have a sweetheart and she is the perfect angel. And I may have called her my sweetheart but I don’t think she has my phone number?’…

S-…’Eric I know you are teasing me. I just wanted to let you know I have your number and I would like to text you if that is okay while you are gone. I also want to send you something to help to remember me by’…

Hmmm I wonder what she had in mine, hopefully nothing dirty because I wouldn’t last until my return.

E-…’Okay, send away’….

20 21 22


S-…’So you don’t forget me and my different sides … miss you’…

I wasn’t sure what to say but these were definitely going into a file so I could look at them whenever I needed to.

I kept repeating to myself this angel was going to be mine.

E-…’Thank you min älskare’…

I received no response but that was okay. I texted one more time to tell her I was boarding and I would text her when I landed in Chicago but it would be late.

I received a text while my phone was in airplane mode on the plane.

S-… lover huh… will see when you get back…. Sweet dreams…’…..

I texted her when I arrived in Chicago at my hotel, it was midnight and I needed to get to bed since my flight was at 5am. I slept so-so, I was afraid of the outcome of the trail, I knew if I had a better home life I would have an ace in the hole. I would mention Sookie, Jake, Pam and Russell to the lawyer if I needed more stability shown at my home.

It was a long flight but I made it to court in plenty of time. The de Castro’s showed up to court without Hunter and the judge was pissed off to say the least. They first said he didn’t want to attend, then they said he was sick and then they said they just didn’t bother bringing him with them, they figured it wasn’t necessary since the birth mother was involved in the custody battle now.

Just let me say the Honorable Judge Thalia Prescott was not happy. She wouldn’t listen to anything they had to say. She sent a patrol car over to get Hunter from their home and we waited for his arrival.

Once he arrived she asked for him to come forward. He talked with her while seated in the witness chair and then she asked for a recess to talk to him in her chambers in private. My lawyer and the de Castro’s lawyer were allowed to go with them but no one else. Judge Thalia, as she told Hunter to call her, said that she should have spoken with him prior to the court date but apparently there was always scheduling issues and being that he was almost fifteen his word meant a lot in her court and in this proceeding.

Well I’ll be damn a break finally in my favor.

They were gone for half an hour and when they came back Hunter was allowed to sit with me. He gave me a hug and told me he missed me and I told him the same. Judge Thalia then spoke up and said, “the boys custody should have never gotten this far, when Mr. Northman had asked for full custody three years back it should have been granted. The grandparents were asked to keep the boy until the father could take care of him full time. This is stated numerous times in the original documents. The grandparents went against this request; it might have been overheard from the boy numerous times that they needed to keep the boy from his father. WHY I do not know nor do I understand but it is horrendous to think that ADULTS would knowingly keep them apart when they knew that it was wanted by both the father and the child to be together.

I am granting full custody of Hunter Northman to his father Eric Northman who will be allowed to take him to reside in Florida with him at his home. The de Castro’s will need to get with Mr. Northman’s lawyers about visitation. I for one would not allow it. But that is up to him at this point. Hunter is allowed to leave Nevada today; if he would like to get any of his belongings a police officer will escort him home so that he can do this without being harassed by his grandparents and mother. Mr. Northman I believe it is in your best interest to get out of dodge today after Hunter gets what he needs, is that acceptable? Court adjourned.”

I was happy, overjoyed but leery. I could see the plotting going on at the next table and I did not like it at all. I asked my lawyer if he could get a copy of the ruling so there would be no issues arriving in Ft Lauderdale. He said he had already asked after the ruling.

I told Hunter to have the police officer stay with him while he got his stuff together and to meet me back here at the courthouse, we would leave as soon as he got back.

I didn’t care how we got home as long as we were out of Nevada today.

I texted Jake and Sookie and told them I would be home as soon as I could get a flight out, but Hunter and I were leaving today come hell or high water.

Freyda approached me after the police officer left with Hunter. She said she wanted back into my life, she missed me and Hunter. I told her too late, I had someone in my life and if Hunter didn’t want to see her ever again that was his choice, now leave us alone. Of course she huffed off and told me I would be hearing from her. I didn’t need her shit and I knew I would end up getting a restraining order if she kept her shit up and followed us back to Florida.

It was right then and there that I decided I was not going to make her following us home easy. Plus I knew I needed to let Sookie know all about Freyda and her parents and if she still wanted US, we could go forward but not until she was told first. I had a strong feeling she wouldn’t care but she needed to be made aware.

As I waited for Hunter in the courthouse luncheonette I took out my lap top and searched for flights. I knew I could have a direct flight but I wanted us to hop around a bit just to frustrate her if she followed.

I found a flight, Virgin Airlines leaving at 3:30pm and arriving in Los Angeles at 4:40pm. Then another flight on Virgin leaving at 5:25pm and arriving at 10:20 in Dallas. We would stay over night but I would get us a hotel room when we got there so in case she figured things out we would lose her either at LAX or Dallas. Then we had a flight the next day on Southwest at 8:30am arriving in Ft Lauderdale at 12:25pm. It was a well thought out plan and I emailed Jake to let him know what was up and to pick me up the next day at the airport, he had all my flight information so we were good.

Hunter arrived back with the officer in tow about an hour later, the officer said they had a few issues with the de Castro’s but he did not leave Hunter’s side. He also said that he would be going to the judge to make sure he could escort us to the airport since the de Castro’s followed them back. I was a little more leery than before but if the officer was willing I had no issues. Hopefully Judge Thalia agreed.

She did agree, she even made sure to escort us out of the front of the courthouse and gave Hunter her business card with her phone number on it in case there were any issues.

Well the rest of the journey was uneventful or they gave up since we had the law on our side. But that did not mean they would not cause trouble for us in Florida.

Hunter and I got to talk a lot; we bonded even more than we had on previous trips. I told him about Sookie and that we had a fresh relationship started and he told me he was happy for me, he knew I never really dated. He asked if he would meet her any time soon and I told him she was at my house, hers was broken into but she lived next door. Her boys were using his room until I got back and then I would make sure their home was more secure for them to go back to. He said he was okay with that. I told him the house might be a little chaotic since Sookie and her three kids were there, her two large dogs, Jake, Pam and Joseph.

He laughed and asked if he was being replaced.

I told him never, he was my priority; he would always be my priority.

All went well and we got to the Ft Lauderdale airport without a hitch but I was a little shocked at our welcome party. Down at luggage pickup stood our new family, all of them. Including the dogs. I don’t know how Jake pulled it off but there was a uniform BSO officer standing with them in case someone said something about the dogs and I am sure it also had to do with the issues we had in court. I knew they were not service animals but damn it melted my heart that they we all there. Caesar was the first to spot me and he whined. I whistled and he tugged Big Jake’s arm, he saw me and let go of his leash. He ran straight for me and jumped up with his big old paws on my shoulders and licked my face. I could hear the people saying awwwww around us. I guess my new buddy missed me too. I looked down and Cleo was near my feet trying to get my attention but Hunter kneeled down and was attacked with her love and attention.

It was a wonderful homecoming and this FELT RIGHT.

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29 thoughts on “Chapter 06: Intermission

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  2. That was great — Eric is right Hunters mother an grand parents will not give up but the will not win the war right 🙂 it was a nice homecoming I am crazy about dogs and that just made it sweeter. Thank you for the chapter.

    • thank you for reading and just and FYI they were not abusive physically but they were not nice either, emotional abuse is just as nasty. they used his mother and father against him, we might find out a little bit more later but we will see. thanks for your kind words. KY

  3. I really liked this chapter. It was so fun having Eric’s POV. I can’t imagine being separated from my son. I feel so bad for Eric. I hope they continue to build a relationship. Sookie and Eric meet in person in a very funny way. I liked the kisses and the instant attachment. The greeting at the airport was a perfect ending to the chapter.

    • thanks for the kind words. yes they both had an instant attachment and i wanted to show how Eric had work through problems and resolves them in a positive way. i had fun writing the chapter. KY

  4. Great update, I love reading Eric’s pov! Glad he finally met Sookie and get Hunter too. Although I know there will be issues with his grandparents and mother…

  5. It was good to have Eric’s POV. Gave some balance to this wonderful story. Enjoying reading your story. Can’t wait to read how the relationship between Eric & Sookie progresses. Also how Hunter’s grandparents behave, they sound like trouble.

    • thanks for reading this story as well. Yeah i though the farther we got into the story people were wondering what was going through his mind and his life plus it finalized who the next door neighbor was. And the grandparents, shivers down the spine. KY

  6. Wow, thanks for the great update. I’m so happy that Eric got full custody of Hunter. I know they will undoubtedly have to put up with the shenanigans of the DeCastro family, but with Sookie now in his life, they will get through it all together. I can’t wait to see their relationship grow. Can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂

  7. I’m so happy Eric finally got Hunter but I don’t see the deCastros giving up.
    Loved the greeting they got at the airport..I’m guessing they didn’t have Judge Thalia for all the custody hearings or Eric would of had Hunter a lot sooner..Can’t wait to see how everything goes with settling in and Eric with a new relationship….:)

    • thanks for reading and i am glad you enjoyed it and much as i liked writing it. Yeah the de Castro’s are going to be an issue but i guess they never went up against Sookie and some extra’s… no Thalia was brought in to replace the other judge. You will find out about in the next chapter. KY

  8. Missed this before! It’s nice to hear from Eric. I’m glad he got his son. I hope their relationship grows even stronger now. It’s good he was there for Sookie and her kids!

  9. So wonderful to come home to such a big welcome from such loving people especially after such an almost dismal custody fight. I’m glad Eric got Hunter and can bring him home to such loving people 🙂

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