Chapter 03: Everything


I hate, – no that is too strong a word-, No I despise the Yakuza. They ruined my life years ago and again I have fallen into their web but NO MORE. I was not going to be their lap dog.

I have had enough of Mr. Gus and his goonies. They were so beneath me and my fellow vampires, but they had the upper hand until I made my deal. After I drank from the bitch I should have broken her neck but I was talked into the deal by my progeny prior to my drinking the healing blood. The deal was to save both of our lives.

But once Sookie became part of the equation I knew I had to save us all.

Sookie, my little fairy spitfire, she gets herself into more trouble than she is worth sometimes, but I do love her. She is it for me! If I never have her as MINE in my life again and/or by my side then she will always be MINE in my heart. I had said once before that in a different life we could be together and I could love her, but I lied to both myself and to my sister. I didn’t want another life, I wanted the one I had but with MY Little One securely in it.

I am sure Sookie heard me that night not so long ago because I felt a small pang from her heart, like it broke again. However during that moment and time I did not care, she had broken my heart too. She said her goodbyes and rescinded her invitation for me to enter into her home….. IN my mind it was OUR home….It will always be OURS.

I am unsure if she knew I could feel her emotions and her proximity after we did our first blood exchange. We never had the opportunity to talk about what it meant to be bonded since one drama after another occurred from that night forward. I am sure she thought it meant nothing but it meant EVERYTHING to me and I believe the strange dream we had together afterwards was proof of that. To this day I can still feel her but not as strongly. The night we became one, a strong bond was formed between us and I think only True Death will break it. I did not believe there was a need to exchange three times, except to strengthen the bond we created that night.

Which leads me back to the Yakuza, I suspected they were going to go after my woman and I suspected they would not let her live as they did not let Sylvie live many years before. Sookie was now labeled a threat to them since I had feelings for her; they needed to get rid of the threat so that they could control me.

I know we lied our pretty little asses off that morning when I attempted my glamour of her and I had thought it had worked for her protection, but I have to give Mr. Gus credit he knew she meant more to me than just some fangbanger. So that leads me again to those Yakuza fucks that I have been following from the air to Bon Temps.

I watched them drive their damn Tokyo drift car to the farm house; how they knew of Sookie’s address I am unsure, but got it they did. So as they all got out of their car I dropped from the sky; first breaking the neck of the driver and then using their swords against the others. Four Yakuza was child’s play for me at full strength.

I had felt that Sookie had woken up and I had hoped she would play it smart and stay inside and out of sight. She did thankfully and I hurriedly got the bodies stuffed into the back seat of their car. I had already planned to throw the car and bodies into the swamp so they would never be seen again.

As I drove away a song came on the radio, a smug look came over my face and then my signature smirk as Sookie called it. I just started to head pop and dance in my seat. I was excited by their demise and I knew the next step was Mr. Gus and the goonies still left at Fangtasia.

eric yakuza gif

I drove as fast as the car would allow which was about 120 miles per hour. The car was pretty fast for being a damn rice burner. I arrived at my favorite swamp OR alligator farm as it was formally known as, flew up into the air with said car above my head and dropped the damn thing from the sky.

It was a beautiful sight to behold as it hit the water and sunk rather quickly since I left all the windows open. The bodies would become gator food easily because of the blood. NO marshmallows needed for them to be attracted to this car.

However, as I got my composure back I felt an odd tingling sensation in my body. It was like a maker’s call but not quite as strong. I knew it was not Pam since I had released her and I had also released Willa even though it had been a bad idea. I should have never done that, I should have demanded she heel but I had failed her in so many ways as a maker and I figured this was the one maker’s gift I could give to her, her freedom from my call. Maybe somewhere down the line, in 100 years or so she will forgive me, that’s if she makes it that long on her own. She is very strong willed; she is like my little fairy-hybrid. I know she will make it despite my lack of teachings. Hell she had made it this far without me…I am suddenly caught off guard in my musings, the call is stronger this time but filled with love….. Sookie…I can feel her now, she is in trouble, and she is hurt and I can feel her slipping away….dying…. What the hell has happened?

After the first call I hadn’t realized I was already heading in the direction of Bon Temps but I was half way there when I felt the next call, it almost brought me to the ground with how strong it was; it was of PURE LOVE.

She loved me, but only realizing it now while she was dying, what the fuck, my lover could not die, not now, not when she had finally realized she loved me as I loved her. Or is it because she is dying that she realizes she fucked up by pushing me away… And how in the hell does she know how to call me through the bond?

I flew as hard as I could, I could feel her slipping away. I was losing her. That wasn’t fucking going to happen, not again. I would turn her myself whether she liked it or not.

As I approached I noticed there were six woman/vampire in her backyard with her, one sitting next to her cradling Sookie’s battered body which so happened to be covered with that ugly ass afghan her Gran had made for her.

When I touched down the vampires reacted to protect my little fairy,- I let out a low growl, they would not keep me from my lover,- as I moved closer I noticed one dead Yakuza to Sookie’s right. So I missed one, Fuck Me.

Even more shocking was the POP that came to my right, it was Niall, Sookie’s grandfather, I had never met him in person but I was told about him by a few of her loyal friends. I respected him more now than ever to have popped into a yard full of angry vampires.

I nodded to him as we approached her. She was bleeding out of her stomach and I am guessing it was a fatal blow.

I knew the vampiress who cradled Sookie, Thalia, she was older than me and I would show her the respect she deserved. I would have to find out later why she was here and why she was with Sookie. But first thing was first Sookie must be healed.

We approached her together but Sookie spoke to Niall first and by the end of their conversation Niall agreed to come back to her in three night’s time.

I was hoping she was right that she would not attack her kin from bloodlust and the slight fairy scent he still omitted. I would help protect Niall so that Sookie would not feel the guilt of killing him accidentally.

After he popped away I knelt to Sookie’s left. I could feel the tears in my eyes but I did not want to shed them in front of the females. I had to remain strong for Sookie.

It was breaking my undead heart seeing her like this, I wanted to pick her up, cradle her and save her all in the same instance. I had listened to what Thalia had said My Sookie wanted her to turn her. WHY NOT ME? I didn’t understand why she would choose a stranger but Sookie always had her reasons and I was hoping beyond hope she would explain everything to me before she passed on. I needed to know before the waiting time of three days, and I needed to seek vengeance now against Gus and his goonies before she rose as a vampire.

I was broke out of my muse while kissing her forehead gently. By the gods I needed this woman more than I ever realized.

“Please don’t leave me Sookie, I need you. I have always needed you. I love you.”

“I love you too and I am sorry I pushed you away. Please forgive me.”

We spoke back and forth between us as I watch Thalia remove her blood from her slowly. It was Thalia who explained to me that Sookie was not infected by HepV and would not perish from it upon rising. But it was also then when I realized Compton was up to his fucking manipulative tricks again, I was furious. It was only Sookie’s soothing word ‘sssshush’ that had me still my thoughts. These were her final moments and I had to make them memorable. Sookie being the southern belle that she was asked permission from her maker-to-be if it was okay for us to hold hands.

Sookie was granted her wish and she told me about her wishes and where she would want to be buried for her turning. I had wondered why not the cemetery next to Gran but when she said she did not want to be near Bill, I realized she was distancing herself from him finally.

Anyway where the hell was the fucktard, if I could feel Sookie dying, he could too, he got his blood into her once again or was he waiting to come riding in on his white horse,-fucking douchebag-, and save the day.

After Sookie made her requests and got chuckles out of her aunts as she called them, she asked me for one last kiss, how could I deny her this one last request. But what my little minx did next was feed me one last time as the human-fairy hybrid she was.

Her blood was not tainted in any way, it was exquisite, I wanted to kill Compton then and there but that would be left for another time.

I decided that if Thalia thought the bond would remain after her turning then I would make sure of it, I sliced my tongue and fed my lover one last time. She smiled at me; she knew what I was up to. She always did know me best when I least expected it.

Thalia broke into our musings ‘of what could be’ and offered Sookie her wrist. I cannot lie, it turned me on but I wanted her turning to be prefect so I did not give her a snide comment at the end filled with sexual innuendo. I wanted her to remember how much I loved her even upon her death.

I did not see her lips move, but I heard her in my head that she loved me. I answered in kind; my thoughts were of her now and the love I felt for her to my very core, so I shared that with her and with the simple smile on her face at her death I had known she had heard me even though it was not said out loud.

Well that was a new development.

Hopefully that would remain between us once she rose, she would make a magnificent vampiress.

I saw the aunt’s scurrying around me as Thalia held our ‘little one’. She told the girls to go inside and get things that would be needed to bury them and she wanted Sookie in fresh clothes, with no blood showing on her body when she awoke.

I offered my help; I knew more than them to what she would be preferred to be buried in.

“North Man, thank you, my little one loves you dearly and if I did not think it would hinder her turning I would ask you to be buried with us. But I think with the rogue vampires still out and about I would prefer your protection. My sisters will help you in anyway needed and they have not fed in days so if you could procure them a meal I would appreciate it. For some reason we are unaffected by the virus so if the blood is tainted it would not hurt us. Upon our rising I will need blood for our little one, I will ask you to obtain that too.”

I knew exactly whose blood we would be using for everyone and if it meant her demise then so be it, she owed this to Sookie.

“Thalia, I know of a few donors and one in particular that I would have all of you drink form even if it costs her her life. But first I must kill off Mr. Gus and the rest of his goonies; they are in Shreveport at my bar.”

“I will send three of my sisters with you and the other two can get with you later to feed. Plus they can aid you in the kill. Use them as you would use a warrior, they will not disappoint you. Our Master trained us well.”

“Thalia thank you for being so kind to her. But I have to ask, will you be staying here with our little one or will you be leaving Bon Temps with my lover?”

“Don’t worry North Man, Sookie and I discussed this and we will stay here in her home, she invited my sisters and me to live with her. We will have to make it light tight but the cubby will do for now. We are used to going to ground if need be. But I would not take her away from her family and you, I promised her and I do not go back on my promises once given. I am here to avenge my maker and older sister’s death by the hands of the Yakuza and my sisters will relish in the knowledge that they will be able to avenge the needless death of Sookie.”

“Please call me Eric as I believe that is what family does? Does it not?”

“Yes we are family now and do not think it got past me that you fed her your blood at the end. I will not hold it against you to want to keep the blood bond with her open and alive. She is special, that I am sure of, and I know she was upset that you would be mad at her for choosing me but I think your bond will be more special than any of us as seen before as she will be bonded to you by true love and to me by the makers love. We will make a formidable pair for her to learn from.”

“Thank you and I agree. But what you have to realize is that Sookie no matter how she tries makes nothing easy and I have a feeling we will be in for the ride of our life when she wakes. I also feel because of her faeness she will be able to be around Niall and her brother without a problem. Jason is not as FAE as her but he does smell much better than most humans. And there is another halfling she is friends with, Adilyn, she will most likely not harm her either and she will not turn her back on her either as she is telepathic as well.”

“Before you leave we need to speak about my needs while I am in the ground.”

“Anything and I will get it done. I will call my contractors and get the house light tight for you but I would also like to build onto it, to give us more space. She will call me high-handed but I think she will realize once I speak with her about it, she will understand it was needed to be done quickly. She hates not making her own way but for now I will take charge, if that is okay with you?”

“Yes all that is fine but what I need to know is of this other vampire, Bill, she spoke of? What is he to her and where is he? And if he has had her blood where the hell is he since she passed away minutes ago?

I know it was human of me but I let out a long sigh.

Compton is one vampire I do not wish to speak of, but I need to let them know what he has done to Sookie and what he can possibly do to her because of the guilt he uses against her.

“Compton, William Compton, was her first everything as she puts it, but what truly happened was he manipulated her to get his blood into her and he controlled her through the blood.”

Thalia was growling at this point and I noticed so were the aunts, oh Billy boy you are so screwed.

“He continued to blood tie her to him but he never initiated a blood bond with her. He was the procurer for the Queen and he was not to bond with her, just make her heel nicely. They only had a tie, however, once I tricked her into taking my blood, his pursuit of her increased tenfold and his manipulations got worse. She feared me for so long; however, I did not stop being there to get her out of trouble time and time again. You see our ‘little one’ is a trouble magnet as you can tell from what happened tonight.”

“Did this Compton cause the troubles to happen?”

“Yes, but not all the time, there were other factors but I am sure most were caused or linked to Compton somehow.”

“What happened next?”

“She distanced herself from us once she returned from a year long trip to faery. His blood was almost gone as was mine when she returned and she relished in the fact that she was finally able to make her own decisions.”

I closed my eyes for a moment as I relished in my memory of my amnesiac self.

“However, our bond happened while Bill was not around as much due to the fact of him being King and she chose me while I was without my 1000 years of memories. But like I said before he manipulated her time and again to get his blood into her even though we had started a blood bond. He had become King while she was in faery and he used that against her after her return home. He held what he could do to hurt me to get her to heel; this all happened while I had no memories.”

“What else happened, I see in your eyes you are troubled?”

“Things declined for a while and I too distanced myself from her. I thought it was for her own good, but I think truthfully it was more for my own. I was deeply hurt by her when she pushed me away.”

“Why did she push you away?”

“She said she could not choose between us and loved us both, so she chose neither of us.”

“Did you not feel her hurting from her choice?”

“Yes but I didn’t care. I was angry and pissed off at her and I wanted her to suffer like me. I never understood why she did it when I could feel her in agony, but I chose to ignore it. It was foolish I know.”

I don’t know why I was opening up to Thalia and her sisters, but it felt good to get this all out. It was heeling in a way. I would have to tell Sookie when the chance arose so that she would understand it could never happen again.

“He used her feelings of guilt and his newest blood tie,-which was forced upon her during a witch war-, with her during the Authority’s demise and the Warlow debacle. She even staked Bill for me when he was trying to kill me but at the time he was immune to the staking. I had wished it had worked for her sake but it only made him more pissed off at her.”

“Did she ever realize what had happened?”

“I don’t think she did until after I left for six months and Bills’ blood was completely out of her. It was during that time she chose a WOLF over Compton, which I am sure pissed him off as well, she wanted to have a normal life with no vampire bullshit. She was trying to be normal but being a supernatural herself that could never happen and trouble found her again. The wolf, Alcide, died two days ago protecting her from HepV vampires. Because she had a gentle and kind heart she let Bill feed from her for the first time in about eight months and it was during that time that Bill told her she was infected and she had in turn infected him. Other things have occurred over the past few nights but just know that he will try to manipulate her at every turn that he gets, so if he is still alive when she wakes he will be a major issue.”

“Where does he live and what does he look like?”

“He lives on the other side of the cemetery. He is a douchebag, he is a brunette and has long sideburns from his civil war days, and he wears long bangs at times. He is always dressed in Khakis and a Henley. He still thinks he is King but to whom I have no clue. He is a pretentious snob and has hated being a vampire from the moment he rose. He hated his life as one of us and used that to his benefit with Sookie. He was born here in Bon Temps and once he became king he rebuilt his house where he now lives. He was raised during the Civil War and was a soldier; he was turned during that time but has not given up his mannerisms, speech, or values from that time. He is an ass and pronounces her name Sookeh…. Her name rhymes with cookie, how hard is that? But let me not digress too far. I am sure he will come calling sooner or later and I hope I am here. I would love to stake his ass for everything he has done to her but I will let her make that decision or you and your sisters for what he has done or will try to do to her. I will protect her home and your sisters with my life; you have my word on it. Just please protect our little one. ”

“You have my word North Man.”

As I looked around all the sisters were nodding in agreement.

“Thalia, I must go to Fangtasia now so that I can end the rest of the Yakuza. Which sisters will go with me?”

“My sisters will decide amongst themselves. We are not flyers but we can all run very fast, it is one of our vampire gifts bestowed to us from our maker, just lead the way and they will follow.”

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  2. Yeah where was the douche bag Bill at never mind now he will throw a fit when he finds out anyway. I can’t wait until he meets Sookies new family he will freak. Thanks for the new chapter and Happy New Year 🙂

  3. Great chapter. I forgot this takes place before Bill’s death in the show. I suspect these ladies will be happy to hand his butt to him. Thalia and the aunts are gorgeous and now they will have a blonde for contrast and Eric gets some formidable allies. Here’s to family.

  4. Van a tener que esperar a que Sookie se levante para terminar con Bill. Por cierto ¿dónde estará? Seguro que está planeando algo. Ansiosa por ver la pelea en Fangtasia.

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  5. I really enjoyed this chapter. I liked it from start to finish. I liked how he confessed his love. I’m glad that he told them about Bill. I look forward to seeing about the bond. I’m glad he was there when she died.

    • yes, there love is a powerful entity and it was denied in the series even though it was blatantly there. their bond will remain and it will be respected. secrets are a bad thing to have and Eric wants everything to be on the up and up. KY

  6. I love that Eric is going to stand guard and get everything ready in the house and that he wants to make it bigger so they can all live there. I can’t wait to read all about them living together! Eric needs a family too!

    • yes the Viking has not had a TRUE family in a thousand years , he is due as much as Sookie is. He had taken charge as the patriarch and he deserves the title here. the family life will be indeed interesting. a house full of females, at least they will not be PMSing. KY

  7. Eric truly has Sookie’s best interests at heart. Knowing Thalia from before makes this easier for Eric to trust her to change Sookie and I think they’ll be a happy family together Eric included.

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    • thanks for reading and enjoying, this whole idea sprung form the gif of Eric and the Yakuza, who would have figured. But Sookie needs strong people behind like her Gran was and I figured who but Thalia. KY

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