Chapter 04: Rudeness


The North Man had already prepared our resting place before he left for his Bar. He even made sure that Sookie and I were comfortable in our home/hole for three nights, but before I could lay down with my child, I needed to make sure everything else was prepared for her rising.

I knew I could not obtain the blood she would need at her rising but I could make her bedroom nice for her upon her waking as my child and I could set clean clothes out for her to wear. I did not know if she would be upset with the dirt that would be on her clothes when she rose. She didn’t seem the type to care but I wanted to make sure none the less.

Belle and Naomi stayed behind to be our guards until the North Man and my sisters returned. I was excited for Mina she would be able to exact revenge for father and mother but also for herself for what the Yakuza had done to her long ago.

None would be the wiser that it was anyone from our nest, since the North Man was the initiator for this fight it would fall on his shoulders if anyone was to find out. However, I do not think that anyone from the old world will be bothering us since Mr. Gus had screwed everything up at the time of the factory explosions. I believe the power structure of the Yakuza crumbled along with the factories. None the less, I would be keeping my eyes and ears open because no-one held a grudge like the Yakuza.

An hour had passed from the time they had left and I had thought it was time for me to rest with my child but for some reason I wanted to hold off and wait for the North Man. I felt to my very core that he needed to be here during the ritual of birth from start to finish. I felt their bond buzzing in our ‘little one’ upon her final breath and I knew for a fact that The North Man had felt it too. I was uncertain on how much of a control he would have upon her when she rose but I think he would use none of it. I could tell he wanted mutual respect from her and to be her equal. He may have not have said those words but I could see it in his facial expressions and hear it in his spoken words to Sookie and myself.

This vampire/man loved this woman with all his heart and soul. This 1000+ year old vampire/man did have a heart,-a huge one-, for his love and his soul spoke with hers. It was an awesome sight to behold and upon her rising I think it will be even more glorious to see and watch these two interact with one another.

I sat with Belle next to the hole that was dug and she spoke to me about what was to come.

“Sister, are we to settle down here in this little town or will we move back to California?”

“We will stay for now since that is what Sookie had asked of me. The North Man said he would make her home our home and fix it so that it would be light tight. I have now doubt this man will move heaven and earth to make this happen quickly. In the meantime there is a cubby in the house for us to use. I know she called it Eric’s cubby but I have a feeling that man will be lying down next to us and as close as he can get without being in the same dirt.”

“Sister, what are we to call him? ‘The North Man’ is long and his old world name.”

“We will need to start calling him Eric. He had said to me earlier to call him Eric as we are now family but we will wait for him to ask again, we need to show him respect as family. We may be his elders but I believe my child will want us all to get along as a family would. She had so little left at her ending that I will not begrudge her this. Since they are bonded she and he will not share their bodies with us, so there is no need to worry about him becoming amorous around us again. I am unsure if he remembers the occurrence many years ago and I will not bring it up unless he does. When you are a youngling you do not always remember those types of issues.”

“Agreed, sister. Do you feel that! They are getting closer to us? They must be done already.”

“Yes they are moving here at a fast pace. Soon we will all be together again and it is a good thing too because dawn will be here soon. We still have a couple of hours, but the North Man promised to bring you blood or a donor.”

With that comment made the North Man landed in front of us with a huge smile on his face and a duffel bag in his hands. He was quite pink as were my sisters who arrived shortly behind him also carrying duffel bags.

He bowed his head to me and said, “Thalia, I have brought a donor with us. She is the HepV cure and I want all of you to drink from her. I want to keep her alive until Sookie rises so that she can drink of her too. Sarah has caused Sookie much grief and I think it would be apropos for Sarah to be Sookie’s first live donor and then I will decide what to do with her. I believe I will call Dr. Ludwig and see if she would have any use for her so that she can help others with the disease but I want to make sure we are all taken care of first and foremost.”

“Agreed, but I see my sisters have another with you.”

“Sister”, it was Mina who spoke, “I brought him back for you to kill. I thought since you are our Matriarch that you should have the honor of his death. Thalia, please meet Mr. Gus, the cause of our parents death and the instigator behind the death of our Sookie.”

I leered at him. He wasn’t much to look at and I felt that it would be a just and right kill. I bowed to my sisters and thanked them for the honor.

When I moved away from Sookie, Eric took my spot.

It proved to me his love for her was stronger than any that I had seen before, even stronger than a maker and child; the two of them together would be an invincible pair. Of that I had no doubt.

I took Mr. Gus from Mina and looked him in the eyes and said, “If I had more time I would punish you in ways you could not comprehend but you had ordered your men to kill my ‘little one’, but as you can see she is stronger than you and she will live on as my child. In three nights we will celebrate her rebirth and your demise. You killed from the wrong family, you killed my father and mother and for that you will pay with your life. I hope you obtain no heavenly afterlife for the crimes you have committed upon others in your short life and that you go straight to hell.”

With that last comment I bit him into his neck and drained him of his blood until there was only a flicker of his life left in him to feel the upcoming pain; the pain I was going to inflict upon his worthless body. I looked into his eyes and just smiled, he had no clue that I was not done with him yet.

Sasha came over to me and asked if she would be allowed to help me out. I called forth Belle too and told them both to take an arm and pull. And pull they did, as Mr. Gus screamed in pain I saw the North Man smile. I called forth Kathryn and Naomi and told them to each take a leg and pull. They did as requested; the North Man’s smile grew. I called forth Mina and asked her if she wanted the final kill. She looked at me and then the North Man.

“Sister, I want our brother to have the final kill of this man. He killed his shining light and tried to have her snuffed out. It is he who should have the honor.”

“North Man, would you like to rip out his heart as it still beats. Would you like the honor of his kill?”

“First, I am honored to be labeled as your nests ‘brother’. Second, since I am now family, all of you please call me Eric,” with that I nodded as did my sisters,” and Third I would love and appreciate this kill, but I ask of you to honor me with a simultaneous kill as we yank out his heart together.”

My smile grew; I was learning to like this vampire/man very much. We were much alike and I think our ‘little one’ will learn much from us both.

With a nod we both pushed our fists into his chest cavity and placed our hands around his beating heart. With a gleeful smile on both of our faces we pulled out his heart as one and watched him crumble to the ground.

“Sisters, I will take and dispose of his body in the same way as I had disposed of the others, I will be back shortly. But please, those of you that have not fed off of that woman, please do so. She is the cure for the HepV virus and I want all of you more immune than you already are. I know it would put our ‘little one’s’ mind at ease once she learns you are all safe upon her rising. Please use the house to wash up and the cubby for your resting place as I know Sookie would prefer that. If you need clothing I am sure Sookie would not object to you using her clothing until we retrieve yours or go shopping for all of you tomorrow. Our home is your home.”

With that statement he lifted up Mr. Gus and was off.

“Sister’s, heed the North Man’s words; we are all family now and I am sure my child would have said the same thing as the North Man did. She has a big heart as does he but he does not like to show it. I will wait for his return for him to cover us up with the soft dirt. I am sure he will stay out here with us and protect us to the best of his ability. I fear tomorrow you will be meeting her family and friends and you need to be prepared for anything that may come your way. I will feed from the cure before I lay down with Sookie and then I want to make sure the rest of you take your drink as well. Once that is done please attend to her human needs, re-tie her and put her down in the cubby with you so that you can keep watch over her until my child arises, she will need this cure too. But upon her waking tomorrow you will need to attend to her human needs again.”

With that I turned my full attention to the cure.

“Are you hungry? I am sure Sookie has food available for you.”

She nodded.

“Would you like to take a bath or shower?”

Again she nodded.

“One of my sisters will stay with you while you take care of your needs. But mark my words, do not run because we will catch you and YOU will not like what happens. Do you understand me?”

One more nod.

With that I approached her and gently bit into her neck, there was no need for her to fear me over a feeding. Her blood was not very good but if she indeed contained the cure than I was willing to take a few sips.

“Sister’s please take her inside and get things ready for her stay in the cubby with all of you. A chair and rope might do the trick. She can look through the kitchen to find something to eat. If she needs a change of clothes please make use of my Sookie’s for the time being, we can always wash hers and our things tomorrow.”


The trip to Fangtasia was a quick one, for as fast as I flew the sisters kept up with me while running. I had never seen someone run so fast but I guess it was their vampire gift but I suspected they had more than one.

I slowed down and dropped to the ground a few blocks away. I could sense there were four more inside with Mr. Gus. I wanted this to end. I needed this to end and because of what he/Mr. Gus had called forth upon My Sookie, he would not survive the night.

Of that I was sure.

I spoke with the sisters quickly, told them to take out the henchmen first and then we would deal with Mr. Gus. I told them that inside the club there would be one vampiress, my child, and one human woman, the cure.

We advanced as a team and the girls silently took out two of the four henchmen. I then told them about the tunnel and how to get into Fangtasia without being noticed. I told them to give me five minutes until they broke in from the basement door and we would kill the rest.

When I walked into the bar Mr. Gus was speaking to Pam about what his plans were for Sarah and New Blood. I hated the idea, yes it would make us all rich but I did not feel comfortable about not letting all vampires infected with the disease to be given a chance to be cured. I listened to them talk and I could tell my child was onboard with this plan. It made me wonder why she was so on board, were we not already rich, what more did she need?

The five minutes ticked away slowly and I could hear the sisters at the basement door. I quickly got Mr. Gus’s attention as Pam looked at me with surprise in her eyes; I did not inform her of a new plan and you could tell she was a little miffed at that.

The girls quickly subdued the last two henchmen and I grabbed a hold of Mr. Gus. I spoke to him quickly and called upon Mina to come forth.

“Mina, it is your right for the kill. How do you want to do this?”

“Brother, I have thought about this kill on the way here and I would like to take him back for Thalia. But first I will glamour him to come willingly. And since we have all drunk from the others, it will be her right to drink from him.”

“Sisters please bring the human upstairs so that she can go back with us to the farmhouse when we leave.”

They nodded at me and two of them went down to retrieve her, while Kathryn stayed upstairs with me.

I could tell that Kathryn did not trust Pam especially when Pam started to speak to me in Swedish. Little did she know the sisters knew more languages than I did? I remember them from when I was a youngling and they had known multiple languages then and I am sure they knew more now.

Pam spoke to me in harsh tone, “Master what are doing? You are ruining everything. Sarah is our meal ticket and New Blood will make us rich beyond imagination. Who are these women and why do they call you brother?”

Hmm, how to explain this without having to hurt my progeny physically?

“Pamela as your maker it is not you who gets to decide our futures. It is ME. I have decided after dealing with Mr. Gus and his assassins that I no longer wish to covet the cure, I want what is left of my area vampires to have a taste of the cure, to be able to live out their lives unhindered by the disease. I want my other child to have a taste of the cure so that she too will live a long productive life and any other vampire that ‘my little one’ wants protected will also get a taste. Once that is done I am going to turn Sarah over to Dr. Ludwig. Ludwig can come up with some type of cure and give it to our fellow vampires, because if we do not than I only see hardship ahead for our kind.”

“Eric are you NUTS!”

“Pamela once again you are over stepping your station. I do this because Mr. Gus sent his assassins to kill My Sookie and he nearly did.”

“What do you mean nearly did?”

“He sent five assassins and I only killed four. The fifth bladed Sookie through her stomach and she nearly died from the assault.”

“Again you say nearly!”

“Yes nearly, my little one will be a vampire in three night’s time and when she rises she will be by my side.”

“So you turned the fairy gash. Are you crazy?”

I didn’t have to move, it was Kathryn who took Pam by the throat and levitated her above the ground and hissed. “Do not call my little sister a gash you twat. Sister will not be happy with you for calling her new child unkind words. You will show the respect Sookie deserves or I will personally make you wish you had.”

By the time she had ended her speech to Pam, she had back up. Mina and Sasha were around Pam in an instant and were hissing at her.

Mina spoke up next, “You are our brother’s child and we will not hurt you this time. But heed my words, if you ever speak unkindly of our ‘little one’ again you will not live to see the next night. We are a family and that happens to include you, our family shows respect to each member and if you cannot do that then we will not accept you in our nest. I will give you only one warning, if you dare speak of/or to Sookie in a derogatory way Thalia will not show you any mercy before your True Death. Mark my words on that.”

“Thalia, Sookie has been turned by Thalia? Master is this family of vampires that you spoke of to me long ago. The ones you and Godric traveled with when you were a youngling? The ones who you knew were already a thousand plus years older than you and Godric? The one’s you said to respect and fear if I ever met up with them? If so why do they call you brother?”

“Pamela, these women and the three at Sookie’s are what is left of the family. The Yakuza killed their father and mother. Thalia happened upon Sookie as she was being executed, however, due to Thalia’s quick thinking she killed the last Yakuza and gave Sookie the choice of dying a true death or becoming her child. Sookie chose to be her child and will rise in three nights. She was my bonded prior to this night and the bond held even after her turning. Thalia has said that she will allow us to be together. Since Sookie is their new sister and I am Sookie’s mate, it makes me their brother. But heed my words Pamela; I will not stand in their way to punish you if you hurt Sookie in any way. I have allowed you too much liberty where she was concerned before and it will not be happening anymore. You have a choice to make, you either leave our family to go out on your own or you stay and be a part of this new family? It is your choice. You have time to think it over and when you make your decision, come to the farmhouse and let me know because that is where I will be. That is my new home.”

Pam was so shocked she didn’t even know what to say back to her Master or these three vampiress in front of her. So much had changed in such a short period of time. Was her master now pussy whipped by all seven women, not just the gash? She will not listen to those who are beneath her even if they are older; she does not need this kind of bullshit now. She would be leaving her master’s side for good; she did not need a couple of nights to think this over. It was supposed to be him and her forever and once the fairy came into play that all went out the door. No, she was leaving; she was finally going out on her own. He would regret not going with her because what kind of life can he possibly have with the hybrid-fairy-vampire gash anyway. She would be a newborn and knowing her she will not turn well, her faeness will damage her somehow, and of that I am sure.

“Master, I do not need the time, I will be packing up my things and leaving town for good. I will take some of our money and you can do whatever you want with Fangtasia. But I will be gone by the time the baby vamp awakes.”

“I am sorry to hear that Pamela. Give me a few minutes and I will get your cash for you. But once you leave do not come crawling back when you run out. You have your own accounts and my credit cards with your name on it will be cancelled by tomorrow evening. I will no longer support you my child.”

Pam looked at me horrified since she was being cut off from my wealth but what was I supposed to do, carry her for the rest of her life…NO… She would be on her own.

“Sasha can you please come help me for a minute.”

Once we exited I explained to her in German why I needed her help. I had moved my money since the last time we took it out of the wall downstairs and I needed for her to carry a second duffel bag with money in it in case Pam came back looking for the rest of it. The money was of no consequence to me now but I did not want my child to be a freeloader and take everything. I know this wasn’t my entire fortune but with the way things were going lately, cash on hand would be helpful. I knew I had stashed close to three million dollars downstairs but I didn’t want Pam to have more than one of those millions.

Sasha and I worked quickly.

We climbed the step quietly and listened to the conversation upstairs. Apparently Pam was drilling the sisters for more information and was getting nowhere with them. They ignored her and spoke with Sarah and asked her if she needed anything before they left. Sarah asked to go to the restroom. Mina complied and took her quickly as Kathryn stayed back with Mr. Gus.

Sasha laid the second duffel bag down on the floor behind the bar. I knew it was so Pam did not see it and ask for that one too. It was a good plan and I told her so in German. She nodded and approached Pam, she handed her the other bag and told her to leave.

Pam of course was not happy to be ordered about.

“I wish to speak to my Maker alone.”

“Pam there is nothing more to say. You chose to be free so please leave. We will be leaving right behind you, but first I need to pack things up from the office safe and any of my personal belongings. I will not be returning anytime soon and if this place gets looted again than I want nothing of value left behind.”

All she did was glare at me and told me she would call when she landed on her feet. I was sure she would because she would try to talk me into going with her and there was a fat chance in hell of that happening now. Sookie was my new life and I meant to make amends to her for my old one and how I had treated her at the end.

The girls helped me pack my office quickly. We found some extra duffel bags in the storage room which enabled me to take my PC, lap top, burner phones, jewelry, a ceremonial dagger, my spare clothes and some other items of interest like my paintings from the walls and my long ship sculpture and of course the last item I packed was the framed picture I kept in my top drawer of Sookie from her first night at Fangtasia. The girls noticed all the t-shirts, boxers and tank tops in the supply closet with the Fangtasia logo on them and grabbed them too along with a few others things like the beach towels. They figured why waste them to looters; they could use them as clothing if need be and the towels may come in handy. I chuckled a little because that would be the same thing Sookie would say.

I think my lover fell into the right family.

Once we were finished we locked up the bar and left. I was sad to see it go but I think it would be best if I came back and burned it to the ground. That way it could not be used as a nest or anything else like that again, the insurance would cover my costs but I did not care, it was just a building.

What I truly cared about would rise in three night’s time.

We made fast time back to the farmhouse and let the other sister’s know what happened, except for the Pam issue, we could speak of that later. But it was to my surprise that Thalia did not want the final kill of Mr. Gus all on her own. She invited me and the others to help her out. It was a glorious feeling to pull his beating heart out of his chest and feel it die in my hands.

It was a true feeling of BLISS.

Now if only Sookie would let me do the same thing to Compton and then my life would be complete, for now.

Thalia quickly directed her sisters on things to do and I made quick notes in my phone so that I could start getting the house light tight for our family the following night.

I texted Stackhouse with items I would need here at first dark and I asked him to bring Lafayette and the others along with him. I figured I would have to explain to Jason why I needed all this wood and such to be delivered before I rose and it would be easier if everyone else concerned would be here too during the explanation and that way it would only have to be said once. Maybe I could enlist their help in preparing the house until I could get my contractors out here to do it properly.

I wish Herveaux was still alive I would have trusted him while I slept for the day to be here and protect us while the property was being fixed, oh well, we will have to rely on night time workers from my own companies.

My ultimate goal was for Sookie to rise knowing she still had her family and friends behind her in every way and that her house was ready for her and her new family to live in properly.

However, I knew my biggest challenge would be Stackhouse, I knew I may have to explain to him a couple of times what happened to his sister and why I needed everything done for her before she rose but ultimately I wanted him to be mentally ready for when his sister awoke. I knew the boy was dimwitted but as of late we got along fairly well and if I could get him away from Violet all the better.

That vampire was bad news.

Maybe she would piss off one of the sisters and they would take care of her. One could only dream.

I made a few more preparations for Sookie’s rising and getting our home light tight for her; I wanted everything perfect, which led me into the farmhouse.

The sisters and Sarah were in the kitchen, so I went quickly to the cubby to get the shorts and hoodie that were down there. I didn’t mind the earth on my clothes but I figured these clothes would be best in this situation plus they brought back good memories of my time here with my ‘little one’.

Once I finished changing I asked the girls if they needed anything from me. They shook their heads no but Sarah spoke up.

“Ummm ….sorry I don’t know what to call you….ummmm, what will happen to me after Sookie rises?”

“You can call me Eric for now. Once the others who need to feed from you do I will be placing a call to a supernatural doctor to take you off our hands. I would wish for her to make a cure for all vampires that are infected and after that your life is up to her and what she does with you. Why do you have a preference?”

“No sir and thank you for not whoring me out as Pam and Mr. Gus wanted to do. I appreciate you letting me stay with the sisters downstairs and I promise I will not run away. I know I hurt a lot of people but I think I am ready to help out whomever I can.”

“Oh the staying downstairs was all the sisters’ idea. As for the whoring part, I never felt comfortable with that and you are welcome. As for running away Thalia said it best, don’t even try.”

She nodded her head in compliance.

“Sisters I am going to go cover Thalia and Sookie up now, do you all want to help me out? Sarah you can come with us if you like.”

The sisters all got up as did Sarah and we all headed out the back porch door. I was wondering how long Sarah’s compliance would last but for the time being I would not question it.

As we started to cover the girls up, Thalia told us she would see us in two nights if everything worked out well.

We were about half way done when the sisters went on alert. I scanned the yard and saw a figure approaching slowly from the cemetery. I whispered Compton and told Mina to take Sarah into the house and stay put.

Sarah saw that we were all now on alert as the silent figure approached. She went quickly with Mina into the house. I heard her ask if they could stay in the kitchen and watch, Mina told her it was not a wise decision but the others would let them know what happened once the intruder left.

As we all listened in on their conversation we continued to quickly finish covering Thalia and Sookie up. We were just turning around when Compton passed over the yards edge on the opposite side from us.

“Where is MY Sookie?”

“Sookie is NOT yours nor has she been in the past two years.”

“She willingly took my blood again, so she is mine. What have you done to her? I cannot feel her anymore? She promised to be with me to the end of my time. Who are these woman and what are they doing on my property?”

“First, this is not your property it is Sookie’s. Second, Sookie took your blood only so you could track her if she got nabbed by the HepV vampires. Which was silly on her part since I can still feel her and she can feel me, we are bonded mates. You cannot feel her anymore because she passed away about two hours ago. It took you long enough to notice.”

“What do you mean bonded mates and what do you mean she is passed?”

“When I was without my memories Sookie and I bonded in my cubby. She did not know what it meant but while she was dying she called me with a makers call and I was with her when she took her last breath.”

None of that was a lie but I could tell he did not believe me and we were in for one of his rants.

“I don’t believe it. Where is her body? I want it. I will take care of her funeral before I pass.”

Sasha spoke up, “She is with her maker, our sister.”

“Sookie would have never agreed to that. Northman you forced yourself upon her, I know it. Now tell me where she is, I will take her back with me to our home.”

I just shook my head, he was delusional. Sookie was going nowhere with him and she definitely didn’t think her home was with him.

Kathryn vamped over to him and started pushing him off the property.

Little by little he moved backwards and she did not leave his side until he turned around and walked away at a faster pace than he arrived.


“My apologies sister’s but that vampire will be back and he will be an issue when he does show up. We will have to keep due diligence and make sure he causes Sookie no problems when she rises in two nights. I am going to ground right before daybreak, so please go make yourselves comfortable in the house. We have much to do tomorrow.”

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    • thanks for reading. yes Sookie and Eric both have a huge family nos and with that, respect. I never liked that Sarah got whore’d out, Eric would have never allowed it. the TB ending was not a good one. yes it’s all about Bill but he will have his comeuppance. and Pam not a chance in hell , she doesn’t think she is wrong in anyway. TB did a disservice to her character. KY

  11. What an exciting chapter!! Eric is right though; Jason will be trouble. I hope that Bill is ended by Thalia when she rises with her youngest Chllde by her side. ( 🙂 ) Looking forward to reading the next installment.

    • thanks for reading, i think Jason will just not understand why she let Thalia turn her, but i think Eric realizes enough that he will have to take moving forward with Jason slowly and he may have to repeat himself a few times but with the help of her other friends i think he will come to understand things better. as for Bill, the only good Bill is a dead Bill. we will see who get the kill … KY

  12. Sookie is truly in good hands with her new family. Mr. Gus got what he deserved, but he really deserved so much more. I truly think Pam will be a problem in the not to distant future. Her hate and jealousy will be her undoing. Beehl is a liar and I am sure he’s not sick at all. He needs to be wiped out and I wonder what crap he’s going to tell Sookie when he sees her upon her rising?? Sarah is being helpful and good, I wonder what that’s all about??

    • thanks, yes Sookie has fallen into the correct family that is for sure , but Bill will get what is coming for him and he won’t see it coming. he lost my respect for him in the show and he will get his comeuppance. you don’t call someone an abomination and then per-sue them. yes Pam will be a problem but quickly solved. as for Sarah, she will be a non-issue soon after she is used for what is needed, KY

  13. I’m joining the chorus, Bill is going to be a huge problem. Couldn’t he accidentally fall onto a tree branch & do something helpful as compost for the rest of your wonderful story? Haiku’s to the fertilised ground could be composed in honour of his usefulness as compost! Just a teeny tiny thought. 🙂 Pam has left her Maker, finally. Me thinks its not the last Eric will see of her. Can’t wait for Sookie to rise. She finally will have what she has always wanted. a close family who respect & love each other. Looking forward to reading your next action packed update. 🙂

    • thanks for your kind words. Yeah Bill will gets his, don’t you worry about that and it will be by whom is least likely to be expected to end him. Pam will be an issue but she will be dealt with too. can’t spoil whom will give her her come to Jesus moment. Yes Sookie’s turning will be a positive for our fairy-hybrid-human-vampire’s life. she will have everything she ever wanted all due to Thalia and the sisters and Eric as her Mate (maybe even Jason too). still working on the next chapter but i will update as soon as i think it is perfect… KY

    • GLAD you enjoyed it. and i am sorry about the slow updates but i will always update when i have a chapter i am proud of. love that you crave this one. should i say you might crave the others i am working on too, those will be complete before i start to post them. YES i agree Bill needs to go and he is a manipulative bastard. KY

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