Chapter 02: Little One


I heard a commotion outside my home and of course I looked out my window to see MY Viking fighting with some men in black. I knew their minds; they were the men from Fangtasia, what did Eric call them? Oh yeah the Yakuza? I wanted to help him; Eric was always saving me from some threat or another. I figured since they were human I could help with my rifle that I had conveniently left stored in the front coat closet.

I remembered that rifle; it was the one that I had killed Debbie Pelt with. The rifle was my protector since I didn’t have fangs or super strength. Nor did I have a man in my life any more, Alcide had died not two nights earlier and Eric and I never spoke of what could be between us. I knew Bill was not my future but the guilt I had instilled in myself because I had infected Bill was enough for me to deny the Viking again, My Viking was whom I loved with all my heart. I could not risk infecting another, so I pushed him away once again.

I had my light but would it help me this time or would it falter.

I would have to do/live with what was available to me now since I was once again on my own.

So I crept downstairs, but by the time I got down there the commotion was over.

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse

I heard a car racing away and I couldn’t feel Eric’s void anymore so I decided the threat was over and once again Eric saved my life. But I did not immediately go back upstairs to go back to bed -NO- I heard another noise coming from the back of my home and needed to investigate. I turned on the security light Alcide had installed but I didn’t see anything. So again not using my telepathy nor making sure I was protected from harm’s way, I walked out of my back porch door, down the stairs and into my yard. I didn’t see him coming nor did I feel the blade slide through my stomach.

What I felt next was me being cold, my warm blood oozing out of me and I heard that Yakuza bastard laughing and talking to me, however, I didn’t understand a word he was saying. But what I saw next was a flash, apparently I reacted too late and shot him with my light, – at least I got in one last good shot-, and it would be my last time using it before I lost my life.

I could feel death coming and I was rejoicing in it for once. I knew it was my time and I had failed myself again. Eric always told me I had no self-preservation skills at all. I was always too curious for my own good and this time I did myself in. I was hoping that one of my vampires would appear before me, but I guessed wrong, I would die alone.

I guess I did deserve that, a lonely death.

I looked up into the star filled sky and told Eric that I loved him and that I always would, I told Jason I was sorry I was leaving him so early and I told Gran I would see her shortly and to Bill I told him I was sorry I infected him and it would cause his True Death but he was on his own now.

I guess Karma finally caught up to me.

I thought an angel was talking to me from what I heard next. It was an accented voice but it was lovely one to hear.

“No Little One, you will not die alone.”

I sobbed a little but I felt a relief of sorts that an angel was there to watch over me as I took my last breaths.

I turned my head and I saw this beautiful woman sitting to my side but what I saw next to her took my breath away. It was the head of the one who stabbed me. How did I miss his death?

Oh yeah, dying here, you miss a lot.

I spoke to her as I knew I was fading away slowly. I asked her to please tell Eric that I was sorry and I loved him with all my heart and soul. Tell Bill, he will have to solve his own problems for now on and Jason, to stay safe and if he ever needed anything to contact Eric, I was sure he would help him.

The woman nodded to me and asked me my name.


“Sookie, my name is Thalia”

“Oh that is a lovely name, you have a beautiful accent.”

“Thank you ‘little one’.”

I started to cry and she asked, “Why do you cry?”

“Because Eric was the one that called me ‘little one’ and he was here tonight to fight those Yakuza guys but I guess he missed one. And now you called me ‘little one’ and it has brought back great memories of him and our beautiful times together as one.”

“This Eric must be a strong warrior if he defeated the Yakuza so easily.”

“Oh he is! Eric was a Viking.”

Alexander Skarsgård playing Eric Northman

Alexander Skarsgård playing Eric Northman

“Do you mean the North Man?”

“Yeah I guess he is one and the same. I know him as Eric Northman, Sherriff of Area 5.”

“You smell of someone’s blood, do you belong to a vampire.”

“Oh, that’s Bill’s blood. He gave it to me when we were fighting the HepV vampires two nights ago so that he could find me if we were separated. He fed from me later on when he needed blood and I had accidentally infected him, so now he is dying too. I think I still have some of Eric’s blood in me from when we shared blood together but that was a very long time ago, so I really don’t know.”

“You bonded yourself to the North Man but yet took another’s blood. That is not good, that is against all that we hold sacred. The North Man must not have been pleased when that occurred.”

I heard what she said and tried not to ignore her but I coughed a little and told her I was cold.

She asked me if there was a blanket on the porch, I told her no, the old afghan was in the house. I issued her an invitation into my home so she could grab the old thing off of the couch. Eric hated that ugly old thing but it still smelt of him after all this time and I cherished it.

Thalia placed it around me and said she would stay with me to the end if I wanted her too.

I was thankful for how she was just sitting there with me and making sure I stayed calm as my life passed away before my eyes. It was a lovely night and the stars were out, I was happy that I would be able to see the sky one last time.

Thalia spoke up and asked me a few questions, I thought them a bit odd, but I had manners even in death and answered her anyways.

“‘Little one’, may I call you that?” I nodded yes, “I saw you shoot a light what are you?”

“A fairy –hybrid with the essential spark”

“Do you have no kin left?”

“I have my brother Jason, a cousin Hadley and a nephew Hunter but I don’t know where they went before my other fairy kin were killed and my great- great-grandfather Niall.”

“The Prince of the Sky Fae.”

“Yeah I guess, but Warlow killed off most of the fairies I knew of.”

“Where is Warlow?”

“Oh, I staked him in my bathroom and sealed the stake in his heart with my fairy light, it was an awesome sight to see him so surprised that I killed him, he was an asshole.”

“Well that is good, he was a legend, it is best he is gone for good. The North Man, do you ever wish he was yours and with you now instead of me?”

“Every day I wish he was mine, I have made so many mistakes in these past few years and the biggest one was pushing him away but since I am infected with HepV, I do not wish that upon him again. I like having you here; I had always thought Eric would be the one to watch me take my final breath.”

“What do you mean again? Was he infected?”

“Yes he was but he found a cure in Sarah Newlin’s blood and now he is fine; he was working with the Yakuza and I guess they wore out their welcome if he attacked them tonight.”

“Yes the Yakuza, I have been hunting them for many years, they killed my maker and older sister. My sisters and I have tracked them to here and we were going to exact our revenge and kill them all. Apparently, the North Man had the same plans.”

“Oh, sorry you weren’t able to kill more than one. I guess if I hadn’t shot him with my light you could have played with him more.”

Thalia chuckled.

“Oh little one, I wish we had more time together. I think I would have enjoyed your company. You are fun.”

“Oh I am being a bad hostess, do you want to go in the house? I could always die in my bed I guess, instead of out here lying on the grass. I know you are vampire and I have a light tight cubby for you if you need it.”

“Thank you, but no. I have another question for you. I feel pulled to you, would you want to become a vampire and be by my side. It might break the tie/bond with your vampires, I am about 1200 years older than the North Man but it might also enhance the bond you have with the North Man a bit. But it is your choice.”

“I had always said no to being turned into a vampire; but being given the option now I am not too sure what I would choose. Would I still be able to stay here in my home? Would I be able to see Eric? What would change for me and how many aunts-to-be would I have?”

Again a chuckle.

“Let me see, Yes we could stay here if you would like. My sisters or aunts-to-be as you call them total 5; Sasha, Kathryn, Belle, Naomi and Mina, they would have to stay here too as we are our own nest of sorts and never venture far from one another. We were raised together and we intend to stay together until our True Death. Do you have enough space for all of us? As for your Eric, that would depend on him. I would not allow him to hurt you and I would have to monitor how things go while you are a newborn but if the bond stays true and I believe it will, I will not be able to keep him away.”

“Oh that’s good to know. As for room, yes the farmhouse could house us all but we would have to get the whole thing light tight as the only room that is safe now is Eric’s cubby. Plus I have acreage we could always build on if we need to. I would love to be able to be with Eric, he told me once that he would give up everything for me and I now know I would do the same for him. But wouldn’t I die from HepV if you turn me?”

“Little one, who told you that you were infected?”

“Well Bill is sick and the only one he has fed from is me. So it had to be me.”

“Well I do not smell the disease in you. Is it okay if I sample your blood? I am immune for some reason and it will not hurt me.”

“Sure go ahead it is only being wasted by going into the ground anyway.”

Thalia leaned over and used her left hand to move across Sookie’s stomach. She smeared Sookie’s blood onto her fingertips. Thalia then brought her fingers up to mouth and sucked on them.

“Exquisite. You have a sweet smell and a luscious taste. There is no HepV in your blood; your Bill was mistaken or was lying to you.”

“Eric told me I smell of sunshine and taste of honey.”

I tried to ignore the Bill comment but I knew it would come back to haunt me.

“I believe he is right. Did you make a decision; we do not have much time left.”


“Yes, little one.”

“I am okay with you turning me but I would love to tell Eric it was my choice. He may not believe you. He knows I did not want to be turned. I don’t want to hurt his feelings that it is not him turning me.”

“Well little one you have a bond with this vampire, I can sense it in you and I am sure you would be able to call to him. So try.”

“Call him? I don’t have a phone on me?”

Another chuckle.

“No little one, use your mind to call him. If the bond is present on his side as well he will answer you. It will be like a makers call to their child.”

I thought about it a few times before I reacted to what she was saying, why hadn’t I known I had a bond with Eric and why had I not known I could call him? I knew I was fading fast and I wanted him near me one last time in case my turning did not work; I figured being part fairy would hinder my chances of a clean turn.

So I scrunched my forehead a little and called him.

I didn’t think it was working, I felt a little discouraged but I had come to the rationalization that maybe if I had let go of all my shields and was more relaxed it may have worked. But I gave up; I didn’t think I had the strength in me any more to keep trying.

So with a guilty heart I smiled up at Thalia, while I lay in her arms, and told her I was ready to die.

“Little One, try one more time since you are now very relaxed; call to your love. I am sure he will answer but in the meantime I will start to remove your blood.”


So I called Eric in my mind and I felt something in return, a question … Like who is this calling me…. So I sent him another call that had every ounce of love I had for him included in it and I’d hoped it was well received.

As Thalia proceeded to slowly remove the rest of my blood, I heard a commotion to the left of me. Thalia explained that her sisters were now here on the property with us.

I looked around and welcomed all of my aunts-to-be.

I heard a collective chuckle.

Not knowing if I needed to, I issued an open invitation to all of Thalia’s bloodline, just in case they needed entry to my home after I passed away.

Thalia told me if there was no one else on the deed, then they would be able to enter my home upon my death. I told all of them they were welcome anyway.

“I like her sister, she is sweet.”

“Little one, I need to finish this, do you want to wait for the North Man?”

“Yes please, just a couple more minutes, I feel something, like he is getting closer.”

I felt warmth pass over me and I knew it was Eric. It felt like he was sending me comfort, maybe even his love. I wasn’t sure what it was but I felt it. And I cherished it. Would I ever feel it again? I hope so.

As I saw Eric land in front of me with a heavy thump, my aunts took a defensive stance around Thalia and me. At that same time great-grandfather chose to POP in.

“Sookie, please no, by the gods please don’t take her away from me, not like this.”

Thalia spoke next, “North Man, my little one here wanted to wait for you to arrive before I fed her my blood; she wanted to talk to you. She has chosen to become my child tonight but she wanted to talk to you first. I assume you are Niall, you may speak with her too but we must complete this soon if she is going to survive the turning.”

Eric looked at Niall and they approached together.

Jeremy Irons as Niall Brigant

Jeremy Irons as Niall Brigant

“Oh grand-daughter I should have stayed with you. I should not have left you, this is my entire fault. You still needed protection and I thought by leaving you as you said to… I would have time … I don’t see that time anymore. Forgive me.”

“Granddaddy this is not your fault, it was my own, I was too curious and I didn’t use my gift to see if there was someone outside and he got the better of me before Thalia got the better of him. But this is not goodbye granddaddy, you can still come visit me, I love you, you are my family, what little family I have left I do not want to ever lose. Please say you will come see me.”

“Grand-daughter we do not know if I can be around you when you are turned. My smell might be too much for a youngling but I promise to try.”

“Oh granddaddy I would never harm you or eat you … you are my blood. I will recognize that always. I love you.”

“Be safe my grand-daughter and I will be here when you rise.”

And with a POP he was gone.

I turned my head a little as Eric knelt on my left side, as Thalia was on my right.

He picked up my hand and kissed it gently and then leaned over and kissed my forehead.

“Please don’t leave me Sookie, I need you. I have always needed you. I love you.”

“I love you too and I am so sorry I pushed you away. Please forgive me.”

“Sookie, I forgave you the day you denied me, the day you turned me away, the day you denied my love for you. I could not hold a grudge against your wishes. I was pissed as hell but I have already forgiven you. I am not a push over and I would have put you to task on earning my trust back but forgiveness was already there.”

“Eric, thank you. I love you so much and I learned something tonight. I can call you through our bond, which I didn’t know we had, I guess I blocked it with the same shields that I used to block out other’s thoughts. I asked Thalia about the bond, she said it might still be there after I rise as her child. I hope it stays within me because I never want to be without you ever again. Thalia said she would approve of us being together if that is what you want too. Please say it is?”

“My love, I never wanted anything less. But how will she turn you, I thought you said you have HepV. YOU will die upon death and that is not acceptable.”

“North Man, I have tasted her and she does not have the virus in her blood, someone lied to her.”

“Fucking Compton”

“Sssshush my Viking, please not now. I need you to hold my hand one last time before I drink from Thalia… Please help watch over us for the three nights, okay. I trust you. Please and just so you know I chose this, okay. I chose US ….Can you please explain it to Jason so he is ready for what I am to become… Please.”

“Yes my love, I will watch over you and be here when you rise. I will speak with Jason tomorrow. Do you have a preference to where you would like to go to ground?”

“Anywhere but the cemetery, I don’t want to be that close to Bill. Here in the yard, maybe under the big tree would be good. My aunts will be here too, so play nice.”

“Yes dear”

With that everyone chuckled.

“Eric I am so cold, please kiss me again. I want to feel your cool lips on me one last time. I want to remember that feeling as I pass on and become new. Thalia is it okay if he kisses me while you finish taking the rest of my blood; I think it will keep me calm.”

“Yes little one, kiss away North Man. See you in three days my child.”

Eric leaned down and kissed my forehead, then my cheeks, then my eyelids and when I let out a small gruff he captured my lips and kissed me with all the passion in the world. I felt loved and wanted. I knew in that moment that if I came out okay on the other side, Eric would be my lover for eternity.

I wanted to please him one last time so I cut my tongue on his fangs; he sucked in my sweet nectar and held me tight. I was happy I was able to please him and feed him this one last time as I heard Thalia say she needed me to drink from her now.

But before Eric moved his lips from mine I felt blood trickling down my throat. That sneaky vampire, he wanted our bond to hold, I am more sure of that now than ever, I felt loved and honored that he did this sneaky maneuver at the end.

I smiled at him and told Thalia I was ready. She bit into her wrist and held it to my mouth and I suckled on it. Her blood wasn’t as good as Eric’s but it was delicious in its own rights.

As she removed her wrist from my mouth, I turned to Eric and smiled at him, I told him with my thoughts that I loved him. He answered with his own thoughts back to me…and I. LOVE.YOU.

I remember hearing things happening around me but not much more. I remember being gently cared for and cleaned up and then there was nothing.

There was only darkness.

Author’s Note: I hope I passed on to you how I personally felt how these two felt about one another and what they meant to each other. Nothing, not even death would get in their way. I tried not to make Eric too sappy but when it came to his lover, he was a sap. I don’t believe he was ever pussy whipped by her but he was sappy with her. Hopefully you are enjoying their new ride together.



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42 thoughts on “Chapter 02: Little One

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  2. I can say you did convey how they felt about each other and no Eric was just the right amount of sappy. I am so glad that you had Sookie agree to the turn and that Thalia is her maker. This will put her as an fellow vamp and not as Erics child. I think that Thalia and her sisters are going to have a lot of fun with old Billy butt-head. Looking forward to more 🙂

    • glad you are enjoying it, when i asked California Kat about Thalia she told me to go for it. so i am. Thanks about Eric And Yes Bill will have no idea what or who he is messing with.KY

  3. aww, I’m so glad she chose to be turned and she chose Eric. Thalia will be such a good maker! I love that they’re going to stay in Sookie’s house, too. All those women and Eric! He’s in for it! 🙂

    • Yes she always faltered on the turning issue , i am sure if she actually thought about it she would have agreed down the line. Yes Eric in an estrogen based house, ohhh the possibilities. KY

  4. I think it’s cool that a powerful ancient like Thalia will be her maker. This way she and Eric can be together on an equal footing. Very nice. Very moving.

    • thanks, that is what i am going for …. being bonded and her maker would have been tough on both of them so now they are starting out on an even playing field except for age. KY

  5. Grea chapter! Eric and Sookie finally talk! And they are still bonded…
    Thalia is going to be a good maker!
    Can’t wait to see Jason’s reaction to Sookie’s decision in becoming a vampire.More please?

  6. Wonderful idea that Thalia can be her maker but the bond with Eric might stay! Loved sneaky Eric sharing blood during the kiss and he was amazing, just the right amount out of sappy. Wonder how Jason will take the news? Can’t wait for next update.

  7. Great story! I love the thought of Thalia as Sookie’s maker. I have to admit that it’s one AU that I never thought about or considered. As far as Eric being emo… well, I was always told that a man was allowed to cry for one of three events… 1.) The birth of a child, 2) The death of a loved one, and 3)… Well, I could never remember the third one, but since Sookie is dying, I don’t think anyone would fault Eric for being mushy. Anyway, I’m sure that he can win back his ‘guy points’ by possibly injecting Butt-head Bill with Sarah Newlin’s blood to cure him only for Eric to torture him; maybe even giving Sookie a turn (hopefully with her change, would come the ability to read his mind and find out about all the lies he told her). Please update soon. I can’t wait to read what happens next.

    • thanks for your kind words. Yeah Thalia is gonna ROCK as a maker. Yeah Eric is allowed a little sappiness when a loved one dies. Oh he will get his guy points back tenfold. KY

  8. I always admire Eric’s patience with Sookie. He must love her so much to endure what he has. Then again he is a Viking & lives for new experiences. Liked the way you bought Thalia & Sookie together in your story. Please as anything that she will be her maker. Thus Eric & Sookie can be in a relationship without the dominant maker complication, you know how Sookie is 🙂 So enjoying your story.

    • thanks for your kind words. yes he loves her a lot and she him. it was a huge miss on TB…. yes Eric being her maker would be a huge deterrent to an equal relationship. KY .

  9. Yeah! Another vampire Sookie story! Inagine me clapping and bouncing like a kid on Christmas morning right now. Love it! Thalia’s back story was great and I love the actresses you picked to play the sisters. Bringing her in to be Sookies maker is a great idea and so unique. Looking forward to more of this story.

  10. Sookie made the right choice. It wasn’t just for herself, but for Eric too! I hope Beehl dies painfully because he knew Sookie hadn’t infected him and chose to let her be guilty about enough to get her into bed one last time.

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