Chapter 01: Family

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Chapter 01: Family

Thalia POV

My name is Thalia and I have no use for a last name.

Maggie Q is playing Thalia

Maggie Q is playing Thalia

I was turned over 2200 years ago. My maker chose me because of my superior strengths. I was feared by many of the Greek soldiers that invaded my family’s home. I stood my ground until the very end when I received a fatal blow to my midsection.

My savior swooped down upon the soldiers and killed them for harming me. You see my maker was following the army so that he and mother could feed without being noticed. Father and mother had watched in fascination at my due diligence in securing my home and protecting my children and cousins.

Ambrose or Father played by David Gandy

Ambrose or Father played by David Gandy

Helene or Mother played by Yancy Butler

Helene or Mother played by Yancy Butler

I was the last to fall of my human family and father gave me the option to be turned or to die with a warriors honor. I was no warrior just a mother protecting her cubs.

I chose the turning and never regretted my choice. I loved my new family and would protect them with my life.

My makers name was Ambrose, I loved father with all my heart, and mother was dearly loved as well, she protected all of my sisters with the fierceness of a mother lion and we in turn were totally loyal to her as well as father.

Father only turned women, it was not for sexual reasons it was merely for companionship. He never denied us if we had asked for his love making but it was never forced upon us either. He wanted the family that he was denied when he himself was turned about 1000 years before me.

He had told us that if you had to walk the earth for eternity then you needed to have a family by your side and he would choose whom he wanted for his family and he had chosen us.

He chose wisely each time he had chosen a new daughter and each of us were a brunette with brown eyes. We were all involved in some tragedy that led to our deaths; there were many wars at the time so we were able to feed without being noticed. Father made sure we were well protected at all times. He taught us how to survive on minimal feeds and to secure a place to live undetected by the encroaching armies.

It was about 400 years later that he turned two of my new sisters closely to one another, Sasha and Belle. The wars raged through their villages as well and they too had a warrior’s spirit when they fought to protect their homes. Father was drawn to both of them within days of one another’s death. He told us it was uncommon for such a thing to happen but with the help of Helene/mother and me the two would flourish, he would love us all equally. I never doubted his word.

Sasha played by Sarah Shahi

Sasha played by Sarah Shahi

Belle played by Camilla Belle

Belle played by Camilla Belle

About two hundred years passed before mother had caught sight of our next sister, she was drawn to her but not pulled like father said we would all one day be when we were ready to make a child, but when father saw the dying girl lying on the side of the road because she had been beaten by the man that owned her, father became outraged and asked her if she wanted to live with us forever. She responded with a yes and the first kill she ever made was to the man who left her to die.

True justice was served cold to that bastard. My sister Naomi would be the youngest of all of us at turning since she was still a teenager.

Naomi played by Vanessa Hudgens

Naomi played by Vanessa Hudgens

The years had passed by, too many to count where we had encountered many vampires in our travels but father did not like for us to stay too long in any one place, he taught us that only a fool stays longer than need be. We do not age and many would become suspicious if we stayed far too long.

It was during our travels through what is now known as Denmark that we encountered another duo that lived their lives as we did. The Gaul and his young progeny of 100 years known as the Viking; father liked the Gaul/Godric, very much, he lived by the same goals as him and mother did, but he tended to be a little more violent than father thought anyone should be when trying to be discreet.

We stayed with them for a short period of time but when the Viking became amorous towards my sisters and I, father thought it was time to leave; he would not force the vampire’s attentions on any of us. It was our choice on whom we bedded and we preferred father if we bedded anyone.

It was 100 years later that my next sister was turned; she was also beaten and left for dead by her husband who claimed she was an adulteress. He said it was his right to beat her and let her be eaten by the buzzards. Father saw promise in her eyes and found her taking her last breath while she leaned against the barn door as her animals protected her from her husband’s assaults. Mother glamoured the husband to invite us all in and take care of us for the time being or until father decided it was time for us to leave. She also suggested to him that he allow his wife back into their home to live. He did this without a complaint and he became our personal meal ticket. We stayed there for about two years; it was when father said the small village was becoming suspicious of us that we left. So he allowed Kathryn her first kill to serve her tormentor some much needed justice.

Kathryn played by Charisma Carpenter

Kathryn played by Charisma Carpenter

Father thought that is was a good lesson for each of us to learn control and CONTROL we all had, bucket loads of it. It seemed that we all had inherited this trait as well from our father.

It was after my final sister’s birth that we learned of the Yakuza. Apparently when they chose Mina to be put down they did not expect a family of vampires to enter into the midst to save her. Father was drawn to her and welcomed the fight that we received from the Yakuza, so that he could get to his new daughter.

Mina played by Alicia Keys

Mina played by Alicia Keys

We fought them for the three days after father took her to ground.

They could not figure out why they could not track us during the day since we were in the ground but when they found us on the fourth day with a very ALIVE Mina they were not happy. We had thought we had killed all of them but we found out many years later and many Yakuza assassins later that we were still sought out for destruction.

Our family was marked by them for termination.

We led a simple life and had settled in the northern California Hills. Father had purchased a home and we were not bothered by anyone since our nearest neighbor was 6 miles away. It was the perfect home and we all lived according to father’s teachings. Even when the vampires came out of the coffin we still had it pretty good. We were left alone by the Queen of California since she feared our family because of our ages.

We were some of the oldest vampires around and since we were all a nest we were considered deadly.

Each of our nest members had enormous strength and cunning, superior senses which included our control and a little something more where we could all feel one another like a maker feels their child, but last but not least we were all extremely fast.

It was the Queen’s second who ratted us out to the Yakuza, he wanted us gone so he gave them the information they needed to end us all.

You see a grudge with the Yakuza is handed down generation to generation and apparently this Mr. Gus fellow had an itch he needed scratched to earn back his father and uncle’s respect after the True Blood factory debacle. He assumed by killing our patriarch it would be his meal ticket into his father’s position and wealth.

He did not realize that if you attack one of us, you attack all of us.

Their attack lasted for a fortnight, and it was only out of sheer luck that they were able to get to father and end him. They usually fought in groups of four to our one (a total of 32 Yakuza to our 8 nest members), but this night they chose to bring one more in their count. This extra man was able to jump on father which made him fall to the ground for another to come up from behind and behead him.

It nearly killed me and my sisters when father went down and was killed by the Yakuza; it took all of our will power and control to finish off as many of the men sent to kill us and that was due to the excruciating pain we were experiencing due to his death. It was not until minutes later when the Yakuza had finally retreated that we noticed that one of the Yakuza had also fatally wounded our eldest sister Helene when she went to protect our father before his death blow from one of the assassins.

Helene said she did not want to be saved, she wanted to pass along with our maker; she would never survive without him being near as they were bonded mates. She loved him more than us and had been with him for 400 years prior to my turning, we all knew about the bond but we never truly understood it until then. I always called her mother since that is how my sisters and I had seen her. We loved her just as much as father and we swore vengeance for both of their deaths that day.

So that led us on a chase across the country that ended in Texas. The HepV outbreak was at its worst but we were diligent in our tracking. We were close every day but when we would go to strike down the Yakuza, they were already gone.

The chase was becoming tiresome but we vowed not to give up. It was during this chase that we found out we were immune to the deadly HepV disease.

We did not strike out to get infected but when Naomi came home with a willing donor who later informed us about her condition we did not strike her down as we should have but kept her for a few nights to feed us, this was how we learned we were all unharmed by the deadly disease. After four nights of feedings none of us showed any signs of the deadly disease.

We had decided if we were to die from HepV then the vengeance would be sweeter if we had a shorter amount of time to live because we would need to get to Mr. Gus as quick as possible and end him.

The disease would also end our continual suffering without our father and mother by our sides.

We would have to use all of our cunning and strengths to accomplish this but since death was not knocking at our door we still had time to kill as many Yakuza as possible, not just Mr. Gus.

This was a positive for us since it seems donors were a far cry to come by on some nights because many had been infected.

We missed Mr. Gus in Dallas and had heard through a source that he was headed to Louisiana. My sisters and I figured some other poor soul was in the sights of the Yakuza and would be soon dead.

As we were trying to find the man we spread across the state so that we could cover more ground. As I made it to Ruston I felt a pull that I did not understand but I remember father’s teachings about a maker’s pull. I tried to ignore it because now was not the time to make a child but the sensation would not leave my bones and I was drawn to another smaller town.

It looked like the HepV vampires had made their way through the town so I took it slowly so I would not be killed. As I came across an older farmhouse I watched in amazement as a young blonde girl was cut in her midsection,- as I myself had been upon my own death-, and I hurried as quickly as I could when I heard the man speaking to her in Japanese and laughing at her.

My blood boiled at this, he was Yakuza, what had this girl done to them to deserve to be gutted like that but I backed off a bit when a fire came from her fingertips like a lightning bolt and threw the man to the ground. It was when he was caught off balance that I ripped his head off from his shoulders.

I slowly walked over to the girl and sat down.

I could see she was dying but the pull to her never left me. I had to make a decision quickly that would change both of our lives.

Author’s Note: As you can tell this is a mix of TB and SVM… I am trying to stay close to the true personalities of the characters that I saw in the show and which I read in the books. Hopefully I pay it justice even if I hated how both ended. I gave Thalia a background since she had none, and I hope you enjoy the ride as I did while writing it.

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  2. Agree with Kat –intriguing beginning. Thalia was another of CH’s waste of a potentially powerful character. Can’t wait to see where this goes. And…again…she’s gonna be meeting up with the Viking……wonder how Thalia will feel about him lusting after her “baby girl” 🙂

  3. Great start! I can’t wait to see where this goes. I love that you’re giving us a bit of Thalia’s story, she was definitely an underused character in the books. I was always curious about her and Indira. 😀

  4. I’m very excited. I love when interesting non primary characters are explored. And Thalia was definitely intriguing with her seemingly surly but quiet demeanor. I can’t wait to find out how this plays out between her Sookie and Eric.

  5. Thrilled with your new story. Really liked reading from Thalia’s POV. Cant wait to read further chapters of your story. 🙂

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